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Recent Journal of Magnesium and Alloys Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Magnesium and Alloys.

The silicothermic reduction of magnesium in flowing argon and numerical simulation of novel technology

Available online 2 July 2020
Yusi Che | Chao Zhang | Jianxun Song | Xiaojia Shang | Xiping Chen | Jilin He

The silicothermic reduction of magnesium was investigated by the non-isothermal thermoanalysis in flowing argon, while the traditional investigations of silicothermic process for magnesium reduction...

3d-visualization of magnesium strengthening mechanisms for a description of experimentally obtained data of alloying effect in Mg-Ga system

June 2020
J.A. Khokhlova | M.A. Khokhlov

Based on laws of theory of materials strengthening were discribed the experimentally obtained alloying effect in Mg-Ga system and shown using program for 3d atomic structures....

Microstructure and corrosion resistance of a Mg2Sn-dispersed Mg alloy subjected to pulsed electron beam treatment

June 2020
Daseul Lee | Beomcheol Kim | Soo-Min Baek | Jisoo Kim | Hyung Wook Park | Jung Gu Lee | Sung Soo Park

We report that the corrosion resistance of a Mg–Sn-based alloy with Mg2Sn precipitates can be considerably improved by surface modification using pulsed electron beam treatment. The alloy subjected...

Quest for carbon and vanadium oxide based rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries

June 2020
Muhammad Rashad | Muhammad Asif | Iftikhar Ahmed | Zhen He | Li Yin | Zhou Xiao Wei | Yuxin Wang

Rechargeable magnesium ion batteries are potential candidates to replace the lithium ion batteries due to their high volumetric energy density, dendrite free cycling, and low costs. In present work,...

Creep behavior of AJ62 Magnesium–Aluminum–Strontium alloy

June 2020
F. Dobeš | P. Dymáček

Creep tests were conducted in uniaxial compression to evaluate the creep behavior of magnesium–aluminum–strontium alloy at temperatures from 373 to 673 K. Stress dependencies of the creep rate over...

Microstructural, mechanical and corrosion characterization of an as-cast Mg–3Zn–0.4Ca alloy for biomedical applications

June 2020
N. Pulido-González | B. Torres | P. Rodrigo | N. Hort | J. Rams

The as-cast Mg–3Zn–0.4Ca alloy shows a great potential to be used in biomedical applications due to its composition, mechanical properties and biodegradability. Zn and Ca appear naturally in the organism...

Study of machining induced surface defects and its effect on fatigue performance of AZ91/15%SiCp metal matrix composite

June 2020
Nishita Anandan | M. Ramulu

The quality of surface generated in a peripheral milling of AZ91/SiCp/15% for varying machining conditions and its effect on the fatigue performance are investigated in this study. The machined surface...

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-4Zn-xGd (x=0, 0.5, 1, 2) alloys

June 2020
Cui-ju Wang | Jin-wen Kang | Kun-kun Deng | Kai-bo Nie | Wei Liang | Wei-guo Li

The present work mainly focuses on the effect of minor content of Gd element on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-Zn alloy. The Mg-4Zn-xGd (x=0, 0.5, 1, 2) alloys were fabricated and...

Effects of ytterbium addition and heat treatment on the mechanical properties and biocorrosion behaviors of Mg–Zn–Zr alloy

June 2020
Lu Li | Tao Wang | Yu Wang | Cun-cai Zhang | Hao Lv | Hua Lin | Wen-bin Yu | Chu-jie Huang

Mechanical properties and biocorrosion behaviors in simulated body fluid (SBF) of newly developed Mg–5.8 Zn–0.5 Zr–x Yb (ZK60–x Yb, x = 0, 1.0, 2.0 wt%) magnesium alloys in the solution-treated (T4)...

Gallium-containing magnesium alloy for potential use as temporary implants in osteosynthesis

June 2020
Viacheslav Bazhenov | Andrey Koltygin | Alexander Komissarov | Anna Li | Vasiliy Bautin | Regina Khasenova | Alexey Anishchenko | Alexander Seferyan | Julia Komissarova | Yuri Estrin

In recent years magnesium alloys have been studied intensively with a view to their potential use in bioresorbable medical implants. In the present work the microstructure and the corrosion properties...

