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Recent Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience.

The function and impact of deep fluid on the organic matter during the hydrogeneration and evolution process

Available online 31 July 2019
Jiayi Liu | Quanyou Liu | Dongya Zhu | Qingqiang Meng | Xiaowei Huang

As the formation and development of organic-inorganic interaction continues, people have came to realize the importance of organic matter during the process of organic matter maturing and generating...

Mineral characteristic of rocks and its impact on the reservoir quality of He 8 tight sandstone of Tianhuan area, Ordos Basin, China

Available online 22 July 2019
Yang Gao | Zhizhang Wang | Yuanqi She | Shiguo Lin | Mingpeng Lin | Chunlin Zhang

Tight sandstone reservoirs have low porosity, low permeability, and strong heterogeneity; therefore the reservoir quality becomes the main concern in an exploration. In this paper, the research on the...

Major factors controlling the shale gas accumulations in Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation of the Pingqiao Shale Gas Field in Fuling Area, Sichuan Basin, China

June 2019
Xusheng Guo

Pingqiao Shale Gas Field in Fuling Area of Sichuan Basin in China is located in a narrow-abrupt fault anticline of the Fenglai Syncline. Presently, the proven geological reserves of shale gas are 138.917 × 109 m3...

Geochemical characteristics and their gas and oil source correlation implication in the Tugeerming area of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China

June 2019
Ruhong Liu | Jian Li | Zhongyao Xiao | Jin Li | Haizu Zhang | Yuhong Lu | Baoshou Zhang | Wei Ma | Dejiang Li | Mancang Liu

The Tugeerming area is located in the eastern part of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin. In recent years, prolific oil and gas flow in the Jurassic Yangxia Formation of Well Tudong 2 indicates broad...

Geochemical differences of pyrolysis gas of various coal-bearing source rocks and its application in the Sulige gas field, Ordos Basin, China

June 2019
Cong Yu | Guoyi Hu | Rui-yin Chen

In order to study the gas generation process of different coaly source rocks, thermal simulation experiments were performed on coal, dark mudstone, and carbonaceous mudstone. Additionally, a series...

Productivity evaluation method of tight sandstone reservoir based on the logging curve

June 2019
Senlin Yin | Xiaojun Xue | Fang Zhang | Zhangming Hu | Zixiong Liu | Leli Cheng

Strong heterogeneity, poor pay reservoir connectivity, and complex micro-pore structure are the reasons behind the high difficulty and low accuracy in the productivity evaluation of tight sandstone...

Quantification of clay mineral microporosity and its application to water saturation and effective porosity estimation: A case study from Upper Ordovician reservoir, Libya

June 2019
Abubaker Alansari | Ahmed Mohamad Ahmed Salim | Hammad Tariq Janjuhah | Abdul Hadi Bin Abd Rahman | Nuri Mohamed Fello

The relative volume of clay minerals contributing to the microporosity is the main feature that influences the estimation of water saturation in hydrocarbon reservoirs. For developing a genuine understanding...

Significant advancement in geological theories and new discoveries of natural gas in China since the 11th Five-Year Plan

April 2019
Guoqi Wei | Jian Li | Wei Yang | Zengye Xie | Caiyuan Dong | Yuanqi She | Wei Ma

The development of geologic theories and exploration findings of natural gas in China supplement each other. Since the 11th Five-Year Plan in 2006–2010, geologic theories of natural gas in China has...

Molecular simulation of methane adsorption within illite minerals in the Longmaxi Formation shale based on a grand canonical Monte Carlo method and the pore size distribution in southeastern Chongqing, China

April 2019
Xin Tang | Xiaoyi Zhou | Yujie Peng

In order to investigate the pore structure and the adsorption capacity of illite with respect to the methane in the Longmaxi Formation, isothermal adsorption experiments utilizing mercury intrusion,...

The geochemical characteristics and origin analysis of the botryoidal dolomite in the Upper Sinian Dengying Formation in the Sichuan Basin, China

April 2019
Anping Hu | Anjiang Shen | Ying Wang | Liyin Pan | Yongsheng Wang | Yi Hao | Jie Zhang

Botryoidal dolomite has great value for petroleum exploration and has dominantly developed in the middle and lower part of Member II in the Sinian Dengying Formation in the Sichuan Basin. By means of...

