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Recent China Geology Articles

Recently published articles from China Geology.

WITHDRAWN: Numerical studies of gas hydrate evolution time in the Shenhu area in the northern South China Sea

Available online 20 February 2019
Yun-xin Fang | Jing-an Lu | Jin-qiang Liang | Zeng-gui Kuang | Yun-cheng Cao | Duo-fu Chen

Discussion on the dextral movement and its effect in continental China and adjacent areas since Cenozoic

December 2018
Rui-zhao Qiu | Stephen D. Ludington | Su Zhou | Yong-jie Tan | Guang-sheng Yan | Zhi-gang Liu | Xiu-fa Chen | Quan-long Zhu | Lei Qiu | Xiao-dong Ren | Li-ke Zhao

Continental China has moved dextral Eastward since Cenozoic time, driven by the collision of the Indian with the Eurasian plate. Evidence for this comes from landscape evolution, the distribution of...

Origin of the serpentinites in the Lichi mélange, eastern Taiwan, China: implication from petrology and geochronology

December 2018
Long Huang | Wei Geng | Zhi-lei Sun

Lichi mélange, located in the southern coastal range, eastern Taiwan, China, is a typical tectonic mélange of the plate’s boundary zone between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. It formed...

Coastal erosion in Shandong of China: status and protection challenges

December 2018
Ping Yin | Xiao-yong Duan | Fei Gao | Mei-na Li | Sheng-hua Lü | Jian-dong Qiu | Liang-yong Zhou

Shandong has more than 70% of natural coasts are under erosion. Coastal erosion started from the 1970’s and became a very serious problem at 1990’s. The dramatic decrease of sediment supplies from rivers...

Discussion on “sandwich” structures and preservation conditions of shale gas in the South Yellow Sea Basin

December 2018
Jian-qiang Wang | Jian-ming Gong | Li Zhang | Hai-yan Cheng | Jing Liao | Jian-wen Chen | Jing Su | Chuan-sheng Yang

In order to make a breakthrough in Mesozoic-Paleozoic shale gas exploration in the South Yellow Sea Basin, a comparison of the preservation conditions was made within the Barnett shale gas reservoirs...

A three-dimensional environmental monitoring system for the production of marine gas hydrates

December 2018
Zhi-lei Sun | Hong Cao | Wei Geng | Le Zhang | Xian-rong Zhang | Cui-ling Xu | Xin Li | Jian-wei Guo

Introduction of International Research Center on Karst under the Auspices of UNESCO

December 2018
Qu-kan Luo | Jian-hua Cao | Mao-yan Hu | Bing Bai | Liang Zhong

Structural characteristics and evolution of the South Yellow Sea Basin since Indosinian

December 2018
Bao-hua Lei | Ming Xu | Jian-wen Chen | Jie Liang | Yin-guo Zhang

Based on the seismic data gathered in past years and the correlation between the sea and land areas of the Lower Yangtze Platform, the structural characteristics of the South Yellow Sea Basin since...

Historical records and the sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the East China Sea

December 2018
Xiao-yong Duan | Yan-xia Li | Xian-guo Li | Ping Yin

The coastal cities are the most advanced regions in China. In the past few decades, the environment changed very significantly due to large scale human activities in the coastal regions. Polycyclic...

Distribution of gas hydrate reservoir in the first production test region of the Shenhu area, South China Sea

December 2018
Ru-wei Zhang | Jing-an Lu | Pen-fei Wen | Zeng-gui Kuang | Bao-jin Zhang | Hua Xue | Yun-xia Xu | Xi Chen

In May and July of 2017, China Geological Survey (CGS), and Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS) carried out a production test of gas hydrate in the Shenhu area of the South China Sea and acquired...

Evidence of the existence of paleo reservoirs in Laoshan Uplift of the South Yellow Sea Basin

December 2018
Yin-guo Zhang | Jian-wen Chen | Jie Liang | Guangxi Ou | Di Wu

Geological resources and environmental carrying capacity evaluation review, theory, and practice in China

December 2018
Rui-min Li | Zhi-qiang Yin | Yi Wang | Xiao-lei Li | Qiong Liu | Meng-meng Gao

Evaluations of resources and environmental carrying capacities (GRECC) are the premise of land space planning and use control. Resource allocations and environmental capacity are the basic conditions...

