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Energetic Materials Frontiers

One of the key goals of Energetic Materials Frontiers journal is to disseminate original basic and applied research results in the field of energetic materials and fuels. It seeks to bridge gaps between theoretical and experimental basic science, and interdisciplinary, applied, goals-oriented research and development. It also aims to provide a comprehensive open access publishing platform to researchers and scholars from various fields of science and technology related to energetic materials and fuels. Our goal is to trigger effective ?cross pollination? of ideas and methodologies and provide researchers at various stages of their academic careers with the opportunity to be part of the broader scholarly community.

The journal scope ranges from theoretical studies to experimental investigations related to all aspects of energetic materials and fuels, including:

  • Molecular and crystal designs and simulations;
  • Synthesis, synthetic methods, and characterization;
  • Formulation and composition;
  • Sensitivity, thermal behavior;
  • Ignition, combustion and detonation studies;
  • Demilitarization, and soil and water decontamination studies (green chemistry).

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Editors-in-Chief: Chengwei Sun, Michael Gozin
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2666-6472
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