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Recent Energy and Built Environment Articles

Recently published articles from Energy and Built Environment.

A new pin-to-plate corona discharger with clean air protection for particulate matter removal

January 2020
Yuting Gu | Enze Tian | Fanxuan Xia | Tao Yu | Alireza Afshari | Jinhan Mo

•We developed a new pin-to-plate corona discharger with particle-free air protection.•Few particles deposited on the new discharger observed by an optical microscope.•The new discharger provides lower...

A bi-objective optimization approach for selection of passive energy alternatives in retrofit projects under cost uncertainty

January 2020
Farhad Amiri Fard | Fuzhan Nasiri

•Building retrofits can incorporate passive technologies improving energy efficiency.•An assessment-optimization approach is proposed to prioritize these technologies.•We account for monetary and non-monetary...

Thermal models for avionics pod cabin based on Stochastic Configuration Network (SCN)

January 2020
Liping Pang | Jie Zhang | Meng Liu | Hongquan Qu | Jun Wang

•The experimental data of the avionics pod with a ram air turbinecooling systemwere analyzed.•Stochastic configuration network wasused to establish thermal models for avionics podcabinunder different...

A high-efficiency regenerative shock absorber considering twin ball screws transmissions for application in range-extended electric vehicles

January 2020
Zhanwen Wang | Tianming Zhang | Zutao Zhang | Yanping Yuan | Yujie Liu

•A novel regenerative shock absorber is designed for range-extended electric vehicles.•A reliable ball screw gear system transforms vibration into unidirectional rotation.•Proper asymmetric ratio of...

Solar aided power generation: A review

January 2020
Jiyun Qin | Eric Hu | Xiaohua Li

•This is the first review paper specifically on the SAPG technology since its research staring in 1990s.•Currently, the R&D on SAPG is moving from design stage to operation stage.•Directions for future...

Simulation study on performance of a dual-source hybrid heat pump unit with alternative refrigerants

January 2020
Chenguang Bai | Zongwei Han | Haotian Wei | Xiaomei Ju | Xinwei Meng | Qi Fu

•A novel double-source hybrid heat pump unit is proposed.•The mathematical models of the unit with alternative refrigerants are established.•The unit characteristic of R134a is compared with those of...

Preparation, Properties, and Applications of Natural Cellulosic Aerogels: A Review

January 2020
Ahsan Zaman | Fei Huang | Man Jiang | Wei Wei | Zuowan Zhou

•Study of different types of solvents and most effective one to dissolve cellulose.•Reviewing various freezing mechanisms and their effect on the aerogel morphology.•Interpreting several pore forming...

Assessing the implications of submetering with energy analytics to building energy savings

January 2020
Zhiqiang (John) Zhai | Andrea Salazar

•Study building portfolios to explore if relations exist between metering depth and energy savings.•Find deeper submetering enables deeper energy savings, with one exception for sensor-level data.•Provide...

Operational performance of a novel heat pump coupled with mini-channel PV/T and thermal panel in low solar radiation

January 2020
Jinzhi Zhou | Xudong Zhao | Yanping Yuan | Jing Li | Min Yu | Yi Fan

•A novel solar assisted indirect-expansion heat pump system is constructed.•A novel operating model is presented under low solar radiation condition.•Experiment is carried out to analyse the performance...

Quantitative analysis of coherent structures affecting instantaneous fluctuation of point-source plumes based on PIV-POD method

Available online 29 November 2019
Yukun Xu | Xin Wang | Fei Wang | Bingyan Song | Yujie Zhang | Chenlu Shi

•Unique air distribution of the instantaneous point-source plume was studied.•A high-power 2D-PIV system was set up in a thermostatic chamber.•Velocity magnitude and vorticity at different plume heights...

Potential for energy conservation: A portable desktop paper reusing system for office waste paper

Available online 18 November 2019
Tingsheng Zhang | Xinglong Liu | Yajia Pan | Zutao Zhang | Yanping Yuan

•A high-efficiency waste paper reusing system is proposed for office.•Font detection method and a novel mechanism is designed to improve energy efficiency.•A portable design is proposed for wider application.•Comprehensive...

A review of data mining technologies in building energy systems: Load prediction, pattern identification, fault detection and diagnosis

Available online 16 November 2019
Yang Zhao | Chaobo Zhang | Yiwen Zhang | Zihao Wang | Junyang Li

•Supervised data mining-based methods for building energy systems are reviewed.•Unsupervised data mining-based methods for building energy systems are reviewed.•Strengths and shortcomings of the existing...

Low-temperature compression-assisted absorption thermal energy storage using ionic liquids

Available online 12 November 2019
Wei Wu

•Compression-assisted absorption thermal energy storage is proposed to increase energy storage density•Compression ratio is optimized to maximize the energy storage efficiency of the novel cycle•Energy...

Recent Progress in Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification and Air-conditioning: A Review

Available online 15 October 2019
Xiangjie Chen | Saffa Riffat | Bai Hongyu | Xiaofeng Zheng | David Reay

•This paper presents a literature review on the recent research progress in liquid desiccant dehumidification and air conditioning systems.•The physical features of various liquid desiccant materials...

Evaluation of stearic acid/coconut shell charcoal composite phase change thermal energy storage materials for tankless solar water heater

Available online 8 October 2019
Baoshan Xie | Chuanchang Li | Bo Zhang | Lixin Yang | Guiyu Xiao | Jian Chen

•Cost-effective form-stabilized composites based on coconut shell charcoal (CSC) were prepared.•H2O2 modification on CSC support can increase the loading ratio of PCM.•Enthalpy and temperature in melting...

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