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Recent Journal of Magnesium and Alloys Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Magnesium and Alloys.

Overview of advancement and development trend on magnesium alloy

September 2019
Tiancai Xu | Yan Yang | Xiaodong Peng | Jiangfeng Song | Fusheng Pan

Magnesium alloys are characterized by their low density (approximately 1.8 g/cm3 for magnesium alloys), high strength, large modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater...

Dislocations-induced precipitates and their effect on mechanical properties of Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy

September 2019
Chao You | Chuming Liu | Yingchun Wan | Bei Tang | Bizheng Wang | Yonghao Gao | Xiuzhu Han

Optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and tensile machine were used to characterize the microstructures and mechanical properties of as-forged...

Influence of tool rotation speeds on mechanical and morphological properties of friction stir processed nano hybrid composite of MWCNT-Graphene-AZ31 magnesium

September 2019
Sanjay Sharma | Amit Handa | Sahib Sartaj Singh | Deepak Verma

The ever-increasing demand for light weighted hard materials for transportation industries encouraged researchers to develop composites with excellent mechanical properties which can transform it into...

Investigation of the compressibility and sinterabilty of AZ91 powder production and particle production by gas atomisation method

September 2019
Mehmet Akkaş | Mustafa Boz

This study intends to determine the pressability and sinterability of AZ91 powder production by gas atomisation method and that of the produced powder for partial production. Therefore, first, a gas...

Investigation of dry sliding wear properties of multi-directional forged Mg–Zn alloys

September 2019
S. Ramesh | Gajanan Anne | H. Shivananda Nayaka | Sandeep Sahu | M.R. Ramesh

Effect of multi-directional forging (MDF) on wear properties of Mg–Zn alloys (with 2, 4, and 6 wt% Zn) is investigated. Dry sliding wear test was performed using pin on disk machine on MDF processed...

Thermoelectric transport behaviours of n-type Mg2 (Si,Sn,Ge) quaternary solid solutions

September 2019
Övgü Ceyda Yelgel | Celal Yelgel

Mg2X (X=Si, Sn, and Ge) based systems have attracted widespread attention owing to their various benefits in thermoelectric applications. In particular, to date, ternary Mg2X based solid solutions have...

Improved tensile properties of AZ31 Mg alloy subjected to various caliber-rolling strains

September 2019
Jeong Hun Lee | Byung Je Kwak | Taein Kong | Sung Hyuk Park | Taekyung Lee

A multi-pass caliber rolling has attracted attentions as an alternative to severe plastic deformation processes. The present study enhanced strength and ductility of AZ31 Mg alloy simultaneously through...

Research status and prospects of melt refining and purification technology of magnesium alloys

September 2019
Hanxue Cao | Mengtao Huang | Chengcheng Wang | Siyuan Long | Jili Zha | Guoqiang You

Refining and purification is a significant way to obtain pure and high-quality magnesium alloy melts. This paper summarizes the flux refining methods and non-flux purification methods (blowing purification,...

Effective femtosecond laser shock peening on a Mg–3Gd alloy at low pulse energy 430 µJ of 1 kHz

September 2019
Chenghao Lu | Licheng Ge | Bing Zhu | Yangxin Li | Xianfeng Chen | Xiaoqin Zeng | Yuping Chen

In this paper, microstructure evolution and hardness of Mg-3Gd alloy treated by femtosecond (fs) laser shock peening (LSP) with direct and confined ablation modes were investigated in detail. Under...

3D atomic-scale growth characteristics of {10–12} twin in magnesium

September 2019
Xin Wan | Jing Zhang | Xueyan Mo | Fusheng Pan

In this work, we carried out three-dimensional (3D) atomic-scale study on the growth characteristics of {10–12} twin in magnesium (Mg). The study was performed by MD simulations on Mg single crystals...

Effects of Y content and temperature on the damping capacity of extruded Mg-Y sheets

September 2019
Y.T. Tang | C. Zhang | L.B. Ren | W. Yang | D.D. Yin | G.H. Huang | H. Zhou | Y.B. Zhang

The damping behavior of extruded Mg-xY (x = 0.5, 1.0, 3.0 wt.%) sheets were investigated in detail concerning the effects of Y addition and temperature, and the relationship between damping capacity...

A review: Past, present and future of grain refining of magnesium castings

September 2019
Erdem Karakulak

Magnesium is the lightest constructional metal, which makes it an important material for different applications like automotive, transportation, aviation and aerospace. There are several studies about...

