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Recently published articles from HydroResearch.

Application of System Thinking Causal Loop Modelling in understanding water Crisis in India: A case for sustainable Integrated Water resources management across sectors

S. Ashwin Ram | Zareena Begum Irfan

India is one among the high risk countries susceptible to water stress and as a result of exponential population growth, industrialization and rapid urbanization the per capita water availability is...

Hydrochemical appraisal of groundwater quality for drinking and agricultural utility in a granitic terrain of Maheshwaram area of Ranga Reddy district, Telnagana State, India

Laxman Kumar D | Ratnakar Dhakate | Sakram Guguloth | B. Srinivas

Groundwater is the major source of water both for drinking and agriculture activities in India. Water availability and quality depends on the rock formations present in the region. To study the quality...

Identification of suitable sites and structures for artificial groundwater recharge for sustainable water resources management in Vamanapuram River Basin, South India

C.D. Aju | A.L. Achu | M.C. Raicy | Rajesh Reghunath

Sustainable groundwater management by artificial recharge of aquifers has become a possible resolution for increasing depletion and deterioration of groundwater in several river basins across the word....

Characteristics of meteorological variables and their implications on evaporation in Roorkee (India)

Digambar Singh | A.R. Senthil Kumar | V.C. Goyal | Manohar Arora | Nageswara Rao Allaka

Estimation of evaporation from meteorological variables and analysis of its properties are very important in the planning of cropping pattern and in the studies of climate change. This study presents...

Analysis of uranium and other water quality parameters in drinking water sources of 5 districts of Kerala in southern India and potability estimation using water quality indexing method

C.S. Shalumon | K.S. Sanu | John Richard Thomas | Usha K. Aravind | Sujata Radhakrishnan | S.K. Sahoo | S.K. Jha | C.T. Aravindakumar

An analysis on the presence of uranium in drinking water sources of five districts in Kerala, Southern India has been carried out. 830 Samples from different sources during pre and post-monsoon seasons...

Is the topography playing a dual role in controlling downstream channel morphology of a monsoon dominated Dwarkeswar River, Eastern India?

Sadhan Malik | Subodh Chandra Pal

This study focuses on the role of topography in downstream changes in channel morphology of a monsoon dominated Dwarkeswar River with sixty cross-sections. Bankfull channel characteristics, flow characteristics,...

Assessment of the groundwater geochemistry from a part of west coast of India using statistical methods and water quality index

Satyajit K. Gaikwad | Ajaykumar K. Kadam | Ritish R. Ramgir | Akanksha S. Kashikar | Vasant M. Wagh | Avinash M. Kandekar | Suryakant P. Gaikwad | Ramdas B. Madale | Namdev J. Pawar | Kishor D. Kamble

The study aims to identify the groundwater geochemistry and drinking water suitability through statistical and water quality index (WQI) approach in Kudal region of Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra,...

A comparative study of springs and groundwater chemistry of Beas and Parbati valley, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Mohd Suhail Husain | Rashid Umar | Shamshaad Ahmad

A comparative study is conducted to understand the hydrochemistry of Beas and Parbati valley Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India. Twenty hot spring, sixteen cold spring and twenty four groundwater...

Seawater intrusion in the coastal aquifers of India - A review

P. Prusty | S.H. Farooq

Massive withdrawal of groundwater resources due to population growth and rapid industrialization has led to seawater intrusion into the coastal aquifers across the globe. The problem is an emerging...

Assessment of origin and distribution of fluoride contamination in groundwater using an isotopic signature from a part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP), India

Amiya K. Samal | Praveen K. Mishra | Arkoprovo Biswas

To understand the factors controlling origin and distribution of fluoride concentration in groundwater of the Indo-Gangetic plain comprising the Indian states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand,...

