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Recent Energy and Built Environment Articles

Recently published articles from Energy and Built Environment.

Experimental and numerical investigation of gas diffusion under an urban underground construction

October 2021
Kang Zhou | Fei Li | Hao Cai | Yibin Yang | Fusheng Peng | Li Chen | Junyi Zhuang

•Built 10 m full-scaled utility tunnel mockup for experimental research.•Evaluated different air supply diffuser models and turbulence models.•Qualitative and quantitative comparisons for model per...

Prospects of shallow geothermal systems in HVAC for NZEB

October 2021
Irfan Ahmad Gondal

•Shallow geothermal energy can significantly reduce the building HVAC loads.•Renewable energy integration with geothermal systems can minimize HVAC demands.•A hybrid combination of active and passive...

Evaluation tool for the thermal performance of retrofitted buildings using an integrated approach of deep learning artificial neural networks and infrared thermography

October 2021
Amin Al-Habaibeh | Arijit Sen | John Chilton

•Estimating energy cost savings is important for planning buildings’ retrofitting.•Infrared thermography is used to assess buildings’ temperature profile.•A novel approach using neural networks is used...

Investigation of low grade thermal energy storage systems with phase changing materials

October 2021
Law Torres Sevilla | Jovana Radulovic

•Paraffin wax is a good storage medium due to fast charging and good latent heat absorption.•The two designs follow the same heating dynamics independently of the final temperatures reached.•An addition...

New and innovative wind catcher designs to improve indoor air quality in buildings

October 2021
Mamdooh Alwetaishi | Mohamed Gadi

•New design of wind catcher to improve indoor air quality.•Air speed ait inlet and outlets of new designed wind catchers.•CFD fluent and experimental study involved.•Curved shape of wind catcher investigation...

Study on forecasting the parameters of gas environment of metro station

October 2021
Liping Pang | Xiyue Wang | Hongquan Qu | Bo Li | Qing Tian

•The forecasting method is proposed based on ANN.•The model takes the external environmental parameters into the input variables.•The mean relative error of the proposed method is within 10%....

Numerical study on the integrated effects of supplied air velocity and exhaust velocity on particles removal for industrial buildings

October 2021
Tingsen Chen | Shi-Jie Cao

•Proposing a ventilation system by integrating supply and exhaust ventilation.•Quantified effects of supply velocity and exhaust velocity investigated.•Ventilation efficiency improved by 20%-40% compared...

What leads to variations in the results of life-cycle energy assessment? An evidence-based framework for residential buildings

October 2021
Hossein Omrany | Veronica Soebarto | Jian Zuo | Ehsan Sharifi | Ruidong Chang

•Sources of variations in LCEAs were investigated•157 cases of residential buildings that were analysed by LCEA were examined•Four major categories of parameters affecting LCEA results were identified•A...

Optimizing the solar energy capture of residential roof design in the southern hemisphere through Evolutionary Algorithm

October 2021
Saleh Kaji Esfahani | Ali Karrech | Robert Cameron | Mohamed Elchalakani | Rosangela Tenorio | Fernando Jerez

•Developing the usage of Evolutionary Algorithm in building form optimization.•Introducing a new parameter- Oblique Rotation- in the roof from optimization.•Cross-checking the findings with experimental...

Numerical study on the heat transfer performance of coaxial shallow borehole heat exchanger

October 2021
Guichen Li | Jianzhi Yang | Xiaowei Zhu | Zhihe Shen

lCFD simulations on the coaxial shallow borehole heat exchanger without grouting.lAnalyzing the effect of design parameters on the heat transfer performance.lInvestigating the effect of thermal short-circuiting.lProviding...

Methane production from Sargassum muticum: effects of seasonality and of freshwater washes

July 2021
Supattra Maneein | John J. Milledge | Patricia J. Harvey | Birthe V. Nielsen

•Washing S. muticum altered CH4 production rates during anaerobic digestion.•Change in CH4 production rate after washing was dependent on harvesting season.•Different seasons and wash treatments yielded...

Optimal generation mix for frequency response adequacy in future power system

July 2021
Vivek Prakash | Kailash Chand Sharma | Rohit Bhakar

•Propose a novel exposition of optimal generation mix.•Assess PFR adequacy with diversified generation mix.•Model RES uncertainty with pragmatic characterization in the generation mix optimization problem.•Analyse...

