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Most Downloaded Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Giant discoveries of oil and gas fields in global deepwaters in the past 40 years and the prospect of exploration

February 2019
Gongcheng Zhang | Hongjun Qu | Guojun Chen | Chong Zhao | Fenglian Zhang | Haizhang Yang | Zhao Zhao | Ming Ma

Deepwater exploration has been developed for more than 40 years since 1975; generally, its exploration history can be divided into the beginning stage (1975–1984), the early stage (1985–1995) and the...

2. Present status of Bangladesh gas fields and future development: A review

December 2019
M. Hassan Shetol | M. Moklesur Rahman | Ratneshwar Sarder | M. Ismail Hossain | F. Kabir Riday

Natural gas, played vital role as main energy source to the rapid development of Bangladesh, production and consumption has been increased drastically during last decades. Geological and geophysical...

3. Heterogeneity in the overpressure zones in West Baram Delta, offshore-Sarawak, Malaysia

February 2020
I. Yusuf | E. Padmanabhan | J.A. Gamez Vintaned | C. Weng Sum

Geopressure prediction is crucial because all drilling programs require estimation of abnormal pressured zones. The use of rock fabric deformational relics at variable depths to determine heterogeneity...

4. Petrological and geochemical constraints on tectonic settings of the Late Carboniferous-Early Permian, Central Junggar, China

February 2020
Shuncun Zhang | Shengyin Zhang | Linhao Fang | Xinchuan Lu | Hui Guo | Ji'an Shi

It is assumed that the central part of Junggar underwent continuous deposition from the Mesozoic to Cenozoic, but few data are available from deep well to support this hypothesis. The tectonic settings...

5. Review of the chemometrics application in oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations

August 2018
Yao-Ping Wang | Yan-Rong Zou | Jian-Ting Shi | Jun Shi

Chemometric methods have unique advantages regarding comprehensive consideration of multiple parameters and the classification of samples or variables. The above is especially suitable for the data...

6. Status and prospects of deep oil and gas resources exploration and development onshore China

February 2018
Chunchun Xu | Weihong Zou | Yueming Yang | Yong Duan | Yang Shen | Bing Luo | Chao Ni | Xiaodong Fu | Jianyong Zhang

Many significant breakthroughs have been made in regards to deep oil and gas exploration and development in recent years. However, a systematic analysis has not been carried out on the progress, challenges,...

7. Structural characteristics and main controlling factors on petroleum accumulation in Zagros Basin, Middle East

October 2018
Xiaobing Liu | Zhixin Wen | Zhaoming Wang | Chengpeng Song | Zhengjun He

Zagros Basin is one of the essential basins in the Middle East with the giant oil and gas reserves. It is indicated by regional tectonic and sedimentary evolution, basin structural division, petroleum...

8. Types and characteristics of carbonate reservoirs and their implication on hydrocarbon exploration: A case study from the eastern Tarim Basin, NW China

February 2017
Shiwei Huang | You Zhang | Xingping Zheng | Qifa Zhu | Guanming Shao | Yanqing Cao | Xiguang Chen | Zhao Yang | Xiaojia Bai

Carbonate rocks are deposited in the Ordovician, Cambrian, and Sinian of eastern Tarim Basin with a cumulative maximum thickness exceeding 2000 m. They are the main carriers of oil and gas, and a great...

9. Accumulation mechanism and controlling factors of the continuous hydrocarbon plays in the Lower Triassic Baikouquan Formation of the Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin, China

August 2016
Ablimit Imin | Yong Tang | Jian Cao | Gangqiang Chen | Jing Chen | Keyu Tao

Hydrocarbon exploration in the Mahu Sag of the northwestern Junggar Basin has recently resulted in a significant discovery that defined the new “continuous oil plays” in the Lower Triassic Baikouquan...

10. Reliability evaluation and management of PetroChina's large-scale system of natural gas pipeline networks

October 2019
Mingfei Li | Honglong Zheng | Xiangdong Xue | Luning Xue | Muyang Ai | Wenhua Ma

To adapt to the current situation of large-scale and network development of China's natural gas pipeline industry, we must pay attention to the gas transmission support capability of the entire pipeline...

11. Quantification of clay mineral microporosity and its application to water saturation and effective porosity estimation: A case study from Upper Ordovician reservoir, Libya

June 2019
Abubaker Alansari | Ahmed Mohamad Ahmed Salim | Hammad Tariq Janjuhah | Abdul Hadi Bin Abd Rahman | Nuri Mohamed Fello

The relative volume of clay minerals contributing to the microporosity is the main feature that influences the estimation of water saturation in hydrocarbon reservoirs. For developing a genuine understanding...

12. Pore size distribution in the tight sandstone reservoir of the Ordos Basin, China and their differential origin

April 2020
Wei Wang | Yushuang Zhu | Caili Yu | Le Zhao | Dayou Chen

The micro-nano pore throat system widely developed in tight sandstone is the essential difference between tight sandstone reservoir and conventional sandstone reservoir; it is also the main factor affecting...

13. Geological characteristics, main challenges and future prospect of shale gas

December 2017
Caineng Zou | Qun Zhao | Dazhong Dong | Zhi Yang | Zhen Qiu | Feng Liang | Nan Wang | Yong Huang | Anxiang Duan | Qin Zhang | Zhiming Hu

The development of shale gas in the United States has made a breakthrough, profoundly changed the pattern of oil and gas supply. It created the “shale gas revolution” on a global scale. Based on the...

