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Most Downloaded Journal of Magnesium and Alloys Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Latest research advances on magnesium and magnesium alloys worldwide

March 2020
Jiangfeng Song | Jia She | Daolun Chen | Fusheng Pan

In the past two years, significant progresses have been achieved in high-performance cast and wrought magnesium and magnesium alloys, magnesium-based composites, advanced cast technologies, advanced...

2. Magnesium casting technology for structural applications

March 2013
Alan A. Luo

This paper summarizes the melting and casting processes for magnesium alloys. It also reviews the historical development of magnesium castings and their structural uses in the western world since 1921...

3. Advances in coatings on biodegradable magnesium alloys

March 2020
Zheng-Zheng Yin | Wei-Chen Qi | Rong-Chang Zeng | Xiao-Bo Chen | Chang-Dong Gu | Shao-Kang Guan | Yu-Feng Zheng

The clinic applications of bioabsorbable magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been significantly restricted owing to their poor corrosion resistance. Besides elemental alloying, surface modification and...

4. Review of magnesium-based biomaterials and their applications

March 2018
Nurettin Sezer | Zafer Evis | Said Murat Kayhan | Aydin Tahmasebifar | Muammer Koç

In biomedical applications, the conventionally used metallic materials, including stainless steel, Co-based alloys and Ti alloys, often times exhibit unsatisfactory results such as stress shielding...

5. A review on thermal conductivity of magnesium and its alloys

March 2020
Shubo Li | Xinyu Yang | Jiangtao Hou | Wenbo Du

This review summarizes recent researching works the thermal conductivity of Mg–Zn, Mg–Al, Mg–Mn and Mg–RE alloys. Solute atoms, heat treatment, deformation and temperature, which have significant influence...

6. Plasma electrolytic oxidation of magnesium and its alloys: Mechanism, properties and applications

March 2017
Gh. Barati Darband | M. Aliofkhazraei | P. Hamghalam | N. Valizade

Plasma Electrolyte Oxidation (PEO) process has increasingly been employed to improve magnesium surface properties by fabrication of an MgO-based coating. Originating from conventional anodizing procedures,...

7. Magnesium matrix composites for biomedical applications: A review

March 2019
Vijay Kumar Bommala | Mallarapu Gopi Krishna | Ch Tirumala Rao

In recent years, a new wave of bioactive, biocompatibility and biodegradable metallic materials were developed for orthopedic applications. Pure Magnesium, Magnesium alloys, Magnesium alloy-based composites...

8. Insight of magnesium alloys and composites for orthopedic implant applications – a review

September 2017
R Radha | D Sreekanth

Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been widely researched for orthopedic applications recently. Mg alloys have stupendous advantages over the commercially available stainless steel, Co-Cr-Ni alloy and...

9. Introduction to magnesium alloy processing technology and development of low-cost stir casting process for magnesium alloy and its composites

September 2018
Anil Kumar | Santosh Kumar | N.K. Mukhopadhyay

This paper presents the processing of magnesium alloys and its composite through different stir casting technologies. Design and development of stir casting technology that is suitable for processing...

10. Overview of advancement and development trend on magnesium alloy

September 2019
Tiancai Xu | Yan Yang | Xiaodong Peng | Jiangfeng Song | Fusheng Pan

Magnesium alloys are characterized by their low density (approximately 1.8 g/cm3 for magnesium alloys), high strength, large modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater...

11. Kinetics in Mg-based hydrogen storage materials: Enhancement and mechanism

March 2019
Qun Luo | Jianding Li | Bo Li | Bin Liu | Huaiyu Shao | Qian Li

Mg-based materials have been intensively studied for hydrogen storage applications due to their high energy density up to 2600 Wh/kg or 3700 Wh/L. However, the Mg-based materials with poor kinetics...

12. Stability of twins in Mg alloys – A short review

March 2020
Tingting Liu | Qingshan Yang | Ning Guo | Yun Lu | Bo Song

In this article, the stability of twins, especially {10–12} twins, in Mg alloys was critically reviewed. In the last decade, pre-twinning is considered to be an effective method for adjusting the microstructure...

13. Recent research and developments on wrought magnesium alloys

September 2017
Sihang You | Yuanding Huang | Karl Ulrich Kainer | Norbert Hort

Wrought magnesium alloys attract special interests as lightweight structural material due to their homogeneous microstructure and enhanced mechanical properties compared to as-cast alloys. In this contribution,...

