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Recent China Geology Articles

Recently published articles from China Geology.

Reconstruction of phytoplankton productivity and community structure in the South Yellow Sea

September 2019
Xi Mei | Ri-hui Li | Xun-hua Zhang | Zhong-bo Wang | Yong Zhang

The sedimentary environment and ecological system in the South Yellow Sea (SYS) changed dramatically due to sea level change caused by glacial-interglacial cycles. The authors report the use of marine...

Influencing factors and evaluation application of regional crustal stability in the Bohai Strait

September 2019
Sai Mei | Hong-xian Chu | Ling-yu Dong | Zhong-hua Fang | Pan-feng Li | Fei-fei Zhang | Rui Shan | Tie-hu Zhao

Due to the extremely complex geological conditions in the Bohai Strait, active faults is very developed and earthquake activity occurs frequently. It is of great importance to evaluate the regional...

Large borehole with multi-lateral branches: A novel solution for exploitation of clayey silt hydrate

September 2019
Yan-long Li | Yi-zhao Wan | Qiang Chen | Jia-xin Sun | Neng-you Wu | Gao-wei Hu | Fu-long Ning | Pei-xiao Mao

ontact area are two main ways to raise the productivity of hydrate. An exploitation technique based on large borehole with multi-lateral branches (LB & MB) was proposed in this paper. This technique...

Regional gravity survey and application in oil and gas exploration in China

September 2019
Ming-hua Zhang | Ji-hua Qiao | Geng-xin Zhao | Xue-yi Lan

Ground gravity survey for regional structure unit delineation and oil and gas exploration in China is addressed in this paper with examples. Gravity survey scales, coverage, technical regulations and...

A mine drainage treatment system for AMD in remediation of metal sulfide mines

September 2019
Hou Shi-Tian | Cai Jing-Yi | Tan Ke-Yan | Yang Hong | Hu Xin | Wang Zhe | Yuan Xin

Geochemical characteristics and genetic type of a lithium ore (mineralized) body in the central Yunnan Province, China

September 2019
Bai-dong Sun | Jun-ping Liu | Xiao-hu Wang | Yan Dao | Gui-xiang Xu | Xiao-zhuang Cui | Xue-qing Guan | Wei Wang | Dong-hu Song

Lithium ore (mineralized) bodies in the area A of central Yunnan Province belong to a sedimentary-type, which are controlled by stratum. The studied ore (mineralized) body mainly occurs in the Middle...

Zircon U-Pb ages of the two-periods magmatism from the Xiuwacu Mo-W-Cu deposit, northwest Yunnan, China

September 2019
Yong-gao Huang | Chang-li Xiong | Xiao-chuan Jia | Xue-jun Yang | Gai Luo

Temporal and spatial evolution of surface sediments characteristics in the Dagu River estuary and their dynamic response mechanism

September 2019
Xiao-ying Chen | Da-hai Liu | Ping Yin | Jin-qing Liu | Ke Cao | Fei Gao

Based on the 39 surface sediment samples collected in the flood season and the dry season in 2012 respectively and the measured hydrological data in October 2012, the sediment grain size characteristics...

Concealed porphyry delineation based on nonlinear three-dimensional density-difference inversion: An example in the Beiya mine area, Western Yunnan, China

September 2019
Jian Yang | Sheng-xian Liang | Qiao Wang | Wei Zhang | Jing Guo | Guo-zhong Liao

Intermediate acid-complex rock masses with low-density characteristics are the most important prospecting sign in the Beiya area, of western Yunnan province, and provide a physical basis for good gravity...

Sedimentary lithofacies characteristics and sweet-spot interval characterization of the Sinian Doushantuo Formation in Upper Yangtze Platform, South China

September 2019
Yu-fang Wang | Gang-yi Zhai | Yong-chao Lu | Yi-quan Ma | Juan Li | Guo-heng Liu | Yun-xiao Zhang

The Sinian Doushantuo Formation is the oldest shale gas reservoir discovered in the world, which contains good shale gas shows as the Eyangye-1 and Zidi-1 wells in the Yichang Region of western Hubei...

Stromatolite characteristics of Mesoproterozoic Shennongjia Group in the northern margin of Yangtze Block, China

September 2019
Hong-wei Kuang | Zheng-xiu Fan | Yong-qing Liu | Nan Peng | Zhi-cai Zhu | Zhen-rui Yang | Zhi-xian Wang | Hui-liang Yu | Quan Zhong

Mesoproterozoic Shennongjia Group in Shennongjia Area can be divided into three subgroups in ascender order. Of which the lower subgroup includes Yingwodong, Dayanping, Macaoyuan, Luanshigou, Dawokeng...

Sedimentological sequence and depositional evolutionary model of Lower Triassic carbonate rocks in the South Yellow Sea Basin

September 2019
Yu-xi Zhang | Jian-wen Chen | Jiang-yu Zhou | Yong Yuan

Based on well logging and seismic data, combined with a comparative analysis of drilling data in the Lower Yangtze region, the sequence stratigraphic framework of the Qinglong Formation was established...

