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Recent Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience.

Progress on the different methods of reserves calculation in the whole life cycle of gas reservoir development

Available online 16 April 2021
Yunsheng Wei | Ailin Jia | Yanmei Xu | Jianlong Fang

Reserves evaluation is crucial in the whole life cycle of a gas reservoir. It is significant to figure out the various methods of reserves calculation in a systematic manner to understand and develop...

Numerical simulation of multi-hole fracture competition initiation and propagation

Available online 16 April 2021
Jinzhou Zhao | Qiang Wang | Yongquan Hu | Lan Ren | Chenghao Fu | Chaoneng Zhao

Perforation is the key to the successful implementation of hydraulic fracturing, and the study of perforation parameters is of great significance for reservoir reconstruction and oil and gas exploitation....

Characteristics and main controlling factors of Ordovician deep subsalt reservoir in central and eastern Ordos Basin, China

Available online 24 March 2021
Ling Fu | Jianzhong Li | Wanglin Xu | Wei Guo | Ningxi Li | Yueqiao Zhang | Wei Song | Yuanshi Sun

In recent years, the subsalt dolomite reservoirs in the Ordovician strata of the Ordos Basin have indicated good exploration results and are expected to have a high hydrocarbon potential. This study...

The Bawang Member, a unique unit of Belaga Formation in the Miri Zone, Central Sarawak, NW Borneo Malaysia: Revised stratigraphic and sedimentological characteristics

Available online 15 March 2021
Nisar Ahmed | Numair A. Siddiqui | Muhammad Sanaullah | Muhammad Jamil | Muhammad Armaghan Faisal Miraj | Zulqarnain Sajid | Zain Gul | Sani Ado Kasim | Qazi Sohail Imran

Bawang Member (Unit 4) of Late Eocene age is the fifth and the youngest member of Belaga Formation. In general, the Late Cretaceous to Late Eocene turbidite sequence of Rajang Group in the lower Rajang...

Gas source and exploration direction of the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation in the Sichuan Basin, China

December 2020
Xiaoqi Wu | Yingbin Chen | Changbo Zhai | Xiaojin Zhou | Wenhui Liu | Jun Yang | Xiaobo Song

Natural gas exploration in the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation (T2l) in the Sichuan Basin of China has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in recent years and thus attracts wide attention. However,...

Exploration domains and technological breakthrough directions of natural gas in SINOPEC exploratory areas, Sichuan Basin, China

December 2020
Shengxiang Long | Zhe Cheng | Huaming Xu | Qian Chen

Natural gas exploration in SINOPEC's exploratory areas in the Sichuan Basin has achieved rapid development. Since discovering the Xinchang gas field, natural gas exploration has expanded gradually,...

The origin of fluid in calcite veins and its implications for hydrocarbon accumulation in the Shunnan-Gucheng area of the Tarim Basin, China

December 2020
Huili Li | Donghua You | Jun Han | Yixiong Qian | Xuguang Sha | Binbin Xi

The high-angle, structural genetic calcite veins of the Ordovician in the Shunnan-Gucheng area in the Tarim Basin provide a convenient study of fluid properties, hydrocarbon migration, and accumulation...

Recent progress on the research of Re–Os geochronology and Re–Os elemental and isotopic systematics in petroleum systems

December 2020
Yanming Sai | Keyu Jin | Mingzhuang Luo | Hui Tian | Jie Li | Junjie Liu

Re–Os geochronometer has been used in the dating of generation-accumulation, thermal cracking, and thermochemical sulfate reduction of crude oil and the oil-source correlation of petroleum systems in...

Pore characterization of Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation and Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation shale gas reservoirs, Sichuan Basin, China

December 2020
Chengfu Lyu | Ying Zhang | Chao Li | Guojun Chen | Qianshan Zhou | Ming Ma | Zhaotong Sun | Xue Gao

In order to investigate pore structure characteristics of Wufeng and Longmaxi Formations shales in the Sichuan Basin, the organic geochemical parameter and petrologic experiments, N2 and CO2 adsorptions,...

Using characteristics of pressure-temperature induced permeability variation of typical carbonate rock to determine its performance as reservoir or cap rock

Available online 30 November 2020
Tong Lin | Tongshan Wang | Jinghai Dong | Yin Zeng | Zhide Wu

The current research on carbonate rock often focuses on the storage space for oil and gas, and exploration of carbonate rock in petroliferous basins also mainly searches for high-quality reservoir rock...