Hydrologic response to land use land cover change in the Upper Gidabo Watershed, Rift Valley Lakes Basin, Ethiopia

Mamuye Belihu | Sirak Tekleab | Brook Abate | Woldeamlak Bewket

The purpose of the study was to assess land use and land cover changes (LULCC) effects on stream flow of the upper Gidabo Watershed, Ethiopia. The data subjected to analyses were satellite imageries...

Simulation of monthly streamflow using the SWAT model of the Ib River watershed, India

Leelambar Singh | Subbarayan Saravanan

The objective of the study is simulating the streamflow and predicting water balance components using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model for Ib River watershed in Mahanadi River basin. Tropical...

Hydrogeochemistry and heavy metal contamination in groundwaters of Dhaka metropolitan city, Bangladesh: Assessment of human health impact

Shaila Sharmin | Juel Mia | M. Shohidullah Miah | H.M. Zakir

A total of 47 groundwater samples were collected in Dhaka metropolitan city, Bangladesh to determine the drinking quality in terms of pH, EC, TDS, hardness, CO3, HCO3, Cl, SO4, PO4, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe,...

Earthquake prediction from high frequency groundwater level data: A case study from Gujarat, India

M. Senthilkumar | D. Gnanasundar | B. Mohapatra | A.K. Jain | Anoop Nagar | P.K. Parchure

Earthquake prediction has been a challenging but an unsuccessful task until now and has not provided reliable forecasting mechanism. Developments of prediction tools are limited and there is huge gap...

Exploring the relative water scarcity across the Indian million-plus urban agglomerations: An application of the Water Poverty Index

Aparna Sivaraman Prabha | Ashwin Ram | Zareena Begum Irfan

Indian cities are rapidly expanding and with increase in migration the country is expected to witness unprecedented urbanization in the coming decade. In this context, it is important to take a holistic...

Application of SWAT hydrological model for assessing water availability at the Sherigu catchment of Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso

Samuel S. Guug | Shaibu Abdul-Ganiyu | Raymond A. Kasei

Water is an important resource needed in every aspect of life, e.g. human habitats, economic prosperity, food security, etc. There is a need to simulate and quantify the availability of water using...

Groundwater quality evaluation using GIS and water quality index in and around inactive mines, Southwestern parts of Cuddapah basin, Andhra Pradesh, South India

Sudharshan Reddy Yenugu | Sunitha Vangala | Suvarna Badri

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the groundwater quality for human consumption by developing a water quality index for the southwest (SW) part of the Cuddapah Basin. In order to study this...

Detection of water leakage paths using self-potential and geoelectrical resistivity methods: A case study of Kailana Lake-Takht Sagar in the Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India

Birendra Pratap

The present paper characterizes the origin of water leakage from the Kailana Lake-Takht Sagar in the Jodhpur city, Rajasthan, India. Self-potential (SP) method was used to delineate leakage paths; whereas,...

Hydrogeomorphological observations from Thenmala and Thenmala south fault, India

E. Praseeda | Ganapathy Pattukandan Ganapathy

Achankovil shear zone is a North West-South East (NW-SE) oriented Precambrian structure of South India. Present work identified evidences of two faults (trending NW-SE) in the southern most end of this...

Impacts of socio-economic status and environmental attitudes of locals on E-flow allocation in Weihe River Basin, China

Shouke Wei | Jindong Zhao | Xiangrong Tong

There is an increasing awareness on importance of Environmental Flow (E-flow) in hydrology and watershed management, and environmental attitudes and socio-economic status of locals usually impact E-flow...

An integrated methodology for energy use optimisation: The case study of Ben Nafa Kacha irrigation scheme, Burkina Faso

Luisa Bettili | Michele La Rocca

The increasing awareness of regional climate and water-cycle changes are putting under pressure the efficient water use in agriculture. In developing countries, a reliable supply of energy is the key...

