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Most Downloaded Petroleum Exploration and Development Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Application of nanotechnology in petroleum exploration and development

December 2016
He LIU | Xu JIN | Bin DING

Combined with the actual demand of oil and gas exploration and development, this paper summarizes the research progress and application of nanotechnology in various fields of petroleum exploration and...

2. Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development in the United States

December 2015
Dongxiao ZHANG | Tingyun YANG

Through comprehensive investigation of the environmental issues in shale gas development in the US, the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development are summarized to provide...

3. Synthetic well logs generation via Recurrent Neural Networks

August 2018
Dongxiao ZHANG | Yuntian CHEN | Jin MENG

To supplement missing logging information without increasing economic cost, a machine learning method to generate synthetic well logs from the existing log data was presented, and the experimental verification...

4. A comprehensive review of polyacrylamide polymer gels for conformance control

August 2015
Baojun Bai | Jia Zhou | Mingfei Yin

Polymer gels have been designed and successfully applied to improve sweep efficiency and to reduce excessive water production by minimizing reservoir heterogeneity. Based on their compositions and application...

5. Comprehensive review of water shutoff methods for horizontal wells

December 2017
Xindi SUN | Baojun BAI

This paper provides a comprehensive review of the water control techniques that have been applied in horizontal wells and presents the water control methods for wells of different completion types....

6. Underground coal gasification and its strategic significance to the development of natural gas industry in China

April 2019
Caineng ZOU | Yanpeng CHEN | Lingfeng KONG | Fenjin SUN | Shanshan CHEN | Zhen DONG

Based on the present situation and trend of underground coal gasification in China and overseas, this article puts forward the basic concept, mechanism and mode of underground coal gasification, and...

7. Hydrocarbon potential in the key basins in the East Coast of Africa

October 2013
Zongying ZHOU | Ye TAO | Shujun LI | Wenlong DING

This paper analyzes the evolution and sedimentary filling characteristics of regional structures in the sedimentary basins in the east coast of Africa and discusses the different geological conditions...

8. Distribution and potential of global oil and gas resources

August 2018
Xiaoguang TONG | Guangya ZHANG | Zhaoming WANG | Zhixin WEN | Zuoji TIAN | Hongjun WANG | Feng MA | Yiping WU

Using conventional and unconventional oil and gas resource evaluation methods with play as a unit, this study evaluates the oil and gas geology and resource potential of conventional oil and gas resources...

9. Assessment of global unconventional oil and gas resources

December 2016
Hongjun WANG | Feng MA | Xiaoguang TONG | Zuodong LIU | Xinshun ZHANG | Zhenzhen WU | Denghua LI | Bo WANG | Yinfu XIE | Liuyan YANG

This paper evaluates the recoverable unconventional oil and gas resources around the world, reveals main controlling factors and potential regions for the rich accumulation of unconventional oil and...

10. Geological characteristics and resource potential of shale gas in China

December 2010
Caineng Zou | Dazhong Dong | Shejiao Wang | Jianzhong Li | Xinjing Li | Yuman Wang | Denghua Li | Keming Cheng

With Sichuan Basin as focus, this paper introduces the depositional environment, geochemical and reservoir characteristics, gas concentration and prospective resource potential of three different types...

11. Trend and progress in global oil and gas exploration

August 2013
Wenrui HU | Jingwei BAO | Bin HU

Major progress achieved in oil and gas exploration in terms of reserves, number of oil and gas fields and discovery of large oilfields were analyzed, trend and progress of global oil and gas exploration...

12. Enhanced oil recovery of low salinity water flooding in sandstone and the role of clay

October 2018
Hasan N. Al-SAEDI | Ralph E. FLORI

Sandstone core and free-clay sandstone core were prepared in chromatography columns, and core flooding experiments were performed to determine the EOR mechanisms of low salinity (LS) water flooding...

13. Achievements and future work of oil and gas production engineering of CNPC

February 2019
Qun LEI | Dingwei WENG | Jianhui LUO | Jianjun ZHANG | Yiliang LI | Xin WANG | Baoshan GUAN

This paper summarizes the latest achievements and technological progress in oil and gas production engineering of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and discusses the main four challenges faced:...

