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Recent Journal of Magnesium and Alloys Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Magnesium and Alloys.

Graphene nanoplatelets-reinforced magnesium metal matrix nanocomposites with superior mechanical and corrosion performance for biomedical applications

March 2020
Khurram Munir | Cuie Wen | Yuncang Li

Magnesium (Mg) metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) have been developed by powder metallurgy (PM). GNPs with different concentrations (0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 wt.%),...

Tailoring strength-ductility balance of caliber-rolled AZ31 Mg alloy through subsequent annealing

March 2020
Taein Kong | Byung Je Kwak | Jonghyun Kim | Jeong Hun Lee | Sung Hyuk Park | Ji Hoon Kim | Young Hoon Moon | Hyun Sik Yoon | Taekyung Lee

•Annealing effect was studied with respect to caliber-rolled AZ31 Mg alloys.•Low-temperature annealing gave rise to trade-off of strength and ductility.•High-temperature annealing led to simultaneous...

On the dynamically formed oxide films in molten Mg

March 2020
Mohammad Mahdi Jalilvand | Mehdi Akbarifar | Mehdi Divandari | Hassan Saghafian

The so-called “Oxide/Metal/Oxide sandwich” method is one of the technique used to investigate the dynamic oxidation of metals which happens during the casting process. In this study, characteristics...

Formulation of corrosion rate of magnesium alloys using microstructural parameters

March 2020
Ahmad Bahmani | Srinivasan Arthanari | Kwang Seon Shin

Up to the date of writing this article, a quantitative analysis between corrosion rate and combined microstructural parameters including composition, grain size, and precipitations has not been reported....

Design of MgZnSiCa casting magnesium alloy with high thermal conductivity

March 2020
V.E. Bazhenov | A.V. Koltygin | M.C. Sung | S.H. Park | A.Yu. Titov | V.A. Bautin | S.V. Matveev | M.V. Belov | V.D. Belov | K.V. Malyutin

Magnesium alloys are commonly used to produce lightweight parts. While most magnesium alloys exhibit low thermal conductivities, high thermal conductivities are needed for electronic devices. In this...

Fatigue strength evaluation of self-piercing riveted joints of AZ31 Mg alloy and cold-rolled steel sheets

March 2020
Se-Hyung Kang | Dong-Woon Han | Ho-Kyung Kim

The application of magnesium alloys to automobiles is increasing due to their superior specific strength and specific stiffness. In this study, an upper sheet of AZ31 magnesium alloy and a lower sheet...

Hot deformation of Mg-Y-Zn alloy with a low content of the LPSO phase studied by in-situ synchrotron radiation diffraction

March 2020
Klaudia Horváth Fekete | Daria Drozdenko | Jan Čapek | Kristián Máthis | Domonkos Tolnai | Andreas Stark | Gerardo Garcés | Patrik Dobroň

•Macroscopic yielding is controlled by basal slip and twinning up to 300 °C.•Kinking is significant during compression loading at elevated temperatures.•Cracking is suppressed during deformation above...

Advances in coatings on biodegradable magnesium alloys

March 2020
Zheng-Zheng Yin | Wei-Chen Qi | Rong-Chang Zeng | Xiao-Bo Chen | Chang-Dong Gu | Shao-Kang Guan | Yu-Feng Zheng

The clinic applications of bioabsorbable magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been significantly restricted owing to their poor corrosion resistance. Besides elemental alloying, surface modification and...

Investigation of the alloying effect on deformation behavior in Mg by Visco-Plastic Self-Consistent modeling

March 2020
Alireza Maldar | Leyun Wang | Gaoming Zhu | Xiaoqin Zeng

Alloying elements can drastically alter the deformation behavior of Mg. In the present work, Visco-Plastic Self-Consistent (VPSC) modeling was employed to investigate the effect of alloying elements...

