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Recent Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Articles

Recently published articles from Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture.

Modeling and optimization of Terminalia catappa L. kernel oil extraction using response surface methodology and artificial neural network

Chinedu Matthew Agu | Matthew Chukwudi Menkiti | Ekwe Bassey Ekwe | Albert Chibuzor Agulanna

In this study, response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) were used to optimize Terminalia catappa L. kernel oil (TCKO) yield. Solvent extraction method was used for the...

Image processing based real-time variable-rate chemical spraying system for disease control in paddy crop

V.K. Tewari | C.M. Pareek | Gurdeep Lal | L.K. Dhruw | Naseeb Singh

The agrochemical application with conventional sprayers results in wastage of applied chemicals, which not only increases the economic losses but also pollutes the environment. In order to overcome...

Deep learning approach for recognition and classification of yield affecting paddy crop stresses using field images

Basavaraj S. Anami | Naveen N. Malvade | Surendra Palaiah

On-time recognition and early control of the stresses in the paddy crops at the booting growth stage is the key to prevent qualitative and quantitative loss of agricultural yield. The conventional paddy...

Implementation of artificial intelligence in agriculture for optimisation of irrigation and application of pesticides and herbicides

Tanha Talaviya | Dhara Shah | Nivedita Patel | Hiteshri Yagnik | Manan Shah

Agriculture plays a significant role in the economic sector. The automation in agriculture is the main concern and the emerging subject across the world. The population is increasing tremendously and...

Real-time hyperspectral imaging for the in-field estimation of strawberry ripeness with deep learning

Zongmei Gao | Yuanyuan Shao | Guantao Xuan | Yongxian Wang | Yi Liu | Xiang Han

Strawberry is one of the popular fruits with numerous nutrients. The ripeness of this fruits was estimated using the hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system in field and laboratory conditions in this study....

Evaluation of optimization techniques in predicting optimum moisture content reduction in drying potato slices

Chijioke Elijah Onu | Philomena K. Igbokwe | Joseph T. Nwabanne | Charles O. Nwajinka | Paschal E. Ohale

The use of artificial intelligence models in predicting the moisture content reduction in the drying of potato (Ipomoea batata) slices was the focus of this work. The models used were adaptive neuro...

Nondestructive determining the soluble solids content of citrus using near infrared transmittance technology combined with the variable selection algorithm

Xi Tian | Jiangbo Li | Shilai Yi | Guoqiang Jin | Xiaoying Qiu | Yongjie Li

Nondestructive determination the internal quality of thick-skin fruits has always been a challenge. In order to investigate the prediction ability of full transmittance mode on the soluble solid content...

Seedling-lump integrated non-destructive monitoring for automatic transplanting with Intel RealSense depth camera

September 2019
Tabinda Naz Syed | Liu Jizhan | Zhou Xin | Zhao Shengyi | Yuan Yan | Sami Hassan Ahmed Mohamed | Imran Ali Lakhiar

Non-destructive plant growth parameters measurement is an important concern in automatic-seedling transplanting. Recently, several image-based monitoring approaches have been proposed and potentially...

Comparison of veracity and application of different CFD turbulence models for refrigerated transport

September 2019
Jia-Wei Han | Wen-Ying Zhu | Zeng-Tao Ji

The objective of this study was to establish a comprehensively verified 3D CFD model of this experimental platform to simulate the airflow and heat transfer at different unsteady turbulence model (standard...

Sunflower leaf diseases detection using image segmentation based on particle swarm optimization

September 2019
Vijai Singh

Sun flower (Helianthus annuus L.) is one of the important oil seed crops and potentially fit in agricultural system and oil production sector of India. Sunflower crop gets damaged by the impact of various...

Recent advances in Raman technology with applications in agriculture, food and biosystems: A review

September 2019
Shizhuang Weng | Wenxiu Zhu | Xueyan Zhang | Hecai Yuan | Ling Zheng | Jinling Zhao | Linsheng Huang | Ping Han

Raman technology, which covers Raman spectroscopy (RS) and its various derivative methods, has been widely applied in detection of various substances in agriculture, food and biosystems. This article...

A protocol of field-based phenotyping procedure for no-till wheat root system architecture based on data-driven model-assist

September 2019
Xinxin Chen | Qishuo Ding | Ruiyin He | Huixin Li

Field-based phenotyping (FBP) of crop root system architecture (RSA) provides a way to quantify the root growth and distribution in field with a smaller scale. Studies on a better understanding of the...

Edge computing: A tractable model for smart agriculture?

September 2019
M.J. O'Grady | D. Langton | G.M.P. O'Hare

Establishing food security remains a global challenge; it is thus a specific objective of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Successfully delivering productive and sustainable...