New zircon U–Pb ages of the Xinghuadukou Group, Xing’an block and its geological implications

September 2019
Zi-jie Wu | Long-wei Qiu | Hai-peng Wang | Mi-shan Zhong | Pei-long Cui

A new-type sampler using to collect undisturbed samples of shallow drilling sediment core in the coastal wetland geological surveys

September 2019
Zhao Guang-ming | Si-yuan Ye | Hong-ming Yuan | Shi-xiong Yang | Lei He | Edward A. Laws

Stability analysis of submarine slopes in the area of the test production of gas hydrate in the South China Sea

September 2019
Yao-hong Shi | Qian-yong Liang | Jiang-pin Yang | Qing-meng Yuan | Xue-min Wu | Liang Kong

In this paper, the mechanical properties of gas hydrate-bearing sediments (GHBS) were summarized and the instability mechanism of submarine hydrate-bearing slope (SHBS) was analyzed under the background...

Advances in the microbial mineralization of seafloor hydrothermal systems

June 2019
Le Zhang | Zhi-lei Sun | Wei Geng | Hong Cao | Yi-chao Qin | Cui-ling Xu | Xian-rong Zhang | Xin Li | Xi-lin Zhang | Hui-ling Song

Research on the biomineralization in modern seafloor hydrothermal systems is conducive to unveiling the mysteries of the early Earth’s history, life evolution, subsurface biosphere and microbes in outer...

Development and future prospects of quantitative mineral assessment in China

June 2019
Shi-hong Zhang | Ke-yan Xiao | Jian-ping Chen | Jie Xiang | Ning Cui | Xiao-nan Wang

Mineral potential assessment at the Earth’s surface has been an important research for geoscientists around the world in the past five decades. The fundamental aspects of mineral assessment at different...

Discovery of Late Cretaceous-Paleocene faulted basins developed on the Yandang Low Uplift, East China Sea Shelf Basin

June 2019
Chuan-sheng Yang | Chang-qing Yang | Lu-ning Shang | Zhong-hui Yan | Yan-qiu Yang

Analysis of formation and slope stability in Caofeidian Channel in Bohai Bay

June 2019
Hong-xian Chu | Sai Mei | Xiao-hui Gao | Zhong-hua Fang | Jing Feng

In this paper, by studying bathymetric survey and shallow seismic detection data over multiple periods of history, the authors outline the geomorphic features of the Caofeidian Channel. The results...

Redefinition of Early Mesoproterozoic (1800–1600 Ma) stratigraphy in the northern Kongling area, China: The nucleus of Yangtze Craton and its tectonic significance

June 2019
Xiao-ming Zhao | Xiao-fei Qiu | Zhi-hui An | Nian-wen Wu | Li Tian | Yun-xu Wei | Tuo Jiang

The Wujiatai Formation, which is well exposed in Huangjiatai-Xichahe region of the northern Kongling area of central Yangtze Craton, is a suite of epimetamorphic conglomerates to pebbly sandstones to...

The Report of China Mineral Resource Exploration, 2018

June 2019
China Geology Editorial Office

Two types of uranium mineralization in Gulcheru quartzite: Fracture-controlled in Ambakapalle area and litho-controlled in Tummalapalle area, Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India

June 2019
Sukanta Goswami | Pradeep Kumar Upadhyay | Bhaskaran Saravanan | V Natarajan | Mohan Babu Verma

The Cuddapah Basin in southern India has a potential for uranium mineralization due to some favorable factors such as its temporal, stratigraphic and tectonic settings. Systematic exploration program...

Stretching correction for amplitude-preserving vector wavefield reverse-time migration

June 2019
Jia-jia Yang | Bing-shou He | Hua-ning Xu | Jun Pan | Jun Liu | Hong Liu

The migration of multi-wave seismic data is aimed at obtaining the P- and S-wave imaging results of the amplitude preserving. But the P- and S-wave stretching effect produced by the reverse time migration...

A sand-production control system for gas production from clayey silt hydrate reservoirs

June 2019
Yan-long Li | Neng-you Wu | Fu-long Ning | Gao-wei Hu | Chang-ling Liu | Chang-yin Dong | Jing-an Lu

Sand production is a crucial problem during the process of extracting natural gas from hydrate reservoirs. To deal with sand-production problems systematically, a sand-production control system (SCS)...

Characteristics and evaluation of Mesozoic source rocks in the southeastern East China Sea continental shelf

June 2019
Ming-jian Wang | Guo-lin Xiao | Chang-qing Yang | Yan-qiu Yang | Xi Chen | Long Huang

Source rocks are the material basis of oil and gas generation and determine the potential resources of exploration blocks and have important research value. This paper studies the lithology, thickness,...

