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Recent Materials Science for Energy Technologies Articles

Recently published articles from Materials Science for Energy Technologies.

Reddish orange to blue tunable emission from rare earth β-diketonate Eu(TTA)3 dpphen complex for solid state lighting applications

April 2019
Akhilesh Ugale | N. Thejo Kalyani | S.J. Dhoble

This work reports synthesis and characterization of novel Eu(TTA)3 dpphen (Eu-Europium, TTA- 2-Thenoyltrifluoroacetone, dpphen-4,7-diphenyl,1,10-phenanthroline) complex which has potential to tune its...

Nanostructured Ni(OH)2/rGO composite chemically deposited on Ni foam for high performance of supercapacitor applications

April 2019
P.E. Lokhande | U.S. Chavan

Present investigation explores the synthesis of nanostructured Ni(OH)2/Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) on 3D networked Ni foam by simple and cost-effective chemical deposition method. The RGO added with...

Review on the role of solid waste materials in soft soils reengineering

April 2019
Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe

Environmental degradation resulting from CO2 emission and the constant collapse of foundation of facilities more especially pavements in Nigeria has posed serious threat to the overall economic growth...

Fatigue tests on the proton exchange membrane Nafion 115 (perfluorosulfonic acid) of fuel cells, under the biaxial modality: Tension and torsion

April 2019
L.M. Torres Duarte | G.M. Domínguez Almaraz | C.J. Torres Pacheco

Fatigue tests have been carried out under biaxial modality: tension and torsion, on the membrane material Nafion 115 (perfluorosulfonic acid, PFSA). This polymeric material is used in fuel cells as...

Rheology of mechanical properties of soft soil and stabilization protocols in the developing countries-Nigeria

April 2019
Kennedy Onyelowe | Duc Bui Van | Clifford Igboayaka | Francis Orji | Henry Ugwuanyi

This work highlights on the available techniques and procedures of soil stabilization and to keep geotechnical engineers in the developing world abreast of the cheaper technologies with respect to soil...

Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) and their role at the nexus of Food, Energy, and Water

April 2019
Erick R. Bandala | Markus Berli

The use of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) to improve food production, energy generation, and/or the removal of pollutants from water have changed several paradigms related with the way that the scientific...

Apple pectin supported superparamagnetic (γ-Fe2O3) maghemite nanoparticles with antimicrobial potency

April 2019
Poonam Rana | Saurabh Sharma | Rajni Sharma | Kamalika Banerjee

Magnetic nanoparticles are themselves a fascinating world due to their various applications in different fields mainly biomedical, catalysis, storage devices and many more. Till now magnetites have...

Improving hydrogen production using co-cultivation of bacteria with Chlamydomonas reinhardtii microalga

April 2019
Neda Fakhimi | Omid Tavakoli

Hydrogen production by microalgae is a promising technology to achieve sustainable and clean energy. Among various photosynthetic microalgae able to produce hydrogen, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is a...

Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant with nanosized cadmium sulfide

April 2019
Muzaffar Iqbal | Akbar Ali | Noor Ahmad Nahyoon | Abdul Majeed | Ramyakrishna Pothu | Shahnawaz Phulpoto | Khalid Hussain Thebo

Efficient removal of organic pollutants from wastewater by using photocatalysis has become a hot research in recent days due to its ecological and environmental importance. Herein, cadmium sulfide (CdS)...

Chemically deposited ultrathin α-Ni(OH)2 nanosheet using surfactant on Ni foam for high performance supercapacitor application

December 2018
P.E. Lokhande | Krishna Pawar | U.S. Chavan

Nanostructured Ni(OH)2 is synthesized via an easy and cost-effective chemical deposition method with the addition of nonionic organic surfactant. The surfactant added has not taken any part in the reaction...

Relative study of steel solar pond with sodium chloride and pebbles

December 2018
D Sathish | S Jegadheeswaran

The salt-gradient solar pond is the pre-eminent solar desalination process for storing thermal energy. Due to the high concentration of salt content present in the lower convective zone heat will be...

Production and characterization of agro-based briquettes and estimation of calorific value by regression analysis: An energy application

December 2018
Umesh B. Deshannavar | Prasad G. Hegde | Zeba Dhalayat | Vyjayanti Patil | Suchit Gavas

Biomass in the original form having low bulk density results in huge transportation & storage costs, and cannot be used as an effective combustible fuel. Densifying biomass by briquetting/pelletizing...

Synthesis, growth, optical, band gap energy and mechanical properties of semiorganic nonlinear optical material: 2-Aminopyridine potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate lithium chloride (2APKDPL) crystal

December 2018
D. Sivavishnu | R. Srineevasan | J. Johnson

2APKDPL salt was synthesized by taking equimolar ratio (1:1:1) of 2-aminopyridine, potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate and lithium chloride by slow evaporation technique. Optimum level of purity is...