GIS-based multi-criteria analysis for identification of potential groundwater recharge zones - a case study from Ponnaniyaru watershed, Tamil Nadu, India

Devanantham Abijith | Subbarayan Saravanan | Leelambar Singh | Jesudasan Jacinth Jennifer | Thiyagarajan Saranya | K.S.S. Parthasarathy

Groundwater is one of the most vital natural resources; spatially varying in quality and quantity. Increased urbanisation and population creates tremendous pressure on the quality and quantity of the...

Hydrochemical processes and groundwater quality assessment in North eastern region of Jordan valley, Jordan

December 2019
Mohammad Salim Mohammad Tarawneh | M.R. Janardhana | Mohamed Muzamil Ahmed

Hydrochemical studies carried out on the groundwater in north eastern part of Jordan valley, Jordan, revealed the confinement of groundwater to two partly overlapping Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary-Quaternary...

Identification of groundwater potential zones in Mandavi River basin, Andhra Pradesh, India using remote sensing, GIS and MIF techniques

December 2019
R. Siddi Raju | G. Sudarsana Raju | M. Rajasekhar

Identification of groundwater potential zones (GWPZ) in a crystalline rock terrain is a crucial task for sustainable groundwater resource management, through scientific knowledge and modern geospatial...

Combination of GIS and fuzzy-AHP for delineating groundwater recharge potential zones in the critical Goghat-II block of West Bengal, India

December 2019
Biswajit Das | Subodh Chandra Pal

This study tries to show the groundwater recharge potential zones in groundwater-stressed Goghat-II block, using fuzzy-AHP technique. According to the central ground water board of India, Goghat-II...

Transient resistivity response to infiltrating water front through vadose zone

December 2019
Rolland Andrade | R. Rangarajan

In a groundwater regime, the unsaturated zone acts as a complex system, for the simulation of subsurface water movement. Numerous attempts have been made in the field of hydrology, during the recent...

Hydrogeochemical assessment and suitability of groundwater in a typical Mediterranean coastal area: A case study of the Marathon basin, NE Attica, Greece

December 2019
Panagiotis Papazotos | Ioannis Koumantakis | Eleni Vasileiou

This study aims to determine the major factors controlling the qualitative characteristics of groundwater and examine the drinking and irrigation suitability in the Marathon basin, NE Attica, Greece....

Geometry and water quality of the unconfined aquifer near the Piracicaba river, Ipatinga/MG, Brazil

December 2019
Débora Almeida de Oliveira | Paulo Galvão

Groundwater is the main source of drinking water for the city of Ipatinga/MG, Brazil. However, there is a lack of study about hydrogeology in the region, as well as indications of quality alterations...

Multi-criteria approach to water quality and health risk assessments in a rural agricultural province, southeast Nigeria

December 2019
Chimankpam K. Ezugwu | Obialo S. Onwuka | Johnbosco C. Egbueri | Chinanu O. Unigwe | Daniel A. Ayejoto

This paper assessed the quality and suitability of groundwater from hand-dug wells in Ikem agricultural province, Nigeria for human consumption and irrigation purposes. pH measurements revealed that...

Assessment of groundwater quality scenario in respect of fluoride and nitrate contamination in and around Gharbar village, Jharkhand, India

December 2019
Raju Thapa | Srimanta Gupta | Harjeet Kaur | Raju Baski

Present study deals with the identification of geochemical processes and the probable mobilization mechanism responsible for the release of fluoride (F−) and nitrate (NO3−) in groundwater. For this...

Assessment of TRMM product for precipitation extreme measurement over the Muda River Basin, Malaysia

December 2019
Mou Leong Tan

The objective of this study is to evaluate the capability of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) 3B42 version 7 product in estimating precipitation...

Delineation of groundwater potential zones in semi-arid region of Jilledubanderu river basin, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India using fuzzy logic, AHP and integrated fuzzy-AHP approaches

December 2019
M. Rajasekhar | G. Sudarsana Raju | Y. Sreenivasulu | R. Siddi Raju

Increasing urbanization and the population's demand for water shortages in urban and rural areas leads to a decline in groundwater resources, to the need to plan artificial groundwater recharge. This...