Thermal recovery method of submarine gas hydrate based on a thermoelectric generator

December 2018
Cui-ling Xu | Zhi-lei Sun | Wei Geng | Xian-rong Zhang | Hong Cao | Li-ping Liu | Xi-lin Zhang | Bin Zhai

Study of overthrust nappe structure and its geodynamic mechanism along the southeastern margin of Nansha Trough

December 2018
Guang-xue Zhang | Zhen Yang | Li Zhang | Wei Yan | Kun-sheng Qiang

On the basis of interpretation of comprehensive geophysical data and foreign data analysis, there existed a lot of overburden detachment shear thrust faults along the southeastern margin of Nansha Trough,...

An overview of the resources and environment conditions and major geological problems in the Yangtze River economic zone, China

September 2018
Yue-hua Jiang | Liang-jun Lin | Li-de Chen | Hua-yong Ni | Wei-ya Ge | Hang-xin Cheng | Gang-yi Zhai | Gui-ling Wang | Yi-zhong Ban | Yuan Li | Ming-tang Lei | Cheng-xuan Tan | Jing-wen Su | Quan-ping Zhou | Tai-li Zhang | Yun Li | Hong-ying Liu | Ke Peng | Han-mei Wang

Focusing on the Yangtze River economic zone, the previous geological researches are systematically summarized, resources and environment conditions and major geological problems which are needing to...

The evolution of the Huangling uplift and its control on the accumulation and preservation of shale gas

September 2018
Shu-jing Bao | Gang-yi Zhai | Zhi Zhou | Shu-fang Yu | Ke Chen | Yu-fang Wang | Hao Wang | Yi-min Liu

There are plenty of Sinian and Cambrian potential shale gas resources in South China, which is characterized by high thermal evolution degrees, poor drilling performances and only occurs in local areas....

Progress in the investigation of potash resources in western China

September 2018
Mian-ping Zheng | Xian-hua Hou | Yong-sheng Zhang | En-yuan Xing | Hong-pu Li | Hong-wei Yin | Chang-qing Yu | Ning-jun Wang | Xiao-lin Deng | Zhao Wei | Zhong-ying Miao | Jia-ai Zhong | Fan Wang | Fu Fan | Xue-fei Zhang | Xu-ben Wang | Tu-qiang Liu | Wei-gang Kong

Through the study of the geological conditions of potash deposits in China from recent years, a new understanding of potash theories has arisen that appropriate Chinese geological features. Important...

Multi-factor sensitivity analysis on the stability of submarine hydrate-bearing slope

September 2018
Liang Kong | Zhen-fei Zhang | Qing-meng Yuan | Qian-yong Liang | Yao-hong Shi | Jin-qing Lin

There are many factors affecting the instability of the submarine hydrate-bearing slope (SHBS), and the interaction with hydrate is very complicated. In this paper, the mechanical mechanism of the static...

“Source-Diagenesis-Accumulation” enrichment and accumulation regularity of marine shale gas in southern China

September 2018
Gang-yi Zhai | Yu-fang Wang | Zhi Zhou | Guo-heng Liu | Yu-ru Yang | Juan Li

After the breakthrough of shale gas exploration and development in the Ordovician Wufeng Formation (Fm.) and Silurian Longmaxi Fm. of Chongqing Jiaoshiba area, Changning-Weiyuan area, etc. in Sichuan...

Exploration and research progress on ion-adsorption type REE deposit in South China

September 2018
Deng-hong Wang | Zhi Zhao | Yang Yu | Jing-jing Dai | Mao-chun Deng | Ting Zhao | Li-jun Liu

Since 2011, certain advances have been made through the resource investigation, metallogenesis research, mining supervision and environmental protection of ion-adsorption type rare earth element (REE)...

Petrogenesis of the microcrystalline-dioritic enclaves from Jiuling granitoids in the eastern segment of Jiangnan Orogen and constraints on magma source materials

September 2018
Zheng Duan | Guang-fu Xing | Sheng-bing Liao | Ping-li Chu | Wen-cheng Huang | Yan-hui Zhu | Xu-jie Shu | Chang-bo Li

Numerous dark enclaves with different shapes are found in Jiuling Neoproterozoic granitoids. Precise LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating was conducted on zircons extracted from two microcrystalline enclave samples,...