Characteristics of pore structures from the Lower Paleozoic shale gas reservoirs in northern Guizhou, South China

October 2020
Xianqing Li | Yangyang Li | Jiehao Li | Xiaoyan Zou | Man Guo | Zhe Wang | Xueqing Zhang | Feiyu Wang

Pore structure in shale is an important factor influencing the storage capacity of a shale gas reservoir and the effect of shale gas development. Taking the core and outcrop shale samples from the Lower...

Reservoir characteristics and genesis of the Ordovician M54−1a in the central and eastern parts of the Ordos Basin, China

October 2020
Zhou Yu | Jingao Zhou | Zhenchun Ding | Liubin Wei | Yuan Wei | Xingning Wu | Dongxu Wu | Shaoyi Wang | Weiling Li

M54−1a is a new natural gas exploration target of the Ordovician in the Ordos Basin and is expected to have large-scale reserves and a production increasing area after M51 and M52 weathering crust gas...

Provenance and tectonic setting of Paleogene sandstone in the center of the northern Qaidam Basin, China

October 2020
Guoqiang Sun | Yetong Wang | Yun Jiang | Shile Pan | Shuncun Zhang | Mingfeng Zhang

The average thickness of Paleogene sandstones reaches about 3000 m or even 4000 m at the northern margin of the Qaidam Basin. However, the provenance of these sandstones has been uncertain; thus, more...

Study on the characterization of pore structure and main controlling factors of pore development in gas shale

October 2020
Zhuang Xu | Wanzhong Shi | Gangyi Zhai | Nyujia Peng | Chi Zhang

Shale has a complex pore structure, which leads to complex petrophysical characteristics. The porosity, pore type, pore size, pore volume, TOC, and other petrophysical parameters of shale all affect...

Characteristics of rare gas isotopes and main controlling factors of helium enrichment in the northern margin of the Qaidam Basin, China

October 2020
Wei Han | Wenjin Liu | Yuhong Li | Junlin Zhou | Wen Zhang | Yunpeng Zhang | Xiaohong Chen | Bin Huang

Based on the study of the geological background, it is considered that the main factors affecting helium enrichment in the northern margin of the Qaidam Basin (NMQB) are widely distributed rock masses,...

Geochemical characteristics and genesis of the Middle Devonian and the Middle Permian natural gas in the Sichuan Basin, China

August 2020
Zengye Xie | Chunlong Yang | Caiyuan Dong | Xin Dai | Lu Zhang | Jianying Guo | Zeqing Guo | Zhisheng Li | Jin Li | Xuening Qi

Breakthroughs have been made for the natural gas exploration of the Middle Devonian and the Middle Permian formations in the Sichuan Basin in recent years. Nevertheless, its natural gas source is still...

Geochemical characteristics of crude oil and oil-source correlation in the western Qaidam Basin, China

August 2020
Mai Zhang | Chenglin Liu | Jixian Tian | Zhendong Lu | Hao Pang | Xu Zeng | Hua Kong | Sai Yang

The Cenozoic in the western Qaidam Basin is rich in oil and gas resources and has good prospects for exploration. The maturity, sedimentary environment, and biological source of the crude oil in the...

Sedimentary geology and geochemical approach to determine depositional environment of the Triassic turbidites bearing Semanggol Formation, NW Peninsular Malaysia

August 2020
Zulqarnain Sajid | Mohd Suhaili Ismail | Haylay Tsegab | Tanzila Hanif | Nisar Ahmed

The current study will provide sedimentary and geochemical characteristics of turbidites bearing part of the Triassic Semanggol Formation (SgF) from NW Peninsular Malaysia. Six localities have been...

Geochemistry and accumulation model of the Ordovician hydrocarbon in the Sichuan Basin, China

August 2020
Dianwei Zhang | Zhiliang He | Ganlu Li

Oil and gas discoveries in the Ordovician in the Sichuan Basin are mainly concentrated in the compact limestone of the Nanjinguan Formation and the Baota Formation at the bottom and at the top of the...

Several essential geological and geochemical issues regarding shale gas research in China

August 2020
Jinxing Dai | Dazhong Dong | Yunyan Ni | Feng Hong | Surong Zhang | Yanling Zhang | Lin Ding

Recently, shale gas research and industrial production in China have been significantly developed, which has enriched the theory of natural gas geology in China and increased the supply of domestic...