14. Advancement in application of diamondoids on organic geochemistry

August 2016
Anlai Ma

Diamondoids occur in all kinds of fossil fuels. Due to peculiar cage molecular structures, diamondoids have been widely used in the maturity assessment of high mature to over-mature oils as well as...

15. Geochemical characteristics of Middle-Upper Ordovician source rocks in the Kalpin outcrop profiles and marine oil-source correlation, Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2020
Anlai Ma | Huili Li | Jiehao Li | Xiaopeng Gao | Fan Wang | Yao Yao | Fan Feng

The Middle-Upper Ordovician source rocks developed in six outcrop profiles in the Kalpin area, Tarim Basin, NW China were analyzed using an organic geochemical screening method. Most TOC values of source...

16. Distribution pattern and main factors controlling hydrocarbon accumulation of global oil and gas-rich deepwater basins

June 2018
Hongjun Qu | Gongcheng Zhang | Shuo Chen

It is observed from distribution of oil and gas-rich basins as well as summary and analysis of main control factor for hydrocarbon accumulation in global deepwater that oil and gas-rich basins in deepwater...

17. Formation and distribution of large lithologic-stratigraphic oil & gas fields (provinces)

February 2018
Shizhen Tao | Xuanjun Yuan | Lianhua Hou | Guosheng Zhang | Fan Yang | Xiaowan Tao | Yanzhao Wei | Xin Li | Chenglong Zhang | Lan Wang | Guoxin Sun | Ying Wang | Changhai Gao

Since the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, lithologic and stratigraphic reservoirs have been the main contribution of both the discovery as well as reserve and production increase in China; there were about...

18. The pore size distribution and its relationship with shale gas capacity in organic-rich mudstone of Wufeng-Longmaxi Formations, Sichuan Basin, China

June 2016
Yu Zhang | Deyong Shao | Jianping Yan | Xiangjuan Jia | Yanfang Li | Ping Yu | Tongwei Zhang

The pore size distribution for the 23 fresh outcrop shale samples collected from Shuanghe Town and Changning County, as well as the 14 core samples collected from the Qianqian 1 core well in southeast...

19. Petrological, He–Ne–Ar and Sr–Nd–Pb geochemical of volcanic rocks constraint on tectonic settings and geodynamic process of the Carboniferous, East Junggar

April 2020
Jianming Guo | Hailong Fan | Shengyin Zhang | Xiang Liu | Tao Wu | Wanyun Ma | Shuncun Zhang | Hui Guo

The Karamaili ophiolite belt is an important tectonic unit in the East Junggar terrane, Xinjiang, China, and provides a material basis for the study of subduction, accretion and collision processes,...

20. Mineral characteristic of rocks and its impact on the reservoir quality of He 8 tight sandstone of Tianhuan area, Ordos Basin, China

August 2019
Yang Gao | Zhizhang Wang | Yuanqi She | Shiguo Lin | Mingpeng Lin | Chunlin Zhang

Tight sandstone reservoirs have low porosity, low permeability, and strong heterogeneity; therefore the reservoir quality becomes the main concern in an exploration. In this paper, the research on the...

21. Transparent machine learning provides insightful estimates of natural gas density based on pressure, temperature and compositional variables

February 2020
David A. Wood | Abouzar Choubineh

Machine-learning algorithms are widely used to predict the physical properties of natural gas, but most techniques involve establishing correlations between the influencing variables. In the case of...

22. China's conventional and unconventional natural gas resources: Potential and exploration targets

December 2018
Min Zheng | Jianzhong Li | Xiaozhi Wu | Shejiao Wang | Qiulin Guo | Jingdu Yu | Man Zheng | Ningsheng Chen | Qing Yi

A series of significant breakthroughs in exploring conventional and unconventional natural gas resources have been achieved in new strata and new domains. However, the quality of the increased reserves...

23. Sedimentary pattern and exploration significance of Permian reefs and shoals around the Wusheng-Shizhu intra-platform depression, eastern Sichuan Basin, China

April 2020
Yuqiang Jiang | Yadong Zhou | Zhiyong Chen | Yifan Gu | Yonghong Fu | Juanzi Yi | Jiewei Zhang | Zengzheng Jiang

There exists the Wusheng-Shizhu and Chongqing-Qijiang intra-platform depressions in the eastern Sichuan Basin during the Late Permian to the Early Triassic. The clear understanding of the sedimentary...

24. Sandstone characteristics and hydrocarbon exploration significance of the Middle-Lower Jurassic of the central-eastern part of the northern tectonic belt of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China

April 2020
Ronghu Zhang | Haijun Yang | Hongxing Wei | Chaofeng Yu | Zhao Yang | Jin Wu

The Jurassic at the northern tectonic belt of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, is the key frontier of replacement for oil and gas exploration in the 13th five-year plan of China. The 4th national resource...

25. Suggestions on the development strategy of shale gas in China

December 2016
Dazhong Dong | Caineng Zou | Jinxing Dai | Shipeng Huang | Junwei Zheng | Jianming Gong | Yuman Wang | Xinjing Li | Quanzhong Guan | Chenchen Zhang | Jinliang Huang | Shufang Wang | Dexun Liu | Zhen Qiu

From the aspects of shale gas resource condition, main exploration and development progress, important breakthrough in key technologies and equipment, this paper systematically summarized and analyzed...

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