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Author Workshop held a KLE Institute, Karnataka, India

KeAi Publishing, the Beijing based Open Access publishing joint venture of Elsevier and CSPM and the editorial team of the journal Materials Science for Energy Technologies (MSET), conducted a one-day Author Workshop, in partnership with the KLE Institute of Technology, Hubballi, Karnataka, India.

On the 24 January, KeAi Publishing conducted an Author Workshop at the KLE Institute of Technology, (KLEIT), Hubballi, Karnataka, India. Over a hundred research scholars participated in the workshop.

KeAi’s Publisher, Chitra Krishnamoorthy along with Professors Tejraj M. Aminabhavi (Editor-in-Chief of MSET) and Nagaraj P. Shetti (Associate Editor MSET), organized this workshop at the KLE Institute of Technology, Hubballi, Karnataka. The workshop’s aim was to support researchers in having their manuscripts accepted by high quality journals. Topics that were addressed included choosing the right journal for your paper, the process of writing, the structure of the article and publishing ethics.

The workshop began with the invocation by Mrs. Kirthi Prabhu, Research Scholar, Chemistry Department, KLEIT, followed by a brief welcoming ceremony by the Head of the KLE Institute of Technology, Professor Basavaraj S. Anami.

Shortly thereafter, Professor Ashok K. Shukla (Former Dean and Emeritus Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India) shared his knowledge with the audience. This was followed by a detailed presentation by the KeAi’s Publisher Mrs. Chitra Krishnamoorthy on Journals & Production of quality Scientific Articles.

After an excellent lunch which was generously provided and organized by the KLE Institute of Technology, the session resumed with a very interesting address by Professor Ashok K. Shukla on Steps to Structuring Scientific & Technical Papers and their Publications.

The session was then taken over by Professor Tejraj M. Aminabhavi who delivered a very insightful session on Selecting Journals and their Importance, especially in the field of chemistry and materials science.

The workshop was concluded after a long, valuable general discussion and the concluding remarks by the Dean, Dr. Sharad G. Joshi of the KLE Institute of Technology.

All the participants of the workshop were given a certificate of Participation.

The eventful day did leave everyone who participated with increased knowledge as to how to publish good quality papers,  thereby fulfilling the objective of the Workshop.

KeAi Publishing and the journal Materials Science for Energy Technologies are very grateful for the generous support provided by the KLE Institute of Technology and all the Professors who kindly devoted their time and shared their valuable insights.

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