14. Active corrosion protection of super-hydrophobic corrosion inhibitor intercalated Mg–Al layered double hydroxide coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy

March 2020
Xin Wang | Chuan Jing | Yuxiang Chen | Xiushuang Wang | Gang Zhao | Xing Zhang | Liang Wu | Xiaoying Liu | Biqin Dong | Yuxin Zhang

Magnesium alloys, the advanced lightweight structural materials, have been successfully applied in the manufacturing field. Unfortunately, their poor corrosion resistance restrains the potential wide...

15. Recent developments in high-strength Mg-RE-based alloys: Focusing on Mg-Gd and Mg-Y systems

September 2018
Jinghuai Zhang | Shujuan Liu | Ruizhi Wu | Legan Hou | Milin Zhang

Higher strength is always the goal pursued by researchers for the structural materials, especially for the lightweight magnesium (Mg) alloys which generally have relatively low strength at present....

16. Formulation of corrosion rate of magnesium alloys using microstructural parameters

March 2020
Ahmad Bahmani | Srinivasan Arthanari | Kwang Seon Shin

Up to the date of writing this article, a quantitative analysis between corrosion rate and combined microstructural parameters including composition, grain size, and precipitations has not been reported....

17. A review on ignition mechanisms and characteristics of magnesium alloys

June 2020
Dong Han | Jin Zhang | Jinfeng Huang | Yong Lian | Guangyu He

Magnesium alloys have become more attractive because of their low density and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness in the aerospace industry. However, some unpredictable situation may lead to the...

18. Enhancing plastic deformability of Mg and its alloys—A review of traditional and nascent developments

December 2017
Kenneth Kanayo Alaneme | Eloho Anita Okotete

Mg and its alloys have continued to attract interest for several structural and super-sensitive applications because of their light weight and good combination of engineering properties. However for...

19. The role of recrystallization and grain growth in optimizing the sheet texture of magnesium alloys with calcium addition during annealing

March 2020
Fei Guo | Risheng Pei | Luyao Jiang | Dingfei Zhang | Sandra Korte-Kerzel | Talal Al-Samman

The contribution of recrystallization and grain growth to the texture evolution in AZ31 alloy and a modified version AZ31+0.5 wt.% Ca was investigated utilizing a multi-step annealing process. The results...

20. Review on friction stir welding of magnesium alloys

December 2018
Kulwant Singh | Gurbhinder Singh | Harmeet Singh

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is considered to be the most significant development in metal joining in last two decades. FSW has many advantages when welding magnesium or lightweight alloys. The Friction...

21. Graphene nanoplatelets-reinforced magnesium metal matrix nanocomposites with superior mechanical and corrosion performance for biomedical applications

March 2020
Khurram Munir | Cuie Wen | Yuncang Li

Magnesium (Mg) metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) have been developed by powder metallurgy (PM). GNPs with different concentrations (0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 wt.%),...

22. The modified temperature term on Johnson-Cook constitutive model of AZ31 magnesium alloy with {0002} texture

March 2020
Feng Zhang | Zheng Liu | Yue Wang | Pingli Mao | Xinwen Kuang | Zhenglai Zhang | Yingdong Ju | Xiaozhong Xu

The dynamic compression experiments with Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar(SHPB) were performed on AZ31 magnesium alloy rolled sheet specimens in the normal direction (AZ31-ND) with {0002} texture at the...

23. Corrosion fatigue of the extruded Mg–Zn–Y–Nd alloy in simulated body fluid

March 2020
Mengyao Liu | Jianfeng Wang | Shijie Zhu | Yabo Zhang | Yufeng Sun | Liguo Wang | Shaokang Guan

Magnesium alloys were considered to be used as biodegradable implants due to their biocompatibility, biodegradability and nontoxicity. However, under the simultaneous action of corrosive environment...

24. A review: Past, present and future of grain refining of magnesium castings

September 2019
Erdem Karakulak

Magnesium is the lightest constructional metal, which makes it an important material for different applications like automotive, transportation, aviation and aerospace. There are several studies about...

25. Rietveld refinement of powder X-ray diffraction, microstructural and mechanical studies of magnesium matrix composites processed by high energy ball milling

December 2018
T. Ramkumar | M. Selvakumar | R. Vasanthsankar | A.S. Sathishkumar | P. Narayanasamy | G. Girija

This research reports the processing of magnesium matrix composites reinforced with silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3) using powder metallurgy technique through high energy milling. Samples...

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