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Journal of Future Foods

Journal of Future Foods is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal belonging to the discipline of food science and technology. The aim of the journal is to report latest research results of high-tech in food science. We welcome submissions that drive the field of food science towards whole food nutrition, intelligence and high technology.

Journal of Future Foods is dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge fundamental food science research, exploring the frontier issues of future food research and developing disruptive technologies in the food field. Articles must present information that is novel, high impact and scientifically robust.

Topics featured in Journal of Future Foods include:

  • Food bio-manufacturing: The application of cell, enzyme and genetic engineering in the manufacture of new food products and food ingredients, and improvements to food processing efficiency.

  • Sensory and oral processing of foods: For example,

    • sensory measurements and evaluation,
    • nature of sensory experience and sensation perception,
    • molecular gastronomy,
    • relationship between physical properties of foods and dynamic sensory perception,
    • relationship between instrumental measurements and human perception, and
    • the relationship between sensory responses, eating behaviors and nutrition.

  • Precision nutrition: Dietary supplements and foods for specific populations (such as the elderly, pregnant women, infants and children), or to meet individuals? specific needs, including foods for special dietary use.

  • High tech:

    • nanotechnology,
    • histology,
    • 3D printing
    • advanced physical processing and green manufacturing technologies, etc.

  • Intelligent equipment: Image and spectroscopic technologies; intelligent sensory technologies in food ingredients and product composition analysis; non-destructive testing, storage and transportation and quality control, etc.

  • Food safety big data: Blockchain, traceability and risk assessment technologies, and predictive microbiology in food safety assurance.

  • Smart and green food packaging:

    • active, intelligent or combined packaging for foods;
    • green materials and green technologies for food packaging;
    • innovative packaging for food takeout and bioactive delivery;
    • packaging systems coupled with sensors, indicators, radio frequency identification technology and modern barcode technology.

  • Cross-disciplinary research:

    • the exploration of new food materials and ingredients;
    • research focusing on medicine and food homology;
    • food hazard screening, prevention and control;
    • loss minimization for edible agricultural products;
    • systematic research on the association between food intake, physical activity and health-related quality of life;
    • digitalisation in the food supply chain, etc.

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Editor-in-Chief: Geoffrey Ivan Neil Waterhouse
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Imprint: Beijing Academy of Food Sciences
ISSN: 2772-5669
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