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Recent Petroleum Research Articles

Recently published articles from Petroleum Research.

A hybrid simulation approach to evaluate stimulation micro-seismic events and production potential of fractured geothermal reservoirs

Available online 19 May 2020
Reda Abdel Azim

This study presents an integrated approach to simulate fluid flow and to predict the micro seismic events during stimulation and circulation of cold water over a longer term in geothermal reservoirs....

Reservoir and lithofacies shale classification based on NMR logging

Available online 10 May 2020
Hongyan Yu | Zhenliang Wang | Fenggang Wen | ChinaReza Rezaee | Maxim Lebedev | Xiaolong Li | Yihuai Zhang | Stefan Iglauer

Shale gas reservoirs have fine-grained textures and high organic contents, leading to complex pore structures. Therefore, accurate well-log derived pore size distributions are difficult to acquire for...

Numerical Validation of Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition during CO2 miscible flooding

Available online 7 May 2020
Fahad I. Syed | Shahin Neghabhan | Arsalan Zolfaghari | Amirmasoud K. Dahaghi

Asphaltene precipitation, flocculation, and deposition can significantly reduce oil production by impacting wellbores, flowlines, and more importantly, formations’ pore space around the well. Any alteration...

Predict sandstone distribution by integrated study of deformed shale using borehole image and seismic data, a case study from northern Gulf of Mexico

Available online 29 April 2020
W.W. Xu | B. Winkelman | T. Wilkinson | A. Kumar | L. Chen | R. Hayden | J. Gendur | R. Hearn | D. Shan | J. Meyer | J.A. Canas | O. Mullins

Many Upper Tertiary reservoirs from the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) are sandstones deposited either in channel-levee systems or lobe systems in the intra-slope deepwater environment. One of the major uncertainties...

Experimental and simulation studies for optimization of water–alternating-gas (CO2) flooding for enhanced oil recovery

Available online 28 April 2020
Swapnil Pancholi | Gudendra Singh Negi | Jatin R. Agarwal | Achinta Bera | Maunish Shah

The paper deals with the screening of injection of water-alternating-gas (WAG) to tap the residual oil saturation left in the reservoir by over and above the water flooding. The detailed mineralogical...

Hydrocarbon migration in fracture-cave systems of carbonate reservoirs under tectonic stresses: A mechanism study

Available online 9 April 2020
Chenjun Huang | Geyun Liu | Kaibo Shi | Jinyin Yin | Jinrui Guo | Chongzhi Tao

The fracture-cave systems of carbonate reservoirs have almost stored 30% of recoverable oil and gas around the world. However, it is still doubtful about the mechanism of hydrocarbon migration in the...

Fractal characteristic of microscopic pore structure of tight sandstone reservoirs in Kalpintag Formation in Shuntuoguole area, Tarim Basin

March 2020
Jun Peng | Haodong Han | Qingsong Xia | Bin Li

Using the fractal geometry method, the microscopic pore structures of tight sandstone reservoirs in Kalpintag Formation of Shuntuoguole area in Tarim Basin were conducted fractal characterization on...

A poroelastic numerical model for simulation of hydraulic fracture propagation: Application to Upper Safa formation-Western Desert-Egypt

March 2020
Reda Abdel Azim

The hydraulic fracturing in tight sand formations has a significant importance in improving its production potential. In this study, a poroelastic numerical model is presented in order to study the...

The study on exploitation potential of original low-oil-saturation reservoirs

March 2020
Sun Yingying | Zhang Shanyan | Wei Xiaofang | Sang Guoqiang | Minghui Zhou | Huang Jia | Yang Jiru

It is preliminary estimated that the proved geological reserves of original low-oil-saturation reservoirs (OLOSRs) of 54 blocks in China are more than 820 million tons. As same as the high water-cut...

Identification of gas zones and chimneys using seismic attributes analysis at the Scarab field, offshore, Nile Delta, Egypt

March 2020
Amir Ismail | Hatem Farouk Ewida | Mohammad Galal Al-Ibiary | Sergio Gammaldi | Aldo Zollo

Seismic attributes supported by composite logs are the best way that can enable the interpreter to understand seismic data very well and generate a new view of the output results. Detection of the reservoir...