Application of silver-tin dioxide composite cathode catalyst for enhancing performance of microbial desalination cell

December 2018
G. Anusha | Md.T. Noori | M.M. Ghangrekar

Microbial desalination cell (MDC) is a novel bioelectrochemical system, capable of removing salts and organic matter from wastewater simultaneously. For improving the performance, a carbon supported...

Phosphonate ionic liquid immobilised SBA-15/SPEEK composite membranes for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells

December 2018
Vijayakumar Elumalai | Tapsaya Ganesh | Cathrene Selvakumar | Dharmalingam Sangeetha

High temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells require an electrolyte membrane which is mechanically and thermally more stable for its efficient performance. In the present study, a composite...

Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

December 2018
Amit Mishra | Akansha Mehta | Soumen Basu | Shweta J. Malode | Nagaraj P. Shetti | Shyam S. Shukla | Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda | Tejraj M. Aminabhavi

In recent years, the primary power sources for portable electronic devices are lithium ion batteries. However, they suffer from many of the limitations for their use in electric means of transportation...

Physico-chemical properties of nanocrystalline YSZ powders as a function of doping level and electrical properties after sintering

December 2018
C. Suciu | E. Dorolti | A.C. Hoffmann

Analyses of a series of xYSZ materials, where x varies from 1 to 15%, have been carried out both in powder form and after sintering to functional materials, namely ion-conducting ceramics for use in...

Transition metal oxide nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

December 2018
Chiranjita Goswami | Kumar Kashyap Hazarika | Pankaj Bharali

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is the most important reaction that occurs in the cathode surface of fuel cells. Its sluggish kinetics stimulated the researchers towards the development of inexpensive...

Magnetron sputter deposited NiCu alloy catalysts for production of hydrogen through electrolysis in alkaline water

December 2018
Mukesh Kumar | Nagaraj P. Shetti

NiCu alloy catalysts with varying composition for electrolysis in alkaline water have been prepared by DC magnetron co-sputtering under Ar gas environment at substrate bias of −60 V. Nanocrystallinity,...

Catalytic soot oxidation activity of Cr-doped ceria (Ce1-xCrxO2-δ) synthesized by sol-gel method with organic additives

December 2018
Satya Deepika Neelapala | Harshini Dasari

Cr-doped ceria catalysts (Ce1-xCrxO2-δ: x = 0.05 to 0.25) were prepared by sol-gel synthesis using glucose and fructose as organic additives. The structural and morphological properties were investigated...

Electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen on Co3O4: Effects of processing method

December 2018
Harsha P. Uskaikar | Nagaraj P. Shetti | Shweta J. Malode

In this study, cathode materials for oxygen reduction reaction were produced. Co3O4 spinel oxides were synthesized by hydrazine based precursor method. X-ray appearing for 311 plane and lattice parameter...

Investigation of physicochemical and electrochemical properties of recast Nafion nanocomposite membranes using different loading of zirconia nanoparticles for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications

December 2018
Mohammad Javad Parnian | Soosan Rowshanzamir | Jafar Alipour Moghaddam

In this work, Nafion ionomer was prepared by a dissolution method in high pressure-temperature autoclave reactor using Nafion membrane sources. Zirconia nanoparticles were synthesized by the microwave...

Parametric studies of methyl esters synthesis from Thumba seed oil using heterogeneous catalyst under conventional stirring and ultrasonic cavitation

December 2018
Abhijeet D. Patil | Saroj S. Baral | Prashant B. Dhanke | Chandu S. Madankar | Unmesh S. Patil | Vivek S. Kore

The depletion of petroleum resources has created great demand for environmental friendly renewable energy sources. Biodiesel is one of the alternatives to petroleum fuels. The objective of present study...

Effect of TiO2 on electrocatalytic behavior of Ni-Mo alloy coating for hydrogen energy

December 2018
Akshatha R. Shetty | Ampar Chitharanjan Hegde

Ni-Mo-TiO2 composite coating has been developed through electrodeposition method by depositing titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles parallel to the process of Ni-Mo alloy coating. The experimental...

Capillarity-driven assembly of single-walled carbon nanotubes onto nickel wires for flexible wire-shaped supercapacitors

December 2018
Pan Li | Yiming Li | Ziqiang Zhang | Jun Chen | Yi Li | Yanwen Ma

The carbon nanomaterials have been incorporated into composite electrode for wire-shaped supercapacitors (WSSs) to promote development of wearable electronics. Coating of carbon nanomaterials directly...

Effect of Chromium substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of Cobalt ferrite

Available online 17 November 2018
G. Raju | N. Murali | M.S.N.A. Prasad | B. Suresh | D. Apparao Babu | M. Gnana Kiran | A. Ramakrishna | M. Tulu Wegayehu | B. Kishore Babu

Spinel structured ferrite materials have been explored more than the other types as bearing simplified structural analysis and also their synthesis methods. In this present report Cr2+ doped spinel...

