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Recent International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture Articles

Recently published articles from International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture.

Investigation on the Influence of Springback on Precision of Symmetric-Cone-like Parts in Sheet Metal Incremental Forming Process

Available online 14 May 2019
HongyuWei | Laishui Zhou | Behzad Heidarshenas | I.K. Ashraf | Chong Han

Low precision is one of the noticeable defects which would lead to different serious problems in sheet metal incremental forming process (SIF). On account of bearing biaxial tensile stresses basically...

Wettability Analysis of Titanium Alloy in 3D Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Turning

Available online 9 May 2019
Mohammad Lotfi | Sayed Ali Sajjady | Saeid Amini

Surface texturing is an advanced method to improve the tribological performance of the surface. Applying ultrasonic vibrations to generate this kind of the surface could be an efficient method. In this...

Friction stir welding of aluminum 6061-T6 in presence of watercooling: Analyzing mechanical properties and residual stress distribution

Available online 4 May 2019
Jalal Fathi | Pejman Ebrahimzadeh | Reza Farasati | Reza Teimouri

Underwater friction stir welding of AA6061-T6 was carried out in order to improve mechanical properties of fabricated joints in butt mode configuration. Full factorial experimental design was used to...

Microstructure and micro-hardness analysis of friction stir welded bi-layered laminated aluminum sheets

Available online 3 May 2019
M. Tariq | I. Khan | G. Hussain | U. Farooq

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is an economical and environment friendly solid-state welding technique. Properties such as high specific strength, low crack propagation rate and high resistance to impact...

Optimization of residual stress field in ultrasonic assisted burnishing process

Available online 2 May 2019
Reza Teimouri

Surface compressive residual stress and its penetration depth are of important characteristics of burnishing process. The higher values compressive residual stress in the surface of the treated sample...

Sustainable drilling process of 1045 steel plates regarding minimum energy consumption and desired work quality

Available online 30 April 2019
Reza Teimouri | Saeid Amini | Mohammad Lotfi | Mahnoush Alinaghian

Green manufacturing technologies comprising low energy processes with minimum environmental pollution are progressive issues that considered by the researchers and various industries during last decades....

Development of forming tool concept validator with variable stiffness blank-holder for high strength steel applications

Available online 29 April 2019
N. Peixinho | S. Costa | V. Blanco

This paper presents numerical and experimental results of a prototype tool that includes blank-holder elements of variable stiffness. The application is developed for high-strength steel applications...

Effect of process parameters on morphology, sectional characteristics and crack sensitivity of Ti-40Al-9V-0.5Y alloy single tracks produced by selective laser melting

Available online 25 April 2019
Piao Gao | Zemin Wang | Xiaoyan Zeng

Selective laser melting (SLM) has been used to fabricate a Ti-40Al-9V-0.5Y alloy with high crack sensitivity, the effect of SLM process parameters on morphology, sectional characteristics and crack...

Precision forming of long-axis forgings with rib-web sections via billet optimization based on flow characteristics

Available online 24 April 2019
Lei Deng | Zhihua Ren | Peng Guo | Junsong Jin | Xinyun Wang | Jianjun Li

During the forming process, the flow characteristics of materials are crucial for obtaining qualified precise products. In the forging process of long-axis forgings with rib-web sections, the material...

Ultrasonic peen forming of aluminum 6061-T6: Energy minimization subjected to maximum formability and surface properties

Available online 20 April 2019
Reza Teimouri | Saeid Amini

Minimizing power consumption and enhancement of product quality characteristics are main important aims of sustainable manufacturing process. However, achieving both goals at same time requires comprehensive...

Characterization and analysis of hot compression behaviors of an ultralight Mg-Li-Al alloy

Available online 20 April 2019
Rezawana Islam | Amir Hadadzadeh | Marry Wells | Meysam Haghshenas

This paper aims at establishing microstructure/property/processing correlations in a thermomechanically processed ultralight Mg-3.5Li-1Al (wt%) alloy. The thermomechanical cycle consists of uniaxial...

Residual stress measurement of single point incremental formed A/Cu bimetal using incremental hole-drilling method

Available online 10 April 2019
Mahnoush Alinaghian | Iman Alinaghian | Mohammad Honarpisheh

Residual stress (RS) is an important parameter which affect performance and dimensional stability of components. In the manufacturing process, RS mostly was produced by mechanical and thermal causes....

