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Recent Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts.

Synthesis and Applications of Fungal Mycelium-based Advanced Functional Materials

Available online 7 January 2021
Sehrish Manan | Muhammad Wajid Ullah | Mazhar Ul-Islam | Omar Mohammad Atta | Guang Yang

Over the last couple of decades, the introduction of living systems to material science for the synthesis of functional materials from biological resources is receiving immense consideration. This is...

Recent Advancements in Applications of Chitosan-based Biomaterials for Skin Tissue Engineering

Available online 7 January 2021
Ahmed Madni | Rozina Kousar | Naveera Naeem | Fazli Wahid

The use of polymer based composites in the treatment of skin tissue damages, has got huge attention in clinical demand, which enforced the scientists to improve the methods of biopolymer designing in...

Plant Extract-loaded Bacterial Cellulose Composite Membrane for Potential Biomedical Applications

Available online 7 January 2021
Atiya Fatima | Sumayia Yasir | Mohd. Shariq Khan | Sehrish Manan | Muhammad Wajid Ullah | Mazhar Ul-Islam

Bacterial cellulose (BC) has been extensively explored as biomaterial for various biomedical applications owing to its non-toxic nature and unique structural morphology and impressive physico-chemical...

A review on conversion of crayfish-shell derivatives to functional materials and their environmental applications

November 2020
Shuo Chen | Shunfeng Jiang | Hong Jiang

As a new research focus in the field of biological resources, crayfish shells have great potential for development and utilization. In this review, the typical methods and research progress of separating...

Optimization and kinetics of glucose production via enzymatic hydrolysis of mixed peels

November 2020
Michael U. Ude | Ike Oluka | Paul C. Eze

The optimization and kinetics of glucose production via enzymatic hydrolysis of mixed peels were carried out. The substrate was characterized using proximate analysis and hydrolysis. The process was...

Esterification of levulinic acid into n-butyl levulinate catalyzed by sulfonic acid-functionalized lignin-montmorillonite complex

November 2020
Wenguang Zhao | Hui Ding | Jie Zhu | Xianxiang Liu | Qiong Xu | Dulin Yin

In this study, sulfonic acid-functionalized lignin-montmorillonite complex (LMT-SO3H) was prepared and employed as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the esterification of levulinic acid (LA) into...

Production of jet fuel intermediates from biomass platform compounds via aldol condensation reaction over iron-modified MCM-41 lewis acid zeolite

November 2020
Mingxue Su | Wenzhi Li | Qiaozhi Ma | Bowen Zhu

Liquid fuel intermediates could be produced via aldol condensation reaction between furfural or 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and acetone. It was found that iron-modified MCM-41 zeolite can be an effective...

Development and characterization of food packaging bioplastic film from cocoa pod husk cellulose incorporated with sugarcane bagasse fibre

November 2020
Siti Nuurul Huda Mohammad Azmin | Najah Aliah binti Mohd Hayat | Mohd Shukri Mat Nor

Agricultural wastes, including cocoa pod husk (waste from the chocolate industry) and sugarcane bagasse (waste from the sugar industry), are increasing day by day. The development of food packaging...

Mechanical behaviour of wood compressed in radial direction: Part II. Influence of temperature and moisture content

November 2020
Chen Huang | Yinghei Chui | Meng Gong | Felisa Chana

This study investigated the influence of pressing temperature and moisture content on the mechanical properties of wood compressed in radial direction. Jack pine (Pinus banksiana) and balsam poplar...

Cellulose nanocomposites: Fabrication and biomedical applications

November 2020
Blessy Joseph | Sagarika V K | Chinnu Sabu | Nandakumar Kalarikkal | Sabu Thomas

Cellulose is a linear biopolymer which is composed of nanofibrils, thus having a large surface area. This low-cost, low-density, high-specific-surface-area, easily processable polymer is found in nature...

Extraction of allelochemicals from poplar alkaline peroxide mechanical pulping effluents and their allelopathic effects on Microcystis aeruginosa

November 2020
Yanyan Wang | Mengxing Zhao | Tingzhi Liu

In this study, allelochemicals were extracted from pulping effluents rather than from the raw material of plants. Herein, five organic solvents (ethyl acetate (EAC), methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE),...

