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Resources Chemicals and Materials

Resources Chemicals and Materials (RCM) focuses on the creation, production, characterization and economics of materials and chemicals arising during the processing, conversion and utilization of various resources that could be (1) naturally occurring organic, such as fossil fuels, organic wastes and biomass; or inorganic, for example, metallic and non-metallic ores; and (2) a variety of secondary platform intermediates like syngas, methanol, metal oxides and CO2. This is an area of study that is developing rapidly with a growing number of researchers and engineers leading the edge of innovation and swiftly transferring their findings into practical applications with enormous economic and social benefits.

With a rapid cycle from submission to production, RCM provides an open access international platform for laboratory scholars, fundamental scientists and technical engineers to share working results, knowledge and engineering experiences. We welcome high-quality submissions featuring fundamental research results and technical developments. We also welcome reviews and research highlights about "hot topics" by leading experts in the related subjects and fields.

In accordance with the types of major resources involved in the creation and production of chemicals and materials, major subject categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural growing materials
  • Organic fossil resources
  • Metallic ore resources
  • Non-metallic inorganic matters
  • Platform intermediates
  • Process wastes and residues

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