Geochemical characteristics of Middle-Upper Ordovician source rocks in the Kalpin outcrop profiles and marine oil-source correlation, Tarim Basin, NW China

June 2020
Anlai Ma | Huili Li | Jiehao Li | Xiaopeng Gao | Fan Wang | Yao Yao | Fan Feng

The Middle-Upper Ordovician source rocks developed in six outcrop profiles in the Kalpin area, Tarim Basin, NW China were analyzed using an organic geochemical screening method. Most TOC values of source...

Application of ultra-deep sandstone reservoirs prediction technology under controlled seismic facies in Yudong block of Tabei Uplift, Tarim Basin, China

June 2020
Zhou Su | Yongfu Liu | Jianfa Han | Haining Luo | Fengying Yang | Yuzhe Cui | Peng Peng | Huifang Zhang | Liang Du | Zheng Liu

Thin sand layers are widely developed in the Cretaceous Baxigai Formation in the Yudong area, western Tabei Uplift, and series of lithologic traps controlled by the structures are formed. The thickness...

Geological characteristics and exploration prospect of oil and gas from the sandstone of the Silurian Xiaoheba Formation in the Sichuan Basin, China

June 2020
Wei Yang | Guoqi Wei | Dejiang Li | Mancang Liu | Wuren Xie | Hui Jin | Juehong Shen | Cuiguo Hao | Xiaodan Wang

The sandstone of the Silurian Xiaoheba Formation in the Sichuan Basin is poorly understood and the exploration prospect is unclear. The geological characteristics of oil and gas from the aspects of...

Prediction of organic matter carbonization zones of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Middle-Upper Yangtze region, China

June 2020
Yuman Wang | Xinjing Li | Hao Wang | Wei Wu | Shan Jiang | Bo Chen | Junjun Shen | Guoxiao Zhou

Selecting and evaluating marine shale gas areas in South China to determine the distribution range of organic matter carbonization zones and exclude the high-risk zones of shale gas exploration are...

Discussion on the characteristics and controlling factors of differential enrichment of shale gas in the Wufeng-Longmaxi formations in south China

June 2020
Zhen Qiu | Caineng Zou | Hongyan Wang | Dazhong Dong | Bin Lu | Zhenhong Chen | Dexun Liu | Guizhong Li | Hanlin Liu | Jianglin He | Lin Wei

The annual output of shale gas from the Wufeng-Longmaxi formations in South China reached 15.4 × 109 m3 in 2019, which makes Sichuan basin the second-largest shale gas producing area in the world. Based...

Sandstone characteristics and hydrocarbon exploration significance of the Middle-Lower Jurassic of the central-eastern part of the northern tectonic belt of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China

April 2020
Ronghu Zhang | Haijun Yang | Hongxing Wei | Chaofeng Yu | Zhao Yang | Jin Wu

The Jurassic at the northern tectonic belt of the Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, is the key frontier of replacement for oil and gas exploration in the 13th five-year plan of China. The 4th national resource...

Sedimentary pattern and exploration significance of Permian reefs and shoals around the Wusheng-Shizhu intra-platform depression, eastern Sichuan Basin, China

April 2020
Yuqiang Jiang | Yadong Zhou | Zhiyong Chen | Yifan Gu | Yonghong Fu | Juanzi Yi | Jiewei Zhang | Zengzheng Jiang

There exists the Wusheng-Shizhu and Chongqing-Qijiang intra-platform depressions in the eastern Sichuan Basin during the Late Permian to the Early Triassic. The clear understanding of the sedimentary...

Pore size distribution in the tight sandstone reservoir of the Ordos Basin, China and their differential origin

April 2020
Wei Wang | Yushuang Zhu | Caili Yu | Le Zhao | Dayou Chen

The micro-nano pore throat system widely developed in tight sandstone is the essential difference between tight sandstone reservoir and conventional sandstone reservoir; it is also the main factor affecting...

Geochemical characteristics and genesis of tight gas in Shahezi Formation, Xujiaweizi Fault Depression, North Songliao Basin, China

April 2020
Yixuan Ran | Xiang Zhou

Along with exploration of unconventional natural gas in North Songliao Basin, the tight gas in Shahezi Formation has become a new hotspot, followed by continual breakthroughs in terms of gas exploration....