The influence of Sc addition on microstructure and tensile mechanical properties of Mg–4.5Sn–5Zn alloys

September 2019
Pengqi Wang | Enyu Guo | Xuejian Wang | Huijun Kang | Zongning Chen | Zhiqiang Cao | Tongmin Wang

The microstructure and tensile properties of the as-cast and as-rolled Mg–4.5Sn–5Zn alloys by adding various Sc content were investigated. Improvement of the tensile properties in as-cast Sc-containing...

Enhancing strength and creep resistance of Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Zr alloy by substituting Mn for Zr

September 2019
C. Xu | T. Nakata | G.H. Fan | X.W. Li | G.Z. Tang | S. Kamado

The age-hardening behavior and mechanical properties of the extruded Mg-2Gd-1.2Y-0.5 Zn (at.%) alloy with Zr or Mn additions were investigated. The results show that Mn added alloy exhibits more remarkable...

Anisotropy of mechanical properties and crystallographic texture in hot rolled AZ31+XSr sheets

September 2019
Alireza Sadeghi | Hossein Mortezapour | Javad Samei | Mihriban Pekguleryuz | David Wilkinson

The influences of Sr on the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties including flow and anisotropy behavior of AZ31 alloys are investigated. Slabs containing no, 0.4 and 0.8 wt% of strontium...

Modeling strain rate sensitivity and high temperature deformation of Mg-3Al-1Zn alloy

September 2019
Adrien Chapuis | Qing Liu

Increasing the plastic deformation temperature of Mg alloys results in higher strain rate sensitivity, easier activation of secondary slip modes, and impeded twinning. In this study, the strain rate...

Stable and metastable phase equilibria in binary Mg-Gd system: A comprehensive understanding aided by CALPHAD modeling

September 2019
Huaijia Si | Yuxun Jiang | Ying Tang | Lijun Zhang

In this paper, a comprehensive understanding of stable and metastable phase equilibria in binary Mg-Gd system was conducted with an aid of the CALculation of PHAse Diagram (CALPHAD) modeling. Firstly,...

Application of novel sol–gel composites on magnesium alloy

September 2019
S. Nezamdoust | D. Seifzadeh | Z. Rajabalizadeh

Application of defect-free, adherent, and corrosion protective sol–gel film on the magnesium alloys is generally difficult. In this study, two novel sol–gel/conversion coating composites were successfully...

Effect of Y and Gd content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg–Y–RE alloys

June 2019
Kang Luo | Liang Zhang | Guohua Wu | Wencai Liu | Wenjiang Ding

In the application of WE43, it is found that Y2O3 inclusion formed in the process of casting seriously reduced the mechanical properties of the products. The reduction of the mechanical properties is...

Fabrication of corrosion-resistant superhydrophobic coating on magnesium alloy by one-step electrodeposition method

June 2019
Tianxu Zheng | Yaobo Hu | Fusheng Pan | Yuxin Zhang | Aitao Tang

A one-step electrodeposition method was used to construct a superhydrophobic coating on the surface of magnesium alloy. Using magnesium nitrate and ethanol solution of stearic acid as electrolyte, four...

Influence of Al addition on solidification path and hot tearing susceptibility of Mg–2Zn–(3 + 0.5x)Y–xAl alloys

June 2019
Guojia Zhang | Yue Wang | Zheng Liu | Shimeng Liu

Hot tearing susceptibility (HTS) of Mg–2Zn–(3 + 0.5x)Y–xAl (x = 0, 2 and 3 at%) alloys is predicted by using modified Clyne–Davies’ model (CSC*). The solidification path, solidification characteristic...

Wear and mechanical characterization of Mg–Gr self-lubricating composite fabricated by mechanical alloying

June 2019
Azzat Esam Abdulqader Al-maamari | AKM Asif Iqbal | Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman

In this research, the wear and mechanical responses of pure magnesium-graphite (Mg–Gr) composite have been investigated aiming to get the optimum composition of reinforcement. The composite materials...

Statistical optimization of stress level in Mg-Li-Al alloys upon hot compression testing

June 2019
Rezawana Islam | Meysam Haghshenas

In the present study, a response optimization method using Extreme Vertices Mixer Design (EVMD) approach is proposed for stress optimization in a thermomechanically processed Mg-Li-Al alloy. Experimentation...

Durability of AZ31 magnesium biodegradable alloys polydopamine aided. Part 2: Ageing in Hank's solution

June 2019
Anna Carangelo | Annalisa Acquesta | Tullio Monetta

Magnesium alloys are candidates as biodegradable medical materials due to their biocompatibility and favorable mechanical properties. Unfortunately, the high corrosion rate in physiological media and...

