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Recent Fundamental Research Articles

Recently published articles from Fundamental Research.

Experimental Demonstration of Optical Bloch Oscillation in Electromagnetically Induced Photonic Lattices

Available online 14 October 2021
Zhaoyang Zhanga | Shaohuan Ninga | Hua Zhonga | Milivoj R. Belićb | Yiqi Zhanga | Yuan Fenga | Shun Lianga | Yanpeng Zhanga | d Xiaoc

The optical Bloch oscillation (OBO) is an optical-quantum analogy effect that is significant for light field manipulations, such as light beam localization, oscillation and tunneling. As an intra-band...

Knowledge Graph Quality Control: A Survey

Available online 11 October 2021
Xiangyu Wang | Lyuzhou Chen | Taiyu Ban | Muhammad Usman | Yifeng Guan | Shikang Liu | Tianhao Wu | Huanhuan Chen

A knowledge graph (KG), a special form of semantic network, integrates fragmentary data into a graph to support knowledge processing and reasoning. KG quality control is important to the utility of...

Combating emerging financial risks in the big data era: A perspective review

Available online 30 September 2021
Xueqi Cheng | Shenghua Liu | Xiaoqian Sun | Zidong Wang | Houquan Zhou | Yu Shao | Huawei Shen

Big data technology has had a significant impact on new business and financial services: for example, GPS and Bluetooth inspire location-based services, and search and web technologies motivate online...

Surface chemistry considerations of gangue dissolved species in the bastnaesite flotation system

Available online 29 September 2021
Longhua Xu | Zhoujie Wang | Kaiqian Shu | Houqin Wu | Yuehua Hu

Inefficient flotation of bastnaesite remains a challenge in the production of rare earth elements. This study aimed to investigate the dissolution and adsorption behaviour of species that are commonly...

Enhancing Oxygen Transport in the Ionomer Film on Platinum Catalyst Using Ionic Liquid Additives

Available online 25 September 2021
Linhao Fan | Yun Wang | Kui Jiao

The O2 permeation barrier across the nanoscale ionomer films on electrocatalysts contributes to a major performance loss of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells under low Pt loading. Enhancing...

Quantifying and Adjusting the Impact of Urbanization on the Observed Surface Wind Speed over China from 1985 to 2017

Available online 25 September 2021
Zhengtai Zhang | Kaicun Wang

The observed surface wind speed (SWS) has declined across China over the last four decades, but the mechanisms responsible for this decline have been explored without reaching a consensus. In this study,...

Programming cell entry of molecules via reversible synthetic DNA circuits on cell membrane

Available online 25 September 2021
Jiangbo Liu | Yirong Chen | Fan Li | Xiuhai Mao | Min Li | Xiaolei Zuo | Chunhai Fan

•Synthetic DNA circuits on cell membrane are implemented.•Cell uptake efficiency of ssDNAs is enhanced via dimerization and trimerization.•The de-dimerization and de-trimerization of ssDNAs is achi...

An experimental and modeling study on polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether 3 (PODE3) oxidation in a jet stirred reactor

Available online 25 September 2021
Zeyan Qiu | Anhao Zhong | Zhen Huang | Dong Han

Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether (PODEn, n ≥ 1) is a class of oxygenated fuels containing unique carbon-oxygen chain structure and a promising alternative fuel for diesel engines. In this study, low-temperature...

Evaporation and drying characteristics of the sessile ferrofluid droplet under a horizontal magnetic field

Available online 23 September 2021
Zhaonan Liu | Jiandong Zhou | Yang Li | Xin Zhuo | Xiujuan Shi | Dengwei Jing

In this study, the evaporation characteristics and drying patterns of various sessile ferrofluid droplets on certain substrate under horizontal magnetic fields of controlled intensities are reported....

Knowledge graph quality control: A survey

Available online 22 September 2021
Xiangyu Wang | Lyuzhou Chen | Taiyu Ban | Muhammad Usman | Yifeng Guan | Shikang Liu | Tianhao Wu | Huanhuan Chen

A knowledge graph (KG), a special form of semantic network, integrates fragmentary data into a graph to support knowledge processing and reasoning. KG quality control is important to the utility of...

Big Data Driven Management and Decision Sciences

Available online 20 September 2021
Yijun Li | Guoqing Chen

Water flooding behavior in flow cells for ammonia production via electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction

Available online 20 September 2021
Zhefei Pan | Farhan Khalid | Abdullah Tahir | Oladapo Christopher Esan | Jie Zhu | Rong Chen | Liang An

The green production of ammonia, in an electrochemical flow cell under ambient conditions, is a promising way to replace the energy-intensive Haber-Bosch process. In the operation of this flow cell...

