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Recent Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition).

Concrete block pavements in urban and local roads: Analysis of stress-strain condition and proposal for a catalogue

Available online 18 March 2019
Paola Di Mascio | Laura Moretti | Americo Capannolo

Although the construction of block pavements has grown fast in the last decades, there is still a need for simple tools that could be applied to design them. This paper analyzed and verified concrete...

Cost effectiveness of crack treatment methods: A field study

Available online 8 March 2019
Mithil Mazumder | Hyun Hwan Kim | Soon-Jae Lee | Moon-Sup Lee

In the United States, more than 94% highways are paved with asphalt materials and placing crack sealant materials has been a common pavement maintenance for decades. Crack sealing treatment includes...

Influence of steel jacket thickness on the RC bridges’ seismic vulnerability

February 2019
Bertha Olmos | José Manuel Jara | Gerardo Gómez | Guillermo Martínez

The seismic demands of bridges subjected to strong earthquakes are mostly concentrated on piers. The main objective of this study is to assess the seismic vulnerability of retrofitted bridges with steel...

Curved footbridges supported by a shell obtained through thrust network analysis

February 2019
Luigi Fenu | Eleonora Congiu | Davide Lavorato | Bruno Briseghella | Giuseppe Carlo Marano

After Maillart's concrete curved arch bridges were built before the Second World War, in the second half of the past century and this century, many curved bridges have been built with both steel and...

A review on application of composite truss bridges composed of hollow structural section members

February 2019
Zhijuan Tian | Yongjian Liu | Lei Jiang | Weiqing Zhu | Yinping Ma

Composite truss with hollow structural section (HSS) members is deemed as the structure applicable to large-span and heavily-loaded bridges. To promote the application of composite truss bridge with...

Estimating the resistance of aging service-proven bridges with a Gamma process-based deterioration model

February 2019
Cao Wang | Kairui Feng | Long Zhang | Aming Zou

The environmental or anthropogenic factors, to which the in-service bridges are subjected, are responsible for the reduction of bridge performance, and finally lead to great service risk for bridges...

Impact of earthquake-induced bridge damage and time evolving traffic demand on the road network resilience

February 2019
Ioannis Kilanitis | Anastasios Sextos

Damage from recent earthquakes has shown that substandard bridges are particularly vulnerable to strong ground motions being the weakest components of a road network. Structural and foundation damages...

Two methodological approaches to assess the seismic vulnerability of masonry bridges

February 2019
Diego Maria Barbieri

This work describes the seismic vulnerability assessment of a railway masonry arch bridge. Its conservation state is initially investigated by means of a thorough field and laboratory test campaign,...

New few parameters differential evolution algorithm with application to structural identification

February 2019
Rita Greco | Ivo Vanzi

Differential evolution algorithm (DEA) is a stochastic, population-based global optimization method. In this paper, we propose new schemes for both mutation and crossover operators in order to enhance...

To compute or not to compute?

February 2019
Alessandra Fiore | Ivo Vanzi | Camillo Nuti | Cristoforo Demartino | Rita Greco | Bruno Briseghella

In a previous paper “to retrofit or not to retrofit?” (Nuti and Vanzi, 2003) a straightforward procedure able to forecast the economic return of seismic structural upgrading was presented. More recently,...

Development of countermeasures to effectively improve pedestrian safety in low-income areas

Available online 8 February 2019
Pei-Sung Lin | Rui Guo | Elzbieta Bialkowska-Jelinska | Achilleas Kourtellis | Yu Zhang

In recent years, many departments of transportation in the US have invested more resources to enhance pedestrian safety. However, there is still a need to effectively and systematically address pedestrian...

Central applications of Tesfay coordination in transportation supply chain: Case of airline industry

Available online 7 February 2019
Yohannes Yebabe Tesfay

This paper is extensions of the Tesfay (2014) paper on the Bullwhip effects and Tesfay (2015) paper on the foundations of the Bullwhip effect and its implications on the theory of organizational coordination....

A wavelet transform method for studying the energy distribution characteristics of microseismicities associated rock failure

Available online 7 February 2019
Yumei Kang | Hongyuan Liu | Md Maniruzzaman A. Aziz | Khairul Anuar Kassim

Microseismicity signals released during rock failure process are firstly recorded using microseismicity monitoring system. A wavelet transform scheme is then developed on the basis of the discrete wavelet...