Water-sensitive characterization and its controlling factors in clastic reservoir: A case study of Jurassic Ahe Formation in Northern tectonic zone of Kuqa depression

March 2020
Wenfang Yuan

Water-sensitivity is a factor that must be paid attention to in the reservoir development stage of oil and gas fields. As a clastic reservoir, the water effect of Ahe formation in the northern structural...

Temperature-depth control of petroleum occurrence in the sedimentary section of the South Caspian basin

March 2020
A.A. Feyzullayev | Ian Lerche

This study analyses the temperature and depth control of well productivity (oil and gas), density of hydrocarbons (HC) and gas/liquid HC ratio (GLR) of petroleum fields in the South Caspian Basin (SCB)....

Accumulation conditions and key exploration & development technologies of heavy oil in Huanxiling oilfield in Liaohe depression, Bohai Bay Basin

March 2020
Xiaoguang Li

The Huanxiling oilfield is located in the southern part of the western slope of the western sag in Liaohe depression. The west side of this oilfield is connected with two sets of high-quality source...

Synergistic effect of nano-silica slurries for cementing oil and gas wells

March 2020
R.V.V.Ramana Murthy | Murthy Chavali | Faruq Mohammad

Nanosilica, when combined with cement slurry aids in improving its compressive strength even, reduces the wait-on-cement time for cement plugs. This study focuses on the synergistic effect of nano-silica...

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling of transient flow in the intermittent gas lift

Available online 17 March 2020
Nagham Amer Sami | Zoltan Turzo

A computational fluid dynamics model (CFD) is developed for intermittent gas lift techniques. The simulation is conducted for a test section of 18 m vertical tube with 0.076 m in diameter using air...

Computational and experimental study on corrosion inhibition potential of the synergistic 1:1 combination of Arabic and cashew gums on mild steel

Available online 1 February 2020
David Ebuka Arthur

The synergistic study of Acacia Senegal (arabic gum) and Anacardium occidentale (cashew gum) combination in corrosion inhibition of mild steel was carried out to determine the inhibition efficiency...

Micropore structure characteristics and quantitative characterization methods of lacustrine shale-A case study from the member 2 of Kongdian Formation, Cangdong sag, Bohai Bay Basin

Available online 24 January 2020
Lihong Zhou | Changwei Chen | Fei Yang | Wenzhong Han | Quansheng Guan

To better understand the micropore characteristics of lacustrine shale and develop quantitative methods for characterizing lacustrine shale, the reservoir space types, structures and spatial distribution...

Application of AVO attributes for gas channels identification, West offshore Nile Delta, Egypt

Available online 21 January 2020
Amir Ismail | Hatem Farouk Ewida | Mohammad Galal Al-Ibiary | Aldo Zollo

The offshore part of the Nile Delta is considered one of the most prolific provinces for gas production and for future petroleum exploration. Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO) analysis supported...

Enrichment factors and sweep spot evaluation of Jurassic tight oil in central Sichuan Basin, SW China

December 2019
Zhenglian Pang | Shizhen Tao | Qin Zhang | Tianshu Zhang | Jiajing Yang | Jianwei Fan | Miao Yuan

The secondary migration mechanism, enrichment factors of Jurassic tight oil in central Sichuan Basin were well investigated through physical simulation experiment of reservoir formation, casting and...

Prospects delineation and evaluation using the CDP gathers characterization, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt

December 2019
Mohamed Hussein | Ahmed S. Abu El-Ata | Mohamed G. El-Behiry

In the last decade, the seismic AVO analysis have become prominent in the direct hydrocarbons indicator (DHI), aimed at characterizing the fluid content or the lithology of a possible reservoir and...