Drivers and barriers to energy-efficient technologies (EETs) in EU residential buildings

July 2021
Clara Camarasa | Lokesh Kumar Kalahasthi | Leonardo Rosado

•Across EETs and countries, technical and economic drivers are most often identified.•Economic barriers are the strongest hindering factors in the deployment of EETs.•Results vary across countries even...

Empirical investigation to explore potential gains from the amalgamation of phase changing materials (PCMs) and wood shavings

July 2021
Adham M. Mohammed | Amira Elnokaly | Abdel Monteleb M. Aly

•Panels containing PCM, Wood-shaving and PCM/wood-shavings amalgams are created.•Panels are subjected to heat profiles and their thermal performances were compared.•Heat peak reduction, heat peak shift...

A review of intensified conditioning of personal micro-environments: Moving closer to the human body

July 2021
Bin Yang | Xin Ding | Faming Wang | Angui Li

•Intensified conditioning of personal micro-environments is reviewed.•Different systems are evaluated and useful findings are summarized.•Feasible applications, current gaps as well as future research...

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment of Nigerian university libraries: A pilot study

July 2021
Williams P Akanmu | Sunday S Nunayon | Uche C Eboson

•This study presents an objective assessment of IEQ in university libraries.•The libraries' IEQ was poor, pointing to the need for interventions.•The mean indoor temperature ranged between 26 °C and...

Parametric analysis of a solar-driven trigeneration system with an organic Rankine cycle and a vapor compression cycle

July 2021
Evangelos Bellos | Christos Tzivanidis

•A solar-driven trigeneration system with parabolic trough collectors is studied.•An organic Rankine cycle and a vapor compression cycle are included in the system.•A detailed parametric analysis is...

Effect of the spectrally selective features of the cover and emitter combination on radiative cooling performance

July 2021
Mingke Hu | Suhendri | Bin Zhao | Xianze Ao | Jingyu Cao | Qiliang Wang | Saffa Riffat | Yuehong Su | Gang Pei

•A novel radiative cooler with spectral selectivity in the cover and the emitter.•The effect of spectral profile of the cover on radiative cooling behavior is studied.•The proposed radiative cooler...

Study of the automotive aerodynamic performance affected by entrance structure of forecabin

July 2021
Yuqi Huang | Shun Wang | Yuan Ji | Zhentao Liu

Recently, the requirement for cooling capacity decreased when the driving energy changed from liquid fuel to lithium batteries. Therefore, the structure and location of the forecabin could be adjusted...

Preparation, characterization and thermophysical properties investigation of A70/polyaniline nanocomposite phase change material for medium temperature solar applications

July 2021
A.K. Pandey | Mathew George | Nasrudin Abd Rahim | V.V. Tyagi | Syed Shahabuddin | R. Saidur

•A unique composition of conducting polymer and A70 composite.•Thermal conductivity enhanced by 11.96%.•A ~89% reduction in solar transmittance with respect to solar spectrum.•Physical, chemical, and...

A review on Zero Energy Buildings – Pros and Cons

Available online 24 July 2021
Tabbi Wilberforce | A.G. Olabi | Enas Taha Sayed | Khaled Elsaid | Hussein M. Maghrabie | Mohammad Ali Abdelkareem

•The state of zero energy building was explored and evaluated.•Factors impeding the commercialization of zero energy building were elaborated.•Comparison between zero energy building and traditional...

A framework Approach to the Design of Energy Efficient Residential Buildings in Nigeria

Available online 22 July 2021
Dr Ekele Thompson Ochedi | Professor Ahmad Taki

•A framework for designing energy efficient buildings was developed.•The study adopted mixed method approach•Methods involve interviews, measurement, observational survey and simulation study•Framework...

A Comparative Analysis of Thermal Performance, Annual Energy Use, and Life Cycle Costs of Low-cost Houses Made with Mud Bricks and Earthbag Wall Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Available online 29 June 2021
Racheal Wesonga | Hillary Kasedde | Nathan Kibwami | Musa Manga

•Building annual energy requirements are determined based on the degree-days method.•Total Life cycle costs are calculated based on initial and operating energy costs.•Earthbag walls are 68.7% cheaper...