Targeting cytokinesis bridge proteins to kill high-CIN type tumors

Available online 17 September 2021
Bingteng Xie | Xiaoling Liang | Wei Yue | Jihong Ma | Xinyu Li | Na Zhang | Pan Wang | Chang Liu | Xiaomeng Shi | Jie Qiao | Peng Zou | Mo Li

•218 proteins are identified in cytokinesis bridge in live cells by CB-APEX reaction.•These cytokinesis bridge proteins are highly expressed in large population of patients across types of cancers with...

N-doped ZrO2 nanoparticles embedded in a N-doped carbon matrix as a highly active and durable electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction

Available online 14 September 2021
Xuejie Cao | Siyu Zheng | Tongzhou Wang | Fei Lin | Jinhong Li | Lifang Jiao

Fabricating highly efficient and robust oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysts is challenging but desirable for practical Zn-air batteries. As an early transition-metal oxide, zirconium dioxide...

Semi-quantitative design of synergetic surficial/interfacial sites for the semi-continuous oxidation of glycerol

Available online 12 September 2021
Mingyu Gao | Pengfei Yang | Xinyi Zhang | Yani Zhang | Dianqing Li | Junting Feng

Qualitatively identifying the dominant catalytic site for each step of a semi-continuous reaction and semi-quantitatively correlating such different sites to the catalytic performance is of great significance...

Neural symbolic reasoning with knowledge graphs: Knowledge extraction, relational reasoning, and inconsistency checking

Available online 9 September 2021
Huajun Chen | Shumin Deng | Wen Zhang | Zezhong Xu | Juan Li | Evgeny Kharlamov

Knowledge graphs (KGs) express relationships between entity pairs, and many real-life problems can be formulated as knowledge graph reasoning (KGR). Conventional approaches to KGR have achieved promising...

Linear expectile regression under massive data

Available online 9 September 2021
Shanshan Song | Yuanyuan Lin | Yong Zhou

In this paper, we study the large-scale inference for a linear expectile regression model. To mitigate the computational challenges in the classical asymmetric least squares (ALS) estimation under massive...

Managing privacy in the digital economy

Available online 3 September 2021
Chong Wang | Nan Zhang | Cong Wang

In this era of the digital economy, proper management of digital privacy is critical for end-users, service providers, platform vendors, and the government. Addressing the increasing privacy concerns...

A dynamic risk-based early warning monitoring (DREAM) system for population-based management of cardiovascular disease⁎

Available online 3 September 2021
Xiaofei Liu | Qianqian Li | Weiye Chen | Peng Shen | Yexiang Sun | Qi Chen | Jinguo Wu | Jingyi Zhang | Ping Lu | Hongbo Lin | Xun Tang | Pei Gao

Risk prediction tools are crucial for population-based management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, most prediction models are currently used to assess long-term risk instead of the risk of...

Determination of the nucleotide or amino acid composition of genome or protein sequences by using natural vector method and convex hull principle

Available online 3 September 2021
Xiaopei Jiao | Shaojun Pei | Zeju Sun | Jiayi Kang | Stephen S.-T. Yau

Although with the continuous development of sequencing technology, the number of genome and protein sequences has grown rapidly, these sequences are only a small part of nature. Biologically, it is...

Association between Drug Co-use Networks and HIV Infection: A Latent Profile Analysis in Chinese Mainland

Available online 2 September 2021
Bo Zhang | Xiangyu Yan | Yongjie Li | He Zhu | Zuhong Lu | Zhongwei Jia

Persons who use drugs (PWUDs) are a high-risk subpopulation for HIV infection because more than one drug user often take drugs together (Co-users of drugs, Co-UDs), which increases the risk of HIV transmission....

Toward a research framework to conceptualize data as a factor of production: The data marketplace perspective

Available online 31 August 2021
Lihua Huang | Yifan Dou | Yezheng Liu | Jinzhao Wang | Gang Chen | Xiaoyang Zhang | Runyin Wang

The widespread use of machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms has highlighted the strategic role of data. To acquire data for training algorithms and eventually empowering...

Doping engineering on carbons as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Available online 30 August 2021
Ruopeng Zhao | Ying Chen | Shaoming Huang

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is the key reaction for the development of clean and sustainable fuel cells. However, the ORR reaction is sluggish kinetics, thereby it remains a grand challenge to develop...

Explore artificial neural networks for solving complex hydrocarbon chemistry in turbulent reactive flows

Available online 30 August 2021
Jian An | Fei Qin | Jian Zhang | Zhuyin Ren

Global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels is a common concern of the world today. It is of practical importance to conduct in-depth fundamental research and optimal design for modern engine combustors...

