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Recent Nano Materials Science Articles

Recently published articles from Nano Materials Science.

Facile magnetoresistance adjustment of graphene foam for magnetic sensor applications through microstructure tailoring

Available online 8 January 2020
Rizwan Ur Rehman Sagar | Min Zhang | Xiaohao Wang | Babar Shabbir | Florian J. Stadler

Graphene foam is becoming a material of choice for magnetoelectronic devices due to its large, linear and unsaturated room temperature magnetoresistance. However, the magnetoresistance of graphene foam...

70 nm: The most unstable grain size in Cu prepared by surface mechanical grinding treatment

Available online 7 January 2020
Xin Zhou | Xiuyan Li | Ke Lu

The stability of Cu with different average grain sizes prepared by surface mechanical grinding treatment were investigated under the conditions of isothermal annealing and uniaxial tension. In both...

Recent advances in atomic imaging of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites

December 2019
Mykola Telychko | Jiong Lu

Three-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites (OHPs) hold a great prospect for photovoltaic applications due to their outstanding electronic and optical properties. These fascinating properties...

2D organic semiconductors, the future of green nanotechnology

December 2019
Guru Prakash Neupane | Wendi Ma | Tanju Yildirim | Yilin Tang | Linglong Zhang | Yuerui Lu

The discovery of 2D organic semiconductors of atomically thin structures has attracted great attention due to their emerging optical, electronic, optoelectronic and mechatronic properties. Recent progress...

Band structure engineering in metal halide perovskite nanostructures for optoelectronic applications

December 2019
Qingdong Ou | Xiaozhi Bao | Yinan Zhang | Huaiyu Shao | Guichuan Xing | Xiangping Li | Liyang Shao | Qiaoliang Bao

Metal halide perovskite nanostructures have emerged as low-dimensional semiconductors of great significance in many fields such as photovoltaics, photonics, and optoelectronics. Extensive efforts on...

First-principles study of ferromagnetic metal Fe5GeTe2

December 2019
Minwoong Joe | Unchun Yang | Changgu Lee

For next-generation flexible spin devices, it is crucial to discover and study novel high Tc two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials considering their atomic-level thickness and flexural mechanical...

Solution processable transition metal dichalcogenides-based hybrids for photodetection

December 2019
Yingdong Han | Jie Wang | Haoran Wan | Shuang Wang | Haofeng Hu | Ting-Hui Xiao | Zhenzhou Cheng | Tiegen Liu

Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), as one of the most promising two-dimensional (2D) materials, have attracted considerable attention for use in photodetection applications over the past few years...

Optical anisotropy of black phosphorus by total internal reflection

December 2019
Wei Xin | Hao Bo Jiang | Teng Qian Sun | Xiao Guang Gao | Shao Nan Chen | Bo Zhao | Jian Jun Yang | Zhi Bo Liu | Jian Guo Tian | Chun Lei Guo

Although abundant research on the anisotropy of van der Waals (vdW) materials has been published, we undertake an in-depth study of their optical properties as they have an important guiding role for...

Strong interactions in molybdenum disulfide heterostructures boosting the catalytic performance of water splitting: A short review

December 2019
Bo Shang | Lin Jiao | Qiaoliang Bao | Changming Li | Xiaoqiang Cui

Two-dimensional materials (2DMs) have attracted substantial attention due to their abundant active sites and their ultrahigh surface area for different catalytic applications due to the high lateral-longitudinal...

Enhancing the cycling stability of Na-ion batteries by bonding MoS2 on assembled carbon-based materials

December 2019
Pin Song | Jun Di | Lixing Kang | Manzhang Xu | Bijun Tang | Jun Xiong | Jiewu Cui | Qingsheng Zeng | Jiadong Zhou | Yongmin He | Qundong Fu | Juan Peng | Shasha Guo | Bo Lin | Jingyu Zhang | Peng Meng | Zheng Liu

Room temperature Na-ion batteries (SIBs) show great potential for use as renewable energy storage systems. However, the large-scale application of SIBs has been hindered by the lack of an ideal SIBs...

A grain-size-dependent structure evolution in gradient-structured (GS) Ni under tension

Available online 30 December 2019
Yan Lin | Jie Pan | Zhaoping Luo | Yunli Lu | Ke Lu | Yi Li

This work outlines an experimental investigation of grain size-dependent structure evolution under tension in nickel with a grain size gradient. Two opposite and competing processes, grain refinement...

Hardening after annealing in nanostructured 316L stainless steel

Available online 23 December 2019
Zhongchen Zhou | Shuaizhuo Wang | Jiansheng Li | Yusheng Li | Xiaolei Wu | Yuntian Zhu

In this work, coarse-grained 316L stainless steels were cold rolled with a thickness reduction of ~83% (CR 83%). After annealing, the behaviors of the nanostructured stainless steel samples were systematically...