Synchronization of home departure and arrival times in dual earner households with children: Panel regression model of time gaps

Available online 7 February 2019
Bilin Han | Harry Timmermans

Organizing schedules and allocating time to different activities is always a challenge in dual-earner households, especially when they have children. Parents may need to link their schedule to those...

Effects of winter weather on traffic operations and optimization of signalized intersections

Available online 6 February 2019
Zhengyang Lu | Tae J. Kwon | Liping Fu

Adverse winter weather has always been a cause of traffic congestion and road collisions. To mitigate the negative impacts of winter weather, transportation agencies are under increasing pressure to...

Long-term performance of fiber-grid-reinforced asphalt overlay pavements: A case study of Korean national highways

Available online 5 February 2019
Jong-Hoon Lee | Seung-Beom Baek | Kang-Hoon Lee | Jo-Soon Kim | Jin-Hoon Jeong

The objective of this study was to verify the effect of fiber grid reinforcement on the long-term performance of asphalt overlay pavements by performing field investigation, laboratory test, and finite...

Mechanical characteristics of tensile strength ratio method compared to other parameters used for moisture susceptibility evaluation of asphalt mixtures

Available online 5 February 2019
Thanh Chung Do | Van Phuc Tran | Van Phuc Le | Hyun Jong Lee | Won Jae Kim

In this study, mechanical characteristics of tensile strength ratio (TSR) were evaluated by comparing it to other methods in evaluating moisture sensitivity of asphalt mixtures. Twenty types of asphalt...

Incorporating travel time reliability in predicting the likelihood of severe crashes on arterial highways using non-parametric random-effect regression

Available online 4 February 2019
Emmanuel Kidando | Ren Moses | Eren Erman Ozguven | Thobias Sando

Travel time reliability (TTR) modeling has gain attention among researchers' due to its ability to represent road user satisfaction as well as providing a predictability of a trip travel time. Despite...

Effect of vehicle safety recalls on the perception towards other vehicles from the same country of origin

Available online 4 February 2019
Khaled Shaaban | Amro Maher | Anusorn Singhapakdi

A vehicle safety recall significantly impacts the demand for these specific manufacturer vehicles. The effect of this recall on the other manufacturers from the same country of origin (COO) that are...

Investigating unsafe behaviours in traffic conflict situations: An observational study in Nigeria

Available online 29 January 2019
Chinebuli Uzondu | Samantha Jamson | Frank Lai

Although road users are aware of the possible risks of engaging in unsafe behaviours while driving, they continue to do so. These behaviours often contribute to traffic incidents and crashes involving...

Recent advances in connected and automated vehicles

Available online 28 January 2019
David Elliott | Walter Keen | Lei Miao

Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) is a transformative technology that has great potential to change our daily life. Therefore, CAV related research has been advanced significantly in recent years....

An automated geo-spatial correction framework for transportation

Available online 26 January 2019
Ömer M. Soysal | Kazim Şekeroglu | Jeff Dickey

In this paper, we present a framework to validate and to correct the location information in crash reports. The proposed system is composed of several modules: creation of intersection network and pre-processing,...

On the cyclic behaviour of new pier-to-deck connections for short-medium span composite I-girder bridges

December 2018
Fabrizio Paolacci | Renato Giannini | Silvia Alessandri | Daniele Corritore

Short-medium span steel–concrete composite I-girder bridges are becoming more and more popular, because of the reduced construction time and costs. The light weight renders them particularly suitable...

Probability-based practice-oriented seismic behaviour assessment of simply supported RC bridges considering the variation and correlation in pier performance

December 2018
Long Zhang | Cao Wang

Probability-based seismic performance assessment of in-service bridges has gained much attention in the scientific community during the past decades. The nonlinear static pushover analysis is critical...

Design and field tests of a deck-extension bridge with small box girder

December 2018
Junqing Xue | Bruno Briseghella | Jianhui Lin | Fuyun Huang | Baochun Chen

A jointless bridge could fundamentally eliminate vulnerable deck joints, thereby meeting the need for sustainable development of bridges, especially for an expressway with high-speed traffic. In this...