Flexibility in matching

Available online 28 August 2021
Huan Zheng | Ying Rong

We examine a service system that matches jobs and candidates with different ability levels. A candidate’s ability will affect the possibility of obtaining a high return on a job assignment. Based on...

Big data driven management and decision sciences: A NSFC grand research plan

Available online 27 August 2021
Guoqing Chen | Yijun Li | Qiang Wei

A novel adaptive heuristic dynamic programming-based algorithm for aircraft confrontation games

Available online 25 August 2021
Yi Mao | Zhijie Chen | Yi Yang | Yuxin Hu

Intelligent confrontation has become a vital technology for future air combats. Confrontation games between a penetrating aircraft and an intercepting aircraft are essential for modern air combats....

Optimal ordering policy for platelets: Data-driven method vs model-driven method

Available online 23 August 2021
Mingfang Yang | Xu Chen | Zheng Luo

Platelets, one of the most significant materials in treating leukemia, have a limited shelf life of approximately five days. Because platelets cannot be manufactured and can only be centrifuged from...

Preparation, characterization and biological properties of a novel bone block composed of platelet rich fibrin and a deproteinized bovine bone mineral

Available online 22 August 2021
Mengge Feng | Yulan Wang | Yan Wei | Xiaoxin Zhang | Leyi Xiao | Zijian Gong | Masako Fujioka-Kobayashi | Anton Sculean | Richard J Miron | Scott Froum | Yufeng Zhang

Alveolar bone defects caused by tooth loss often lead to challenges in implant dentistry, with a need for development of optimal bone biomaterials to predictably rebuild these tissues. To address this...

Highly spatial imaging of electrochemical activity on the wrinkles of graphene using all-solid scanning electrochemical cell microscopy

Available online 19 August 2021
Rong Jin | Hong-yan Lu | Lei Cheng | Jian Zhuang | Dechen Jiang | Hong-Yuan Chen

Here, all-solid scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM) is first established by filling polyacrylamide (PAM) into nanocapillaries as a solid electrolyte. A solid PAM nanoball at the tip of...

Photothermally induced liquid gate with navigation control of the fluid transport

Available online 19 August 2021
Yuhang Han | Yunmao Zhang | Mengchuang Zhang | Baiyi Chen | Xinyu Chen | Xu Hou

The ability to control multiphase flows is essential for applications such as microvalves, chemical analyses, microreactors, and multiphase separators. Furthermore, more specific controls, including...

The prognostic factors and nomogram for patients with high-grade gliomas

Available online 18 August 2021
Shanqiang Qu | Ouwen Qiu | Zhicheng Hu

•The seven factors including age, histopathology, IDH status, 1p/19q status, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and recurrence were identified as independent prognostic factors for HGG patients.•The prognostic...

Progressive steps and catalytic cycles in methanol-to-hydrocarbons reaction over acidic zeolites

Available online 16 August 2021
Liu Yang | Chang Wang | Weili Dai | Guangjun Wu | Naijia Guan | Landong Li

Understanding the complete reaction network and mechanism of methanol-to-hydrocarbons remains a key challenge in the field of zeolite catalysis and C1 chemistry. Inspired by the identification of the...

Real-Time nonlinear predictive controller design for drive-by-wire vehicle lateral stability with dynamic boundary conditions

Available online 10 August 2021
Xiyue Zhang | Ping Wang | Jiamei Lin | Hong Chen | Jinlong Hong | Lin Zhang

Due to flexible drive-by-wire technology, vehicle stability control can improve handling and lateral stability under extreme conditions. However, this technology can also increase the probability of...

Generation of singlet oxygen via iron-dependent lipid peroxidation and its role in Ferroptosis

Available online 9 August 2021
Xiaofei Zhang | Lie Wu | Wenyao Zhen | Shanshan Li | Xiue Jiang

Ferroptosis is a cell death pathway mediated by iron-dependent accumulation of lipid peroxide. However, the specific downstream molecular events of iron-dependent lipid peroxidation are yet to be elucidated....

In situ role of extracellular polymeric substances in microbial electron transfer by Methylomonas sp. LW13

Available online 9 August 2021
Huan Wang | Yue Zheng | Baoli Zhu | Feng Zhao

Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS), produced by microorganisms, establish the functional and structural integrity of microbial biofilms. In biological wastewater treatments, the transformation...

Adaptively temporal graph convolution model for epidemic prediction of multiple age groups

Available online 8 August 2021
Yuejiao Wang | Dajun Daniel Zeng | Qingpeng Zhang | Pengfei Zhao | Xiaoli Wang | Quanyi Wang | Yin Luo | Zhidong Cao

•An adaptively temporal graph convolution model for infectious disease prediction.•Address the multivariate time series prediction in a graph-based approach.•The contact patterns of multiple age groups...