Numerical evaluations on the effects of thermal properties on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of a phase change concrete energy pile

Available online 9 June 2021
Weibo Yang | Binbin Yang | Feng Wang | Naidong Jing

•A 3-D numerical model on thermo-mechanical performance of PCCEP was established.•A small-scale experimental system was built to validate the numerical model.•Effects of thermal property on thermo-mechanical...

Optimization of group control strategy and analysis of energy saving in refrigeration plant

Available online 2 June 2021
Tu Daixin | Xia Hongwei | Yin Huijuan | Yu Hao | Hou Wen

•Overall optimization strategy for the primary pump variable flow system is studied.•Group control system optimization model coupled with sub modules is proposed.•Particle swarm optimization algorithm...

Evaluation of thermal comfort and air quality of low-income housing in Kampala City, Uganda

Available online 30 May 2021
Derrick Kajjoba | Hillary Kasedde | Peter W. Olupot | Joseph D. Lwanyaga

•Thermal comfort and air quality of low income housing was studied.•Model development for thermal improvement strategies was conducted.•Thermal comfort indoor conditions based on 80% acceptable limits...

Efficacy of coupling heat recovery ventilation and fan coil systems in improving the indoor air quality and thermal comfort condition

Available online 26 May 2021
Aminhossein Jahanbin

•A CFD model was proposed for simultaneous analysis of IAQ and thermal comfort.•The numerical model was validated against experimental data.•Interactions between MVHR and fan coil system were investigated.•Impact...

Can building orientation perturb micro-climatic conditions inside classrooms located in hot-humid climatic condition?

Available online 26 May 2021
Shanmugga Rani A | Kannamma D

•Building orientation alters indoor thermal comfort.•Thermal comfort inside classrooms vary with floor level.•Thermal comfort index is relatively low inside classrooms in eastern block.•CFD simulations...

Performance analysis of solar driven combined recompression main compressor intercooling supercritical CO2 cycle and organic Rankine cycle using low GWP fluids

Available online 24 May 2021
Yunis Khan | Radhey Shyam Mishra

•Thermal performance improved with solar irradiation.•Thermal efficiency was improved by 7–8% by PDORC.•Low GWP working fluids are considered.•Maximum waste heat recovered by the R1243zf fluid.•Current...

Enhancement and validation of building integrated PV system: 3D modelling, techno-economics and environmental assessment

Available online 20 May 2021
Edmund Thoy | Yun Ii Go

•BIPV system designs towards Net Zero Energy Building for tropical climate.•Adopted realistic meteorological data and design considerations for reliability.•Energy yield estimation and validated via...

Distributed photovoltaics with peer-to-peer electricity trading

Available online 19 May 2021
Zhenpeng Li | Tao Ma

•A P2P electricity trading system is designed for distributed photovoltaics.•The P2P electricity trading system consists of three functional layers.•The P2P market combines continues double auction...

Impact of indoor air volume on thermal performance in social housing with mixed mode ventilation in three different climates.

Available online 19 May 2021
Claudia Eréndira Vázquez-Torres | Adolfo Gómez-Amador

•The impact of indoor air volume on the thermal performance in a social housing.•Analysis of energy demand based on the cooling, heating and comfort tasks.•Mixed mode ventilation strategy in three climates...

Review and development of the contribution ratio of indoor climate (CRI)

Available online 5 May 2021
Weirong Zhang | Yanan Zhao | Peng Xue | Kunio Mizutani

•An index known as the Contribution Ratio of Indoor Climate (CRI) is proposed.•The mathematical meaning of the CRI is discussed for the first time.•CRI distributions show different influence ranges...

Sizing, optimization, control and energy management of hybrid renewable energy system- a review

Available online 4 May 2021
Chouaib Ammari | Djamel Belatrache | Batoul Touhami | Salim Makhloufi

•A review of the latest studies published in a hybrid renewable energy system•This review focuses on sizing, optimization, control, and energy management•The latest published methods are reviewed and...

The environmental and financial implications of expanding the use of electric cars - A Case study of Scotland

April 2021
George Milev | Astley Hastings | Amin Al-Habaibeh

•The paper presents a novel case study on the effect of utilising electric cars.•Electric cars will cause further carbon emission production via the grid.•However, the overall carbon emission is expected...