Development of chemometric model for characterization of non-wood by FT-NIR data

August 2020
Mohammad Nashir Uddin | Taslima Ferdous | Zahidul Islam | M. Sarwar Jahan | M.A. Quaiyyum

In this study, a model for prediction of lignocellulose components of agricultural residues has been developed with Fourier Transformed Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy data. Two calibration techniques...

Modification of tamarind fruit shell powder with in situ generated copper nanoparticles by single step hydrothermal method

August 2020
B. Ashok | N. Hariram | Suchart Siengchin | A. Varada Rajulu

Tamarind fruit shell powder (TFSP) with particle size of < 50 µm (obtained from cleaned tamarind fruit shells) was modified with in situ generated copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) by simple one step hydrothermal...

Mechanical behaviour of wood compressed in radial direction-part I. New method of determining the yield stress of wood on the stress-strain curve

August 2020
Chen Huang | Meng Gong | Yinghei Chui | Felisa Chan

A test equipment was developed, which allows for real time observation of the deformation behavior of wood cellular structure under a compression load applied in radial direction. Compression tests...

Utilization of waste straw and husks from rice production: A review

August 2020
Bernard A. Goodman

As a staple food for much of the world, rice production is widespread. However, it also results in the generation of large quantities of non-food biomass, primarily in the form of straw and husks. Although...

Conversion of biomass lignin to high-value polyurethane: A review

August 2020
Hui Li | Yuan Liang | Pengcheng Li | Chaobin He

Lignin, as a major by-product of pulp and paper industry, has attracted extensive interest for the preparation of high value-added products, due to the merits of abundant, sustainable, inexpensive,...

Synthesis of lignin-poly(N-methylaniline)-reduced graphene oxide hydrogel for organic dye and lead ions removal

August 2020
Hongyun Qian | Jiake Wang | Lifeng Yan

Lignin is one of the major contents of lignocellulose and can be used as feedstock for adsorbent materials for wastewater treatment. Here, a lignin-poly(N-methylaniline)-graphene oxide (lignin-PNMA-rGO)...

Numerical investigation of thermo-physical properties of non-newtonian fliud in a modelled intestine

August 2020
S.E. Ibitoye | I.K. Adegun | P.O. Omoniyi | T.S. Ogedengbe | O.O. Alabi

Several kinds of researches have been conducted on peristaltic flow of non-Newtonian fluid in modelled oesophagus, stomach and intestine. However, further investigation is still needed especially in...

Preliminary sensitivity study on an life cycle assessment (LCA) tool via assessing a hybrid timber building

May 2020
Tiancheng Wu | Meng Gong | Jennifer Xiao

In order to address concerns related to global warming and increased atmospheric carbon content, the life cycle assessment (LCA) tool has demonstrated usefulness in the building and construction sector....

Liquefaction of bamboo biomass and production of three fractions containing aromatic compounds

May 2020
Yan Ma | Weihong Tan | Jingxin Wang | Junming Xu | Kui Wang | Jianchun Jiang

Depolymerization of lignin to produce value-added aromatic monomers has attracted increasing attention since these monomers can be used as phenol replacement in production of phenolic resins. Here a...

Processing and valorization of cellulose, lignin and lignocellulose using ionic liquids

May 2020
Zhenghao Xia | Jinyang Li | Jinming Zhang | Xiaocheng Zhang | Xuejing Zheng | Jun Zhang

Cellulose, lignin and lignocellulose are important bioresources in the nature. Their effective and environmentally friendly utilization not only reduces dependence on fossil resources but also protects...

Application of finite element analysis in properties test of finger-jointed lumber

May 2020
Sheng He | Lanying Lin | Zaixing Wu | Zhangmin Chen

Finger-jointed lumber production has now become the most extensively used method for spliced lumbers jointing together endwise. The properties of finger-jointed lumber are affected by many different...

Analysis and comparison of tribological performance of fatty acid-based lubricant additives with phosphorus and sulfur

May 2020
Haiyang Ding | Xiaohua Yang | Lina Xu | Mei Li | Shouhai Li | Sujing Zhang | Jianling Xia

Two environmentally friendly, water-based lubricant additives (phosphorus-containing ricinoleic acid (PRA) and sulfur-containing ricinoleic acid (SRA)) were prepared. The lubrication performance of...

