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Prof. Zhenya Liu was elected as Academician of Acatech

Chairman of GEIDCO, China Electricity Council (CEC), and Chairman of Global Energy Interconnection Editorial Board Professor Liu Zhenya was elected as an academician by the German Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech) during the 2018 Acatech Academician Conference held on 16 October in Berlin. Among 29 new academician selected this year, Professor Liu is the only one from China and Asia.

Acatech is the most prestigious academic institution of science and consulting in German Engineering Science and Technology Community. It conducts strategic research on engineering science and technology, provides decision-making consultation, and facilitates technical progress. Acatech currently has a total number of 441 academicians, made up of outstanding scholars around the world in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.Prior to Mr. Liu, there are only two Chinese Acatech academicians: current president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) Mr. Chunli Bai, an expert in chemistry and nanotechnology; and vice president of Tongji University, Mr. Zhiqiang Wu, an expert in architecture and urban planning.

Professor Zhenya Liu is a renowned expert in energy and electric power technologies and a leader in areas of ultra-high-voltage power grid and Global Energy Interconnection (GEI). Previously, he has served as Chairman and President of State Grid Corporation of China, inaugurated and organised research on ultra-high-voltage technologies, and led research and development on related equipment, engineering application and standardization in the whole process.He actively promotes the establishment of GEI, which provides an effective solution to combating global challenges, such as climate change, environmental pollution and energy resource constraints, and has been brought into the framework of the 2030 sustainable development agenda of the United Nations.He has been awarded twice of the Special Award of the China National Science and Technology Progress Award, and has authored many academic publications, among which the Ultra-High Voltage AC & DC Grid and Global Energy Interconnection have been published in Chinese, English and Russian and received good reviews.

Earlier this year, Professor Zhenya Liu was elected as a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) during its annual meeting on 21 February, and an International Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, at its AGM in London on 17 September.

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