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Recent Nano Materials Science Articles

Recently published articles from Nano Materials Science.

Material design at nano and atomic scale for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction

March 2019
Fengjiao Yu | Penghui Wei | Yang Yang | Yuhui Chen | Limin Guo | Zhangquan Peng

Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction (ECR) into value-added chemicals offers potential solution for renewable energy as well as global carbon footprint concerns. In this review we introduce the general methods...

Synthesis, properties, and applications of graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide and their nanocomposites

March 2019
Andrew T. Smith | Anna Marie LaChance | Songshan Zeng | Bin Liu | Luyi Sun

Thanks to their remarkable mechanical, electrical, thermal, and barrier properties, graphene-based nanocomposites have been a hot area of research in the past decade. Because of their simple top-down...

Some basic aspects of polymer nanocomposites: A critical review

March 2019
Shaoyun Fu | Zheng Sun | Pei Huang | Yuanqing Li | Ning Hu

Polymer nanocomposites have been investigated for about three decades. To get deep insights into the modifying effects of various nanofillers on mechanical and physical properties of polymer nanocomposites,...

Nanoporous SiOx coated amorphous silicon anode material with robust mechanical behavior for high-performance rechargeable Li-ion batteries

March 2019
Hansinee S. Sitinamaluwa | Henan Li | Kimal C. Wasalathilake | Annalena Wolff | Tuquabo Tesfamichael | Shanqing Zhang | Cheng Yan

Silicon is a promising anode material for rechargeable Li-ion battery (LIB) due to its high energy density and relatively low operating voltage. However, silicon based electrodes suffer from rapid capacity...

Microwave absorption of magnesium/hydrogen-treated titanium dioxide nanoparticles

March 2019
Michael Green | Anh Thi Van Tran | Russell Smedley | Adam Roach | James Murowchick | Xiaobo Chen

Interactions between materials and electromagnetic irradiations in the microwave frequency are critical for many civil and military applications, such as radar detection, communications, information...

Redox catalysts for aprotic Li-O2 batteries: Toward a redox flow system

Available online 29 March 2019
Yun Guang Zhu | F.W. Thomas Goh | Qing Wang

Large-scale electrical energy storage with high energy density and round-trip efficiency is important to the resilience of power grids and the effective use of intermittent renewable energy such as...

Fatigue of metals at nanoscale: Metal thin films and conductive interconnects for flexible device application

Available online 21 March 2019
Xue-Mei Luo | Bin Zhang | Guang-Ping Zhang

As electrodes and electrical interconnects in flexible electronic devices, metal films are one of the weakest components in the system against mechanical deformation in daily use. Fatigue reliability...

Development of solid-state electrolytes for sodium-ion battery–A short review

Available online 21 March 2019
Yumei Wang | Shufeng Song | Chaohe Xu | Ning Hu | Janina Molenda | Li Lu

All-solid-state sodium-ion battery is regarded as the next generation battery to replace the current commercial lithium-ion battery, with the advantages of abundant sodium resources, low price and high-level...

Analytic solution for a circular nano-inhomogeneity in a finite matrix

Available online 21 March 2019
Shuang Wang | Zengtao Chen | Cunfa Gao

The Gurtin-Murdoch model has found wide applications in analyzing the mechanical behaviors of nanocomposites with surface/interface effect. In the existing literature, the matrix is usually assumed...

Anisotropic and asymmetric deformation mechanisms of nanolaminated graphene/Cu composites

Available online 21 March 2019
Shayuan Weng | Huiming Ning | Tao Fu | Ning Hu | Shu Wang | Kaiyan Huang | Xianghe Peng | H. Jerry Qi | Cheng Yan

We conducted molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of tension and compression along the <112> direction and MD simulations of compression along the <110> and <111> directions on nanolaminated graphene/Cu...

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