Calcium carbide and its recent advances in biomass conversion

May 2020
Siew Ping Teong | Yugen Zhang

Calcium carbide (CaC2) is a sustainable source of acetylene which plays an important role in organic synthesis due to its active triple bonds and terminal protons. Solid CaC2 has several advantages...

Nanocomposite egg shell powder with in situ generated silver nanoparticles using inherent collagen as reducing agent

May 2020
Krittirash Yorseng | Suchart Siengchin | Basa Ashok | Anumakonda Varada Rajulu

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were in situ generated in poultry hen egg shell powder (ESP) by one step thermal assisted method using the inherently present collagen as a reducing agent. The nanocomposite...

Utilization of discarded crop straw to produce cellulose nanofibrils and their assemblies

February 2020
Xiaran Miao | Jinyou Lin | Fenggang Bian

A tremendous amount of wheat straw (WS) has been generated by wheat crops every year, while only a small percentage is being used in applications, and most get burned on the field, causing a large amount...

Effect of different combinations of emulsifier and wall materials on physical properties of spray-dried microencapsulated swida wilsoniana oil

February 2020
Xiaohua Yang | Shouhai Li | Jiujuan Yan | Jianling Xia | Lixin Huang | Mei Li | Haiyang Ding | Lina Xu

Spray drying was used to produce microencapsulated Wilson's dogwood (Swida wilsoniana) oil. The influences of the emulsifier and wall materials on the encapsulation were studied in order to produce...

Superhydrophobic modification of cellulose and cotton textiles: Methodologies and applications

February 2020
David W. Wei | Haiying Wei | Alec C. Gauthier | Junlong Song | Yongcan Jin | Huining Xiao

Superhydrophobic cellulose-based products have immense potential in many industries where plastics and other polymers with hydrophobic properties are used. Superhydrophobic cellulose-based plastic is...

Competitive polycondensation of model compound melamine-urea-formaldehyed (MUF) resin system by 13C NMR

February 2020
Jiankun Liang | Quan Li | Zhigang Wu | Guanben Du | Taohong Li | Hong Lei | Lifen Li

Melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) resin is an excellent adhesive in the field of wood adhesives, however the competition mechanism is questionable which affects the structure control and performance...

Lignin-based phenolic resin modified with whisker silicon and its application

February 2020
Na Zhang | Zhuo Li | Yanan Xiao | Zheng Pan | Puyou Jia | Guodong Feng | Caiying Bao | Yonghong Zhou | Lilong Hua

In this study, lignin-based phenolic resin was modified with whisker silicon and preparation of the phenolic foam was carried out. The resin and foam materials were characterized by Fourier transform...

Remedial ability of maize (Zea-Mays) on lead contamination under potted condition and non-potted field soil condition

February 2020
Uche Jenice Chiwetalu | Constantine Crowner Mbajiorgu | Nneka Juliana Ogbuagu

This study presents the remedial ability of maize on lead (Pb) contaminated soil. Soil samples were collected randomly from the site and subjected to physico-chemical tests before experimentation. The...

A review on raw materials, commercial production and properties of lyocell fiber

February 2020
Xiaoya Jiang | Yuanyuan Bai | Xuefeng Chen | Wen Liu

As one of the regenerated cellulosic fibers, viscose fiber has the largest output. However, the wastes produced in the manufacturing process are difficult to eliminate, which restricts the development...

Preparation of hydrophobic transparent paper via using polydimethylsiloxane as transparent agent

February 2020
Feixiang Guan | Zhaoping Song | Furong Xin | Huili Wang | Dehai Yu | Guodong Li | Wenxia Liu

Transparent paper with good hydrophobicity and flexibility was expected to act as an alternative substrate in fabrication of flexible electronics. However, conventional paper made of cellulose fibers...

Converting a Dilute Slurry of Hollow Tube-like Papermaking Fibers into Dynamic Hydrogels

November 2019
Zhongfei Yuan | Hongjia Lin | Xueren Qian | Jing Shen

Commercially, assembly-directed packing of hollow tube-like papermaking fibers with widths of roughly 10–50 μm) into sustainable microfibrous bioassemblies (i.e., paper-based products) starts with a...

Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Water Soluble Gum from Wrinkle Floweringquince (Chaenomeles Speciosa) Seeds

November 2019
Yejun Deng | Lixin Huang | Caihong Zhang | Pujun Xie | Jiang Cheng | Xiaojie Wang

Wrinkle Floweringquince (Chaenomeles speciose (Sweet) Nakai) seed, as an unexploited forestry residue, contains considerable amount of bioactive carbohydrates with potential functionality, which was...

