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Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience

The Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience is an academic bimonthly journal focused on natural gas exploration and exploitation, sponsored by Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This journal publishes original research and review articles across a broad range of topics, including natural gas geology, natural gas geochemistry, natural gas geophysics, natural gas field engineering, unconventional natural gas, natural gas and the environment, and natural gas resources and economics. The primary aim of this journal is to promote the worldwide development of natural gas exploration and exploitation and academic exchange among natural gas researchers and workers. The primary tasks of this journal are to review the present situation and the development of natural gas geosciences, to report new theories, methods, and technologies, to publish new results in global natural gas research, exploration, and exploitation, and to study the contribution of natural gas to sustainable economic and social development.

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Editor-in-Chief: Jinxing Dai
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2468-256X
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