Simulation of low and high salinity water injection method to determine the optimum salinity

December 2019
Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Nassabeh | Afshin Davarpanah | Joata Bayrami

Investigating the enhanced oil recovery leads to optimal production, protection and reduction of lateral impacts. Low salinity water injection (LSWI) is one of the significantly improved oil recovery...

Evaluation of enhancing CO2 sequestration by post-brine injection under different scenarios using the E300 compositional simulator

December 2019
Mahdi Mohajeri | Seyed Shariatipour

To accelerate the CO2 trapping in geological storage sites, several injection strategies have been proposed by researchers so far. However, the question remains unanswered as to which one of these injection...

Hydrocarbon migration in fracture-cave systems of carbonate reservoirs under tectonic stresses: A modeling study

December 2019
Chenjun Huang | Geyun Liu | Yongsheng Ma | Xingui Zhou | Linyan Zhang | Jinyin Yin | Jinrui Guo

The Tahe oilfield, located in the southwest of the Akekule nosing structure, northern Tarim basin, was the most prolific oilfield targeting at the Ordovician carbonate reservoirs in China. The reservoir...

Control effect of the gulf on marine petroleum

December 2019
Yunhua Deng

About 80% of the discovered oil reserves in the world are generated from marine source rocks (about 20% from lacustrine source rocks), and the main control factors of reservoir formation are quite different...

Reservoir accumulation conditions and key exploration & development technologies for Keshen gas field in Tarim Basin

December 2019
Haijun Yang | Yong Li | Yangang Tang | Ganglin Lei | Xiongwei Sun | Peng Zhou | Lu Zhou | Anming Xu | Jingjie Tang | Wenhui Zhu | Jiangwei Shang | Weili Chen | Mei Li

The Keshen gas field is located in the central part of Kuqa foreland thrust belt in Tarim Basin, and is another large gas field discovered in Kuqa depression after Kela 2 gas field. Since the breakthrough...

Green Lignosulphonate as co-surfactant for wettability alteration

Available online 28 December 2019
Zhe Qin Lim | Nabilla Afzan Abdul Aziz | Ahmad Kamal Idris | Nur Asyraf Md Akhir

Surfactant flooding is one of the common tertiary method to recover remaining oil in the reservoir, by reducing the interfacial tension (IFT) between two immiscible fluids nevertheless, current surfactant...

A novel pore-fracture dual network modeling method considering dynamic cracking and its applications

Available online 17 December 2019
Yukun Chen | Kai Yan | Jigang Zhang | Runxi Leng | Hongjie Cheng | Xuhui Zhang | Hongxian Liu | Weifeng Lyu

Unconventional reservoirs are normally characterized by dual porous media, which has both multi-scale pore and fracture structures, such as low permeability or tight oil reservoirs. The seepage characteristics...

Accumulation conditions and key technologies for exploration and development in Sebei gas field in Qaidam Basin, NW China

September 2019
Daowei Zhang

The Sebei gas field, located in the northern slope of the Sanhu depression in the eastern Qaidam Basin, is the largest inland biogas producing area in China. It is a typical Quaternary biogenetic gas...

Hydrocarbon accumulation in deep water areas of Angola in West Africa

September 2019
Yanqing Huang | Lei Zheng

Through comprehensive analysis of source rocks and hydrocarbon geochemical data of several offshore blocks in Angola, two sets of source rocks in the Cretaceous Iabe Formation and Lower Oligocene Malembo...

Reservoir and development characteristics of the Da'anzhai tight oil in Sichuan Basin, SW China

September 2019
Yongjun Wang | Min Tong | Yuanhui Sun | Yuanzhong Zhang | Dawei Yuan

The oil in the Jurassic Da'anzhai reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin is unconventional tight oil, which accumulated in or near source rocks, and did not experience extensive migration in a large-scale...

The Cenozoic sedimentary environment and sedimentary filling evolution of Wan'an Basin in the western South China Sea

September 2019
Yibo Wang | Zhigang Zhao | Xiaojun Xie | Huaizhong Yang | Shuang Song

As one of the basins with extremely abundant oil and gas resources in South China Sea, the Wan'an Basin has attracted great attention from domestic and international geologists and hydrocarbon explorers....