Ternary Composite MnO2@MoS2/Polypyrrole from In-situ Synthesis for Binder-free and Flexible Supercapacitor

November 2019
Dubin Dong

MnO2@MoS2/Polypyrrole ternary composite is prepared through hydrothermal methods and a simple oxidation process by using MnO2@MoS2 sheet as the substrate and polypyrrole. The ternary composite serves...

Multifunctional Polypyrrole-silver Coated Layered Double Hydroxides Embedded into a Biodegradable Polymer Matrix for Enhanced Antibacterial and Gas Barrier Properties

November 2019
Haibo Huang | Long Mao | Zhihan Li | Yuejun Liu | Shuhong Fan | Yao Jin | Jianda Xie

In this study, polypyrrole-silver coated layered double hydroxides (LDHs@PPy-Ag) was prepared by chemical polymerization of pyrrole (Py) with silver ions. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) could be uniformly...

Mechanism of Preparation of Platform Compounds from Lignocellulosic Biomass Liquefaction Catalyzed by Bronsted Acid: A Review

November 2019
Kang Guo | Qiyuan Guan | Junming Xu | Weihong Tan

Over the past two decades, research on transforming lignocellulosic biomass into small molecule chemicals by using catalytic liquefaction has made great progress. Notably, in recent years it has been...

Preparation of Nanolignocellulose/Chitin Composites with Superior Mechanical Property and Thermal Stability

November 2019
Yushan Yang | Huajie Shen | Xian Wang | Jian Qiu

To resolve the issues of special processing equipment, cumbersome process flow and high cost of the composite material. The poplar wood fiber was used as the raw material, which were effectively crosslinked...

Synthesis and Application of UV-curable Phosphorous-containing Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil-based Resins

August 2019
Yun Hu | Puyou Jia | Qianqian Shang | Meng Zhang | Guodong Feng | Chengguo Liu | Yonghong Zhou

A novel phosphorous-containing acrylated epoxidized soybean oil-based (P-AESO) resin was developed via the ring-opening reaction of epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) with diphenylphosphinic chloride (DPPC),...

Physico-mechanical Properties of Composite Briquettes from Corncob and Rice Husk

August 2019
H.A. Ajimotokan | S.E. Ibitoye | J.K. Odusote | O.A. Adesoye | P.O. Omoniyi

Densification of agricultural residues into briquettes as the alternative renewable feedstock can improve their physico-mechanical and storage properties as solid fuels. This paper presents the physico-mechanical...

Spectroscopic/Microscopic Elucidation for Chemical Changes During Acid Pretreatment on Arundo donax

August 2019
Bingwei Chen | Xinzhou Wang | Weiqi Leng | Yu’na Kan | Changtong Mei | Shengcheng Zhai

The Arundo donax is a typical fast-growing species from the family Gramineae, which is widely cultivated in China. With a huge yield of A. donax in China, this plant offers great potential for biofuels...

Antibacterial Nanoparticles with Universal Adhesion Function Based on Dopamine and Eugenol

August 2019
Huilin Xu | Dongyue Zhang | Jianshu Li

In this work, dopamine methacrylamide (DMA) and eugenyl methacrylate (EMA) were used to synthesize polymeric particles of Poly (DMA-co-EMA) by free radical precipitation copolymerization. These two...

Release Profile of Nitrogen During Thermal Treatment of Waste Wood Packaging Materials

August 2019
Jinsheng Gou | Liuming Song | Hui Liu | Dandan Shen | Wanxiao Hu | Wenliang Wang | Xueyong Ren | Jianmin Chang

Wood packaging waste with a high recycling value is one of the main components of packaging waste. However, most researches have been focused on natural wood, and less been known about the recycling...

Production of Itaconic Acid Through Microbiological Fermentation of Inexpensive Materials

August 2019
Jing Yang | Hao Xu | Jianchun Jiang | Ning Zhang | Jingcong Xie | Min Wei | Jian Zhao

Itaconic acid (IA) is a precursor of various chemicals, which has been on the US Department of Energy’s list of the top 12 platform chemicals that can potentially be produced from biomass. The IA is...

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