Reservoir characteristics and forming conditions for the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation in the western Sichuan Basin, China

April 2019
Han Tian | Jianyong Zhang | Yongguang Xin | Wenzheng Li | Hao Zhang

In the past few years, petroleum exploration in the Leikoupo Formation in the western Sichuan Basin of China has obtained fruitful achievements, but composite research on the carbonate rock reservoir...

Optimize production allocation for the oil-gas field basing on a novel grey model

April 2019
Lin Chen | Zhibin Liu | Nannan Ma

The problem of irregular and small sample prediction can be solved well by time-delayed polynomial fractional order grey model (TDPFOGM(1,1)). Considering the traits, a optimal distribution of oil field...

Study of the method portrayed by a river by calculating the tooth rate of the logging curve

February 2019
Guangquan Zhang | Hao Li | Xiangyang Hu | Yang Gao

In order to accurately describe the reservoir distribution of the oil and gas field, the precision of the portrayal of the channel microfacies is getting higher and higher. Aiming at the existing problems...

Influences of Permian igneous rock on seismic imaging of underlying strata in the Hanilcatam area, Tarim Basin, China

February 2019
Dong Sun | Xiaoqian Shi | Zhenqing Wang | Lixin Chen | Jing Wang | Jiaqing Sun | Dongdong Dai | Qifei Fang

Large-scale Permian igneous rock is developed in the Hanilcatam area, Tarim Basin. In order to accurately capture influences of thick igneous rock on seismic imaging of its underlying strata based on...

Microfacies characteristics and reservoir potential of Triassic Baikouquan Formation, northern Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China

February 2019
Xinchuan Lu | Dong Sun | Xiangyang Xie | Xin Chen | Shuncun Zhang | Shengyin Zhang | Guoqiang Sun | Ji'an Shi

By using data such as lithology, thin sections, sedimentary structure, particle size, logging facies signs, mercury intrusion, porosity and permeability from 34 wells, 11 types of sedimentary microfacies...

Giant discoveries of oil and gas fields in global deepwaters in the past 40 years and the prospect of exploration

February 2019
Gongcheng Zhang | Hongjun Qu | Guojun Chen | Chong Zhao | Fenglian Zhang | Haizhang Yang | Zhao Zhao | Ming Ma

Deepwater exploration has been developed for more than 40 years since 1975; generally, its exploration history can be divided into the beginning stage (1975–1984), the early stage (1985–1995) and the...

Identification of the architecture and evolution of fluvial system using seismic geomorphology: A case study from Gulf of Thailand

February 2019
Shakhawat Hossain | Md. Imranuzzaman

This study attempts to identify fluvial architecture and document channel and channel belt dimensions of central Pattani Basin within Upper Miocene to Holocene interval by using seismic geomorphology...

Experimental investigation of porosity and permeability change caused by salting out in tight sandstone gas reservoirs

December 2018
Lijun You | Zhe Wang | Yili Kang | Yushan Zhao | Dujie Zhang

Salt precipitation and its induced problems are increasingly prominent with the development of deep and ultra-deep tight sandstone gas reservoirs with high salinity formation water. In this paper, the...

Resource potential, exploration prospects, and favorable direction for natural gas in deep formations in China

December 2018
Jingdu Yu | Min Zheng | Jianzhong Li | Xiaozhi Wu | Qiulin Guo

Natural gas contained in deep formation is a respect with strategic importance for hydrocarbon exploration in china, which presents a low ratio for being discovered only as 18.46%. It indicates that...

Potential and favorable areas of petroleum exploration of ultra-deep marine strata more than 8000 m deep in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China

December 2018
Guangyou Zhu | Yinghui Cao | Lei Yan | Haijun Yang | Chonghao Sun | Zhiyao Zhang | Tingting Li | Yongquan Chen

At present, deep and ultra-deep oil and gas have become the research and exploration hotspots. With little drilling data available, the geological understanding on deep formations is still in the exploratory...

China's conventional and unconventional natural gas resources: Potential and exploration targets

December 2018
Min Zheng | Jianzhong Li | Xiaozhi Wu | Shejiao Wang | Qiulin Guo | Jingdu Yu | Man Zheng | Ningsheng Chen | Qing Yi

A series of significant breakthroughs in exploring conventional and unconventional natural gas resources have been achieved in new strata and new domains. However, the quality of the increased reserves...

Effective stress characteristics in shale and its effect on shale gas productivity

December 2018
Weiyao Zhu | Dongxu Ma

Research of effective stress characteristics on the productivity of shale gas has a great significance. The samples of the black shale and bedding shale at the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Sichuan...