Nonlinear vibration analysis of an embedded branched nanofluid-conveying carbon nanotube: Influence of downstream angle, temperature change and two dimensional external magnetic field

Available online 19 December 2019
A.A. Yinusa | M.G. Sobamowo | A.O. Adelaja

In this study, non-linear thermal-mechanical stability and vibration analyses of different end-shaped single-walled carbon nanotube conveying viscous nano-magnetic fluid embedded in non-linear visco-elastic...

The BOLS-NEP theory reconciling the attributes of undercoordinated adatoms, defects, surfaces and nanostructures

Available online 9 December 2019
Changqing Sun

This article describes a theory unifying the unusual performance of the undercoordinated adatoms, point defects, terrace edges, surfaces, and nanostructures of various shapes. The ideas of bond order-length-strength...

Thermal instability and dynamic response analysis of a tensioned carbon nanotube under moving uniformly distributed external pressure

Available online 28 November 2019
A.A. Yinusa | M.G. Sobamowo

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) are receiving immense research attention due to their tremendous thermal, electrical, structural and mechanical properties. In this paper, an exact solution of...

High-index faceted noble metal nanostructures drive renewable energy electrocatalysis

Available online 19 November 2019
Chunji Li | Mingchuan Luo | Zhonghong Xia | Shaojun Guo

Noble metallic nanocrystals are used in a wide variety of applications, such as catalysis, batteries, and bio- and chemical sensors. Most of the previous studies focus on the preparation of thermodynamically...

Nano-size carbide-reinforced Ni matrix composite prepared by selective laser melting

Available online 19 November 2019
Rui Wang | Guoliang Zhu | Chao Yang | Wei Wang | Donghong Wang | Anping Dong | Da Shu | Liang Zhang | Baode Sun

Thermally stable nano-size ceramic particles are the preferred reinforcements for superalloys as they improve the alloys' microstructural stability and high-temperature properties. In this work, very...

Investigation towards scalable processing of silicon/graphite nanocomposite anodes with good cycle stability and specific capacity

Available online 16 November 2019
Maziar Ashuri | Qianran He | Yuzi Liu | Leon L. Shaw

Silicon/graphite (Si/Gr) nanocomposites with controlled void spaces and encapsulated by a carbon shell (Si/Gr@void@C) are synthesized by utilizing high-energy ball milling to reduce micron-sized particles...

Emerging rechargeable aqueous aluminum ion battery: Status, challenges, and outlooks

Available online 14 November 2019
Du Yuan | Jin Zhao | William Manalastas | Sonal Kumar | Madhavi Srinivasan

Aluminum ion battery (AIB) technology is an exciting alternative for post-lithium energy storage. AIBs based on ionic liquids have enabled advances in both cathode material development and fundamental...

Deformation mechanisms, microstructural evolution and mechanical properties in small-scaled face-centered-cubic metallic thin films

Available online 14 November 2019
Jinyu Zhang | Gang Liu | Jun Sun

Metallic thin films have attracted much attention owing to their unique mechanical properties, which are widely used in micro-/nano-devices. In this review, several key topics about the thin films in...

Geometric structures, electronic characteristics, stabilities, catalytic activities, and descriptors of graphene-based single-atom catalysts

Available online 6 November 2019
Weijie Yang | Shaopeng Xu | Kai Ma | Chongchong Wu | Ian D. Gates | Xunlei Ding | Weihua Meng | Zhengyang Gao

Single-atom catalysts (SACs) have been a research hotspot due to their high catalytic activity, selectivity, and atomic utilization rates. However, the theoretical research of SACs is relatively fragmented,...

Recent advances in the utilization of copper sulfide compounds for electrochemical CO2 reduction

Available online 25 October 2019
Yingkang Chen | Kejun Chen | Junwei Fu | Akira Yamaguchi | Hongmei Li | Hao Pan | Junhua Hu | Masahiro Miyauchi | Min Liu

Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into value-added chemicals by CO2 reduction has been considered as a potential way to solve the current energy crisis and environmental problem. Among the methods of...

Organometallic perovskite single crystals grown on lattice-matched substrate for photodetection

Available online 24 October 2019
Xin Wang | Yuwei Li | Yubing Xu | Yuzhu Pan | Yao Wu | Guanwen Li | Wei Zhang | Shuyi Ding | Jing Chen | Wei Lei | Dewei Zhao

In this work, we demonstrate that an organometallic perovskite (OP) single crystal for effective photodetection can be grown on a gold (Au)-decorated substrate using liquid phase epitaxy. The covered...

