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Advances in Biomarker Sciences and Technology

The primary goal of Advances in Biomarker Sciences and Technology (ABST) is to accelerate the clinical application of biomarker-based approaches to address significant challenges in screening, diagnosis, and disease management. This objective will be achieved by providing a focused forum for the publication of biomarker-related investigation. These investigations could be general articles elucidating topics such as novel technologies, study designs or mathematical models. Alternately, they may be more focused publications (in coordination with Markerville) on the potential utility of a given putative marker. This forum will not only accelerate the development of research in this field, but will also help the diverse communities involved in biomarker research to find each other.

The next generation of medicine is projected to rely heavily upon biomarker-based tools to stratify risk, diagnose disease, determine optimal treatment strategies, evaluate drug response and monitor disease progression. Unfortunately, despite decades of effort, there are very few biomarker-based assays currently in clinical practice.

ABST welcomes but is not limited to papers that address:

  • The substantial difficulties to successful biomarker discovery and deployment, many of which involve fundamental scientific questions.
  • The lack of actionable models that can help us understand where biomarkers come from, what the dynamics of putative biomarkers are in healthy and disease populations and what technical specifications are required for monitoring biomarkers.
  • Obstacles involved in the development of novel, low-cost technology platforms for measuring biomarkers with exceptional sensitivity, reproducibility and dynamic range.
  • The challenges involved in the design of biomarker discovery studies and the lack of resources that coalesce the results of these studies together in a mineable manner.

In recognition of the breadth of the research communities active in biomarker studies, ABST's Executive Editorial board will consist of four types of researchers at all times:

  1. Clinical domain experts
  2. Experts in biology, biochemistry and related disciplines
  3. Statistical and Experimental design experts
  4. Engineering experts.

By having an editorial board composed of these four dimensions, we ensure that the journal will be able to reliably evaluate a range of studies and will additionally ensure that it maintains a diverse collection of articles.

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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Luoping Zhang
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2543-1064
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