Comparative analysis of window operating behavior in three different open-plan offices in Nanjing

April 2021
Jiawen Ren | Xin Zhou | Jingjing An | Da Yan | Xing Shi | Xing Jin | Shaoyan Zheng

•Window operating behavior in three different open-plan offices were compared.•Window operating behaviors of different office buildings have larger discrepancies.•The window operating behaviors had...

Experimental measurements of surgical microenvironments in two operating rooms with laminar airflow and mixing ventilation systems

April 2021
Guangyu Cao | Ingeborg Kvammen | Thea Amalie Solberg Hatten | Yixian Zhang | Liv-Inger Stenstad | Gabriel Kiss | Jan Gunnar Skogås

•The surgeon feels warmer in the OR with MV than in the OR with LAF.•The air temperature close to an incision in the MV OR is higher than in the LAF OR.•The air velocity near incision may be two times...

Building occupancy and energy consumption: Case studies across building types

April 2021
Sicheng Zhan | Adrian Chong

•Case study of four buildings with different typologies and function.•Showed strong positive correlation between WiFi and electricity consumption.•Distinct clusters generated using PCA for feature extraction...

The reinforcement learning method for occupant behavior in building control: A review

April 2021
Mengjie Han | Jing Zhao | Xingxing Zhang | Jingchun Shen | Yu Li

•Literatures of reinforcement learning regarding occupant behavior were presented.•We provided a comprehensive understanding of how the method works.•We discussed an overview of implementation requirements...

Analysis of influence of the length of ground heat exchangers on the operation characteristics and economy of ground source heat pumps

April 2021
Hongzhi Zhang | Zongwei Han | Lingyan Yang | Jiawei Yuan | Xinlu Cheng | Mingzhen Ji | Gui Li

•A three-dimensional dynamic simulation platform of GSHPS is established.•Minimum buried depth of GHEs meeting code requirements is calculated.•The performance and cost of GSHPS under different buried...

Energy saving analysis of a transparent radiative cooling film for buildings with roof glazing

April 2021
Zhitong Yi | Yingyan lv | Dikai Xu | Jingtao Xu | Hua Qian | Dongliang Zhao | Ronggui Yang

•A transparent radiative cooling (T-RC) film has been proposed for building energy saving.•The film can be applied on glazing for reducing solar absorption and improving infrared emission.•A maximum...

Numerical simulations on atmospheric stability conditions and urban airflow at five climate zones in China

April 2021
Guoxing Chen | Li Rong | Guoqiang Zhang

•Identification of atmospheric stability at five climates of China.•Investigation on diurnal variability of spatially-averaged flow properties.•Effects of two building layouts on airflow patterns under...

Application analysis of efficient heat dissipation of electronic equipment based on flexible nanocomposites

April 2021
Dongsheng Yang | Qi Yao | Mintao Jia | Jun Wang | Lixin Zhang | Yingli Xu | Xi Qu

•The efficient cooling of electronic device was designed and analyzed.•A flexible ultra-high thermal conductivity nanocomposites material used.•Model analysis, simulation and experiment proved the ...

Impact of metabolism and the clothing thermal resistance on inpatient thermal comfort

April 2021
Hualing Zhang | Xunshu Xie | Shiyao Hong | Haitao Lv

•The improved inpatient's thermal comfort model presented.•The typical comfort diagrams of inpatients are proposed by solving the model.•Verify the model by field experiment data collected in general...

Finite time thermodynamic analysis and optimization of water cooled multi-spilit heat pipe system (MSHPS)

Available online 20 April 2021
Feihu Chen | Shuguang Liao | Guangcai Gong

•Energy saving in data centers is increasingly with the developing IT industry.•An accurate performance and evaluation model based on time cycle is proposed.•An periodic integral energy efficiency model...

Assessment of renewable energy: Status, challenges, COVID-19 impacts, opportunities, and sustainable energy solutions in Africa

Available online 23 March 2021
Mohammad Amir | Sana Zubair Khan

•Demonstrated renewable energy status and targets for sustainable energy solutions.•Proposed power value chain and smart energy framework for better power utilization.•Impacts and recommendations in...

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