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Most Downloaded Horticultural Plant Journal Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Plant Polyploidy: Origin, Evolution, and Its Influence on Crop Domestication

November 2019
Kang Zhang | Xiaowu Wang | Feng Cheng

The prevalence and recurrence of polyploidization in plant species make it one of the most important evolutionary events in plants, and as a result, polyploidization is an extensively investigated research...

2. Harvest and Postharvest Factors Affecting Bruise Damage of Fresh Fruits

January 2020
Zaharan Hussein | Olaniyi A. Fawole | Umezuruike Linus Opara

Fresh fruits are susceptible to bruising, a common type of mechanical damage during harvest and at all stages of postharvest handling. In quest of developing and adoption of strategies to reduce bruise...

3. Banana Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense) Control and Resistance, in the Context of Developing Wilt-resistant Bananas Within Sustainable Production Systems

September 2018
Shirani Bidabadi SIAMAK | Sijun ZHENG

Banana (Musa spp.) is seriously threatened by the soil-borne fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc), also known as Panama disease. Attempts to control Fusarium wilt with fungicides damage soil...

4. Red and Blue Lights Significantly Affect Photosynthetic Properties and Ultrastructure of Mesophyll Cells in Senescing Grape Leaves

March 2016
Shuai Wang | Xiaodi Wang | Xiangbin Shi | Baoliang Wang | Xiaocui Zheng | Haibo Wang | Fengzhi Liu

Light quality significantly affects photosynthetic efficiency in plants. The mechanisms for how light quality affects photosynthesis in grape is poorly understood. Therefore, to investigate the effects...

5. Citrus Fruit-Cracking: Causes and Occurrence

November 2017
Juan LI | Jiezhong CHEN

Citrus fruit creasing or cracking is a complex pre-harvest physiological disorder that causes significant economic losses. Recent studies have indicated that citrus fruit creasing or cracking is caused...

6. Chemical Mechanism of Flower Color Microvariation in Paeonia with Yellow Flowers

May 2020
Yong Yang | Bing Li | Chengyong Feng | Qian Wu | Qianyu Wang | Shanshan Li | Xiaonan Yu | Liangsheng Wang

Paeonia species are important ornamental plants, including three types: tree peony, herbaceous peony, and Itoh hybrid peony. Paeonia with yellow color is desired and becoming popular. However, the chemical...

7. Agronomy, Nutritional Value, and Medicinal Application of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.)

July 2019
Fatemeh Etemadi | Masoud Hashemi | Allen V. Barker | Omid Reza Zandvakili | Xiaobing Liu

Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) is a cool season grain legume crop with the potential to be grown as multi-purpose crop in areas with short growing season. Faba bean is grown in many regions in the world...

8. Progress of Apple Rootstock Breeding and Its Use

September 2019
Yi Wang | Wei Li | Xuefeng Xu | Changpeng Qiu | Ting Wu | Qinping Wei | Fengwang Ma | Zhenhai Han

Apple rootstock breeding has achieved great progress worldwide. In this review, we first summarize the rootstock breeding targets and utilization in main apple-producing countries. Furthermore, we discuss...

9. Acclimatization of in Vitro-derived Dendrobium

May 2017
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva | Mohammad Musharof Hossain | Madhu Sharma | Judit Dobránszki | Jean Carlos Cardoso | Songjun ZENG

The successful ex vitro establishment of Dendrobium plantlets raised in vitro determines the quality of the end product (cut flowers or potted plants) in commercial production for economic gain. When...

10. Efficient Microorganism Compost Benefits Plant Growth and Improves Soil Health in Calendula and Marigold

March 2017
Anamika Sharma | Tarak Nath Saha | Anju Arora | Raghubir Shah | Lata Nain

Organic farming needs to be promoted as a means of sustaining soil health and reducing the cost of farming, especially for small farmers. The present study deals with the effect of organic compost,...

11. Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factors Shape RNA Viruses Resistance in Plants

March 2020
Jannat Shopan | Xiaolong Lv | Zhongyuan Hu | Mingfang Zhang | Jinghua Yang

Viruses are representative of a global threat to agricultural production. Genetic resistance is the preferred strategy for the control of viral infection and against loss of crop yield. Viral protein...

12. Modulation of Sex Expression in Four Forms of Watermelon by Gibberellin, Ethephone and Silver Nitrate

May 2017
Jie ZHANG | Jianting SHI | Gaojie JI | Haiying ZHANG | Guoyi GONG | Shaogui GUO | Yi REN | Jianguang FAN | Shouwei TIAN | Yong XU

There has been no systematic research on the effect of plant growth regulators and silver nitrate treatments on the control of sex expression in watermelon. In this study, we tested sex expression responses...

13. Development of a Colorimetric Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for the Visual Detection of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis

May 2019
Mohammad Amin Almasi

Fusarium wilt of melon, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis is one of the most important diseases, causing tremendous losses in melon growing areas in Iran. There is a real need for a rapid and inexpensive...