Constitutive behavior and processing maps of a new wrought magnesium alloy ZE20 (Mg-2Zn-0.2Ce)

March 2020
Scott C. Sutton | Alan A. Luo

•The elevated temperature flow stress behavior of ZE20 is investigated at several strain rates.•Non-basal deformation texture was observed between 400 °C and 450 °C at 10−2 s−1.•Shear band nucleation...

Active corrosion protection of super-hydrophobic corrosion inhibitor intercalated Mg–Al layered double hydroxide coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy

March 2020
Xin Wang | Chuan Jing | Yuxiang Chen | Xiushuang Wang | Gang Zhao | Xing Zhang | Liang Wu | Xiaoying Liu | Biqin Dong | Yuxin Zhang

Magnesium alloys, the advanced lightweight structural materials, have been successfully applied in the manufacturing field. Unfortunately, their poor corrosion resistance restrains the potential wide...

A review on thermal conductivity of magnesium and its alloys

March 2020
Shubo Li | Xinyu Yang | Jiangtao Hou | Wenbo Du

This review summarizes recent researching works the thermal conductivity of Mg–Zn, Mg–Al, Mg–Mn and Mg–RE alloys. Solute atoms, heat treatment, deformation and temperature, which have significant influence...

The role of recrystallization and grain growth in optimizing the sheet texture of magnesium alloys with calcium addition during annealing

March 2020
Fei Guo | Risheng Pei | Luyao Jiang | Dingfei Zhang | Sandra Korte-Kerzel | Talal Al-Samman

The contribution of recrystallization and grain growth to the texture evolution in AZ31 alloy and a modified version AZ31+0.5 wt.% Ca was investigated utilizing a multi-step annealing process. The results...

Corrosion fatigue of the extruded Mg–Zn–Y–Nd alloy in simulated body fluid

March 2020
Mengyao Liu | Jianfeng Wang | Shijie Zhu | Yabo Zhang | Yufeng Sun | Liguo Wang | Shaokang Guan

Magnesium alloys were considered to be used as biodegradable implants due to their biocompatibility, biodegradability and nontoxicity. However, under the simultaneous action of corrosive environment...

Influence of trace As content on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of the AZ91 alloy in different metallurgical conditions

March 2020
Zhe Zhang | Guohua Wu | Andrej Atrens | Wenjiang Ding

The influence of trace As content (0.04, 0.05, 0.06 wt%) on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of AZ91 alloy in different metallurgical conditions (as-cast, as-quenched, peak-aged) was firstly...

The modified temperature term on Johnson-Cook constitutive model of AZ31 magnesium alloy with {0002} texture

March 2020
Feng Zhang | Zheng Liu | Yue Wang | Pingli Mao | Xinwen Kuang | Zhenglai Zhang | Yingdong Ju | Xiaozhong Xu

The dynamic compression experiments with Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar(SHPB) were performed on AZ31 magnesium alloy rolled sheet specimens in the normal direction (AZ31-ND) with {0002} texture at the...

Corrosivity of haze constituents to pure Mg

March 2020
Chen Zhao | Fuyong Cao | Guang-Ling Song

The corrosion behavior of pure Magnesium (Mg) in a Mg(OH)2-saturated solution containing different individual constituents of PM2.5 in haze were studied by hydrogen evolution, weight loss and electrochemical...

Microstructure evolution of AZ91 alloy processed by a combination method of equal channel angular pressing and rolling

March 2020
Qiong Xu | Aibin Ma | Yuhua Li | Jiapeng Sun | Yuchun Yuan | Jinghua Jiang | Chaoying Ni

In the present work, AZ91 alloy was successfully processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) for up to 16 passes and rolling (R) for multiple passes with a total reduction of 75% in addition...

Effect of pre-deformation on microstructure and mechanical properties of WE43 magnesium alloy II: Aging at 250 and 300 °C

March 2020
Y.H. Kang | Z.H. Huang | S.C. Wang | H. Yan | R.S. Chen | J.C. Huang

In this work, the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of a pre-deformed WE43 magnesium alloy when aged at 250 and 300 °C were further investigated. It is found that the abundant deformation...