Flexible graphene-coated carbon fiber veil/polydimethylsiloxane mats as electrothermal materials with rapid responsiveness

Available online 9 April 2019
XuFeng Zhang | Dihui Li | Kejian Liu | Jianfeng Tong | XiaoSu Yi

Flexible electrothermal mats with rapid responsiveness were prepared by spray-coating of graphene nanoplates (GNP) acetone dispersion on carbon fiber veil and following curing of polydimethylsiloxane...

Comprehensive optimization of process parameters in rotary ultrasonic drilling of CFRP aimed at minimizing delamination

Available online 3 April 2019
Mohammad Baraheni | Saeid Amini

Delamination damage is one of the main problems in drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) laminates. In recent years, rotary ultrasonic drilling, a brand new machining process that results...

Experimental and numerical simulation of steel/steel (St/St) interface in bi-layer sheet metal

Available online 1 April 2019
Malik Hassan | Aaqib Ali | Muhammad Ilyas | Ghulam Hussain | Ihtasham ul Haq

Layered metallic materials (LMMs) offer a better combination of different mechanical properties in comparison to monolithic sheets. Hot roll-bonding is an effective and economic processing approach...

Analysis on milling stability of fuel tank's bottom combined with surface location error prediction

March 2019
Fan Qiao | Fei Ren | Xiao Liu

The bottom of fuel tank is a lightweight thin-walled part with large size and complex surfaces. Its processing quality directly determines the reliability of the whole rocket. This paper conducts the...

Numerical and experimental study on failure behavior of steel-aluminium mechanical clinched joints under multiple test conditions

March 2019
Yanli Song | Lulu Yang | Genpeng Zhu | Lin Hua | Runze Liu

In this work, the numerical and experimental study was performed to explore the mechanical properties and failure behavior of steel-aluminium mechanical clinched joints under multiple test conditions....

Toughened PS/LDPE/SEBS/xGnP ternary composites: morphology, mechanical and viscoelastic properties

March 2019
Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai | M.R. Sanjay | Sandhya Alice Varghese | Suchart Siengchin | Seno Jose | Nisa Salim | Nishar Hameed | Anthony Magueresse

In this work, we have developed super tough ternary polymer blends and composites composed of polystyrene (PS), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-ran-butylene)-block-polystyrene...

Multifunction cavitation technology to improve the surface function of Al – Cu alloy

March 2019
Masataka Ijiri | Daichi Shimonishi | Syunpei Tani | Norihiro Okada | Masato Yamamoto | Daisuke Nakagawa | Kumiko Tanaka | Toshihiko Yoshimura

Multifunction cavitation (MFC) combines ultrasonic cavitation technology and water jet peening (WJP) technology. In this processing technique, it has been reported that the residual stress necessary...

Deformation behavior and mechanical properties of periodic topological Ti structures fabricated by superplastic forming/diffusion bonding

March 2019
Zhiqiang Li | Bing Zhao | Jie Shao | Shengjing Liu

A variety of topological structures, including hollow warren structure (cross warren, diamond warren, triangular warren, four layer warren), 2D lattice structure (hexagonal honeycomb, tetragonal honeycomb),...

Evolution law of continuous dynamic recrystallization in forming of AA7075 tee valve by multi-direction loading

March 2019
Jing Cao | Zhichao Sun | Huili Wu | Zhikun Yin | Long Huang

In forming of AA7075 tee valve by multi-direction loading, continuous dynamic recrystallization (CDRX) will occur and significantly affect the final microstructure and performance of formed parts. In...

Design and 3D printing of adjustable modulus porous structures for customized diabetic foot insoles

March 2019
Zheng Ma | Jiacheng Lin | Xiaoyue Xu | Ziwei Ma | Lei Tang | Changning Sun | Dichen Li | Chaozong Liu | Yongming Zhong | Ling Wang

Designs with adjustable gradient modulus have become necessary for applications with special demands such as diabetic insole, in which the contact stress between the foot and insole is a critical factor...

A study of thermomechanical behaviour and grain size evolution of AA7050 under hot forging conditions

March 2019
Weishu Li | Yaoqiong Liu | Shuai Jiang | Qinmeng Luan | Yibo Li | Bin Gu | Zhusheng Shi

A series of compression tests have been carried out using Gleeble (3800) thermomechanical simulator to investigate the viscoplastic behaviour of AA7050 as well as its microstructural characteristics...

