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Most Downloaded Propulsion and Power Research Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Light-weighting in aerospace component and system design

June 2018
L. Zhu | N. Li | P.R.N. Childs

Light-weighting involves the use of advanced materials and engineering methods to enable structural elements to deliver the same, or enhanced, technical performance while using less material. The concept...

2. Effects of injection timing, before and after top dead center on the propulsion and power in a diesel engine

June 2014
Nader Raeie | Sajjad Emami | Omid Karimi Sadaghiyani

It is well known that injection strategies including the injection timing and pressure play the most important role in determining engine performance, especially in pollutant emissions. However, the...

3. Design and analysis of annular combustion chamber of a low bypass turbofan engine in a jet trainer aircraft

June 2016
C. Priyant Mark | A. Selwyn

The design of an annular combustion chamber in a gas turbine engine is the backbone of this paper. It is specifically designed for a low bypass turbofan engine in a jet trainer aircraft. The combustion...

4. Design of a high-performance centrifugal compressor with new surge margin improvement technique for high speed turbomachinery

March 2018
Sagar Pakle | Kyle Jiang

This paper presents the design of a centrifugal compressor for high-speed turbomachinery. The main focus of the research is to develop a centrifugal compressor with improved aerodynamic performance....

5. Turbine blade temperature calculation and life estimation - a sensitivity analysis

June 2013
Majid Rezazadeh Reyhani | Mohammad Alizadeh | Alireza Fathi | Hiwa Khaledi

The overall operating cost of the modern gas turbines is greatly influenced by the durability of hot section components operating at high temperatures. In turbine operating conditions, some defects...

6. Review on film cooling of liquid rocket engines

March 2018
S.R. Shine | S.Shri Nidhi

Film cooling in combination with regenerative cooling is presently considered as an efficient method to guarantee safe operation of liquid rocket engines having higher heat flux densities for long duration....

7. Heat transfer and airflow characteristics enhancement of compact plate-pin fins heat sinks – a review

June 2018
Amer Al-damook | FahadSaleh Alkasmoul

Plate-pin heat sinks are widely used for the electronic cooling system, internal combustion IC engine, cooling of gas turbine blades and other different applications to enhance the thermal performance...

8. Characterization and manufacturing of a paraffin wax as fuel for hybrid rockets

September 2018
F. Piscitelli | G. Saccone | A. Gianvito | G. Cosentino | L. Mazzola

The hybrid propulsion performed with paraffin waxes exhibits most attractive capabilities compared to solid or liquid engines, e.g., throttleability and re-ignition, alongside higher regression rates...

9. Nozzle geometry variations on the discharge coefficient

March 2016
M.M.A. Alam | T. Setoguchi | S. Matsuo | H.D. Kim

Numerical works have been conducted to investigate the effect of nozzle geometries on the discharge coefficient. Several contoured converging nozzles with finite radius of curvatures, conically converging...

10. Improving the performance of LOX/kerosene upper stage rocket engines

September 2017
IgorN. Nikischenko | Raymond D. Wright | Roman A. Marchan

Improved liquid rocket engine cycles were proposed and analyzed via comparison with existing staged combustion and gas-generator cycles. The key features of the proposed cycles are regenerative cooling...

11. Optimization of gas turbines for sustainable turbojet propulsion

June 2015
Yousef S.H. Najjar | Ibrahim A.I. Balawneh

Gas-turbines are widely used to power aero planes because they are light, compact with a high power-to-weight ratio. In the turbo jet engine, the main operating variables are: compressor pressure ratio...

12. Future aircraft cabins and design thinking: optimisation vs. win-win scenarios

June 2013
A. Hall | T. Mayer | I. Wuggetzer | P.R.N. Childs

With projections indicating an increase in mobility over the next few decades and annual flight departures expected to rise to over 16 billion by 2050, there is a demand for the aviation industry and...

13. Interaction between a diesel-fuel spray and entrained air with single- and double-injection strategies using large eddy simulations

March 2020
Jonathan Brulatout | François Garnier | Patrice Seers

Interaction between fuel and air in a combustion chamber is one of the main drivers of the mixing process. Experimentally, flow visualizations are limited by high droplet density in the spray. Numerically,...