Research status on thermal simulation experiment and several issues of concern

October 2018
Weilong Peng | Guoyi Hu | Quanyou Liu | Nan Jia | Chenchen Fang | Deyu Gong | Cong Yu | Yue Lyu | Pengwei Wang | Ziqi Feng

We study the research status of thermal simulation experiment and put forward three issues worthy of attention and five important development directions. Classification according to thermal simulation...

Diagenetic evolution characteristics of Paleogene lacustrine carbonate reservoirs in central Bohai sea, China

October 2018
Zhengxiang Lv | Yuanhua Qing | Fu Zhao | Jiayang Wu | Xiandong Wang

The distribution of high-quality reservoirs in Shahejie Formation of the Shijiutuo Uplift, Central Bohai Sea, is the key factor to determine the oil and gas accumulation. Likewise, diagenesis is the...

Structural characteristics and main controlling factors on petroleum accumulation in Zagros Basin, Middle East

October 2018
Xiaobing Liu | Zhixin Wen | Zhaoming Wang | Chengpeng Song | Zhengjun He

Zagros Basin is one of the essential basins in the Middle East with the giant oil and gas reserves. It is indicated by regional tectonic and sedimentary evolution, basin structural division, petroleum...

Geochemical characteristics of source rocks in the Lower Cambrian Niutitang Formation in Guizhou Province, China

October 2018
Zhibin Jia | Dujie Hou | Deqiang Sun | Yuhan Jiang | Ziming Zhang | Mei Hong

Organic-rich source rock was closely related to the development of hydrothermal sedimentation in geochemistry and others. By studying the characteristics of the source rocks of Lower Cambrian Niutitang...

Carbon isotope and origin of the hydrocarbon gases in the Junggar Basin, China

October 2018
Lixin Pei | Wenzhe Gang | Chuanzhen Zhu | Yazhou Liu | Wenjun He | Yan Dong | Baoli Xiang

The genetic type, source and distribution of hydrocarbon gases in the Junggar Basin were clarified through the carbon isotope analysis. Mature to post mature oil-type gas, mature to post mature coal-type...

Prospect analysis of the deep marine shale gas exploration and development in the Sichuan Basin, China

August 2018
Shengxiang Long | Dongjun Feng | Fengxia Li | Wei Du

The shale gas exploration and development in Sichuan Basin had achieved a major breakthrough remarkably. However, the business development focused on the marine shale gas in shallow layers (vertical...

Distribution characteristics and geological significance of the thickest Aeronian bentonite bed in the Middle-Upper Yangtze Region, China

August 2018
Yuman Wang | Xinjing Li | Bo Chen | Jing Han | Jiaming Zhang | Fei Yuan | Jie Ma | Bing Dai | Hao Wang | Shan Jiang

Founded on the data deriving out of the outcrops and key exploratory wells, the distribution characteristics of the thickest bentonite layer of the Aeronian in the Middle-Upper Yangtze Region as well...

Types of abnormal high-pressure gas reservoir in foreland basins of China

August 2018
Feng Hong | Lin Jiang | Qingong Zhuo | Fengqi Zhang | Xuesong Lu | Xingzhi Ma | Jiaqing Hao

Abnormal pressure commonly exists in foreland basins that are closely related to the oil and gas reservoir. A deep understanding of the distribution of the said kind of pressure in various reservoirs...

Hydraulic fracture optimization by using a modified Pseudo-3D model in multi-layered reservoirs

August 2018
Aboozar Garavand | Valery Mikhailovich Podgornov

The aim of hydraulic fracturing optimization is to maximize well productivity index by optimizing fracture geometry parameters. Height in geometry calculation is the most important parameter, especially...

Review of the chemometrics application in oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations

August 2018
Yao-Ping Wang | Yan-Rong Zou | Jian-Ting Shi | Jun Shi

Chemometric methods have unique advantages regarding comprehensive consideration of multiple parameters and the classification of samples or variables. The above is especially suitable for the data...

Study on the influence of elastic modulus heterogeneity on in-situ stress and its damage to gas shale reservoirs

June 2018
Daobing Wang | Hongkui Ge | Bo Yu | Dongsheng Wen | Jun Zhou | Dongxu Han | Lu Liu

Shale heterogeneity has a significant effect on drilling and completions, hydraulic fracturing, as well as hydrocarbon development performance. However, it lacks representation of rock damage/failure...