Enhancing dimensional accuracy and surface integrity by helical milling of carbon fiber reinforced polymers

Available online 18 March 2019
Saeid Amini | Mohammad Baraheni | Emad Hakimi

Geometrical defects are one of the main problems in machining of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates Helical milling is a brand new machining process and a kind of manufacturing method...

Calculation of the modal behavior of structured sheet metal

Available online 23 February 2019
Anna-Sophia Henke | Martin Noack | Thomas F. Geyer | Christoph R. Heinrich | Bernd Beirow | Ennes Sarradj | Arnold Kühhorn

Steel sheet metal is important for architecture, for mechanical engineering and vehicle construction due to its various usability and the fact that it is relatively easy to manufacture. When a regular...

Improvement of corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy by high-temperature high-pressure cavitation treatment

Available online 19 February 2019
Masataka Ijiri | Daichi Shimonishi | Syunpei Tani | Norihiro Okada | Masato Yamamoto | Daisuke Nakagawa | Kumiko Tanaka | Toshihiko Yoshimura

In this study, basic research on the formation of a film for improving the corrosion resistance of a Mg alloy (AZ31) surface was carried out by the addition of dilute phosphoric acid during water jet...

Cohesive surface model for delamination and dynamic behavior of hybrid composite with SMA-GFRP interface

Available online 8 February 2019
Aaqib Ali | Antonietta Lo Conte | Carlo Alberto Biffi | Ausonio Tuissi

The interface model between CuZnAl SMA and GFRP, used in a hybrid composite, is proposed using cohesive surfaces. Using this model and derived parameters, mode-II delamination is studied between CuZnAl...

Design and development of a lightweight SLS 3D printer with a controlled heating mechanism: Part A

Available online 4 February 2019
G. Hussain | Wasim A. Khan | H. Anas Ashraf | H. Ahmad | Hamza Ahmed | Ali Imran | I. Ahmad | K. Rehman | G. Abbas

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is one of the hot topics in the manufacturing research community. The SLS printers developed by the researchers have shown a great potential, however, it needs a lot...

Performance of europium in microstructural modification of high strength lightweight aluminum components

Available online 29 January 2019
Ali Mazahery | Mahdi Habibnejad-korayem | Kifah Takrouri

Even though all rare-earth elements are within the atomic radii range of Impurity Induced Twinning Model, Europium (Eu) is the only one capable to fully modify the plate like eutectic silicon into fine...

The cause-effect statistical analysis of the post-forming strength of a thermoplastic sheet

Available online 12 January 2019
Khalid A. Al-Ghamdi

Thermoplastics are extensively used materials for the lightweight construction. The forming of thermoplastics is relatively a new area in the Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) process. Upon deformation,...

Developing of a manufacturing cycle architecture for fused deposition modeling technique

Available online 4 January 2019
Arfan Majeed | Muhammad Muzamil | Muhammad Zaheer Awan | Aurangzeb Siddiqui

3D printing (3DP) and data analytics are emerging technologies of today's manufacturing enterprises and have a great attraction in their development. A great amount of real-time data of product manufacturing...

Smart metal forming with digital process and IoT

December 2018
Ming Yang

Manufacturers in the metal forming industry are paying attentions on smart manufacturing with the internet of things (IoT). An innovation has been occurring by changing metal forming processes from...

In-situ observations of recrystallization and microstructural evolution in cerium-containing rolled magnesium alloys

December 2018
Ajith Chakkedath | David Hernández-Escobar | Carl J. Boehlert

The recrystallization and microstructural evolution of rolled Mg-2Zn-xCe (x = 0.2 and 0.6 wt%) were studied by combining annealing with in-situ electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis. Sequential...

Effect of NiTi content and test temperature on mechanical behaviors of NiTi–PU composites

December 2018
Xingke Zhao | Tao Chen | Shufan Wang

For purpose of developing damping materials with increased damping capacity over a wide band, NiTi–PU composites were fabricated by vacuum molding polyether polyurethane melt with NiTi alloy chips additive....

Microstructure and mechanical properties of 3Y-TZP dental ceramics fabricated by selective laser sintering combined with cold isostatic pressing

December 2018
Fen Chen | Jia-Min Wu | Huan-Qi Wu | Ying Chen | Chen-Hui Li | Yu-Sheng Shi

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is showing great potential in dental restorations. In this paper, 3Y-TZP ceramics which are widely used in the fabrication of dental restorations were fabricated...

