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Recent Clinical eHealth Articles

Recently published articles from Clinical eHealth.

An anatomization on breast cancer detection and diagnosis employing multi-layer perceptron neural network (MLP) and Convolutional neural network (CNN)

Meha Desai | Manan Shah

This paper aims to review Artificial neural networks, Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural network (MLP) and Convolutional Neural network (CNN) employed to detect breast malignancies for early diagnosis of...

Comparative anatomization of data mining and fuzzy logic techniques used in diabetes prognosis

Harshil Thakkar | Vaishnavi Shah | Hiteshri Yagnik | Manan Shah

Diabetes is an ailment in which glucose level increase in at high rates in blood due to body’s inability to metabolize it. This happens when body does not produce sufficient amount of insulin or it...

A national program to support self-management for patients with a chronic condition in primary care: A social return on investment analysis

Available online 6 April 2021
Esther Talboom-Kamp | Pim Ketelaar | Anke Versluis

Chronic care patients can play an important role in the self-management of their disease; however, large-scale implementation of self-management has been challenging. To aid and stimulate self-management...

The successes and lessons of a Dutch University Hospitals’ eHealth program: an Evaluation Study Protocol

Available online 19 March 2021
Anneloek Rauwerdink | Marise J. Kasteleyn | Niels H. Chavannes | Marlies P. Schijven

•The socioeconomic dimension is lacking in most telehealth evaluation frameworks.•There are seven aspects that indicate successful progress of an eHealth project.•Adequate monitoring of eHealth projects...

Short message services interventions for chronic disease management: A systematic review

Available online 19 March 2021
Martha Chioma Ebuenyi | Kyma Schnoor | Anke Versluis | Eline Meijer | Niels H. Chavannes

The burden of chronic diseases has continued to grow globally. Technology has been used successfully in the management of chronic conditions through diagnosis, monitoring and education. This review...

Systematic development of an mHealth app to prevent healthcare-associated infections by involving patients: ‘Participatient’

Available online 19 March 2021
R.G. Bentvelsen | R. van der Vaart | K.E. Veldkamp | N.H. Chavannes

In hospital care, urinary catheters are frequently used, causing a substantial risk for catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). Patient awareness and evaluation of appropriateness of their...

The design choices for the development of an Augmented Reality game for people with visuospatial neglect

M.D.J. Bakker | N. Boonstra | T.C.W. Nijboer | M.S. Holstege | W.P. Achterberg | N.H. Chavannes

Visuospatial neglect (VSN) is common after stroke and can seriously hamper everyday life. One of the most commonly used and highly recommended rehabilitation methods is Visual Scanning Training (VST)...

Chinese experts’ consensus on the Internet of Things-aided diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Li Bai | Dawei Yang | Xun Wang | Lin Tong | Xiaodan Zhu | Nanshan Zhong | Chunxue Bai | Charles A. Powell | Rongchang Chen | Jian Zhou | Yuanlin Song | Xin Zhou | Huili Zhu | Baohui Han | Qiang Li | Guochao Shi | Shengqing Li | Changhui Wang | Zhongmin Qiu | Yong Zhang | Yu Xu | Jie Liu | Ding Zhang | Chaomin Wu | Jing Li | Jinming Yu | Jiwei Wang | Chunling Dong | Yaoli Wang | Qi Wang | Lichuan Zhang | Min Zhang | Xia Ma | Lin Zhao | Wencheng Yu | Tao Xu | Yang Jin | Xiongbiao Wang | Yuehong Wang | Yan Jiang | Hong Chen | Kui Xiao | Xiaoju Zhang | Zhenju Song | Ziqiang Zhang | Xueling Wu | Jiayuan Sun | Yao Shen | Maosong Ye | Chunlin Tu | Jinjun Jiang | Hai Yu | Fei Tan

The aim is to diagnose COVID-19 earlier and to improve its treatment by applying medical technology, the “COVID-19 Intelligent Diagnosis and Treatment Assistant Program (nCapp)” based on the Internet...

Prospect and application of Internet of Things technology for prevention of SARIs

Yuanlin Song | Jinjun Jiang | Xun Wang | Dawei Yang | Chunxue Bai

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes three core procedures: full spectrum perception, reliable transmission, and intelligent processing. It can be applied for the prevention and control of SARI (severe...

General practitioners attitude towards the use of eHealth and online testing in primary care

Thom de Wilt | Anke Versluis | Annelijn Goedhart | Esther Talboom-Kamp | Sanne van Delft

As people live longer and multimorbidity is common, the workload for general practitioners (GPs) is increasing. eHealth services, like online diagnostic testing, might help to increase efficiency in...

A pilot study of the ‘PSGCloud’ — A cloud-based care service delivery and sleep disorders diagnosis system. Part I: Sleep structure and arousal analysis

Na Wu | Yan Li | Shan Wang | Ying Duan | Li-Qun Xu | He Gao

The high prevalence of sleep disorders has greatly increased the demands for diagnosis and treatment; while the imbalance in geographical distribution of necessary medical resources coupled with lacking...