Spark plasma sintering of a high-energy ball milled Mg-10 wt% Al alloy

June 2020
M.U.F. Khan | A. Patil | J. Christudasjustus | T. Borkar | R.K. Gupta

The influence of spark plasma sintering (SPS) temperature on microstructure, hardness and corrosion behavior of a high-energy ball milled Mg-10 wt% Al alloy was investigated in this work. The holding...

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-to-Al dissimilar welded joints with an Ag interlayer using ultrasonic spot welding

June 2020
H. Peng | D.L. Chen | X.F. Bai | P.Q. Wang | D.Y. Li | X.Q. Jiang

Lightweight ZEK100-O Mg alloy and Al6022-T43 Al alloy with an Ag interlayer were joined via ultrasonic spot welding (USW), focusing on the microstructural change and tensile lap shear strength of the...

A novel biodegradable Mg-1Zn-0.5Sn alloy: Mechanical properties, corrosion behavior, biocompatibility, and antibacterial activity

June 2020
Weikang Zhao | Jingfeng Wang | Jiang Weiyang | Bo Qiao | Yiyang Wang | Yuling Li | Dianming Jiang

To meet the growing demand for antibacterial implants for bone-implant-associated infection therapy and avoid the adverse effects of secondary surgery, a degradable platform with pH responsiveness and...

Microstructural characteristics of AZ31 alloys rolled at room and cryogenic temperatures and their variation during annealing

June 2020
Sang Won Lee | Sang-Hoon Kim | Sung Hyuk Park

•AZ31 alloy was rolled at room temperature (RT) and cryogenic temperature (CT).•Cryorolling forms more side cracks owing to the reduced workability at CT.•Cryorolling induces a lower dislocation density...

Catalytic effect of Ni@rGO on the hydrogen storage properties of MgH2

June 2020
Pengyang Yao | Ying Jiang | Yang Liu | Chengzhang Wu | Kuo-Chih Chou | Tao Lyu | Qian Li

Uniform-dispersed Ni nanoparticles (NPs) anchored on reduced graphene oxide (Ni@rGO) catalyzed MgH2 (MH-Ni@rGO) has been fabricated by mechanical milling. The effects of milling time and Ni loading...

Effects of hot extrusion on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg matrix composite reinforced with deformable TC4 particles

June 2020
Xiaojun Wang | Xiaoming Wang | Xiaoshi Hu | Kun Wu

Mg matrix composites were often reinforced by non-deformable ceramic particles. In this paper, a novel Mg matrix composite reinforced with deformable TC4 (Ti–6Al–4 V) particles was fabricated and then...

Research progress on solidification structure of alloys by synchrotron X-ray radiography: A review

June 2020
Yongbiao Wang | Sensen Jia | Mingguang Wei | Liming Peng | Yujuan Wu | Xintian Liu

The synchrotron radiation technology has recently emerged as a powerful tool to characterize the real-time microstructure evolution during solidification of alloys. Compared with other methods, the...

A review on ignition mechanisms and characteristics of magnesium alloys

June 2020
Dong Han | Jin Zhang | Jinfeng Huang | Yong Lian | Guangyu He

Magnesium alloys have become more attractive because of their low density and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness in the aerospace industry. However, some unpredictable situation may lead to the...

Interplay between cold densification and malic acid addition (C4H6O5) for the fabrication of near-isotropic MgB2 conductors for magnet application

June 2020
Md. Shahriar A. Hossain | Carmine Senatore | Yusuke Yamauchi | Mislav Mustapić | Daniel Gajda | Dipak Patel | Aslam Khan | Jung Ho Kim | Andrzej J Morawski | René Flukiger

The effect of cold high pressure densification (CHPD) on anisotropy of the critical current density (Jc) in « in situ » single core binary and alloyed MgB2 tapes has been determined as a function of...

Strong strain path dependence of strain localizations and fracture in magnesium AZ31 sheet

June 2020
Kıvanç Alkan | O. Berk Aytuna | Baran Güler | Mert Efe

This study compares the deformation and fracture behavior of a basal-textured Mg AZ31 alloy sheet under uniaxial tension and biaxial stretching by using an in-plane biaxial test setup capable of observing...