Comparative study of the application of steels and aluminium in lightweight production of automotive parts

December 2018
Miklos Tisza | Imre Czinege

The automotive industry has a decisive role in the economy of developed countries. Sheet metal forming – as one of the main processes in car manufacturing – has similarly important role. Concerning...

Tool wear investigation in high-pressure jet coolant assisted machining Ti2AlNb intermetallic alloys based on FEM

December 2018
Jiuhua Xu | Linjiang He | Honghua Su | Liang Zhang

The excellent mechanical properties of Ti2AlNb intermetallic compounds are beneficial to improve the performance of aero-engine. However, because of their high strength ratio especially at high temperature...

Effect of water jet peening using ultrasonic waves on pure Al and Al–Cu alloy surfaces

December 2018
Masataka Ijiri | Daichi Shimonishi | Daisuke Nakagawa | Toshihiko Yoshimura

Al has been widely used in many common products, such as household items, industrial products, and accessories. To respond to the increasing demand for its use, the enhancement of various properties...

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti6321 alloy welded joint by EBW

December 2018
Fuyang Gao | Qi Gao | Peng Jiang | Zhiying Liu | Zhiqian Liao

Titanium and its alloys have excellent combination of properties, such as low density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance, and they are extensively used in many industrial fields. This...

The microstructure and mechanical properties of TA15 joints by laser forming connection

December 2018
Bendong Xing | Xiangming Wang | Bin Wu | Can Cui | Minghao Xuan

The microstructure and mechanical properties of laser forming connected joints of TA15 fabricated by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process were investigated. The results showed that high-quality joints...

Comparative analyses of multi-pass face-turning of a titanium alloy under various cryogenic cooling and micro-lubrication conditions

Available online 20 December 2018
Asif Iqbal | Wei Zhao | Juliana Zaini | Ning He | Malik M. Nauman | Hazwani Suhaimi

Titanium alloys, despite their high strength-to-weight ratio, are considered as difficult-to-machine materials. Their poor machinability is attributed, among other reasons, to the accumulation of intense...

Failure and strain gradient analyses in incremental forming using GTN model

Available online 19 December 2018
Muhammad Ilyas | Ghulam Hussain | Christine Espinosa

Single point incremental forming (SPIF) process is gaining popularity for rapid manufacturing of complex 3D shapes. The present study is aimed at numerically predicting the failure using the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman...

Ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding of CFRP composites: Effect of fiber orientation and vibration velocity on grinding forces and surface quality

September 2018
Yan Chen | Yuhong Liang | Jiuhua Xu | Andong Hu

Ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding (UVAG) of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites was carried out using a monolayer brazed diamond tool. Effects of the fiber orientation and vibration...

Structure design, fabrication, properties of laminated ceramics: A review

September 2018
Laifei Cheng | Mengyong Sun | Fang Ye | Yuhang Bai | Mingxing Li | Shangwu Fan | Litong Zhang

Various methods exist to improve the toughness and reduce the sensitivity to the defects in ceramic materials; however, the bionic laminated ceramics are the most promising ones. In this paper, we review...

Microstructural and failure mechanism of laser welded 2A97 Al–Li alloys via synchrotron 3D tomography

September 2018
L. Chen | Y.N. Hu | E.G. He | S.C. Wu | Y.N. Fu

Good quality 1.2-mm-thick 2A97 Al–Li alloy butt joints were achieved by the fiber laser welding with the filler ER5356. Thorough investigations were then performed on the microstructure, porosity size...

In-situ micro-tensile testing of AA2024-T3 fibre laser welds with digital image correlation as a function of welding speed

September 2018
Joseph Ahn | Enguang He | Li Chen | John Dear | Zhutao Shao | Catrin Davies

In this paper, the influence of welding speed on tensile properties of AA2024-T3 fibre laser welds was investigated by monitoring the deformation behaviour during tensile loading. In-situ micro-tensile...

Addressing the challenges for the industrial application of additive manufacturing: Towards a hybrid solution

September 2018
Panagiotis Stavropoulos | Panagis Foteinopoulos | Alexios Papacharalampopoulos | Harry Bikas

The interest of different industrial sectors for Additive Manufacturing (AM) is rapidly increasing, mainly due to the fact that complex parts can be manufactured without an increase in cost. However,...

A review on modelling techniques for formability prediction of sheet metal forming

September 2018
Ruiqiang Zhang | Zhutao Shao | Jianguo Lin

With an increasing demand for lightweight design of vehicles in automotive and aircraft industries, sheet metals with low density and high strength have been widely and intensively used in forming lightweight...

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