A simulation study of water injection and gas injectivity scenarios in a fractured carbonate reservoir: A comparative study

September 2019
Afshin Davarpanah | Behnam Mirshekari | A. Armin Razmjoo

Regarding the enormous demands of numerous industries to fossil fuels, it is essential to select the proper enhanced oil recovery approaches for vertical and horizontal wells to supply the demands with...

A novel protocol for reviving of oil and natural gas wells

September 2019
R.V.V. Ramana Murthy | Naresh Kumar Katari | N. Satya Sree | Sreekantha B. Jonnalagadda

For effective cleaning of oil and gas wells and their revival, a novel fluid composition of enzyme-G with acid mixture together with corrosion inhibitor and selected additives is developed. Laboratory...

Distribution characteristics and its controlling factor of lacustrine high-quality source rocks in the Bozhong sag, Bohai Bay Basin

September 2019
Hefeng Sun | Lifang Liu | Xue Jiang | Shengbing Huang | Mingyang Geng | Shaoping Chen | Nan Li | Pu Shen

Distribution of Paleogene lacustrine high-quality source rocks in the Bozhong sag in Bohai Bay Basin is analyzed through data of geochemistry, geology and well logging, and its differences under the...

Paleogene geological framework and tectonic evolution of the central anticlinal zone in Lufeng 13 sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin

September 2019
Xudong Wang | Xiangtao Zhang | Heming Lin | Xiaoming Que | Yong He | Liankai Jia | Zhangbo Xiao | Min Li

The Paleogene geological framework and evolution process in the central anticline zone in the Lufeng 13 sag in Pearl River Mouth Basin is well analyzed through seismic data and drilling data, and control...

Physical simulation experiment and numerical inversion of the full life cycle of shale gas well

June 2019
Shusheng Gao | Huaxun Liu | Liyou Ye | Zhiming Hu | Weiguo An

The ultra-low porosity and permeability, as well as complex occurrence and transport state of shale reservoir make it possess special L-type production characteristic curve and complicated shale gas...

Hydrocarbon generating-potential and maturity-related changes of the Khatatba Formation, Western Desert, Egypt

June 2019
Mohammed A. Ahmed | Mostafa M.A. Hassan

The petroliferous province of the Western Desert comprises several sedimentary basins with different hydrocarbon potentiality and production capability. The middle Jurassic Khatatba Formation was proved...

Geological characteristics and key exploration technologies of continental shale oil sweet spots: A case study of Member 2 of Kongdian Formation in the Cangdong sag in the Huanghua depression, Bohai Bay Basin

June 2019
Xianzheng Zhao | Xiugang Pu | Fengming Jin | Wenzhong Han | Zhannan Shi | Aibing Cai | Aiguo Wang | Quansheng Guan | Wenya Jiang | Wei Zhang

Under the general trend of stepping-up oil and gas exploration and development in China, the unconventional oil and gas resources such as shale oil and gas have become an important alternative. Abundant...

Reservoir-forming conditions and key exploration & development techniques for Xushen gas field in Northeast China

June 2019
Fenglan Wang | Yongzhuo Wang | Xuemin Zhou | Changhai Yin | Ping Shu | Baojun Cao | Yingkang Zhu

Exploration and development of volcanic gas reservoirs is a world-class problem, and less experience can be learned at home and abroad. Through study of reservoir-forming conditions of Xushen gas field,...

The geochemical evidences of sulphur oil sources in the BZ35/36 structures of the Huanghekou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China

June 2019
Qiang Fu | Binbin Liu | Chengmin Niu | Shijie Zhao

Crude oils in the BZ35/BZ36 fields found within the Paleogene Dongying and Shahejie formations in the Huanghekou Sag of the Bohai Bay Basin, China have generally high density, viscosity, and sulfur...

