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Special Issue on Nanostructured Materials for Gas Sensors

Gas sensors have attracted much research interests in the past years and have been used for a wide range of applications, due to their numerous advantages, like small sizes, high sensitivities in detecting very low concentrations of gaseous species (at level of ppm or even ppb), possibility of on-line measurements and low cost. In recent years, the extraordinary progress of nanotechnology has created enormous potential for developing high performance and miniaturized electronic gas sensors based on electrical, electrochemical, optical, and other transduction phenomena. This could lead to lower cost, portable devices with lower power consumption, thus extending the range of their use, for example in mobile (cell phones) and wearable (watches) applications as well as in field and remote applications. The search for new sensing materials with peculiar nanostructures is an essential prerequisite to obtain these objectives. Nanostructured materials have in fact high surface-to-volume ratio, increased reactivity to gases, charge confinement ability, and improved electronic properties, which are key characteristics for designing high performances gas sensors. These innovative gas sensors could open up mass markets for the industry and environmental monitoring, the automotive and the biomedical field and so on.

This Special Issue is intended to report worldwide researches that focus their attention on the most recent advances in the nanomaterial science applied in this field in overcoming challenges of actual gas sensors such as sensitivity, selectivity, stability and reliability.  Thus, both review and original research papers are welcome (but not limited) on all aspects that include nanostructured materials, such as: (i) new nanostructured materials for gas sensors; (ii) gas sensors and their functioning principles; (iii) new gas sensor principles and technologies; (iv) gas sensor-based devices and applications.


  • nanostructured materials;
  • synthesis and characterization of new gas sensing nanostructured materials;
  • gas sensors;
  • gas sensing mechanism;
  • gas sensor functioning principles;
  • gas sensor technologies;
  • applications of gas sensors.

Submission Deadline: 

  • Submission Deadline: 31 December, 2020

Guest Editor:

  • Prof. Dr. Giovanni Neri, Department of Engineering, University of Messina, Italy, E-mail: giovanni.neri@unime.it
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