Enhanced mechanical properties and degradation rate of Mg–Ni–Y alloy by introducing LPSO phase for degradable fracturing ball applications

March 2020
Jingfeng Wang | Shiqing Gao | Xiuying Liu | Xing Peng | Kui Wang | Shijie Liu | Weiyan Jiang | Shengfeng Guo | Fusheng Pan

In this work, as-cast Mg–Ni–Y alloys were proposed to develop a feasible material for fracturing balls, and their mechanical performance and corrosion behavior were systematically investigated. Long...

Effect of Ca addition on the microstructure and the mechanical properties of asymmetric double-sided friction stir welded AZ61 magnesium alloy

March 2020
Mengran Zhou | Yoshiaki Morisada | Hidetoshi Fujii

The effects of 2% Ca addition on the microstructure and the mechanical properties of the asymmetric double-sided friction stir welded magnesium alloy AZ61 were investigated. Compared to the Ca-free...

Stability of twins in Mg alloys – A short review

March 2020
Tingting Liu | Qingshan Yang | Ning Guo | Yun Lu | Bo Song

In this article, the stability of twins, especially {10–12} twins, in Mg alloys was critically reviewed. In the last decade, pre-twinning is considered to be an effective method for adjusting the microstructure...

Latest research advances on magnesium and magnesium alloys worldwide

March 2020
Jiangfeng Song | Jia She | Daolun Chen | Fusheng Pan

In the past two years, significant progresses have been achieved in high-performance cast and wrought magnesium and magnesium alloys, magnesium-based composites, advanced cast technologies, advanced...

Corrosion behavior of AZ31-WC nano-composites

December 2019
Sudip Banerjee | Suswagata Poria | Goutam Sutradhar | Prasanta Sahoo

In this study, the effects of WC nano-particles amount and surface roughness on corrosion behavior of magnesium metal matrix nano-composites in 3.5% NaCl solution are examined with the help of electrochemical...

Texture tailoring and bendability improvement of rolled AZ31 alloy using {10–12} twinning: The effect of precompression levels

December 2019
Jong Un Lee | Ye Jin Kim | Sang-Hoon Kim | Jeong Hun Lee | Min-Seong Kim | Shi-Hoon Choi | Byoung Gi Moon | Young Min Kim | Sung Hyuk Park

In this study, the texture of a rolled Mg alloy is effectively modified through the application of precompression and subsequent annealing treatment, leading to a remarkable improvement in the bending...

Assessment of self-reacting bobbin tool friction stir welding for joining AZ31 magnesium alloy at inert gas environment

December 2019
Prakash Kumar Sahu | Nikhil P Vasudevan | Bipul Das | Sukhomay Pal

Research work presented in this study has the primary target of exploring joint attributes of AZ31 magnesium alloys using friction stir welding process with a modified tool referred as bobbin tool....

High temperature mechanical behavior of low-pressure sand-cast Mg–Gd–Y–Zr magnesium alloy

December 2019
Wencai Liu | Beiping Zhou | Guohua Wu | Liang Zhang | Xiang Peng | Liang Cao

The aim of this work is firstly to optimize T6 heat-treatment of low-pressure sand-cast Mg–10Gd–3Y–0.5Zr alloy, and then systematically investigate the mechanical behavior of the T6-treated alloy from...

Structural, dielectric and electrical properties of bismuth magnesium tantalate electronic system

December 2019
Sarbasri Halder | Satyanarayan Bhuyan | R.N.P. Choudhary

The lead-free dielectric compound Bi(Mg2/3Ta1/3)O3 (BMT) has been synthesized at high temperature by a low-cost solid-state method. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique reveals that the fabricated...