The geothermal formation mechanism in the Gonghe Basin: Discussion and analysis from the geological background

September 2018
Yan-fang Feng | Xiao-xu Zhang | Bo Zhang | Jiang-tao Liu | Yang-gang Wang | De-long Jia | Li-rong Hao | Zhao-yu Kong

The Gonghe Basin, a Cenozoic down-warped basin, is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibetan) Plateau, and spread over important nodes of the transfer of multiple blocks in the...

Ordovician sequence stratigraphy and correlation in the Middle-Upper Yangtze region, South China

September 2018
Chuan-shang Wang | Xiao-feng Wang | Xiao-hong Chen | Zhi-hong Li | Xu-bing Li

The precise correlation of the Ordovician successions in different facies is difficult due to the complex changes of the tecto-paleogeography in South China. Based on previous studies, the authors recognized...

Geological characteristics, metallogenic regularities and the exploration of graphite deposits in China

September 2018
Li Sun | Cui-ping Xu | Ke-yan Xiao | Yu-sheng Zhu | Ling-ya Yan

The demand for graphite resources has been increasing due to its extensive use. Graphite deposits in China are mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Innner Mogolia, Sichuan, Shanxi and Shandong, characterized...

Land submerged to carbonate platform by conodonts: paleoenvironment reconstruction of the western Gangdese in Tibet during Triassic

September 2018
Zhan-sheng Ji | Jian-xin Yao | Gui-chun Wu | Qian Sun | Qiu-yuan Shi | Hao Li | Ji-fu He | Shao-wen Zhang

Cretaceous terrestrial deposits in China

September 2018
Ke Cao

As an important part of an epidermic system, terrestrial deposits can provide a good record of major geological events in the Cretaceous epidemic system. This article is a review of the geological background,...

New discovery of the permafrost gas hydrate accumulation in Qilian Mountain, China

June 2018
Zhen-quan Lu | Gang-yi Zhai | You-hai Zhu | Hui Liu | Ting Wang | Hui Fang | Zhong-jun Sun | Shi-qi Tang | Yong-qin Zhang

Main technical innovations of Songke Well No.2 Drilling Project

June 2018
Yong-yi Zhu | Wen-shi Wang | Xiao-ming Wu | Heng-chun Zhang | Jie Xu | Jia Yan | Long-long Cao | Heng-qian Ran | Jin-chang Zhang

Songke Well No.2, one of the main part of the scientific drilling project in Songliao Basin, which was drilled 7018 m and acquired the part of cores continuously from the Low Cretaceous to the Carboniferous...

Preliminary results of environmental monitoring of the natural gas hydrate production test in the South China Sea

June 2018
Jian-liang Ye | Xu-wen Qin | Hai-jun Qiu | Qian-yong Liang | Yi-fei Dong | Jian-gong Wei | Hai-long Lu | Jing-an Lu | Yao-hong Shi | Chao Zhong | Zhen Xia

Natural gas hydrate (NGH) is considered as one of the new clean energy sources of the 21st century with the highest potential. The environmental issues of NGH production have attracted the close attention...

Episodic crustal growth in the Tanzania Craton: evidence from Nd isotope compositions

June 2018
Kai Sun | Lin-lin Zhang | Zhi-dan Zhao | Fu-qing He | Sheng-fei He | Xing-yuan Wu | Lei Qiu | Xiao-dong Ren

The analysis of available Nd isotope data from the Tanzania Craton places important constraints on the crust-mantle separation ages, and events marking juvenile crustal addition and crustal recycling....

Division of tectonic–strata superregions in China

June 2018
Yang-chun Li | Ke-xin Zhang | Wei-hong He | Ya-dong Xu | Bo-wen Song | Yang Yu | Xue Ke | Xiao-hu Kou | Man-sheng Luo | Hou-tian Xin | Jun-yu Fu | Zhu-liang Yang | Xiao-ming Zhao | Fu-guang Yin | Zhi-pei Li

The continent of China is grouped into Pan–Cathaysian blocks, Laurasia and Gondwana Continental margins and relics of three oceans-Paleoasian, Tethys, and Pacific as a whole. In detail, the continent...

