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Most Downloaded International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Geodiversity, geoheritage and geoconservation for society

December 2019
Murray Gray

Geology is part of the planet's “natural capital”, the stock of global natural assets. These assets provide many benefits for society, often referred to as “ecosystem services”. However, traditionally...

2. Analyzing the Impacts of forest Ecosystem Services on Livelihood Security and Sustainability: A Case Study of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand

June 2019
Harish Kumar | B.W. Pandey | Subhash Anand

Jim Corbett National Park play an important role in ecological sustainability, economic development and livelihood security of local community. Forests worldwide are known to be fundamentally vital...

3. Geological monitoring in protected areas

December 2019
K.S. Woo | G. Worboys

Recognition of geoheritage values and conservation of their geodiversity elements are largely neglected in protected areas. As geoheritage and geodiveristy were recognized as a part of nature conservation...

4. The Archaean to Proterozoic igneous rocks of the Pilbara region, Western Australia –internationally significant geology of a globally unique potential geopark

June 2019
V. Semeniuk | M. Brocx

The Pilbara region of Western Australia, covering some 500 km × 500 km, provides a diversity of Archaean to Proterozoic igneous rocks in a relatively compact area that records a younging southward crustal...

5. Geoconservation principles and protected area management

December 2019
John E. Gordon

Geoconservation includes the protection of geoheritage features and geosites and the application of geoconservation principles more generally in the sustainable management of protected areas and in...

6. New approaches to communication and education through geoheritage

December 2019
Daniel Tormey

Communicating geoheritage is one of the most active areas for new ideas to support a long-term relationship with visitors and a broader digital community of supporters. Communicating the geoheritage...

7. Linking geoconservation with biodiversity conservation in protected areas

December 2019
Roger Crofts

This article explores the interaction between conservation of biodiversity and geodiversity in protected areas. It reflects the guidance booklet being developed by the IUCN World Commission on Protected...

8. A Preliminary Study on Target 11.4 for UN Sustainable Development Goals

December 2018
Xinyuan Wang | Hongge Ren | Pu Wang | Ruixia Yang | Lei Luo | Fulong Cheng

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have 17 Goals, 169 Targets and 232 Indicators. The fourth specific target of SDG11 (Target 11.4) is “Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard...

9. Geomorphological heritage inventory of Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica

March 2020
Dennis Pérez-Umaña | Adolfo Quesada-Román | Ghislain Zangmo Tefogoum

Volcanoes are part of the natural environment, and the interactions with humans are inescapable. The geoheritage studies in tropical regions, specifically tropical volcanos, are scarce despite the uniqueness,...

10. The uses and challenges of the geopark label as a place branding tool. The case of the Geopark of the Tremp Basin-Montsec (Catalonia-Spain)

June 2019
Fabien Van Geert

Based on the theoretical analysis of the uses of heritage as developed by the social and economic sciences since the 1990s, this article aims to explore the role played by geoheritage as a place branding...

11. Assessing the cultural values of the geodiversity in a Brazilian city: The historical center of João Pessoa (Paraíba, NE Brazil), Mata da Aldeia chart

March 2020
Luciano Schaefer Pereira | Thiago da Silva Farias

The objective of this paper is to present a view of the geodiversity of the Historical Center of João Pessoa, located in Mata da Aldeia chart (scale 1:25.000), Paraíba State, northern Brazil, in order...

12. Protecting the vanishing geo-cultural heritage of India: Case study of Majuli Island in Assam

March 2020
Nikhil Roy | Bindhy Wasini Pandey | Usha Rani

Historically, the River Brahmaputra has been regarded as the lifeline of Assam, as it transverses through the valley of Assam and the alluvial deposits by the river has formed one of the most productive...

13. The Holocene Becher Point Cuspate Foreland, Western Australia – An internationally significant and globally unique potential geopark

March 2020
V. Semeniuk | C.A. Semeniuk | M. Brocx

Located in south-western Australia in a distinctive setting sedimentologically, oceanographically, climatically, biologically, and sea-level history context, the Becher Point Cuspate Foreland is globally...

14. The Walpole-Nornalup Inlets System, Western Australia: A case study of a potential estuarine geopark

December 2019
M. Brocx | V. Semeniuk

Unlike other estuaries Nationally in Australia, the Walpole-Nornalup Inlets is unique complex twin-basin ria estuary in the most humid part of Western Australia. The estuary fronts the oceanographically-dynamic...

15. Typology of geotouristic assets along the south continental branch of the Cameroon volcanic line: Case of the mount Bambouto's caldera

September 2019
Ghislain Zangmo Tefogoum | David Guimolaire Nkouathio | Armand Kagou Dongmo | Merlin Gountié Dedzo

The geological story of Cameroon has been without any doubt highlighted by the establishment and the evolution of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). CVL stretches in the N30°E orientation from the Gulf...

16. A review on marine heritage study: Focusing on the relationship between community and marine heritage, the value, conservation and management of marine heritage

September 2019
Jingbo Wang

The United Nation's World Heritage System is one of the most extensive conservation systems in the world. The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization...

17. The characteristics of formation, development and evolution of National Protected Areas in China

March 2019
Jianzhong Jia

This paper considers that the history of Chinese civilization is the historical foundation for the nationally protected areas and features the protected areas of China. After 1950, the formation, development...

18. Conservation of geoheritage in Ecuador: Situation and perspectives

June 2019
José Luis Sánchez-Cortez

Due to the great geodiversity of Ecuador, it is not easy to present specific criteria related to the actions and scope of the conservation of the geoheritage in this nation; however, despite what we...

19. Geotourism potential of Thethi National Park (Albania)

June 2019
Merita Dollma

Thethi National Park has great potential for geotourism development thanks to the landscape of the alpine scenery of the valley surrounded with high mountains and attractive landforms such as canyons,...

20. National Marine Park Karaburun - Sazan and today's trends for tourism development

March 2019
Fatlinda Shkurti

The purpose of this paper is the identification, recognition, definition and analysis of the natural resources of the National Marine Park Karaburun- Sazan nowadays and prospective development of tourism...

21. Geotourism potential of Zall Gjoçaj national park and the area nearby

September 2019
Florina Pazari | Merita Dollma

The National Park of Zall Gjoçaj and the surrounding area in Albania have considerable potential for geotourism development thanks to the high geodiversity and biodiversity values. However the geosites...

22. In situ interpretation and ex situ museum display of geology. New opportunities for a geoheritage based dialogue?

September 2019
Fabien Van Geert

This article attempts to address the historical and current links existing between the conceptions gouverning the in situ approach of geology and the ex situ musealisation of geological collections,...

23. Selection principles and focuses of landscape planning of protected areas

March 2019
Nodar Elizbarashvili | Giorgi Dvalashvili | Nino Sulkhanishvili

Javakheti National Park is part of a highland of volcanic origin located between Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey. Javakheti's particular transboundary significance is related to its wetlands located at...

24. Geotourism potentials of the National Park “Mali i Tomorrit”

March 2019
Elvira Bollobani (Dodoveci) | Rudina Uruçi (Luçka)

Natural heritage includes objects, landscapes, ecosystems, special, rare, endemic, or endangered from extension habitats. This is the reason they are strictly preserved and protected, clearly and definitely...

25. Spatial-temporal effects of regional ecosystem services based on RS and GIS——Taking Xiangxi Tujia-Miao autonomous region for example

March 2020
Yixiao Kuang | Yu Peng | Weiguo Sang

Take Xiangxi as an example, which has typical karst geomorphic characteristics, many nature reserves and high forest coverage. Through remote sensing, geographic information system and R-language method,...

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