Dry sliding tribological behavior of AZ31-WC nano-composites

June 2019
Sudip Banerjee | Suswagata Poria | Goutam Sutradhar | Prasanta Sahoo

The present study investigates the effect of WC nano-particles on tribological behavior of magnesium based nanocomposites for varying wt% of WC (0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 wt%). Nanocomposites are fabricated...

Mechanical and metallurgical properties of friction stir welded dissimilar joints of AZ91 magnesium alloy and AA 6082-T6 aluminium alloy

June 2019
Sameer MD | Anil Kumar Birru

In the present research work, AZ91 magnesium alloy and AA6082-T6 aluminium alloy were joined by friction stir welding process. The comparison of microstructure and mechanical properties between different...

Enhancement of magnesium-composite bond-interface by a simple combined abrasion and coating method

June 2019
Davide De Cicco | Farid Taheri

Obtaining a strong bond when adhering magnesium alloys to other materials, especially to fiber-reinforced polymer composites, is challenging. Regardless of the strength of the adhesive used, it is the...

Corrosion behavior of Mg–3Gd–1Zn–0.4Zr alloy with and without stacking faults

June 2019
Xiaobo Zhang | Jianwei Dai | Ruifeng Zhang | Zhixin Ba | Nick Birbilis

To develop biodegradable magnesium alloy with desirable corrosion properties, a low Gd-containing Mg–3Gd–1Zn–0.4Zr (wt%, GZ31K) alloy was prepared. The as-cast ingot was solution treated and then hot...

Preparation of a single-phase Mg–6Zn alloy via ECAP-stimulated solution treatment

June 2019
Kai Yan | Huan Liu | Na Feng | Jing Bai | Honghui Cheng | Jingjing Liu | Fuyu Huang

The solution of the intermetallic phase and the homogenization of composition are important for Mg alloy biomaterials. A single-phase Mg–6Zn alloy with the average grain size of about 20 µm was prepared...

Study of the degradation behavior and the biocompatibility of Mg–0.8Ca alloy for orthopedic implant applications

June 2019
Aya Mohamed | Ahmed M. El-Aziz | Hans-Georg Breitinger

Mg–Ca alloys have recently attracted great attention towards the research in the field of orthopedic biodegradable implants. This study presents an in vitro degradation assessment of Mg–0.8Ca (0.8 wt....

Evaluation of the reliability of twin variant analysis in Mg alloys by in situ EBSD technique

June 2019
Feiya Liu | Changfa Guo | Renlong Xin | Guilin Wu | Qing Liu

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is an orientation mapping technique, which has been widely used to study texture evolution and twinning behavior. This work aims to study the variant of {101¯2}...

Heat transfer analysis of magnesium alloy plate during transport process

June 2019
Qichi Le | Weitao Jia | Fangkun Ning

Temperature detection and tracking of AZ31B magnesium alloy plate during the air-cooling transport process were investigated and carried out under different thicknesses and initial temperatures. Experimental...

Finite temperature thermophysical properties of MgCu intermetallic compound from quasi-harmonic Debye model

June 2019
Salah Daoud | Nadhira Bioud | P.K. Saini

The influence of pressure and temperature on the thermodynamic properties of MgCu intermetallic compound was investigated by quasi-harmonic Debye model approximation. The equation of state (EoS) parameters...

Investigation on the reaction between MgO–CaO–CaF2 and Al–C powders to extract magnesium under atmospheric pressure

June 2019
Teng Zhang

In order to utilize the carbon resource, a novel process was developed to extract magnesium from magnesia by the reaction between MgOCaOCaF2 and Al-C powders reinforced using mechanical activation technique...

A review of magnesium die-castings for closure applications

June 2019
J.P. Weiler

Vehicle mass reduction in the automotive industry has become an industry-wide objective. Increasing fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission targets for engine-powered vehicles, and ambitions for...

Precipitation modification in cast Mg–1Nd–1Ce–Zr alloy by Zn addition

March 2019
Yiyuan Zhou | Penghuai Fu | Liming Peng | Dan Wang | Yingxin Wang | Bin Hu | Ming Liu | Anil K. Sachdev | Wenjiang Ding

The effects of different Zn addition (0, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 wt%) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast Mg–1Nd–1Ce–Zr alloy in as-cast, solution-treated and 200 °C peak-aged conditions were...