Atomic layer deposition enabling higher efficiency solar cells: A review

Available online 14 October 2019
Md. Anower Hossain | Kean Thong Khoo | Xin Cui | Geedhika K Poduval | Tian Zhang | Xiang Li | Wei Min Li | Bram Hoex

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) can synthesise materials with atomic-scale precision. The ability to tune the material composition, film thickness with excellent conformality, allow low-temperature processing,...

Photoelectrochemical evaluation of SILAR-deposited nanoporous BiVO4 photoanodes for solar-driven water splitting

Available online 12 October 2019
Siti Nur'ain Haji Yassin | Adrian Soong Leong Sim | James Robert Jennings

We report a photoelectrochemical investigation of BiVO4 photoanodes prepared by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR), a facile method that yields uniform nanoporous films. After characterization...

Bio-inspired synthesis of nanomaterials and smart structures for electrochemical energy storage and conversion

Available online 11 October 2019
Mei Ding | Gen Chen | Weichuan Xu | Chuankun Jia | Hongmei Luo

Traditional synthetic methodologies are confronted with great challenges to fabricate complex nanomaterials with delicate design, high efficiency and excellent sustainability. During the past decade,...

The role of electrolyte acid concentration in the electrochemical exfoliation of graphite: Mechanism and synthesis of electrochemical graphene oxide

September 2019
Sean E. Lowe | Ge Shi | Yubai Zhang | Jiadong Qin | Lixue Jiang | Shuaiyu Jiang | Mohammad Al-Mamun | Porun Liu | Yu Lin Zhong | Huijun Zhao

Electrochemistry has emerged as a major route for graphene and graphene oxide synthesis from graphite. Anodic graphite oxidation is commonly used with dilute mineral acid or aqueous salt electrolytes....

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Ni coating on Cu-Cr substrate prepared by multi-permeation and friction stir processing

September 2019
Yin Wang | Ruidi Li | Tiechui Yuan

The surface of copper-chromium alloy was processed by Al-Si-Ni multi-permeation and friction stir processing, and the microstructure and mechanical properties of the surface layer were tested by scanning...

Spinterface: A new platform for spintronics

September 2019
Ilaria Bergenti | Valentin Dediu

Since its discovery in early 2000’s Molecular Spintronics has developed in an established and fructuous research field, achieving a number of outstanding results and unveiling unusual spintronic properties....

Carbon nanotube/silicon heterojunctions for photovoltaic applications

September 2019
Xiangang Hu | Pengxiang Hou | Chang Liu | Huiming Cheng

Photovoltaic devices have rapidly developed in recent years as they seek to address the ever-increasing energy requirements and environmental issues. Due to their simple structure and easy, low-temperature...

Microstructure and properties of Ag/SnO2 functional material manufactured by selective laser melting

September 2019
Yuanjie Zhang | Bo Song | Xiao Zhao | Yusheng Shi

Ag/SnO2, as a promising and environment-friendly electrical contact material, is widely applied in low-voltage apparatus. But the properties of Ag/SnO2 composites is difficult to improve due to the...

A perspective of chalcogenide semiconductor-noble metal nanocomposites through structural transformations

September 2019
Danye Liu | Linlin Xu | Jianping Xie | Jun Yang

Intense efforts have been devoted to the synthesis of heterogeneous nanocomposites consisting of chalcogenide semiconductors and noble metals, which usually exhibit enhanced properties owing to the...

Redox catalysts for aprotic Li-O2 batteries: Toward a redox flow system

September 2019
YunGuang Zhu | F.W. Thomas Goh | Qing Wang

Large-scale electrical energy storage with high energy density and round-trip efficiency is important to the resilience of power grids and the effective use of intermittent renewable energy such as...

Fatigue of metals at nanoscale: Metal thin films and conductive interconnects for flexible device application

September 2019
XueMei Luo | Bin Zhang | GuangPing Zhang

As electrodes and electrical interconnects in flexible electronic devices, metal films are one of the weakest components in the system against mechanical deformation in daily use. Fatigue reliability...

Metal Organic framework derived carbon for ultrahigh power and long cyclic life aqueous Zn ion capacitor

Available online 24 September 2019
Ting Xiong | Yirui Shen | Wee Siang Vincent Lee | Junmin Xue

In order to develop functional energy storage device, it is necessary to improve the energy and power density. As a potential candidate that can synergistically harmonize energy and power density, lithium...

High-efficiency extraction synthesis for high-purity copper nanowires and their applications in flexible transparent electrodes

Available online 13 September 2019
He Zhang | Shang Wang | Yanhong Tian | Jiayue Wen | Chunjin Hang | Zhen Zheng | Yilong Huang | Su Ding | Chenxi Wang

Copper nanowires (Cu NWs) are considered an excellent alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) in flexible transparency electrodes (FTEs). However, the mixed particles and surface oxidation of Cu NWs degrade...

