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Global Energy Interconnection becomes the supporting journal of ICEEE

We are in an era of “Energy Transition”. Fossil fuels have been the main energy source powering the human society, but has caused increasing concerns on the associated climate change and adverse impact on the global ecosystem. There is an urgent need to accelerate the change towards low-carbon energy systems that enable robust and sustainable economic development. Developing responsible technologies to enable this energy transition, which integrates technological solutions for ecosystem and environment, play a major role. This further supports the recognized dearth of research for clean energy innovations, which may lead to quicker transitions.

Stavanger is the “Oil Capital” of Norway is also experiencing a “Transition”. The discovery of oil and gas at the Norwegian continental Shelf has powered one of the fastest growing economy in the world during the past decades. The great Stavanger region has witnessed this fast economic development and became the most vibrant urban area in Norway. The locating of the government renewable energy fund to Stavanger, which aims at providing smart and clean energy solutions, is transforming Stavanger into the “Energy Capital” of Norway.

In the past years the International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment (ICEEE) has become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy, ecology and environment sectors. The forum brings together experts in three disciplines to discuss the latest technological advancement and share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable, ecologically and environmentally responsible global energy transition.

Welcome to ICEEE 2019! 
Welcome to Stavanger! 

Conference Chairs

Prof. Zhixin Yu, University of Stavanger, Norway

Prof. Bin Chen, Beijing Normal University, China


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