Investigation of mutual effects among additives in electrolyte for plasma electrolytic oxidation on magnesium alloys

June 2020
Lingyun An | Ying Ma | Le Sun | Zhanying Wang | Sheng Wang

Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) coatings were prepared on AZ91D magnesium alloys in alkaline silicate-based electrolyte with and without additives. The mutual effects among additives including TiC...

Microstructure and corrosion behavior of ALD Al2O3 film on AZ31 magnesium alloy with different surface roughness

June 2020
Fumin Xu | Lan Luo | Lei Xiong | Yong Liu

There remains growing interest in magnesium (Mg) and its alloys, as they are the lightest structural metallic materials and potential metallic biomaterials. In spite of the greatest historical Mg usage...

Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of hydroxyapatite reinforced Mg-Sn alloy composite by squeeze casting for biomedical applications

June 2020
R Radha | D. Sreekanth

Magnesium alloys have gained increasing attention for biomedical applications due to their biocompatibility and the biodegradability. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is known to be a highly bioactive because of...

Optimization of plasma electrolyte oxidation process parameters for corrosion resistance of Mg alloy

June 2020
Z. Shahri | S.R. Allahkaram | R. Soltani | H. Jafari

Plasma electrolyte oxidation (PEO) is a surface treatment method with high dependency on the process parameters. This paper focuses on maximizing the corrosion resistance of PEO coatings applied on...

Microstructure characterization and corrosion behavior of Mg–Y–Zn alloys with different long period stacking ordered structures

Available online 30 June 2020
Lisha Wang | Jinghua Jiang | Huan Liu | Bassiouny Saleh | Aibin Ma

Mg–Y–Zn alloys with long period stacking ordered (LPSO) structure have received much attention recently and exhibit great potential in applications such as automotive, aerospace and in bio-medical fields....

The effect of severe plastic deformation on the Mg properties after CEC deformation

Available online 30 June 2020
B. Sułkowski | M. Janoska | G. Boczkal | R. Chulist | M. Mroczkowski | P. Pałka

In this study, the effect of severe plastic deformation on the Mg grain refinement and recovery mechanism was investigated. Technical pure magnesium was deformed at room temperature by cycling extrusion-compression...

Enhancing the strain hardening and ductility of Mg-Y alloy by introducing stacking faults

Available online 30 June 2020
Kang Wei | Lirong Xiao | Bo Gao | Lei Li | Yi Liu | Zhigang Ding | Wei Liu | Hao Zhou | Yonghao Zhao

Due to the insufficient slip systems, Mg and its alloys exhibit poor ductility during plastic deformation at room temperature. To solve this problem, alloying is considered as a most effective method...

Improved methodological concepts for processing liquid Mg at high temperature

Available online 30 June 2020
Artur Kudyba | Natalia Sobczak | Wojciech Polkowski | Grzegorz Bruzda | Adelajda Polkowska | Donatella Giuranno

In this paper, new improvements of methodological concepts upon examining wettability of high vapor pressure liquid metal systems (e.g. Mg-based alloys) in contact with refractory materials, are presented...

Effect of extrusion temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of a low-alloying and ultra-high strength Mg–Zn–Ca–Mn matrix composite containing trace TiC nanoparticles

Available online 30 June 2020
K.B. Nie | Z.H. Zhu | K.K. Deng | J.G. Han

Mechanical properties of microalloying Mg–2.2Zn–1.8Ca–0.5Mn (wt%) matrix composites reinforced by 0.5 wt% TiC nanoparticles before and after extrusion were investigated based on the detailed microstructural...

Synergistic refining mechanism of Mg-3%Al alloy refining by carbon inoculation combining with Ca addition

Available online 30 June 2020
Chengbo Li | Shuqing Yang | Jun Du | HengBin Liao | Gan Luo

Mg-3%Al alloy was refined by carbon inoculation combining with 0.2%Ca addition. High grain refining efficiency was obtained and the synergistic refining mechanism was deeply discussed in the present...