Development of minimum tie line length method for determination of minimum miscible pressure in gas injection process

June 2019
Ehsan Zareie shirazani | Taraneh Jafari Behbahani

Gas injection process is a very important technology in enhanced oil recovery. Minimum miscible pressure is one of the key parameters in gas injection processes. Various experimental methods such as...

Shale pore characteristics of Shahejie Formation: Implication for pore evolution of shale oil reservoirs in Dongying sag, north China

June 2019
Shun Zhang | Huimin Liu | Min Wang | Xinjin Liu | Huilai Liu | Youshu Bao | Weiqing Wang | Runze Li | Xin Luo | Zhengwei Fang

The pore characteristics of shale reservoirs in the lower submember of Member 3 to upper submember of Member 4 of Shahejie Formation in Dongying sag are analyzed, influences of mineral content and organic...

Reservoir forming conditions and key exploration technologies of Lingshui 17-2 giant gas field in deepwater area of Qiongdongnan Basin

March 2019
Yuhong Xie | Gongcheng Zhang | Zhipeng Sun | Qingbo Zeng | Zhao Zhao | Shuai Guo

On September 15, 2014, China National Offshore Oil Co., Ltd announced that a high production of oil and gas flow of 1.6 × 106 m3/d was obtained in Well LS17-2-1 in deepwater area in northern South China...

Development background of Mesozoic high-quality source rocks: Evidence from microfossils in North Carnarvon Basin, Australia

March 2019
Xing Niu | Xianghua Yang | Detian Yan | Xinguo Zhuang | Bo Wang | Shenjun Huo | Xiaoming Xu

Based on numerous microfossils in Mesozoic of North Carnarvon Basin in Australia, the Mesozoic paleoclimate and paleoenvironment were analyzed, the paleogeographic background and development model of...

Hydrocarbon accumulation conditions and key exploration and development technologies for PL 19–3 oilfield

March 2019
Yong'an Xue | Yunhua Deng | Deying Wang | Haifeng Yang | Dingyou Lv | Kai Kang

The PL 19–3 Oilfield is the only super-large monolithic oilfield with oil and gas reserves up to 1 × 109 t in the Bohai Bay Basin, and it has been successfully developed. Exploration and development...

Experimental study on using SiO2 nanoparticles along with surfactant in an EOR process in micromodel

March 2019
Mahdi Mohajeri | Mohammad Reza Rasaei | Mahnaz Hekmatzadeh

Surfactant flooding is a common chemical method for enhancing oil recovery. Recently, the simultaneous application of nanoparticles and chemical substances has been considered for improving the efficiency...

Determination of gas reservoir(s) using AVO inversion within “XY” field offshore Niger Delta

March 2019
B.S. Ajanaku | O.J. Akintorinwa

The AVO inversion analysis of pre-stack seismic data of “XY” field located within the offshore, Niger Delta Basin has been considered in this research work with the aim of using AVO inversion to delineate...

Lean HC gas injection pilots analysis and IPR back calculation to examine the impact of asphaltene deposition on flow performance

March 2019
Fahad I. Syed | Mohamed Boukhatem | Ahmed A. Al Kiyoumi

Gas injection is one of the most economical and effective approach to improve oil recovery. However, outcome of such approach is contingent to reservoir heterogeneities impacting gas override and fingering....

Different initial density turbidite sediments with coarse grain injection and their corresponding flow pattern: Additional insights from numerical simulation in a study case of South China Sea

March 2019
Chao Fu | Xinghe Yu | Yulin He | Jianqiang Liang | Zenggui Kuang

The work presents the sedimentology and depositional results of the turbidity flow from Miocene to Pliocene along the North Slope of South China Sea (SCS). The integration of the core-log-seismic data...

Accumulation conditions and key technologies for exploration and development of Qinshui coalbed methane field

December 2018
Yan Song | Xingzhi Ma | Shaobo Liu | Lin Jiang | Feng Hong | Yi Qin

The Qinshui Basin has been explored for more than 60 years through two stages of oil and gas reconnaissance survey and exploration & development of coalbed methane (CBM), it has become the largest CBM...

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