Multiphase porphyry intrusions in the Sungun copper deposit, NW Iran: Evidence from SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating

June 2019
Hong-rui Zhang | Zeng-qian Hou | Tian-nan Yang | Zhi-ming Yang | Jian-lin Chen | Mehraj Aghazadeh

The Report of China Mineral Resource Reserves, 2018

June 2019
China Geology Editorial Office

The dynamic economic evaluation method of shale gas resources

June 2019
Gang-yi Zhai | Xiang-lin Chen | Xiang-hua Xia | Zhi Zhou | Tian-xu Guo | Guo-heng Liu | Rui-han Yuan

At present, most shale gas exploration and development areas in China are difficult to provide sufficient and effective production data to support economic evaluation, since they are still in the initial...

Comparison of detrital mineral compositions between stream sediments of the Yangtze River (Changjiang) and the Yellow River (Huanghe) and their provenance implication

June 2019
Zhong-bo Wang | Ri-hui Li | Shou-ye Yang | Feng-long Bai | Xi Mei | Jian Zhang | Kai Lu

A comparative comparative study on the detrital mineral composition of stream sediments of the Yangtze River (Changjiang) and Yellow River (Huanghe) shows that, light minerals of the Yangtze River basin...

Characteristics of helium accumulation in the Guanzhong Basin, China

June 2019
Min Dong | Zong-xiu Wang | Hui Dong | Li-cheng Ma | Lin-yan Zhang

Guanzhong Basin is located in the transitional zone between the Qinling orogenic belt and the Ordos plateau. Analyses of drill and geothermal wells depict that the Guanzhong Basin has abundant gas,...

New evidence of Silurian hydrocarbon accumulation is discovered by fluid inclusion analysis in the South Yellow Sea Basin

March 2019
Jie Liang | Jian-wen Chen | Yin-guo Zhang | Guang-xi Ou | Peng-hui Zhang | Yong Yuan

Characteristics of clay minerals in sediments of Hemudu area, Zhejiang, China in Holocene and their environmental significance

March 2019
Rui Liu | Xi Mei | Jin Zhang | De-bo Zhao

The Ningshao Plain experienced sea-level fluctuation and climate change in the Holocene and gave birth to a Neolithic Civilization, the Hemudu Culture (about 5000 BC). Using XRD method, this paper studied...

Distribution of potential geological hazards and control factors in Qingdao offshore, China

March 2019
Ze Ning | Man-man Lin | Yong Zhang | Xiao-bo Zhang | Xiang-huai Kong

Engineering construction actively occurs in coastal zones, and these areas have numerous potential geological hazard factors. Since 2009, the development of geological surveys in sea areas has promoted...

Prospective prediction and exploration situation of marine Mesozoic-Paleozoic oil and gas in the South Yellow Sea

March 2019
Jian-wen Chen | Ming Xu | Bao-hua Lei | Jie Liang | Yin-guo Zhang | Shu-yu Wu | Jian Shi | Yong Yuan | Jian-qiang Wang | Yu-xi Zhang | Gang Li | Wen-juan Wang

The South Yellow Sea Basin is a large sedimentary basin superimposed by the Mesozoic-Paleozoic marine sedimentary basin and the Mesozoic-Cenozoic terrestrial sedimentary basin, where no oil and gas...

Characteristics of boundary fault systems and its hydrocarbon controlling on hydrocarbon accumulation in Awati Sag, Tarim Basin, China

March 2019
Zhong-kai Bai | Xiu-xiang Lü | Zong-xu Song | Hai-jun Qiu | Xin-gui Zhou | Yong-jin Gao | Ying-min Qi | Li-chun Zhu | Xiao-tao Fu | Yuan-yuan Zhou

Based on the interpretation of two-dimensional seismic data, this paper analyzes the characteristics of three boundary fault systems including the Shajingzi fault, the Aqia fault and the Tumuxiuke fault...

A new design of measuring marine primary productivity to support eco-geological survey

March 2019
Shao-feng Pei | Ya-xuan Zhu | Si-yuan Ye | Hong-ming Yuan | Ruo-shun Guo | Li-xin Pei | Edward A. Laws

Types, characteristics and implication for hydrocarbon exploration of the Middle Miocene deep-water sediments in Beikang Basin, southern South China Sea

March 2019
Zhen-yu Lei | Li Zhang | Ming Su | Shuai-bing Luo | Xing Qian | Bo-da Zhang

The internal seismic architectures of the Middle Miocene in Beikang Basin, southern South China Sea, were investigated and described using regional 2D seismic data from Guangzhou Marine Geology Survey....

Sediment distribution and provenance since Late Pleistocene in Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea, China

March 2019
Mao-sheng Gao | Fei Guo | Xue-yong Huang | Guo-hua Hou

There are three transgression-regression events and evolutions of the sedimentary environment by sea level changes since the Pleistocene in the southern section of the Bohai Sea, China. It is obvious...

The response between glacier evolution and eco-geological environment on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

March 2019
Xi-yong Sun | Rui-jiang Zhang | Wei Huang | Ang Sun | Liang-jun Lin | Hong-gen Xu | De-cai Jiang

Based on the remote sensing survey and monitoring results of snow lines on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the authors analyzed the following eco-geological factors such as water resources, permafrost, desertification,...

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