Exploration and research progress of shale gas in China

June 2018
Gang-yi Zhai | Yu-fang Wang | Zhi Zhou | Shu-fang Yu | Xiang-lin Chen | Yun-xiao Zhang

There are three types of shale gas resources in China. The resources are present in large amounts and are widely distributed. Marine facies, transitional facies and continental facies resources each...

Origin of natural sulfur-metal chimney in the Tangyin hydrothermal field, Okinawa Trough: constraints from rare earth element and sulfur isotopic compositions

June 2018
Hong Cao | Zhi-lei Sun | Chang-ling Liu | En-tao Liu | Xue-jun Jiang | Wei Huang

For the first time, we present the rare earth element (REE) and sulfur isotopic composition of hydrothermal precipitates recovered from the Tangyin hydrothermal field (THF), Okinawa Trough at a water...

Overview on hydrothermal and hot dry rock researches in China

June 2018
Gui-ling Wang | Wei Zhang | Feng Ma | Wen-jing Lin | Ji-yun Liang | Xi Zhu

Geothermal energy is a precious resource, which is widely distributed, varied, and abundant. China has entered a period of rapid development of geothermal energy since 2010. As shallow geothermal energy...

Deep Continental Scientific Drilling Engineering Project in Songliao Basin: progress in Earth Science research

June 2018
He-sheng Hou | Cheng-shan Wang | Jiao-dong Zhang | Feng Ma | Wei Fu | Pu-jun Wang | Yong-jian Huang | Chang-chun Zou | You-feng Gao | Yuan Gao | Lai-ming Zhang | Jin Yang | Rui Guo

The Songke No.2 well (eastern hole) (referred to as Well SK-2), one of the “two wells and four holes” of the Deep Continental Scientific Drilling Engineering Project in the Songliao Basin, is in Anda...

Nanogeology in China: A review

June 2018
Yi-wen Ju | Cheng Huang | Yan Sun | Cai-neng Zou | Hong-ping He | Quan Wan | Xue-qiu Wang | Xian-cai Lu | Shuang-fang Lu | Jian-guang Wu | Hong-tai Chao | Hai-ling Liu | Jie-shan Qiu | Fei Huang | Hong-jian Zhu | Jian-chao Cai | Yue Sun

Nanogeology is a subject that is a combination of geology and nanoscale science, and it has been a frontier field in recent years. It is also a new subject with the features of intersectionality and...

New indications of gas hydrate in the northeastern China permafrost zone

June 2018
Xing-min Zhao | Fang-yun Song | Jian Deng | Zhu Rao | Zhi-gang Wen | Dao-gong Hu | Li Yi | Chen Liu

Progress in China’s geological exploration in the first half year of 2018

June 2018
Teng Ma | Jian-feng Yang | Yao Wang | Cui-guang Zhang

New delineation of two favorable zones for gas hydrate in southern Qinghai and northern Tibet, China

June 2018
Shuai Zhang | Ping-kang Wang | You-hai Zhu | Rui Xiao | Shou-ji Pang

Discovery of the pegmatite lithium veins with predicted super-large size resources in the Sizemuzu district of the Keeryin, China

June 2018
Xiang-yuan Yue | Xiong Zhou | Yi Zhang | Da-xing Gong | Yu Zhou | Li-ping Luo

New prospecting progress using information and big data of coal and oil exploration holes on sandstone-type uranium deposit in North China

March 2018
Ruo-shi Jin | Pei-sen Miao | Xian-zhang Sima | Reng-An Yu | Yin-hang Cheng | Chao Tang | Tian-fu Zhang | Cong Ao | Xue-ming Teng

Some progress on understanding the Phanerozoic granitoids in China

March 2018
Tao Wang | Ying Tong | Xiao-xia Wang | Jian-ren Mao | Hong-rui Zhang | He Huang | Shan Li | Lei Guo | Jian-jun Zhang

There are large volumes of the Phanerozoic granitoid rocks in China and neighboring areas. In recent years, numerous new and precise U-Pb zircon ages have been published for these granitoids, and define...

Global significance of the carbon cycle in the karst dynamic system: evidence from geological and ecological processes

March 2018
Jian-hua Cao | Xia Wu | Fen Huang | Bill Hu | Chris Groves | Hui Yang | Chun-lai Zhang

On the basis of proposing the existence of a karst carbon cycle and carbon sink at a watershed scale, this paper provides four pieces of evidence for the integration of geology and ecology during the...

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