Petrological, He–Ne–Ar and Sr–Nd–Pb geochemical of volcanic rocks constraint on tectonic settings and geodynamic process of the Carboniferous, East Junggar

April 2020
Jianming Guo | Hailong Fan | Shengyin Zhang | Xiang Liu | Tao Wu | Wanyun Ma | Shuncun Zhang | Hui Guo

The Karamaili ophiolite belt is an important tectonic unit in the East Junggar terrane, Xinjiang, China, and provides a material basis for the study of subduction, accretion and collision processes,...

Petrographic characterization and diagenetic evaluation of reservoir sandstones from Smørbukk and Heidrun fields, offshore Norway

February 2020
Anwar Hossain Bhuiyan | Shakhawat Hossain

A detail qualitative and quantitative analysis based on thin section petrographic analyses of sandstone samples from the reservoir horizons of Smørbukk and Heidrun fields have been carried out to characterize...

Heterogeneity in the overpressure zones in West Baram Delta, offshore-Sarawak, Malaysia

February 2020
I. Yusuf | E. Padmanabhan | J.A. Gamez Vintaned | C. Weng Sum

Geopressure prediction is crucial because all drilling programs require estimation of abnormal pressured zones. The use of rock fabric deformational relics at variable depths to determine heterogeneity...

Petrological and geochemical constraints on tectonic settings of the Late Carboniferous-Early Permian, Central Junggar, China

February 2020
Shuncun Zhang | Shengyin Zhang | Linhao Fang | Xinchuan Lu | Hui Guo | Ji'an Shi

It is assumed that the central part of Junggar underwent continuous deposition from the Mesozoic to Cenozoic, but few data are available from deep well to support this hypothesis. The tectonic settings...

Transparent machine learning provides insightful estimates of natural gas density based on pressure, temperature and compositional variables

February 2020
David A. Wood | Abouzar Choubineh

Machine-learning algorithms are widely used to predict the physical properties of natural gas, but most techniques involve establishing correlations between the influencing variables. In the case of...

Geological field characteristic of the Kroh Formation in the Upper Perak shales, western Peninsula Malaysia

February 2020
Monera Adam Shoieb | Chow Weng Sum | Mohd Suhaili Ismail | Haylay Tsegab Gebretsadik | Owusu Esther

Unconventional hydrocarbon resource has become an interesting field of study; specially for its source rocks which can also be turned into excellent reservoirs to generate and accumulation hydrocarbons....

Sources of coal-derived gas in the marine strata of Central Sichuan, China

December 2019
Shengfei Qin | Bin Bai | Miao Yuan | Guoxiao Zhou | Jindong Yang

There are gas reservoirs in the Triassic Leikoupo Formation, Jialingjiang Formation, Feixianguan Formation, and Permian Changxing Formation in the marine strata of Central Sichuan Basin. Over the years,...

Present status of Bangladesh gas fields and future development: A review

December 2019
M. Hassan Shetol | M. Moklesur Rahman | Ratneshwar Sarder | M. Ismail Hossain | F. Kabir Riday

Natural gas, played vital role as main energy source to the rapid development of Bangladesh, production and consumption has been increased drastically during last decades. Geological and geophysical...

Classification evaluation criteria and exploration potential of tight oil resources in key basins of China

December 2019
Xiang Fang | Zhi Yang | Weipeng Yan | Xuguang Guo | Yanxiong Wu | Juntian Liu

In general, the migration distance of continental tight oil in China is relatively short, and the formation and distribution are mainly controlled by the tectonic setting, source rock, reservoir, and...

Advances on enrichment law and key technologies of exploration and development of continental tight oil in China (2016–2018)

December 2019
Suyun Hu | Shizhen Tao | Weipeng Yan | Zhi Yang | Guangtian Men | Zhenxing Tang | Jianqin Xue | Xuan Chen | Xiyu Jia | Tao Jiang | Dong Huang | Xiaowei Liang | Futai Jing

Continental tight oil is a promising unconventional resource found in recent years and an important supplement to the growth of domestic petroleum reserves and production in China. Guided by the research...

Geochemical characteristics and exploration potential of Jurassic coal-formed gas in northwest China

December 2019
Jian Li | Aisheng Hao | Xuening Qi | Xuan Chen | Jianying Guo | Qigui Ran | Zhisheng Li | Zengye Xie | Xu Zeng | Jin Li | Yu Wang | Ruhong Liu

Jurassic coal-measure strata are widely developed in Northwest China and mainly distributed in the Tarim Basin, Junggar Basin, Qaidam Basin, and Tuha Basin. The Jurassic coal-formed gas resources are...

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