The role of deep fluid in the formation of organic-rich source rocks☆

June 2018
Jiayi Liu | Quanyou Liu | Dongya Zhu | Qingqiang Meng | Wenhui Liu | Dengfeng Qiu | Zhenkai Huang

The inner basin has been the focus of organic-rich source rocks -related studies for a long time. In contrast, the effect brought by deep fluids on organic-rich source rocks has not received its much-deserved...

Distribution pattern and main factors controlling hydrocarbon accumulation of global oil and gas-rich deepwater basins

June 2018
Hongjun Qu | Gongcheng Zhang | Shuo Chen

It is observed from distribution of oil and gas-rich basins as well as summary and analysis of main control factor for hydrocarbon accumulation in global deepwater that oil and gas-rich basins in deepwater...

Discussion on the contribution of graptolite to organic enrichment and gas shale reservoir: A case study of the Wufeng–Longmaxi shales in South China

June 2018
Zhen Qiu | Caineng Zou | Xizhe Li | Hongyan Wang | Dazhong Dong | Bin Lu | Shangwen Zhou | Zhensheng Shi | Ziqi Feng | Mengqi Zhang

The graptolitic shale of the Wufeng–Longmaxi Formations is widely deposited across the Ordovician and Silurian transition in South China, which is the target of shale gas exploration and development...

New approach towards the classification of microporosity in Miocene carbonate rocks, Central Luconia, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

June 2018
Hammad Tariq Janjuhah | Abubaker Alansari | Deva Prasad Ghosh | Yasir Bashir

Microporosity is recognized as a significant concern in limestone reservoirs throughout the world because it presence can highly complicate the hydrocarbon estimation and production. Numerous studies...

Hydrogen isotopic characteristic of hydrocarbon gas pyrolyzed by herbaceous swamp peat in hydrous and anhydrous thermal simulation experiments

April 2018
Yi Duan | Yingzhong Wu | Yang Zhao | Xixi Cao | Lanhua Ma

In order to understand the influence of diagenetic water medium on hydrogen isotope of thermogenic coalbed gas, the hydrous and anhydrous pyrolytic simulation experiments have been carried out on herbaceous...

Discovery and geological significance of high quality hydrocarbon source rocks in interglacial of Neoproterozoic in the eastern part of the southern margin of North China

April 2018
Shengfei Qin | Ping Luo | Tongshan Wang | Lanjun Wang | Kui Ma

A conglomerate of glacial deposits from Neoproterozoic Sinian is generally developed in the southern margin of the North China Plate. However, whether the hydrocarbon source rock exists in a conglomerate...

Main controlling factors and distribution of high-quality deep dolomite reservoirs in typical cratonic basins in China

April 2018
Jianyong Zhang | Xinfeng Ni | Xingning Wu | Wenzheng Li | Yi Hao | Yanna Chen | Xueju Lü | Mingfeng Gu | Han Tian | Mao Zhu

Deep dolomite in cratonic basins is an essential target for future natural gas exploration in China. Statistical analyses of major cratonic basins in China, such as the Sichuan, Tarim, and Ordos basins,...

The dissolution characteristics of the Chang 8 tight reservoir and its quantitative influence on porosity in the Jiyuan area, Ordos Basin, China

April 2018
Shutong Li | Jingli Yao | Weiwei Mou | Anxiang Luo | Qi Wang | Xiuqin Deng | Meijuan Chu | Yang Li | Cancan Yan

The Chang 8 tight reservoir in the area of Jiyuan holds characteristics such as high feldspar content and common feldspar dissolution phenomenon, which are vital to improve the physical properties of...

Study on the optimization of fracturing parameters and interpretation of CBM fractured wells

April 2018
Qing Feng | Jingping Liu | Zijun Huang | Miao Tian

Due to complex seepage mechanism and weak reservoir property, CBM requires being exploited by hydraulic fracturing. In order to comprehend the influencing laws of fracturing parameters' on productivity,...

Formation and distribution of large lithologic-stratigraphic oil & gas fields (provinces)

February 2018
Shizhen Tao | Xuanjun Yuan | Lianhua Hou | Guosheng Zhang | Fan Yang | Xiaowan Tao | Yanzhao Wei | Xin Li | Chenglong Zhang | Lan Wang | Guoxin Sun | Ying Wang | Changhai Gao

Since the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, lithologic and stratigraphic reservoirs have been the main contribution of both the discovery as well as reserve and production increase in China; there were about...

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