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Recent Data Science and Management Articles

Recently published articles from Data Science and Management.

Four major tasks of data science

September 2021
Zongben Xu

Improving Google Flu Trends for COVID-19 estimates using Weibo posts

September 2021
Shuhui Guo | Fan Fang | Tao Zhou | Wei Zhang | Qiang Guo | Rui Zeng | Xiaohong Chen | Jianguo Liu | Xin Lu

While incomplete non-medical data has been integrated into prediction models for epidemics, the accuracy and the generalizability of the data are difficult to guarantee. To comprehensively evaluate...

Comparative study of three stochastic future weather forecast approaches: A case study

September 2021
Vinay Kellengere Shankarnarayan | Hombaliah Ramakrishna

Weather forecasting is an essential component of different hydrological studies. This article compares the weather prediction performance of various machine learning models like KNN, SWAT, and RCP....

The effect of online reviews on addressing endogeneity in discrete choice models

June 2021
Xinlong Tan | Yuming Xiao

This paper investigates the effectiveness of online reviews on addressing price endogeneity issue in an application to consumer demand for smartphone. We consider review variables as the substitutes...

Analyzing potential tourist behavior using PCA and modified affinity propagation clustering based on Baidu index: taking Beijing city as an example

June 2021
Lin Wang | Sirui Wang | Zhe Yuan | Lu Peng

In recent years, when planning and determining a travel destination, residents often make the best of Internet techniques to access extensive travel information. Search engines undeniably reveal visitors'...

What does Uber bring for consumers?

June 2021
Jiehong Qiu

This paper estimates the consumer surplus that Uber brings for consumers. The estimation uses three datasets: individual-level choice dataset—the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data of 2008–2009,...

An exploratory study of the growth of the Accountable Care Organization and its impact on physician groups’ profit: a complex adaptive system approach

June 2021
Mei Li | S.M. Niaz Arifin | Sarv Devaraj | Gregory R. Madey | Alfredo Casetti

The emergence of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the landscape of the U.S. healthcare system marks a paradigm shift in healthcare operations. The potential impact of ACOs has been a topic of...

Data security governance in the era of big data: status, challenges, and prospects

June 2021
Liyuan Sun | Hongyun Zhang | Chao Fang

At present, the global big data industry is experiencing vibrant development with technological evolution and application innovation speeding up side by side. Novel technologies for data storage, computing...

Machine learning-based prediction models for patients no-show in online outpatient appointments

June 2021
Guorui Fan | Zhaohua Deng | Qing Ye | Bin Wang

With the development of information and communication technologies, all public tertiary hospitals in China began to use online outpatient appointment systems. However, the phenomenon of patient no-shows...

Heterogeneity in individual beliefs and its implication for valuing willingness to pay

March 2021
Zheng Li | David A. Hensher | Bo Zhou

This study conducts an experimental analysis of risky travel choice behaviour, while accounting for the trade-off between attributes, nonlinearity in utility specification and perceptual conditioning....

An interview with Shouyang Wang: research frontier of big data-driven economic and financial forecasting

March 2021
Shouyang Wang

The development of big data generation, acquisition, storage, processing, and other technologies has greatly enriched our sensory world and fundamentally changed the basis of traditional economic and...

Effects of information quality on information adoption on social media review platforms: moderating role of perceived risk

March 2021
Guoyin Jiang | Fen Liu | Wenping Liu | Shan Liu | Yufeng Chen | Dongming Xu

With the integration of social media and e-commerce, social media review platforms provide consumers with a place to share information and create electronic word of mouth (e-WOM). Information from e-WOM...

Data science: connotation, methods, technologies, and development

March 2021
Zongben Xu | Niansheng Tang | Chen Xu | Xueqi Cheng

The rapid development of big data breeds data science. Understanding and mastering the internal pattern of the value generation of big data is important for improving digitization and the covergence...

A review on the gray market business using a data-driven approach

March 2021
Jinlong Zhao | Zhong-Zhong Jiang | Minghe Sun

This study provides a systematic overview of the literature in gray market business using a data-driven approach and points out several future research directions. The emergence of gray markets is discussed...

Data analytics for optimizing extreme fast charging: a survey

March 2021
Haibing Lu | Xi Chen | Cheng Fang | Hua Yang

Electric vehicles have become a trend as a replacement to gasoline-powered vehicles, and been promoted by worldwide policy makers as a solution to combat environmental problems and stimulate economy....

Novel information fusion model for simulating the effect of global public events on the Sino-US soybean futures market

March 2021
Qing Zhu | Yinglin Ruan | Shan Liu | Lin Wang

Trade frictions and global public health security events have made it more difficult for investors to generate positive returns from the Sino-US soybean futures markets. This paper employed deep learning...

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