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Recent Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Articles

Recently published articles from Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture.

Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental impacts of rainbow trout in Iran

June 2019
Behzad Elhami | Saeid Shahvarooghi Farahani | Afshin Marzban

Combination of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and other management tools can help production units to improve economic productivity and environmental protection. In this study, a combination of LCA and...

A computer vision system for defect discrimination and grading in tomatoes using machine learning and image processing

June 2019
David Ireri | Eisa Belal | Cedric Okinda | Nelson Makange | Changying Ji

With large-scale production and the need for high-quality tomatoes to meet consumer and market standards criteria, have led to the need for an inline, accurate, reliable grading system during the post-harvest...

A comprehensive review on automation in agriculture using artificial intelligence

June 2019
Kirtan Jha | Aalap Doshi | Poojan Patel | Manan Shah

Agriculture automation is the main concern and emerging subject for every country. The world population is increasing at a very fast rate and with increase in population the need for food increases...

Fusion of machine vision technology and AlexNet-CNNs deep learning network for the detection of postharvest apple pesticide residues

March 2019
Bo Jiang | Jinrong He | Shuqin Yang | Hongfei Fu | Tong Li | Huaibo Song | Dongjian He

Pesticide residue is an important factor that affects food safety. In order to achieve effective detection of pesticide residues in apples, a machine-vision-based segmentation algorithm and hyperspectral...

Comparison of two data fusion methods for localization of wheeled mobile robot in farm conditions

March 2019
S. Erfani | A. Jafari | A. Hajiahmad

Localization of a mobile robot with any structure, work space and task is one of the most fundamental issues in the field of robotics and the prerequisite for moving any mobile robot that has always...

Recent advances in emerging techniques for non-destructive detection of seed viability: A review

March 2019
Yu Xia | Yunfei Xu | Jiangbo Li | Chi Zhang | Shuxiang Fan

Over the past decades, imaging and spectroscopy techniques have been developed rapidly with widespread applications in non-destructive agro-food quality determination. Seeds are one of the most fundamental...

Study on body temperature detection of pig based on infrared technology: A review

March 2019
Zaiqin Zhang | Hang Zhang | Tonghai Liu

Body temperature is an important physiological indicator in the whole process of pig breeding. Temperature measurement is also an effective means to assist in disease diagnosis and pig health monitoring....

Identification of maize (Zea mays L.) progeny genotypes based on two probabilistic approaches: Logistic regression and naïve Bayes

March 2019
D. Seka | B.S. Bonny | A.N. Yoboué | S.R. Sié | B.A. Adopo-Gourène

We used two probabilistic methods, Gaussian Naïve Bayes and Logistic Regression to predict the genotypes of the offspring of two maize strains, the BLC and the JNE genotypes, based on the phenotypic...

Application of artificial intelligence for separation of live and dead rainbow trout fish eggs

March 2019
Abbas Rohani | Morteza Taki | Ghasem Bahrami

In this study a visual machine technology-based intelligent system was developed and evaluated for separation and recognizing the alive and dead eggs of rainbow trout fish. The features derived from...

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