Thermodynamic descriptions of quaternary Mg–Al–Zn–Bi system supported by experiments and their application in descriptions of solidification behavior in Bi-additional AZ casting alloys

Available online 30 June 2020
Ying Tang | Yongsheng Li | Weimin Zhao | Irina Roslyakova | Lijun Zhang

16 Mg–Al–Zn–Bi quaternary alloys were utilized to measure the phase equilibria and transformation temperatures in the Mg-rich Mg–Al–Zn–Bi quaternary system by means of the X-ray diffraction, electron...

Grain refinement and weak-textured structures based on the dynamic recrystallization of Mg–9.80Gd–3.78Y–1.12Sm–0.48Zr alloy

Available online 30 June 2020
Yunwei Gui | Lingxiao Ouyang | Yujie Cui | Huakang Bian | Quanan Li | Akihiko Chiba

We utilized electron backscatter diffraction to investigate the microstructure evolutions of a newly developed magnesium-rare earth alloy (Mg–9.80Gd–3.78Y–1.12Sm–0.48Zr) during instantaneous hot indirect...

Deformation mechanism of fine grained Mg–7Gd–5Y–1.2Nd–0.5Zr alloy under high temperature and high strain rates

Available online 26 June 2020
Wanru Tang | Zheng Liu | Shimeng Liu | Le Zhou | Pingli Mao | Hui Guo | Xiaofang Sheng

Fine grained Mg–7Gd–5Y–1.2Nd–0.5Zr alloy was investigated by dynamic compression tests using a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar under the strain rates in the range 1000–2000 s − 1 and the temperature range...

Microstructure and tensile properties of magnesium nanocomposites fabricated using magnesium chips and carbon black

Available online 26 June 2020
T.J. Lee | W.J. Kim

In this study, carbon black (0, 0.01, 0.03 and 0.08 wt%) and AZ31 (Mg–3Al–1Zn) magnesium chips were used to fabricate carbon black-reinforced magnesium matrix composites with extrusion or a combination...

Constitutive modeling of flow behavior and processing maps of Mg–8.1 Gd–4.5Y–0.3Zr alloy

Available online 26 June 2020
Xiangsheng Xia | Kui Zhang | Minglong Ma | Ting Li

High temperature deformation behavior and workability of Mg–8.1Gd–4.5Y–0.3Zr alloy were studied by compression tests. Arrhenius equation with strain compensation and processing maps were established....

Exploring the concept of castability in magnesium die-casting alloys

Available online 26 June 2020
J.P. Weiler

This paper provides a summary of the recent work completed and history of the measure of manufacturability in the magnesium die-casting industry. The most popular die-casting alloys utilized in this...

Effect of extrusion speed on microstructure and mechanical properties of the Mg-Ca binary alloy

Available online 25 June 2020
Jingren Li | Aiyue Zhang | Hucheng Pan | Yuping Ren | Zhuoran Zeng | Qiuyan Huang | Changlin Yang | Lifeng Ma | Gaowu Qin

This work reported the effect of extrusion speeds on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg-Ca binary alloy. The results showed that yield strength of the as-extruded Mg-1.2 wt.% Ca alloys...

Microstructure and performance of biodegradable magnesium alloy tubes fabricated by local-heating-assisted dieless drawing

Available online 25 June 2020
Peihua Du | Shusaku Furusawa | Tsuyoshi Furushima

•Dieless drawing is efficient in manufacturing magnesium alloy ZM21 microtubes.•Three types of microstructure are clarified, as TM, NM and TNM.•Twins generated during dieless drawing will not cause...

Comparisons of microstructure homogeneity, texture and mechanical properties of AZ80 magnesium alloy fabricated by annular channel angular extrusion and backward extrusion

Available online 25 June 2020
Xi Zhao | Shuchang Li | Zhimin Zhang | Pengcheng Gao | Shuailing Kan | Fafa Yan

This paper provided an efficient single pass severe plastic deformation (SPD) method, annular channel angular extrusion (ACAE), for fabricating AZ80 magnesium alloy shell part. The effect of ACAE process...

A comparison study of Ce/La and Ca microalloying on the bio-corrosion behaviors of extruded Mg-Zn alloys

Available online 25 June 2020
J.H. Chu | L.B. Tong | Z.H. Jiang | D.N. Zou | Q.J. Wang | S.F. Liu | H.J. Zhang

The influences of Ca and Ce/La microalloying on the microstructure evolution and bio-corrosion resistances of extruded Mg-Zn alloys have been systematically investigated in the current study. Compared...