A systematic review on the use of mHealth to increase physical activity in older people

Ahmed Sohaib Aslam | Sanne van Luenen | Shaista Aslam | David van Bodegom | Niels H. Chavannes

Physical activity (PA) is important for maintaining good physical health. WHO recommends 150 min of PA per week to the older population but many older people do not meet this recommendation. The increasing...

Long-term effects of telemonitoring on healthcare usage in patients with heart failure or COPD

Jorien M.M. van der Burg | N. Ahmad Aziz | Maurits C. Kaptein | Martine J.M. Breteler | Joris H. Janssen | Lisa van Vliet | Daniel Winkeler | Anneke van Anken | Marise J. Kasteleyn | Niels H. Chavannes

Heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are leading causes of disability and lead to substantial healthcare costs. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of home...

eHealth only interventions and blended interventions to support self-management in adolescents with asthma: A systematic review

Amanda R. van Buul | Marise J. Kasteleyn | Jellianne M. Arends | Ting Shi | Declan P. Kelly | Niels H. Chavannes | Eline Meijer

•Relevant databases (PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Cochrane Library and PsycINFO) were searched.•The review focused specifically on adolescents with asthma.•Both eHealth only and blended self-management...

REducing Delay through edUcation on eXacerbations (REDUX) in patients with COPD: a pilot study

Cynthia Hallensleben | Eline Meijer | Jaco Biewenga | Regien M.M. Kievits-Smeets | Marjan Veltman | Xiaoyue Song | Job F.M. van Boven | Niels H. Chavannes

Early recognition of COPD exacerbations and prompt treatment could reduce recovery time, hospitalization risk and improve quality of life. We aimed to assess whether education of patients and healthcare...

The effectiveness of smartphone applications to aid smoking cessation: A meta-analysis

Adrian Barnett | Hang Ding | Karen E. Hay | Ian A. Yang | Rayleen V. Bowman | Kwun M. Fong | Henry M. Marshall

Smartphone smoking cessation applications (SCAs) are widely available and extensively used by smokers to aid smoking cessation. However, their efficacy is unproven. The aim of this meta-analysis was...

Needed: Evidence Based EHealth!

Anneloek Rauwerdink | Niels H. Chavannes | Marlies P. Schijven

Implementation of an eHealth self-management care path for chronic somatic conditions

Y. Ciere | R. van der Vaart | A.E. van der Meulen-De Jong | P.W.J. Maljaars | A.R. van Buul | J.G. Koopmans | J.B. Snoeck-Stroband | N.H. Chavannes | J.K. Sont | A.W.M. Evers

Self-management support for people with chronic somatic conditions can enhance clinical outcomes and patients’ quality of life. Implementing self-management support via eHealth could increase its availability...

An Internet of Things based COPD managing system: Its development, challenges and first experiences

Lei Zhou | Chunling Du | Chunxue Bai | Yuanlin Song

In order to improve stable COPD patients’ management and reduce exacerbation, we established an Internet of Things based COPD managing system in Qingpu District Shanghai City....

Optimizing smoking cessation guideline implementation using text-messages and summary-sheets: A mixed-method evaluation

E. Meijer | N.H. Chavannes | D. Segaar | J.L. Parlevliet | R.M.J.J. Van Der Kleij

Implementation of smoking cessation care (SCC) guidelines is suboptimal. This mixed-method study evaluated a two-component implementation strategy for the revised Dutch multidisciplinary tobacco dependence...

From chronic disease management to person-centered eHealth; a review on the necessity for blended care

March 2018
Esther P.W.A. Talboom-Kamp | Noortje A. Verdijk | Marise J. Kasteleyn | Mattijs E. Numans | Niels H. Chavannes

A growing need for structural changes in the organization of the health care system has emerged from the fast-growing number of people with chronic illnesses. eHealth supported self-management programs...

Clinical eHealth: A new era of medicine

March 2018
Chunxue Bai | Niels Chavannes

Chinese experts consensus for aerosol therapy assisted by Internet of Things

March 2018
Dong Yang | Xixin Yan | Jian Zhou | Bei He | Chunhua Chi | Kunling Shen | Baiqiang Cai | Chunxue Bai

Aerosol inhalation treatment imposes direct effects on target organs with less systematic side effects and no need of deliberate cooperation of patients. However, the lack of resources and experience...

Social media use for patient empowerment in the Gulf Cooperation Council region

March 2018
Manoj Menon | Babu George

Social media has emerged to become the most important review mechanism for customers in various industries. Healthcare, largely a credence service, was once thought to be immune from the influence of...

The time has come for “Real-World Studies” (RWS)

March 2018
Ningfang Wang | Mark Heitner | Chunxue Bai

The time has come for “real-world studies (RWS)” to assume its rightful place in clinical trials. RWS have a broader and more representative scope than randomized controlled trial (RCT) (Roy-Byrne et...

Precautionary measures for accidents due to mobile phone using IOT

March 2018
Visvam Devadoss Ambeth Kumar

“Every human life is the same and is worth saving” quotes renowned novelist and screenwriter JK Rowling. The significance of human life is of utmost importance and has to be universally respected. There...

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