Survey on solid wastes management by composting: Optimization of key process parameters for biofertilizer synthesis from agro wastes using response surface methodology (RSM)

September 2019
Christian O. Asadu | Samuel O. Egbuna | Thompson O. Chime | Chibuzor N. Eze | Dibia Kevin | Gordian O. Mbah | Anthony C. Ezema

The optimization of key process parameters for the transformation of agro wastes into biofertilizer has been demonstrated using response surface methodology (RSM). Biofertilizer was produced by composting...

A sequential method for estimating the optical properties of two-layer agro-products from spatially-resolved diffuse reflectance: Simulation

September 2019
Aichen Wang | Xinhua Wei

A sequential method for estimating the optical properties of two-layer biological tissues with spatially-resolved diffuse reflectance was proposed and validated using Monte Carlo simulations. The relationship...

Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental impacts of rainbow trout in Iran

June 2019
Behzad Elhami | Saeid Shahvarooghi Farahani | Afshin Marzban

Combination of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and other management tools can help production units to improve economic productivity and environmental protection. In this study, a combination of LCA and...

Reliable execution of a robust soft computing workplace found on multiple neuro-fuzzy inference systems coupled with multiple nonlinear equations for exhaustive perception of tractor-implement performance in plowing process

June 2019
S.M. Shafaei | M. Loghavi | S. Kamgar

Tendency towards computer simulations linked to agricultural machinery has enormously increased in recent years. In this regard, the principal contribution of current research was to develop soft computing...

Optical non-destructive techniques for small berry fruits: A review

June 2019
Shuping Li | Hongpei Luo | Menghan Hu | Miao Zhang | Jianlin Feng | Yangtai Liu | Qingli Dong | Baolin Liu

Small berries including strawberry and blueberry are extensively consumed fruits with great economic values due to their characteristic flavor and appearance as well as potential health benefits. This...

Coupling of crop assignment and vehicle routing for harvest planning in agriculture

June 2019
Mogens Graf Plessen

A method for harvest planning based on the coupling of crop assignment with vehicle routing is presented. Given a setting with multiple fields, a path network connecting these, multiple depots at which...

A computer vision system for defect discrimination and grading in tomatoes using machine learning and image processing

June 2019
David Ireri | Eisa Belal | Cedric Okinda | Nelson Makange | Changying Ji

With large-scale production and the need for high-quality tomatoes to meet consumer and market standards criteria, have led to the need for an inline, accurate, reliable grading system during the post-harvest...

A comprehensive review on automation in agriculture using artificial intelligence

June 2019
Kirtan Jha | Aalap Doshi | Poojan Patel | Manan Shah

Agriculture automation is the main concern and emerging subject for every country. The world population is increasing at a very fast rate and with increase in population the need for food increases...

Application of artificial intelligence for separation of live and dead rainbow trout fish eggs

March 2019
Abbas Rohani | Morteza Taki | Ghasem Bahrami

In this study a visual machine technology-based intelligent system was developed and evaluated for separation and recognizing the alive and dead eggs of rainbow trout fish. The features derived from...

Study on body temperature detection of pig based on infrared technology: A review

March 2019
Zaiqin Zhang | Hang Zhang | Tonghai Liu

Body temperature is an important physiological indicator in the whole process of pig breeding. Temperature measurement is also an effective means to assist in disease diagnosis and pig health monitoring....

Identification of maize (Zea mays L.) progeny genotypes based on two probabilistic approaches: Logistic regression and naïve Bayes

March 2019
D. Seka | B.S. Bonny | A.N. Yoboué | S.R. Sié | B.A. Adopo-Gourène

We used two probabilistic methods, Gaussian Naïve Bayes and Logistic Regression to predict the genotypes of the offspring of two maize strains, the BLC and the JNE genotypes, based on the phenotypic...

Recent advances in emerging techniques for non-destructive detection of seed viability: A review

March 2019
Yu Xia | Yunfei Xu | Jiangbo Li | Chi Zhang | Shuxiang Fan

Over the past decades, imaging and spectroscopy techniques have been developed rapidly with widespread applications in non-destructive agro-food quality determination. Seeds are one of the most fundamental...

Comparison of two data fusion methods for localization of wheeled mobile robot in farm conditions

March 2019
S. Erfani | A. Jafari | A. Hajiahmad

Localization of a mobile robot with any structure, work space and task is one of the most fundamental issues in the field of robotics and the prerequisite for moving any mobile robot that has always...

Fusion of machine vision technology and AlexNet-CNNs deep learning network for the detection of postharvest apple pesticide residues

March 2019
Bo Jiang | Jinrong He | Shuqin Yang | Hongfei Fu | Tong Li | Huaibo Song | Dongjian He

Pesticide residue is an important factor that affects food safety. In order to achieve effective detection of pesticide residues in apples, a machine-vision-based segmentation algorithm and hyperspectral...

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