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Recent Engineered Regeneration Articles

Recently published articles from Engineered Regeneration.

Hydrogen generating patch improves skin cell viability, migration activity, and collagen expression

Marina Safonov | Jing You | Jihyung Lee | Vladimir L. Safonov | Diana Berman | Donghui Zhu

Molecular hydrogen recently attracted lots of attention in biomedical community because of its abilities to modulate signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, and gene expression that enable its...

Orthopedic implants and devices for bone fractures and defects: Past, present and perspective

Tiffany Kim | Carmine Wang See | Xiaochun Li | Donghui Zhu

Bone is a unique tissue that is capable of repairing itself after damage. However, there are certain instances of fractures and defects that require clinical intervention for proper alignment and healing....

Hernia Mesh and Hernia Repair: A Review

Carmine Wang See | Tiffany Kim | Donghui Zhu

Hernia repair for primary and incisional hernia is the most commonly performed abdominal surgery done with extremely high costs. Treatment for hernia requires surgery to close the defect; however, there...

Engineering nanoparticles to overcome immunological barriers for enhanced drug delivery

Thomas Malachowski | Austin Hassel

Nanotechnology has recently gained traction in the medical field as a method of targeted delivery and timed release of therapeutic drugs. As interest in this field grows, design considerations of the...

Biomaterials for Adhesion in Orthopedic Applications: A Review

Younis Zaokari | Alicia Persaud | Amr Ibrahim

Adhesive biomaterials, historically, have had a wide range of applications in all medical fields. With the extensive variety of biomaterials with adhesion properties, the field of orthopedics benefits...

Current developments in biofilm treatments: Wound and implant infections

Yosman Dhar | Yangha Han

Biofilm formation in wounds and implants can have numerous negative effects on a patient's health, including delayed healing and implant removal. Current treatments for biofilms do not completely eradicate...

Applications of PLA in modern medicine

Vincent DeStefano | Salaar Khan | Alonzo Tabada

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a versatile biopolymer. PLA is synthesized with ease from abundant renewable resources and is biodegradable. PLA has shown promise as a biomaterial in a plethora of healthcare...

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