Volume/thrust optimal shape criteria for arches under static vertical loads

December 2018
Giuseppe Carlo Marano | Francesco Trentadue | Rita Greco | Ivo Vanzi | Bruno Briseghella

Arches are widely used when large spans are necessary, e.g. to overpass large rivers, and further possess unquestioned aesthetics advantages. Their structural efficiency depends primarily on optimal...

Shake table tests of different seismic isolation systems on a large scale structure subjected to low to moderate earthquakes

December 2018
Nefize Shaban | Alp Caner

Seismic isolation systems designed for extreme events may likely experience low to moderate earthquakes during the design life of the structure rather than the extreme event itself. In new seismic building...

Sustainable education for bridge engineers

December 2018
Paul Gauvreau

This article examines the way we educate future bridge engineers from the perspective of sustainability. The term sustainability is used in its original sense, namely, a quality of a practice that can...

Timber-concrete composite bridges: Three case studies

December 2018
Massimo Fragiacomo | Amedeo Gregori | Junqing Xue | Cristoforo Demartino | Matteo Toso

During the last years, timber-concrete composite (TCC) structures have been extensively used in Europe both in new and existing buildings. Generally speaking, a composite structure combines the advantages...

Asynchronous earthquake strong motion and RC bridges response

December 2018
Davide Lavorato | Gabriele Fiorentino | Alessandro Vittorio Bergami | Bruno Briseghella | Camillo Nuti | Silvia Santini | Ivo Vanzi

The dynamic response of long structures (e.g., bridges) is sensitive to the spatial variability of strong ground motion (asynchronous motion). Ground motion differences increase from point to point...

Identifying spatiotemporal traffic patterns in large-scale urban road networks using a modified nonnegative matrix factorization algorithm

Available online 19 December 2018
Xiaolei Ma | Yi Li | Peng Chen

The identification and analysis of spatiotemporal traffic patterns in road networks constitute a crucial process for sophisticated traffic management and control. Traditional methods based on mathematical...

Effects of calibration process on the simulation of rear-end conflicts at roundabouts

Available online 14 November 2018
Vincenzo Gallelli | Giuseppe Guido | Alessandro Vitale | Rosolino Vaiana

A methodology for calibrating and validating VISSIM simulation model is presented that allows to replicate the observed vehicles conflicts. A roundabout case study has been selected to test the usefulness...

Field evaluation of selected light sources for roadway lighting

October 2018
Yi Jiang | Shuo Li | Bowen Guan | Guangyuan Zhao | Dave Boruff | Lalit Garg | Prakash Patel

The development of new lighting sources, such as light emitting diode (LED), induction, and plasma, presented more possible cost effective ways for roadway lighting. A study was therefore conducted...

Guidelines for roundabout circulatory and entry widths based on vehicle dynamics

October 2018
Maksym Diachuk | Said M. Easa

Current guidelines for roundabout circulatory roadway width are based on a static method that does not consider circulatory speed. In addition, the roundabout entry width is based on practical experience....

Prioritization methodology for roadside and guardrail improvement: Quantitative calculation of safety level and optimization of resources allocation

October 2018
Giuseppe Loprencipe | Laura Moretti | Giuseppe Cantisani | Paolo Minati

The attention to road safety-related issues has grown fast in recent decades. The experience gained with these themes reveals the importance of considering these aspects in the resource allocation process...

Volume warrants for major and minor roads left-turning traffic lanes at unsignalized T-intersections: A case study using VISSIM modelling

October 2018
Eric Nyame-Baafi | Charles Anum Adams | Kwame Kwakwa Osei

The most common type of intersection improvement considered in Ghana is signalization. However, other actions such as the installation of left-turn lanes have been proven to improve the efficiency and...

Safety ranking definition for infrastructures with high PTW flow

October 2018
Antonella Ragnoli | Maria Vittoria Corazza | Paola Di Mascio

Powered two-wheelers (PTWs) provide a suitable mode for a large portion of population in many cities due to rider's personal convenience and the vehicle supposed easiness of manoeuvring. At the same...