Graphene-based membranes for CO2 separation

Available online 15 November 2018
Akbar Ali | Ramyakrishna Pothu | Sajid Hussain siyal | Shahnawaz Phulpoto | Muhammad Sajjad | Khalid Hussain Thebo

Increasing concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is responsible for global warming in the world. Up to date, many technologies have been investigated to reduce the concentration of...

Scheffe optimization of swelling, California bearing ratio, compressive strength, and durability potentials of quarry dust stabilized soft clay soil

Available online 2 November 2018
Kennedy Onyelowe | George Alaneme | Clifford Igboayaka | Francis Orji | Henry Ugwuanyi | Duc Bui Van | Manh Nguyen Van

Scheffe’s second degree polynomial was used to formulate models for predicting the swelling potential, California bearing ratio, unconfined compressive strength and loss of strength on immersion durability...

Frequency band widening technique for cantilever-based vibration energy harvesters through dynamics of fluid motion

June 2018
Mayuri D. Dhone | Poonam G. Gawatre | Suresh S. Balpande

Vibration energy harvesting has evoked great interests for a wide variety of self-powered microsystems. Vibration energy harvesters typically have a narrow bandwidth, which causes infeasibility for...

Electrodeposited Ni/SiC composite coating on graphite for high temperature solar thermal applications

June 2018
M. Sindhuja | V. Sudha | S. Harinipriya | Ramani Venugopal | Belal Usmani

Ni/SiC nanocomposite coatings were electrodeposited on graphite (of different shapes) under galvanostatic condition. The effect of the shape of graphite on the morphological, composition, structural...

Engineered nanoporous materials mediated heterogeneous catalysts and their implications in biodiesel production

June 2018
Swati Sharma | Varun Saxena | Anupriya Baranwal | Pranjal Chandra | Lalit Mohan Pandey

World’s energy needs are majorly dependent on the fossil fuels, including petrochemical sources and coal. The alternate of these fuels include hydro and nuclear powers. However, all these resources...

Recent developments in photoelectrochemical water-splitting using WO3/BiVO4 heterojunction photoanode: A review

June 2018
Basanth S. Kalanoor | Hyungtak Seo | Shankara S. Kalanur

Pairing tungsten oxide (WO3) and bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) to form heterojunction photoanode is a very promising strategy to attain the enhanced photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting efficiency....

Preparation, characterization and trifluralin degradation of laccase-modified cellulose nanofibers

June 2018
Monica Bansal | Dharamender Kumar | Ghanshyam S. Chauhan | Anupama Kaushik

Laccase, an oxidoreductase enzyme, can biodegrade persistent pesticides and other xenobiotics to less toxic monomers. The present work involves immobilization of laccase onto activated nanocellulose...

Nanoengineered material based biosensing electrodes for enzymatic biofuel cells applications

June 2018
Ashutosh Kumar | Swati Sharma | Lalit Mohan Pandey | Pranjal Chandra

In the last few decades, biofuel cells have been explored extensively as an emerging technology and achieved the status of critical research endeavours among the intellectual communities working on...

Nanoparticles of oxidized-cellulose synthesized by green method

June 2018
Sapana Kumari | Bhagat Ram | Dharamender Kumar | Sunita Ranote | Ghanshyam S. Chauhan

Site specific drug delivery is the foremost requisite for chemotherapy to avoid the associated side effects. For this, stimuli-responsiveness of the drug delivery device is of great interest to selectively...

Effect of electron beam irradiation induced grafting of sialic acid onto polycaprolactone – Feasibility study

June 2018
Anand S. Deshmukh | Payal S. Jain | Pratik N. Chauhan | Tejraj M. Aminabhavi | Vikash Petwal | Vijaypal Verma

This paper describes a preliminary study on the practical feasibility of covalent attachment or grafting of hydrophilic biological monosaccharide namely, sialic acid (SA) onto the backbone of hydrophobic...

Amino-functionalized silica anchored to multiwall carbon nanotubes as hybrid electrode material for supercapacitors

June 2018
Mohsin Javed | Syed Mustansar Abbas | Shabbir Hussain | Mohammad Siddiq | Dongxue Han | Li Niu

Silica particles (SiO2) have been prepared by using sol-gel synthesis technique and are amino functionalized by treating with (3-Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane followed by composite formation using acid-functionalized...

Biocompatible mediated bioanode prepared by using poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) poly(styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) and sulfonated graphene oxide integrated enzyme for biofuel cells applications

June 2018
Beenish | Inamuddin | Mohd Imran Ahamed | Abdullah M. Asiri | Khalid A. AlAmry

In this study, a bioanode for biofuel cells was produced using a composite of poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) and sulfonated graphene oxide (SGO) wherein SGO shows...

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