14. Performance assessment of simple and modified cycle turboshaft gas turbines

June 2013
Barinyima Nkoi | Pericles Pilidis | Theoklis Nikolaidis

This paper focuses on investigations encompassing comparative assessment of gas turbine cycle options. More specifically, investigation was carried out of technical performance of turboshaft engine...

15. Review: laser ignition for aerospace propulsion

March 2016
Steven A. O’Briant | Sreenath B. Gupta | Subith S. Vasu

Renewed interest in the use of high-speed ramjets and scramjets and more efficient lean burning engines has led to many subsequent developments in the field of laser ignition for aerospace use and application....

16. 3D modeling of transformation of gaseous pollutants in the high-pressure turbine of an aircraft engine

March 2020
Trung Hieu Nguyen | Phuong Nguyen-Tri | Francois Garnier

Aircraft emissions contribute to global climate change and regional air pollution near airports. Understanding the formation and the transformation of emissions in the aircraft engine is essential to...

17. The zero-dimensional model of the scavenging process in the opposed-piston two-stroke aircraft diesel engine

December 2019
Ł. Grabowski | K. Pietrykowski | P. Karpiński

The analysis of the scavenging process in two-stroke engines is important in terms of achieved performance and emission of toxic substances. The amount of mass of air used for the scavenging process...

18. Performance characterization of different configurations of gas turbine engines

September 2014
Tarek Nada

This paper investigates the performance of different configurations of gas turbine engines. A full numerical model for the engine is built. This model takes into account the variations in specific heat...

19. Aero-thermal redesign of a high pressure turbine nozzle guide vane

December 2019
Hadi Yavari | Ali Khavari | Mohammad Alizadeh | Behrad Kashfi | Hiwa Khaledi

The current article presents conceptual, preliminary and detailed aero-thermal redesign of a typical high pressure turbine nozzle guide vane. Design targets are lower coolant consumption, reduced manufacturing...

20. Performance index improvement of a double-pipe cooler with MgO/water-ethylene glycol (50:50) nano-suspension

March 2020
H. Arya | M.M. Sarafraz | O. Pourmehran | M. Arjomandi

A series of tests was conducted to unlock the potential application of MgO/water-EG (ethylene glycol) nanofluids (NF) in a double-pipe heat exchanger (HEX). The overall heat transfer coefficient (HTC),...

21. Ignition and combustion modelling in a dual fuel diesel engine

Available online 9 March 2020
R. De Robbio | M.C. Cameretti | R. Tuccillo

A numerical simulation of a single cylinder research diesel engine fuelled by natural gas and diesel oil in dual fuel mode was conducted to test the reaction mechanism presented by Li and Williams in...

22. Estimation of the internal and external damping from the forward and backward spectrum of a rotor with a fatigue crack

March 2020
Dipendra Kumar Roy | Rajiv Tiwari

Both internal and external damping are concurrently present in a rotor system. However, the internal damping that originates from various sources often leads to instability in the rotor system, and...

23. What does the future bring? A look at technologies for commercial aircraft in the years 2035–2050

December 2014
Meyer J. Benzakein

Demographics and economics in the next 20 years are being examined. They reflect a significant GDP growth and with this a strong demand for commercial aircraft not only in the US and Europe but across...

24. Endwall aerodynamic losses from turbine components within gas turbine engines

March 2017
Phil Ligrani | Geoffrey Potts | Arshia Fatemi

A survey of research on aerodynamic loss investigations for turbine components of gas turbine engines is presented. Experimental and numerically predicted results are presented from investigations undertaken...

25. Propulsion and launching analysis of variable-mass rockets by analytical methods

September 2013
D.D. Ganji | M. Gorji | M. Hatami | A. Hasanpour | N. Khademzadeh

In this study, applications of some analytical methods on nonlinear equation of the launching of a rocket with variable mass are investigated. Differential transformation method (DTM), homotopy perturbation...

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