14. Comparative Analysis of Three Types of Peaches: Identification of the Key Individual Characteristic Flavor Compounds by Integrating Consumers' Acceptability with Flavor Quality

January 2017
Wanpeng XI | Qiao ZHENG | Juanfang LU | Junping QUAN

In order to recognize the key flavor compounds influencing the consumers' choice for honey peach, nectarine, and flat peach and provide important information for orientation breeding, sugars, organic...

15. Genetic Diversity and Structure of Tunisian Local Pear Germplasm as Revealed by SSR Markers

March 2020
Rim Ouni | Anna Zborowska | Jasna Sehic | Sarra Choulak | J. Iñaki Hormaza | Larisa Garkava-Gustavsson | Messaoud Mars

Growing pear has a long tradition in Tunisia, and numerous local cultivars possessing an excellent adaptability and resilience potential to climatic variation are present. This large adaptability is...

16. Ethylene Emission as a Potential Indicator of Fuji Apple Flavor Quality Evaluation Under Low Temperature

July 2020
Weiyan Qi | Haijing Wang | Zhen Zhou | Peng Yang | Wenbin Wu | Zhemin Li | Xian Li

Fuji apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) is a popular fruit cultivar and occupies an important position in the fruit market due to its excellent flavor and storage quality. Ethylene emission can induce...

17. Versatile Piriformospora indica and Its Potential Applications in Horticultural Crops

March 2020
Raphael Anue Mensah | Dan Li | Fan Liu | Na Tian | Xueli Sun | Xiangyang Hao | Zhongxiong Lai | Chunzhen Cheng

Modern horticultural crop production systems target the exploitation of sustainable techniques for crop improvement while maintaining balance with the environment. Several beneficial microbes have been...

18. Effects of Soil Texture on the Growth of Young Apple Trees and Soil Microbial Community Structure Under Replanted Conditions

May 2020
Yuefan Sheng | Haiyan Wang | Mei Wang | Hanhao Li | Li Xiang | Fengbing Pan | Xuesen Chen | Xiang Shen | Chengmiao Yin | Zhiquan Mao

A two-year field experiment was carried out in order to study the occurrence degree and mechanism of apple replant disease (ARD) in the apple orchards with different soil textures. So we can adopt appropriate...

19. QTL Mapping for Cucumber Fruit Size and Shape with Populations from Long and Round Fruited Inbred Lines

May 2020
Zhihui Gao | Haiyang Zhang | Chenxing Cao | Jing Han | Hao Li | Zhonghai Ren

To gain insight into the molecular and genetic basis of fruit size and shape in cucumber, we conducted Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) mapping with F2 and BC1F1 populations derived from a cross between...

20. Breeding for Resistance to Tomato Bacterial Diseases in China: Challenges and Prospects

September 2018
Yuqing WANG | Yaxian ZHANG | Zhipeng GAO | Wencai YANG

Four bacterial diseases including bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis, bacterial speck caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato, bacterial spot caused by at least...

21. Identification and Characterization of Tonoplast Sugar Transporter (TST) Gene Family in Cucumber

May 2020
Weifeng Huang | Bin Hu | Jialin Liu | Yong Zhou | Shiqiang Liu

Tonoplast sugar transporters (TSTs) play essential roles in regulating plant growth, development, and response to various biotic and abiotic stresses. In this study, a total of three TST genes were...

22. Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth in Melon (Cucumis melo L.) Under Salt Stress

March 2019
José Luis Castañares | Carlos Alberto Bouzo

An investigation was carried out to evaluate the effect of different application forms and concentrations of melatonin on germination and initial growth of melon plants in several different salinity...

23. Negative Phototropism of Chlorophytum comosum Roots and Their Mechanisms

July 2015
Chen Juan | Kong Yu | Wang Zhong | Cheng Shuiyuan | Guy Yunjie | Gan Jie | Chen Peng

The aerial roots of Chlorophytum comosum were grown hydroponically, allowing us to study the performance and mechanism of negative phototropism. The results of this study were as follows. All the adventitious...

24. Genome Sequencing Reveals the Role of MADS-box Gene Families in the Floral Morphology Evolution of Orchids

November 2019
Hsiangchia Lu | Zhongjian Liu | Siren Lan

Orchid origin and evolution are common topics in evolutionary biology. Orchidaceae have approximately 30 000 orchid species distributed in diverse habitats and account for approximately 10% of the flowering...

25. Effect of Storage Temperature on Vitamin C, Total Phenolics, UPLC Phenolic Acid Profile and Antioxidant Capacity of Eleven Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Varieties

March 2017
Joseph Hubert Yamdeu Galani | Pooja M. Mankad | Avadh K. Shah | Nilesh J. Patel | Rajeshkumar R. Acharya | Jayant G. Talati

Storage of potato tubers at low temperature affects their metabolism and may alter their phytochemical properties. There is a need to elucidate the changes in antioxidant compounds, activity and enzymes...

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