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Most Downloaded China Economic Quarterly International Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Impact of air pollution on labor productivity: Evidence from prison factory data

June 2021
Shuai Chen | Dandan Zhang

This study examined the causal relationship between air pollution and labor productivity, by adopting prison factory data for a perfect measure of labor productivity. To address the endogeneity of air...

2. Gender roles and women’s labor market outcomes

June 2021
Zhang Chuanchuan | Wang Jingwen

Using the China General Social Survey data, we tried to examine the impact of gender roles on women’s labor market outcomes. We find that traditional gender roles emphasizing women’s responsibility...

3. Can higher levels of disclosure bring greater efficiency: Empirical research on the effect of government information disclosure on enterprise investment efficiency

September 2021
Wenchao Yu | Pinghan Liang | Nan Gao

Government Information disclosure (GID) is an important part of Chinese efforts in improving doing-business environment. Based on the sample of China's listed enterprises, this paper studies the effect...

4. The heterogeneous growth effects of the business environment: Firm-level evidence for a global sample of cities

March 2021
José-Daniel Reyes | Mark Roberts | Lixin Colin Xu

Using firm-level data covering 709 cities in 128 countries, we examine the role of a comprehensive list of business and institutional environment variables at the sub-national level in explaining firm...

5. The poverty of monetarism

March 2021
Patrick Bolton

This paper provides a critical discussion of monetarism and the difficulties of understanding macroeconomic developments after the publication of Friedman and Schwartz’s classic 1965 article through...

6. Cost-benefit analysis of the Hukou reform: Simulation evidence from a theoretical labor market model

June 2021
Yang Song

We built a labor market model in China to incorporate key features of the current Chinese Hukou system (a system of household registration). Simulation analyses showed that when the Hukou system was...

7. Winning at the starting line: The primary school premium and housing prices in Beijing

March 2021
Xuan Han | Yan Shen | Bo Zhao

Using housing transaction data from Beijing during 2013–16, this paper evaluates the education premium for good primary schools and its changes. We use the regression discontinuity method to estimate...

8. Collecting system and payroll tax compliance: Evidence from Chinese firm-level data

June 2021
Jue Tang | Jin Feng

This paper quantifies the impacts of collecting system on social insurance contribution compliance, taking advantage of a reform around 2000 in China. Using firm-level data, we find that the actual...

9. Pride and prejudice: Different responses to migrant information among different identity groups

March 2021
Ming Lu | Ziyang Yu | Qingyi Ji

Previous studies have examined how information intervention affects intergroup prejudice and conflict. On that basis, this study introduced psychological adjustment cost into a behavioral model for...

10. Political equality, coalition formation, and economic performance in autocracies

March 2021
Yang Yao

Autocracies have diverse records of economic growth. This paper provides a theory of endogenous coalition formation to explain economic performance in autocracy. The nature of the ruling coalition that...

11. Decentralization and development of small cites: Evidence from county-to-city upgrading in China

September 2021
Wei Tang

This paper examines how decentralization of administrative and fiscal authority affects the development of small cities by exploiting a unique reform of county-to-city upgrading (chexiansheshi) in China....

12. Do discretion criteria for patent administrative law enforcement encourage innovation among firms?

June 2021
Hanxin Lin | Cheryl Xiaoning Long

The management by administrative authorities of law violations represents one of the instruments for enforcing laws in China, the other way is lawsuit. The law allows administrative discretion to achieve...

13. Construction and testing of the China's labor marketization index

June 2021
Wenkai Sun | Zhong Zhao | Shuang Shan | Wending Liu

In this paper we used two primary indicators and four secondary indicators to construct China's labor marketization index. We calculated the index at the prefecture-level cities from 2010 to 2016 and...

14. Firm debt and labor share: The distribution effect of de-leverage

March 2021
Feng Dong | Guangjun Shen | Yang Jiao

China is now facing the challenges of high leverage. Our study has examined the role of firms’ rising debt in explaining the decrease in labor share in recent years. We developed a model to show that...

15. Impact of tiered pricing reform on China's residential electricity use

September 2021
Min Wang | Xiumei Yu

Based on a county-level monthly panel data from four provinces and a province-level monthly panel data from 21 provinces from 2009 to 2015, we use the regression discontinuity method to examine the...

16. Credit constraint and firm’s export mode choice

March 2021
Zhiyuan Li | Haichun Ye

How do firms’ credit constraint affect their export mode choices between direct exporting and indirect exporting through intermediaries? This study explores this issue in a heterogeneous firm model...

17. District heating versus self-heating: Estimation of energy efficiency gap using regression discontinuity design

September 2021
Jing Jin | Yucheng Wang | Xinye Zheng

This paper employs regression discontinuity design to estimate the impact of heating modes on residents’ energy consumption, energy efficiency gap, and energy usage behavior, using the Chinese Residential...

18. Social mobility in China, 1645–2012: A surname study

September 2021
Yu Hao

This paper estimates the rate of intergenerational social mobility of status in Late Imperial, Republican and Communist China by examining the changing social status of originally elite surnames over...

19. Does the Chinese version of Bayh-Dole Act promote university innovation?

September 2021
Wei Yi | Cheryl Xiaoning Long

The Chinese version of Bayh-Dole Act (BD for short) refers to the ownership reform policy for patents arising from government funding research grants. We collected the policies of 31 “985 project” universities...

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