Dynamic parameters of vehicles under heterogeneous traffic stream with non-lane discipline: An experimental study

October 2018
Geetimukta Mahapatra | Akhilesh Kumar Maurya

On the heterogeneous and no lane disciplined traffic, the abreast maneuver of vehicles depends upon the driver behavior, vehicle type and most importantly the traffic parameters such as vehicle speed...

State-of-the-art of port simulation models for risk and capacity assessment based on the vessel navigational behaviour through the nautical infrastructure

October 2018
Xavier Bellsolà Olba | Winnie Daamen | Tiedo Vellinga | Serge P. Hoogendoorn

Ports play an increasingly important role in the freight transportation chain due to containerization. High vessel flows and higher densities increase the relevance of the non-terminal related processes....

Using random-parameter and fixed-parameter ordered models to explore temporal stability in factors affecting drivers' injury severity in single-vehicle collisions

Available online 16 October 2018
Essam Dabbour | Murtaza Haider | Eman Diaa

Understanding the temporal stability in the factors influencing drivers’ injury severity in single-vehicle collisions would help evaluating the effectiveness of implementing different safety treatments...

Safety effectiveness of roadway conversion with a two way left turn lane

August 2018
Subasish Das | Xiaoduan Sun | Karen Dixon | M. Ashifur Rahman

In urban or suburban areas with a large number of access points, four-lane undivided highways are prone to crashes due to left-turning and through movements in a single lane. Many studies recommended...

Emissions of automobiles fueled with alternative fuels based on engine technology: A review

August 2018
Yisong Chen | Jinqiu Ma | Bin Han | Peng Zhang | Haining Hua | Hao Chen | Xin Su

Diversification of alternative fuels for automobiles is not only an actual situation, but also a development trend. Whether the alternative fuels are clean is an important issue. Emissions of automobiles...

Innovative roadside design curve of lateral clearance: Roadway reverse horizontal curves

August 2018
Qing Chong You | Said M. Easa

This paper presents a proposed concept of a spiraled roadside curve for determining the required lateral clearance that satisfies sight distance needs on a roadway reverse horizontal curve. The spiraled...

Assessing travel time reliability implications due to roadworks on private vehicles and public transport services in urban road networks

August 2018
Wael Jamous | Chandra Balijepalli

Roadworks are perhaps the most controversial topic in transport professional field. On one hand, they are a necessity to assure the current and future functionality of the traffic network, while on...

Comparing practice-ready forecast models for weekly and monthly fluctuations of average daily traffic and enhancing accuracy by weighting methods

August 2018
Andrea Pompigna | Federico Rupi

Knowing daily traffic for the current year is recognized as being essential in many fields of transport analysis and practice, and short-term forecasting models offer a set of tools to meet these needs....

Modelling behavioural interactions of drivers' in mixed traffic conditions

August 2018
Caleb Ronald Munigety

Mixed traffic conditions are often prevalent in developing economies such as India, China, Bangladesh, etc. and are characterised by the presence of multiple vehicle types. The presence of multiple...

Pseudo feature point registration of pavement images

August 2018
Dean Wright

Over the last 20 years road pavement imaging has become a routine output from annual pavement assessment survey regimes across the world. Hitherto the traditional use of road pavement images in road...

Comparative analysis of multi criteria decision making techniques for material selection of brake booster valve body

Available online 6 August 2018
Milad Moradian | Vahid Modanloo | Soroush Aghaiee

Braking system is one of the most critical parts in a vehicle, and one of the main components of this system is brake booster valve body which plays a significant role in safety standards of the vehicle....

Effects of existing concrete pavement condition on performance of unbonded jointed plain concrete overlay

Available online 4 August 2018
Gauhar Sabih | Rafiqul A. Tarefder

Unbonded concrete overlay (UBCO) is the most used pavement rehabilitation technique across United States with an overall usage of 47% amongst all the rehabilitation methods. It is aimed to improve the...

An investigation of influential factors of downgrade truck crashes: A logistic regression approach

Available online 4 August 2018
Milhan Moomen | Mahdi Rezapour | Khaled Ksaibati

Truck crash occurrence causes extensive damage to lives and property. Truck crashes on downgrades exacerbate these costs due to the likelihood of a runaway being involved. Highway agencies have continuously...

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