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Recent Cognitive Robotics Articles

Recently published articles from Cognitive Robotics.

Visual information processing for deep-sea visual monitoring system

Chunyan Ma | Xin Li | Yujie Li | Xinliang Tian | Yichuan Wang | Hyoungseop Kim | Seiichi Serikawa

Due to the rising demand for minerals and metals, various deep-sea mining systems have been developed for the detection of mines and mine-like objects on the seabed. However, many of them contain some...

A survey on robots controlled by motor imagery brain-computer interfaces

Jincai Zhang | Mei Wang

A brain-computer interface (BCI) can provide a communication approach conveying brain information to the outside. Especially, the BCIs based on motor imagery play the important role for the brain-controlled...

SMILE: A verbal and graphical user interface tool for speech-control of soccer robots in Ghana

Patrick Fiati

SMILE (Smartphone Intuitive Likeness and Engagement) application, a portable Android application that allows a human to control a robot using speech input. SMILE is a novel open source and platform...

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