Effect of Y addition on microstructure and corrosion behavior of extruded Mg–Zn–Nd–Zr alloy

Available online 25 June 2020
Huseyin Zengin | Yunus Turen

In this study, the effect of Y addition (0, 0.5, 1 and 2 wt%) on microstructure and corrosion properties of Mg–6Zn–0.5Zr–1Nd (wt%) alloy was investigated. The alloys were produced by low-pressure die...

The transformation of LPSO type in Mg-4Y-2Er-2Zn-0.6Zr and its response to the mechanical properties and damping capacities

Available online 25 June 2020
Dan Wang | Huajie Wu | Ruizhi Wu | Yang Wang | Jinghuai Zhang | Sergey Betsofen | Boris Krit | Legan Hou | Turahodjayev Nodir

The transformation of LPSO type in Mg-4Y-2Er-2Zn-0.6Zr during heat treatment and its influence on damping and mechanical properties are reported in this work. Prior to heat treatment, the alloy consisted...

Macro-physical field of large diameter magnesium alloy billet electromagnetic direct-chill casting: A comparative study

Available online 25 June 2020
Yonghui Jia | Xingrui Chen | Qichi Le | Hang Wang | Lei Bao

A comprehensive two-dimensional axisymmetric mathematical model that couples transient electromagnetic force with fluid flow, heat transfer, and solidification was established to describe the interaction...

Microstructural and textural investigation of an Mg–Dy alloy after hot plane strain compression

Available online 24 June 2020
Fairouze Guerza-Soualah | Hiba Azzeddine | Thierry Baudin | Anne-Laure Helbert | François Brisset | Djamel Bradai

The microstructure and texture development in a Mg–0.41Dy (wt%) alloy after plane strain compression (PSC) at 300 °C under a strain rate of 10−2 and 10−4 s−1 up a final true strain of −1.2 were investigated...

Microstructure evolution and mechanical property of Mg-3Al alloys with addition of Ca and Gd during rolling and annealing process

Available online 24 June 2020
Yun Zhang | Haitao Jiang | Qiang Kang | Yujiao Wang | Yonggang Yang | Shiwei Tian

The formability of magnesium alloys at ambient temperature can be enhanced by alloying additions such as Ca and RE elements, which is ascribed to the weakened basal texture. To produce magnesium alloy...

Achieving three-layered Al/Mg/Al sheet via combining porthole die co-extrusion and hot forging

Available online 24 June 2020
Jianwei Tang | Liang Chen | Guoqun Zhao | Cunsheng Zhang | Lu Sun

Al/Mg/Al sheet with good bonding quality and mechanical properties was fabricated based on the proposed porthole die co-extrusion and forging (PCE-F) process. There were no voids, cracks or other defects...

Pore characterization of PM Mg–0.6Ca alloy and its degradation behavior under physiological conditions

Available online 24 June 2020
Eshwara Phani Shubhakar Nidadavolu | Diana Krüger | Berit Zeller-Plumhoff | Domonkos Tolnai | Björn Wiese | Frank Feyerabend | Thomas Ebel | Regine Willumeit-Römer

Several material parameters affect degradation characteristics of Mg and its alloys under physiological conditions. Porous Mg materials are interesting for their simultaneous degradation and drug delivery...

Effect of long-period stacking ordered phase on hot tearing susceptibility of Mg–1Zn–xY alloys

Available online 24 June 2020
Ye Zhou | Pingli Mao | Le Zhou | Zhi Wang | Feng Wang | Zheng Liu

The effect of long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) phase on hot tearing susceptibility of Mg–1Zn–xY serial alloys were investigated experimentally using a home-made T-type hot tearing mold. The characteristic...

Coating of bioactive glass on magnesium alloys to improve its degradation behavior: Interfacial aspects

Available online 24 June 2020
V.S. Yadav | M.R. Sankar | L.M. Pandey

The preferable mechanical properties of Mg alloys along with excellent compatibility with human bone have established their applicability as implant biomaterials. However, a higher corrosion/degradation...

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