Influence of friction stir processing conditions on corrosion behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy

December 2019
Hamed Seifiyan | Mahmoud Heydarzadeh Sohi | Mohammad Ansari | Donya Ahmadkhaniha | Mohsen Saremi

The present study aims to investigate the effect of friction stir processing (FSP) conditions on the corrosion characteristic of AZ31B magnesium alloy. Specimens made of AZ31B alloy were friction stir...

Investigation of ZrO2 nanoparticles concentration and processing time effect on the localized PEO coatings formed on AZ91 alloy

December 2019
Zeeshan Ur Rehman | Dongjin Choi

AZ91 Mg alloy was treated through a new localized PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) coating approach, using electrolyte solutions with varying ZrO2 nanoparticles concentration (2–8 g/L) and processing...

On the improved tensile strength and ductility of Mg--Sn--Zn--Mn alloy processed by aging prior to extrusion

December 2019
Liping Zhong | Yongjian Wang | Yuchen Dou

This study investigated the influence of aging prior to extrusion (APE) on the tensile strength and ductility of as-extruded Mg–8.32Sn–1.85Zn–0.17Mn alloy. Results demonstrated that APE treatment dramatically...

Bioactivity enhancement by Sr doped Zn-Ca-P coatings on biomedical magnesium alloy

December 2019
P. Amaravathy | T.S. Sampath Kumar

The effect of strontium doped Zn-Ca-P (ZCP) coating by chemical conversion technique on the biodegradation of AZ31 alloy was evaluated. The coating formed with 1.5 wt.% Sr and 20 min phosphating time...

A systematic investigation of secondary phase dissolution in Mg–Sn alloys

December 2019
Arushi Dev | Niladri Naskar | Nishant Kumar | Ashutosh Jena | Manas Paliwal

As-cast Mg–Sn alloys (3, 6, and 9 wt% Sn) were solution treated at 653, 703 and 753 K (380, 430 and 480 °C) for 1, 4, 8, 12 and 24 h to determine the variation of secondary phase with respect to Sn...

Crack behavior in Mg/Al alloy thin sheet during hot compound extrusion

December 2019
Kun Sheng | Liwei Lu | Yao Xiang | Min Ma | Zhiqiang Wu

A novel and effective method to co-extrude metallic alloys is described which named Direct Extrusion and Bending-Shear Deformation. The compound extrusion plates have cracked at 290 °C and 3 mm/s. According...

Comparison of microstructures and mechanical properties of composite extruded AZ31 sheets

December 2019
Yanfu Chai | Yan Song | Bin Jiang | Jie Fu | Zhongtao Jiang | Qingshan Yang | Haoran Sheng | Guangsheng Huang | Dingfei Zhang | Fusheng Pan

The microstructures and mechanical properties of the composite extruded AZ31/AZ31 and AZ31/4047 Al sheets were investigated and made a comparison to the conventional extruded AZ31 sheet. Owing to the...

Mechanical and degradation behaviour of biodegradable magnesium–zinc/hydroxyapatite composite with different powder mixing techniques

December 2019
Siti Nur Hazwani Mohamad Rodzi | Hussain Zuhailawati | B.K. Dhindaw

Magnesium-based biomaterials have recently gained great attention as promising candidates for the new generation of biodegradable implants. This study investigated the mechanical performance and biodegradation...

Effect of texture and twinning on mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of an extruded biodegradable Mg–4Zn alloy

December 2019
M. Sabbaghian | R. Mahmudi | K.S. Shin

Microstructure, texture, mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of the extruded Mg–4Zn alloy, as a biodegradable material, were investigated. A refined microstructure caused by dynamic recrystallization...

Strain hardening behavior of Mg–Y alloys after extrusion process

December 2019
Chaoyue Zhao | Ziyan Li | Jiahui Shi | Xianhua Chen | Teng Tu | Zhu Luo | Renju Cheng | Andrej Atrens | Fusheng Pan

The strain hardening is an effective mode of enhancing mechanical properties in alloys. In this work, the strain hardening behaviors of Mg-xY (x = 1, 2, and 3 wt%) after extrusion process was investigated...

