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Recent Clinical eHealth Articles

Recently published articles from Clinical eHealth.

Optimizing smoking cessation guideline implementation using text-messages and summary-sheets: A mixed-method evaluation

E. Meijer | N.H. Chavannes | D. Segaar | J.L. Parlevliet | R.M.J.J. Van Der Kleij

Implementation of smoking cessation care (SCC) guidelines is suboptimal. This mixed-method study evaluated a two-component implementation strategy for the revised Dutch multidisciplinary tobacco dependence...

Implementation of an eHealth self-management care path for chronic somatic conditions

Y. Ciere | R. van der Vaart | A.E. van der Meulen-De Jong | P.W.J. Maljaars | A.R. van Buul | J.G. Koopmans | J.B. Snoeck-Stroband | N.H. Chavannes | J.K. Sont | A.W.M. Evers

Self-management support for people with chronic somatic conditions can enhance clinical outcomes and patients’ quality of life. Implementing self-management support via eHealth could increase its availability...

An Internet of Things based COPD managing system: Its development, challenges and first experiences

Lei Zhou | Chunling Du | Chunxue Bai | Yuanlin Song

In order to improve stable COPD patients’ management and reduce exacerbation, we established an Internet of Things based COPD managing system in Qingpu District Shanghai City....

Needed: Evidence Based EHealth!

Anneloek Rauwerdink | Niels H. Chavannes | Marlies P. Schijven

Precautionary measures for accidents due to mobile phone using IOT

March 2018
Visvam Devadoss Ambeth Kumar

“Every human life is the same and is worth saving” quotes renowned novelist and screenwriter JK Rowling. The significance of human life is of utmost importance and has to be universally respected. There...

The time has come for “Real-World Studies” (RWS)

March 2018
Ningfang Wang | Mark Heitner | Chunxue Bai

The time has come for “real-world studies (RWS)” to assume its rightful place in clinical trials. RWS have a broader and more representative scope than randomized controlled trial (RCT) (Roy-Byrne et...

Social media use for patient empowerment in the Gulf Cooperation Council region

March 2018
Manoj Menon | Babu George

Social media has emerged to become the most important review mechanism for customers in various industries. Healthcare, largely a credence service, was once thought to be immune from the influence of...

Chinese experts consensus for aerosol therapy assisted by Internet of Things

March 2018
Dong Yang | Xixin Yan | Jian Zhou | Bei He | Chunhua Chi | Kunling Shen | Baiqiang Cai | Chunxue Bai

Aerosol inhalation treatment imposes direct effects on target organs with less systematic side effects and no need of deliberate cooperation of patients. However, the lack of resources and experience...

Clinical eHealth: A new era of medicine

March 2018
Chunxue Bai | Niels Chavannes

From chronic disease management to person-centered eHealth; a review on the necessity for blended care

March 2018
Esther P.W.A. Talboom-Kamp | Noortje A. Verdijk | Marise J. Kasteleyn | Mattijs E. Numans | Niels H. Chavannes

A growing need for structural changes in the organization of the health care system has emerged from the fast-growing number of people with chronic illnesses. eHealth supported self-management programs...

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