14. Contourites: Physical oceanography, process sedimentology, and petroleum geology

April 2017

The purpose of this critical review is to address fundamental principles associated with contourites and other bottom-current deposits. The four basic types of deep-marine bottom currents are: (1) thermohaline-induced...

15. Potential application of functional micro-nano structures in petroleum

August 2018
He LIU | Xu JIN | Dekai ZHOU | Qinghai YANG | Longqiu LI

This paper takes micro-nano motors and metamaterials as examples to introduce the basic concept and development of functional micro nano structures, and analyzes the application potential of the micro-nano...

16. Formation, distribution, potential and prediction of global conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources

February 2015
Caineng ZOU | Guangming ZHAI | Guangya ZHANG | Hongjun WANG | Guosheng ZHANG | Jianzhong LI | Zhaoming WANG | Zhixin WEN | Feng MA | Yingbo LIANG | Zhi YANG | Xin LI | Kun LIANG

Since the Neoproterozoic, two important cycles of separation and junction of the Rodinia and Pangea supercontinents controlled the formation of the Tethys, Laurasia, Gondwana and Pacifica domains, as...

17. Assessment of fiscal terms of international petroleum contracts

December 2010
Dongkun Luo | Na Yan

Fiscal terms of oil contracts are primary non-resource factors international oil companies consider when they want to enter a country. The attractiveness of the fiscal terms has a fundamental effect...

18. Structural characteristics and petroleum exploration of Levant Basin in Eastern Mediterranean

August 2017
Xiaobing LIU | Guangya ZHANG | Zhixin WEN | Zhaoming WANG | Chengpeng SONG | Zhengjun HE | Zhiping LI

By using geologic and seismic data, this study restored the proto-type basins and lithofacies paleogeography of the Levant basin in Eastern Mediterranean during main geological periods, carried out...

19. General method of calculating annular laminar pressure drop of drilling fluids with different rheological models

December 2013
Qi PENG | Honghai FAN | Haobo ZHOU | Chaowei LI | Xuyue CHEN | Echuan WANG | Zhi YE

Traditional annular laminar flow analysis method applied in drilling engineering has poor accuracy and does not apply to complicated rheological models. A general method of calculating annular laminar...

20. Progress and prospects of reservoir development geology

August 2017
Yang LI | Shenghe WU | Jiagen HOU | Jianmin LIU

This paper deals with the main scientific problems, academic connotation, progress and prospects of reservoir development geology. The reservoir development geology involves the key scientific problems...

21. Generation mechanism and control measures for H2S in oil wells, Liaohe Oilfield

June 2008

H2S may be generated by the reactions of sulphur-alcohol and sulfoether in the crude oil or by the sulfur-bearing minerals in the formation at high temperatures. Sulphate can also be reduced to H2S...

22. Breakthrough and significance of unconventional oil and gas to classical petroleum geology theory

February 2017
Chengzao JIA

Great changes of the global energy industry have been caused by the rapid development of unconventional oil and gas. It is necessary to deeply consider the profound influence of the unconventional oil...

23. “Exploring petroleum inside source kitchen”: Connotation and prospects of source rock oil and gas

February 2019
Zhi YANG | Caineng ZOU

Based on the transitional background of the global energy structure, exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas, and investigation of key basins, the unconventional oil and gas resources...

24. Classification and hydrocarbon distribution of passive continental margin basins

October 2016
Zhixin WEN | Hong XU | Zhaoming WANG | Zhengjun HE | Chengpeng SONG | Xi CHEN | Yonghua WANG

Sixty-six passive continental margin basins around the world were compared comprehensively from the aspect of seismogeology on the basis of plate tectonics. According to their textural and structural...

25. Optimization of well pad design and drilling – well clustering

June 2019
Aleksandr ABRAMOV

A model accounting for more than 30 parameters of drilling projects, and a computer program to enumerate groupings of the wells of a pad with consequent calculations of technical-economic characteristics,...

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