Dynamic ordering transitions in charged solid

Available online 8 August 2021
Jian Sun | Jiasen Niu | Yifan Li | Yang Liu | L.N. Pfeiffer | K.W. West | Pengjie Wang | Xi Lin

The phenomenon of group motion is common in nature, ranging from the schools of fish, birds and insects, to avalanches, landslides and sand drift. If we treat objects as collectively moving particles,...

Collaborative matching of ridesplitting and connection in the ridesourcing market

Available online 1 August 2021
Yafei Li | Huijun Sun | Ying Lv

The emergence of ridesplitting as a form of ridesourcing reduces the use of vehicles on the road. When connecting multiple ridesplitting orders and single orders to the sharing path, it can achieve...

Dealloying-constructed hierarchical nanoporous bismuth-antimony anode for potassium ion batteries

July 2021
Hui Gao | Kuibo Yin | Zhiyuan Guo | Ying Zhang | Wensheng Ma | Wanfeng Yang | Ke Sun | Zhangquan Peng | Zhonghua Zhang

Bi-Sb alloys are appealing anode materials for potassium ion batteries (PIBs) but challenged by their enormous volumetric variation during operation. Herein, a facile one-step dealloying protocol was...

Enhanced perovskite electronic properties via A-site cation engineering

July 2021
Xufeng Xiao | Yanmeng Chu | Chunyu Zhang | Zhihui Zhang | Zexiong Qiu | Cheng Qiu | Huaixing Wang | Anyi Mei | Yaoguang Rong | Gengzhao Xu | Yue Hu | Hongwei Han

Organic-inorganic halide perovskites have emerged as excellent candidates for low-cost photovoltaics and optoelectronics. While the predominant recent trend in designing perovskites for efficient and...

Well-defined heteronuclear bimetallic atomic clusters: Emerging electrocatalysts

July 2021
Hai-Rui Pan | Tang Tang | Jin-Song Hu

Image, graphical abstract...

Orthorhombic Y0.95-xSrxCo0.3Fe0.7O3-δ anode for oxygen evolution reaction in solid oxide electrolysis cells

July 2021
Weicheng Feng | Yuefeng Song | Tianfu Liu | Jingwei Li | Xiaomin Zhang | Junhu Wang | Guoxiong Wang | Xinhe Bao

Cubic perovskite oxides usually suffer from delamination and Sr2+ segregation for catalyzing oxygen evolution reaction (OER) at the anodes of solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs). It is crucial to...

Two‐stage short‐term wind power forecasting algorithm using different feature-learning models

July 2021
Jiancheng Qin | Jin Yang | Ying Chen | Qiang Ye | Hua Li

Two-stage ensemble-based forecasting methods have been studied extensively in the wind power forecasting field. However, deep learning-based wind power forecasting studies have not investigated two...

Cr3+ pre-intercalated hydrated vanadium oxide as an excellent performance cathode for aqueous zinc-ion batteries

July 2021
Yaru Zhang | Lina Zhao | Aibing Chen | Jie Sun

Rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries (ZIBs) are regarded as the next promising large scale energy storage systems owing to their low cost, high safety and environmental friendliness. Vanadium-based...

Effects of catalyst mass loading on electrocatalytic activity: An example of oxygen evolution reaction

July 2021
Linghui Yu | Shengnan Sun | Haiyan Li | Zhichuan J. Xu

The evaluation of the intrinsic activity of catalysts is the most basic in searching energy- and cost-efficient catalyst materials for various applications. The accurate determination of the intrinsic...

Enhancing crystal structure prediction by decomposition and evolution schemes based on graph theory

July 2021
Hao Gao | Junjie Wang | Yu Han | Jian Sun

Crystal structure prediction algorithms have become powerful tools for materials discovery in recent years, however, they are usually limited to relatively small systems. The main challenge is that...

A machine learning vibrational spectroscopy protocol for spectrum prediction and spectrum-based structure recognition

July 2021
Hao Ren | Hao Li | Qian Zhang | Lijun Liang | Wenyue Guo | Fang Huang | Yi Luo | Jun Jiang

Vibrational spectroscopy is one of the most commonly applied techniques for determining molecular structures. Conventional applications often involve extensive expertise or expensive first-principles...

A novel 3-phenylpropylamine intercalated molecular bronze with ultrahigh layer spacing as a high-rate and stable cathode for aqueous zinc-ion batteries

July 2021
Rui Li | Huamin Zhang | Jingwang Yan | Qiong Zheng | Xianfeng Li

Rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries (AZIBs) have gained increasing attention owing to their low cost and high safety. Although hydrated vanadium oxides exhibit rich redox chemistry and open layer...

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