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Sustainable Operations and Computers

Sustainable Operations and Computers is an interdisciplinary journal focus on topics that manages the balances, tradeoffs, and synergies associated with the integration of economics, environment and social perspectives into traditional decision-making processes. This means that a wide variety of businesses and operations management problems under the sustainability and climate change domain are in general covered by this journal. Concerns such as energy and water usage efficiency in production, recycling and remanufacturing planning, reducing carbon emissions in operations, managing scarcity of raw materials, waste management, managing sustainable supply chains, disaster management, and emerging problems such as migration crisis are emblematic of the new complex issues facing production and operations managers globally.

The journal incentivizes outstanding theoretical and practical developments that study, revise, revisit and enhance traditional strategic, tactical and operational decision problems to generate a new and extended body of knowledge able to tackle sustainable organizational needs and mitigate climate change impacts. Traditional operational and production activities including job scheduling, vehicle routing, facility location, supply chain design, warehouse management, inventory management, capacity expansion and production planning problems, are some of the classical operational management/management science problems where mathematical models and computerized solution methods have to integrate all three sustainable perspectives that require rethought in the sustainability concepts.

The paramount objective of the journal is to disseminate cutting-edge research on mathematical modelling, optimization and solution methods, analytics, decision support and computer-based approaches to generate a new body of knowledge to assist policy and decision-makers in the pathway of constructing a sustainable society and mitigate climate change. Analytical models, empirical studies, state-of-the-art surveys, case-based studies, and solution approaches based on rigorous sound theory that can effectively manage the balances, and synergies associated with the integration of economics, environment and social perspectives into traditional decision-making processes are the focus of this journal.

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Editor-in-Chief: Ernesto D.R. Santibañez Gonzalez
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2666-4127
Editorial Team Recognised as 2020 Highly-Cited Researchers by Clarivate
Congratulations to Angappa Gunasekaran, Stefan Seuring, Rameshwar Dubey and Samuel Fosso-Wamba
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