Potential of multi-pass ECAP on improving the mechanical properties of a high-calcium-content Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloy

December 2019
He Huang | Huan Liu | Ce Wang | Jiapeng Sun | Jing Bai | Feng Xue | Jinghua Jiang | Aibin Ma

In this study, the multi-pass equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was employed on a high-calcium-content Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloy to tailor its microstructure and mechanical properties. The obtained results...

Research on the microstructure and properties of a multi-pass friction stir processed 6061Al coating for AZ31 Mg alloy

December 2019
Xiaoming Xiong | Yan Yang | Jinguang Li | Minmin Li | Jian Peng | Chen Wen | Xiaodong Peng

A 6061 Al coating for AZ31 Mg alloy was prepared by multi-pass friction stir welding (FSW) with different travel speeds. The microstructure, mechanical properties of the interfacial region and the corrosion...

Thermal stability of different texture components in extruded Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy

December 2019
Lingyu Zhao | Yunchang Xin | Zhaoyang Jin | Jian Wang | Bo Feng | Qing Liu

Grain growth can modify the texture orientation and the fraction of different texture component. The thermal stability of two texture component in an extruded magnesium AZ31 alloy was investigated....

Overview of advancement and development trend on magnesium alloy

September 2019
Tiancai Xu | Yan Yang | Xiaodong Peng | Jiangfeng Song | Fusheng Pan

Magnesium alloys are characterized by their low density (approximately 1.8 g/cm3 for magnesium alloys), high strength, large modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater...

Dislocations-induced precipitates and their effect on mechanical properties of Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy

September 2019
Chao You | Chuming Liu | Yingchun Wan | Bei Tang | Bizheng Wang | Yonghao Gao | Xiuzhu Han

Optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and tensile machine were used to characterize the microstructures and mechanical properties of as-forged...

Influence of tool rotation speeds on mechanical and morphological properties of friction stir processed nano hybrid composite of MWCNT-Graphene-AZ31 magnesium

September 2019
Sanjay Sharma | Amit Handa | Sahib Sartaj Singh | Deepak Verma

The ever-increasing demand for light weighted hard materials for transportation industries encouraged researchers to develop composites with excellent mechanical properties which can transform it into...

Investigation of the compressibility and sinterabilty of AZ91 powder production and particle production by gas atomisation method

September 2019
Mehmet Akkaş | Mustafa Boz

This study intends to determine the pressability and sinterability of AZ91 powder production by gas atomisation method and that of the produced powder for partial production. Therefore, first, a gas...

Investigation of dry sliding wear properties of multi-directional forged Mg–Zn alloys

September 2019
S. Ramesh | Gajanan Anne | H. Shivananda Nayaka | Sandeep Sahu | M.R. Ramesh

Effect of multi-directional forging (MDF) on wear properties of Mg–Zn alloys (with 2, 4, and 6 wt% Zn) is investigated. Dry sliding wear test was performed using pin on disk machine on MDF processed...

Anisotropy of mechanical properties and crystallographic texture in hot rolled AZ31+XSr sheets

September 2019
Alireza Sadeghi | Hossein Mortezapour | Javad Samei | Mihriban Pekguleryuz | David Wilkinson

The influences of Sr on the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties including flow and anisotropy behavior of AZ31 alloys are investigated. Slabs containing no, 0.4 and 0.8 wt% of strontium...

Application of novel sol–gel composites on magnesium alloy

September 2019
S. Nezamdoust | D. Seifzadeh | Z. Rajabalizadeh

Application of defect-free, adherent, and corrosion protective sol–gel film on the magnesium alloys is generally difficult. In this study, two novel sol–gel/conversion coating composites were successfully...

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