Corrosion behavior of Mg–Mn–Ca alloy: Influences of Al, Sn and Zn

March 2019
Ahmad Bahmani | Srinivasan Arthanari | Kwang Seon Shin

The effects of different elements including Al, Sn and Zn with ability of solution hardening on corrosion behavior of a Mg alloy have been studied. The microstructure was analyzed and the electrochemical...

Corrosion resistance of bioinspired DNA-induced Ca–P coating on biodegradable magnesium alloy

March 2019
Ping Liu | Jia-Min Wang | Xiao-Tong Yu | Xiao-Bo Chen | Shuo-Qi Li | Dong-Chu Chen | Shao-Kang Guan | Rong-Chang Zeng | Lan-Yue Cui

Bioinspired coatings with decreased corrosion rate and enhanced bond strength are at the core of future clinic applications on degradable magnesium (Mg)-based implants. The hybrid of organic and inorganic...

Evaluation of electrochemical impedance and biocorrosion characteristics of as-cast and T4 heat treated AZ91 Mg-alloys in Ringer's solution

March 2019
Nagaraj M. Chelliah | Pambannan Padaikathan | Ram Kumar

The present study aims at understanding the electrochemical impedance and biocorrosion characteristics of AZ91 Mg-alloy in Ringer's solution. As-cast AZ91 Mg-alloy was subjected to T4 heat treatment...

Effect of homogenization annealing on internal residual stress distribution and texture in ME21 magnesium alloy extruded plates

March 2019
Yong Lian | Pengfei Ji | Jin Zhang | Xiaomin Yuan | Weisheng Xu | Yongle Zhao | Jiahao Mo | Lin Zheng | Shitao Dou

The distribution of residual stresses through thickness of 5 mm-thick ME21 magnesium alloy extruded plates was analyzed non-destructively using short-wavelength X-ray diffraction (SWXRD), and the effect...

Influence of processing route on microstructure and wear resistance of fly ash reinforced AZ31 magnesium matrix composites

March 2019
I. Dinaharan | S.C. Vettivel | M. Balakrishnan | E.T. Akinlabi

Utilizing fly ash (FA) as reinforcement for magnesium matrix composites (MMCs) brings down the production cost and the land pollution. Magnesium alloy AZ31 was reinforced with FA particles (10 vol.%)...

In situ differential scanning calorimetry analysis of dissolution and precipitation kinetics in Mg–Y–RE alloy WE43

March 2019
Benjamin Milkereit | Lydia Burgschat | Richard H. Kemsies | Armin Springer | Christoph Schick | Olaf Kessler

Further development of our differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) method for the analysis of solid-solid phase transformations now also allows for its application in the kinetic analysis of age hardening...

Corrosion rate determination of rare-earth Mg alloys in a Na2SO4 solution by electrochemical measurements and inductive coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy

March 2019
Samuel Leleu | Bertrand Rives | Nicolas Causse | Nadine Pébère

The corrosion resistance of three Mg alloys containing rare-earth elements (WE43, EV31 and ZE41) was studied and compared to that of two Mg– Al alloys (AZ31 and AZ91) and of pure Mg (99.95 wt.%). Current-voltage...

Structural, phonon, elastic, thermodynamic and electronic properties of Mg–X (X = La, Nd, Sm) intermetallics: The first principles study

March 2019
S. Rameshkumar | G. Jaiganesh | V. Jayalakshmi

We show the results of first-principles calculations of structural, phonon, elastic, thermal and electronic properties of the Mg–X intermetallics in their respective ground state phase and meta-stable...

Magnesium matrix composites for biomedical applications: A review

March 2019
Vijay Kumar Bommala | Mallarapu Gopi Krishna | Ch Tirumala Rao

In recent years, a new wave of bioactive, biocompatibility and biodegradable metallic materials were developed for orthopedic applications. Pure Magnesium, Magnesium alloys, Magnesium alloy-based composites...

Kinetics in Mg-based hydrogen storage materials: Enhancement and mechanism

March 2019
Qun Luo | Jianding Li | Bo Li | Bin Liu | Huaiyu Shao | Qian Li

Mg-based materials have been intensively studied for hydrogen storage applications due to their high energy density up to 2600 Wh/kg or 3700 Wh/L. However, the Mg-based materials with poor kinetics...

Microstructure and texture evolution of AZ31 Mg alloy after uniaxial compression and annealing

March 2019
Fadi Abouhilou | Abdelkader Hanna | Hiba Azzeddine | Djamel Bradai

The effect of initial texture on the microstructure and texture evolution of as extruded AZ31 alloy after hot uniaxial compression at 430 °C and subsequent annealing at 450 °C for 72h has been investigated...

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