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Sports Medicine and Health Science

The purpose of the Sports Medicine and Health Science (SMHS) journal is to provide a scientific, merit-based, high-quality publication platform for all relevant biomedical studies worldwide with a primary focus on sports medicine, physical activity, and the exercise-related health sciences. The primary disciplines that are covered by SMHS include but are not limited to clinical sports medicine; orthopedics; preventive medicine; rehabilitation medicine; physical therapy; basic and translational sports sciences including exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, exercise molecular biology, and exercise immunology; biomechanics; motor control and exercise neuroscience; exercise epidemiology, gerontology, and nutrition; and complementary and alternative medicine.

Other emphasized topics of interests are:

  • The prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries in muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones, especially those that occurred in elite, professional, or Olympic athletes as well as in amateur sports participants.
  • The prevention and treatment of chronic diseases that are caused by a lack of physical activity or the improper practice of exercise. SMHS welcomes contributions on studies that employ exercise intervention on metabolic, cardiopulmonary, and neuromuscular disorders as well as mental health. Health issues among elderly populations will receive special editorial attention.
  • Epidemiology and population research on the effect of physical activity and exercise on health-threatening epidemics in the form of chronic diseases that were caused by a lack of physical activity, such as (but not limited to) obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and Alzheimer disease
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as acupuncture and traditional sports (i.e., Tai-Chi and Qigong), in the context of the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and chronic diseases that affect major vital organs, such as obesity, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, and heart attack.

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Editors-in-Chief: J. Larry Durstine, Quansheng Su
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2666-3376
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