Use of the Hydrochemical Facies Diagram (HFE-D) for the evaluation of salinization by seawater intrusion in the coastal Oropesa Plain: Comparative analysis with the coastal Vinaroz Plain, Spain

December 2019
Elena Giménez-Forcada

The present analysis aims to recognize and understand the temporal and spatial evolution of seawater intrusion into the Oropesa detrital aquifer on Spain's eastern coast through the early 1990s. In...

An integrated study of electrical resistivity tomography and infiltration method in deciphering the characteristics and potentiality of unsaturated zone in crystalline rock

December 2019
Taufique Warsi | V. Satish Kumar | Ratnakar Dhakate | C. Manikyamba | T. Vinoda Rao | R. Rangarajan

To assess the shallow subsurface conditions in a granitic terrain, Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) and double ring infiltrometer studies were conducted in Hyderabad city, India. Electrical Resistivity...

Hydrogeochemical evaluation of groundwater in and around Lakkireddipalli and Ramapuram, Y.S.R District, Andhra Pradesh, India

December 2019
V Sunitha | Y Sudharshan Reddy

To evaluate hydrogeochemical evaluation of groundwater for drinking & irrigation practices in and around Lakkireddipalli and Ramapuram, Y.S.R District, Andhra Pradesh, India, thirty groundwater samples...

Groundwater-surface water interaction along river Kali, near Aligarh, India

December 2019
Haris Hasan Khan | Arina Khan

River Kali, in the western gangetic plains, is posing serious threat to riparian communities by contaminating shallow riparian zone groundwater. To manage groundwater contamination, this study attempts...

Deciphering groundwater potential zones using MIF technique and GIS: A study from Tirupati area, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India

June 2019
Balaji Etikala | Veeraswamy Golla | Peiyue Li | SiddiRaju Renati

The availability of water resources is currently a crucial issue in Tirupati, India. Water demand for urban development, growing population, industrialization and tourism have been diminishing the existing...

Numerical simulation of the factors causing land subsidence due to overexploitation of the aquifer in the Amyntaio open coal mine, Greece

June 2019
P. Tzampoglou | C. Loupasakis

The land subsidence due to the overexploitation of the aquifer has slowly affect extensive area, causing significant damage. In the Amyntaio sub-basin during the last decades the aquifer has been overexploited...

Evaluation of hydrogeochemical characteristics and groundwater quality in the quaternary aquifers of Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh, India

June 2019
Jawed Akhtar Ansari | Rashid Umar

The present study has been carried out to assess the factors controlling the hydrogeochemical characteristics and groundwater quality in a part of Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh, India. For this purpose...

Contributions of commercial fertilizer, mineralized soil nitrate, and animal and human waste to the nitrate load in the Upper Elbe River Basin, Czech Republic

June 2019
Alan L. Mayo | Daniel J. Ritter | Jiri Bruthans | David Tingey

Nitrate contamination in the upper Elbe River basin in the Czech Republic is high and has remained relatively constant since monitoring began in the 1960's. Long-term NO3− and discharge data for 138...

Factors controlling groundwater chemistry of Renigunta area, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, South India: A multivariate statistical approach

June 2019
Balaji Etikala | Veeraswamy Golla | Narsimha Adimalla | Subbarao Marapatla

Groundwater is a major source of water supply for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes, particularly in semi-arid regions. Managing this resource in terms of quality and quantity is a crucial...

Human-induced land use land cover change and its impact on hydrology

June 2019
Vaibhav Garg | Bhaskar Ramchandra Nikam | Praveen Kumar Thakur | Shiv Prasad Aggarwal | Prasun Kumar Gupta | Sushil Kumar Srivastav

The LULC change vis-à-vis climate change inherently encompassing human dimensions consequently impact hydrological processes. A slight change in it may affect the water yield, as both are explicitly...

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