Durable easy-cleaning and antibacterial cotton fabrics using fluorine-free silane coupling agents and CuO nanoparticles

Available online 13 September 2019
Neha Agrawal | Pearlie Sijia Low | Jasmine Si Jia Tan | Eileen Wen Mei Fong | Yuekun Lai | Zhong Chen

Multifunctional fabrics of high durability through a scalable and eco-friendly technique remains a great challenge hindering their commercialization. In this work, we report a facile synthesis technique...

Highly antibacterial rGO/Cu2O nanocomposite from a biomass precursor: Synthesis, performance, and mechanism

Available online 11 September 2019
Mingguang Chen | Zhi Li | Long Chen

Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) has been widely used to fabricate electronics, sensors, photodetectors,and in other applications. However, the antibacterial performance of pristine rGO is relatively weak....

LiBH4 for hydrogen storage - New perspectives

Available online 10 September 2019
Zhao Ding | Shaoyuan Li | Yang Zhou | Zhiqian Chen | Weijie Yang | Wenhui Ma | Leon Shaw

Hydrogen energy has been recognized as “Ultimate Power Source” in the 21st century. It is a boon in these days of energy crunches and concerns about climate change because of the characterized advantages,...

Performance of plasma-sprayed CuNiIn coatings and Mo coatings subjected to fretting fatigue

Available online 2 August 2019
Shujuan Dong | Yihui Wang | Jinyan Zeng | Xiong Yang | Panpan Liang | Dezheng Wang | Huiqi Liao | Hanlin Liao

During atmospheric plasma spraying, a cooling process usually plays an important role in the coating quality, especially for the oxidation containment of metallic coatings. CuNiIn and Mo coatings were...

Surface-defective FeS2 for electrochemical NH3 production under ambient conditions

Available online 30 July 2019
Daming Feng | Xu Zhang | Ying Sun | Tianyi Ma

In the viewpoint of ammonia economy, electrochemical N2 reduction reaction (NRR) under mild condition is a very promising approach for sustainable development. By virtue of robust activity and low cost,...

Applications of carbon nanotubes and graphene for third-generation solar cells and fuel cells

June 2019
Jianyong Ouyang

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene have attracted great attention since decades ago because of their interesting structure and properties and important application in many areas. They can have high...

High efficient oxygen reduction performance of Fe/Fe3C nanoparticles in situ encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon via a novel microwave-assisted carbon bath method

June 2019
Mincong Liu | Xue Yin | Xuhong Guo | Libing Hu | Huifang Yuan | Gang Wang | Fu Wang | Long Chen | Lili Zhang | Feng Yu

Fe-based carbon materials are widely considered promising to replace Pt/C as next-generation electrocatalysts towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). However, the preparation of Fe-based carbon materials...

Highly concentrated graphene oxide ink for facile 3D printing of supercapacitors

June 2019
Shangwen Ling | Wenbin Kang | Shanwen Tao | Chuhong Zhang

3D printing of functional energy storage devices is receiving escalating attention over the years due to the customizable manufacturing flexibility and imparted high areal and gravimetric energy density...

Recent advances on 3D printing graphene-based composites

June 2019
Haichang Guo | Ruicong Lv | Shulin Bai

3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has revolutionized the way of manufacturing by designing complex structures in a customized feature which cannot be realized by traditional processing methods....

A novel approach for fabricating a CNT/AlSi composite with the self-aligned nacre-like architecture by cold spraying

June 2019
Xinliang Xie | Chaoyue Chen | Gang Ji | Run Xu | Zhanqiu Tan | Yingchun Xie | Zhiqiang Li | Hanlin Liao

A fully dense carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced AlSi matrix composite with the multiscale nacre-like architecture was designed and successfully realized by flake powder metallurgy followed by cold...

Development of solid-state electrolytes for sodium-ion battery–A short review

June 2019
Yumei Wang | Shufeng Song | Chaohe Xu | Ning Hu | Janina Molenda | Li Lu

All-solid-state sodium-ion battery is regarded as the next generation battery to replace the current commercial lithium-ion battery, with the advantages of abundant sodium resources, low price and high-level...

Analytic solution for a circular nano-inhomogeneity in a finite matrix

June 2019
Shuang Wang | Zengtao Chen | Cunfa Gao

The Gurtin-Murdoch model has found wide applications in analyzing the mechanical behaviors of nanocomposites with surface/interface effect. In the existing literature, the matrix is usually assumed...

Anisotropic and asymmetric deformation mechanisms of nanolaminated graphene/Cu composites

June 2019
Shayuan Weng | Huiming Ning | Tao Fu | Ning Hu | Shu Wang | Kaiyan Huang | Xianghe Peng | H. Jerry Qi | Cheng Yan

We conducted molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of tension and compression along the <112> direction and MD simulations of compression along the <110> and <111> directions on nanolaminated graphene/Cu...

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