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Recent Materials Science for Energy Technologies Articles

Recently published articles from Materials Science for Energy Technologies.

A study of photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activity of as-synthesized WO3/g-C3N4 composite photocatalysts for AO7 degradation

A. Priya | R.A. Senthil | A. Selvi | Prabhakarn Arunachalam | C.K. Senthil Kumar | J. Madhavan | Rajender Boddula | Ramyakrishna Pothu | Abdullah M. Al-Mayouf

Fast response and highly selective nitrogen dioxide gas sensor based on Zinc Stannate thin films

M.A. Patil | V.V. Ganbavle | K.Y. Rajpure | H.P. Deshmukh | S.H. Mujawar

NO2 gas sensor based on for Zn2SnO4 thin films prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method....

Conducting polymers and composites nanowires for energy devices: A brief review

Larissa Bach-Toledo | Bruna M. Hryniewicz | Luís F. Marchesi | Luiz H. Dall'Antonia | Marcio Vidotti | Franciele Wolfart

Nanozymes and aptamer-based biosensing

Bandhan Chatterjee | Soon Jyoti Das | Anjali Anand | Tarun Kumar Sharma

CO2 emission reduction by zero flaring startup in gas refinery

Nasibeh Hajilary | Mashallah Rezakazemi | Aref Shahi

Colorimetric biosensors for point-of-care virus detections

Victoria Xin Ting Zhao | Ten It Wong | Xin Ting Zheng | Yen Nee Tan | Xiaodong Zhou

Localized surface plasmon resonance based point-of-care system for sepsis diagnosis

Ling Ling Sun | Yee Sin Leo | Xiaodong Zhou | Willie Ng | Ten It Wong | Jie Deng

Physico-chemical, structural, optical and NLO studies on pure and La3+ doped l-arginine acetate crystals

A. Senthamizhan | K. Sambathkumar | S. Nithiyanantham

Pure and La3+ doped single crystals of l-arginine acetate have been grown well from through slow evaporation method in aqueous environment. The grown crystals has examined for thermal, mechanical, dielectric...

Pilot study of synthesis of nanocrystalline cellulose using waste biomass via ASPEN plus simulation

Elvin Boo Chen Qing | Julian Kirzner Chong Kai Wen | Lee Seh Liang | Lim Qian Ying | Lim Quan Jie | N.M. Mubarak

Recent processes for the production of alumina nano-particles

S. Said | S. Mikhail | M. Riad

Functionalization of alumina nano-particles by iron species....

Sol-gel citrate synthesized Zn doped MgFe2O4 nanocrystals: A promising supercapacitor electrode material

Santosh J. Uke | Satish P. Mardikar | Devidas R. Bambole | Yogesh Kumar | Gajanan N. Chaudhari

Technological improvement on energy-efficient methods applied to a solar cavity collector

B. Lakshmipathy | B. Sivaraman | M. Senthilkumar | A. Kajavali | K. Sivakumar

Functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs): A review

D. Kishore Kumar | Jan Kříž | N. Bennett | Baixin Chen | H. Upadhayaya | Kakarla Raghava Reddy | Veera Sadhu

Fabrication of a novel temperature sensitive phase change system based on ZnO@PNIPAM core-satellites and 1-tetradecanol as gatekeeper

Ying Guan | Xiao Ge | Somia Yassin Hussain Abdalkarim | Houyong Yu | Jaromir Marek | Juming Yao

Synthesis of polyaniline/5-sulfosalicylic acid composite and it’s electrochemical properties

Rafael Marinho Bandeira | Diego David da Silva | Mohd. Khalid | Germano Tremiliosi-Filho

Carbon storage by mineral carbonation and industrial applications of CO2

Neeraj | Shashikant Yadav

•Carbon storage by mineral carbonation.•Conversion of CO2 into valuable products.•Efficacy of the mineral carbonation process in combating climate change.•Effects of mineral carbonation and waste disposal...

Synergetic execute pressure, temperature on mixed Ac/Ag@CuO and its multi properties of solar light elucidation and antibacterial activity by hydrothermal technique

E. Bharathi | G. Sivakumari | J. Kamalakkannan | B. Karthikeyan | S. Senthilvelan

Mechanism of Ac/Ag@CuO solar photocatalytic process....

Recent trends in functionalized nanoparticles loaded polymeric composites: An energy application

Tawfik A. Saleh | Nagaraj P. Shetti | Mahesh M. Shanbhag | Kakarla Raghava Reddy | Tejraj M. Aminabhavi

Factors affecting pollutants removal and biomass production capability of Chlorella variabilis TH03 in domestic wastewater

Dang Thuan Tran | Hai Yen Nguyen | Thi Cam Van Do | Pau Loke Show | Truong Giang Le | Van Tuyen Nguyen

Cultivation of microalgae in wastewaters and co-production of algal biomass have been considered as a sustainable approach for wastewater treatment. To achieve desirable biomass productivity and pollutants...

Low temperature synthesis of MnO2 nanostructures for supercapacitor application

Yogesh Kumar | Seema Chopra | A. Gupta | Y. Kumar | S.J. Uke | S.P. Mardikar

Effect of pyrolysis temperature on product yields of palm fibre and its biochar characteristics

Anurita Selvarajoo | Dooshyantsingh Oochit

Rapid population and economic growth causes the demand for energy is increasing every year. A lot of focus has been put on renewable energy as the fossil fuel reserve is expected to last only a few...

Numerical simulation on ultrasonic cavitation due to superposition of acoustic waves

Joon Hin Lee | Wah Yen Tey | Kiat Moon Lee | Hooi-Siang Kang | Kee Quen Lee

Ultrasonic pretreatment has been widely used for biomass processing and sludge degradation. However, most of the researches made previously are confined to the acoustic cavitation irradiated by single...

Valorisation of oil palm wastes into high yield and energy content biochars via slow pyrolysis: Multivariate process optimisation and combustion kinetic studies

Xin Jiat Lee | Lai Yee Lee | Billie Yan Zhang Hiew | Suyin Gan | Suchithra Thangalazhy-Gopakumar | Hoon Kiat Ng

Poly (L-leucine) modified carbon paste electrode as an electrochemical sensor for the detection of paracetamol in presence of folic acid

T.S. Sunil Kumar Naik | B.E. Kumara Swamy | Praveen C. Ramamurthy | K. Chetankumar

Electrochemical determination of PA at poly (L-leucine) MCPE using 0.2M PBS (pH 7.4) at the scan rate of 50 mVs−1....

Nanomaterials application in greenhouse structures, crop processing machinery, packaging materials and agro-biomass conversion

M.C. Ndukwu | C.E. Ikechukwu-Edeh | N.R Nwakuba | I. Okosa | I.T. Horsefall | F.N. Orji

Microwave wet torrefaction: A catalytic process to convert waste palm shell into porous biochar

Peter Nai Yuh Yek | Mohd Shahril Osman | Chee Chung Wong | Chee Swee Wong | Seng Huat Kong | Teck Sung Sie | Shin Ying Foong | Su Shiung Lam | Rock Keey Liew

Waste palm shell is a large-volume biomass waste produced from palm oil mills, representing a resource to be treated and converted into a value-added product. In this study, an improved microwave wet...

Efficient sunlight driven CO2 reduction on Graphene-wrapped Cu-Pt/rTiO2 @ SiO2

Mingyang Zhang | Muyan Wu | Zhenyu Wang | Rui Cheng | Dennis Y.C. Leung | Zhouguang Lu | Shien Ping Feng

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