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Chronic Disease and Translational Medicine (English): new challenges, new journey

Published 10 August, 2015

According to the WHO definition, chronic disease called "chronic non-communicable diseases" (English name NCDs) are a class of long duration, the slow progress of the disease, such diseases to cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes based.

As the world's most common diseases, chronic diseases each year resulting in approximately 38 million deaths worldwide, including in low-income countries account for two-thirds of deaths.

In many chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease to death of about 1750 people a year ranked first, 8.2 million cancer deaths per year, followed by the rest of the respiratory disease deaths each year 400 million people, the number of diabetes deaths of 1.5 million.

30-70 year-olds, there are about more than 14 million chronic disease deaths each year. Of which 85% occur in developing countries.

As the world's largest developing country, is also a heavy burden of chronic diseases in China must face the development process, the data show that: China's average annual per 100,000 population had 576.3 deaths from chronic disease in which the male is 650.6 people females 508.5 people.

Translational medicine for nearly 10 years as the biomedical field the most popular topic, it appears not only between basic research and clinical research to build a bridge of communication, at the same time through a multi-disciplinary perspective, to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation in a variety of ways to promote the latest diagnostic tools and treatment for clinical application.

100 years ago, including Wu Liande, Yan Fuqing, including 21 Chinese physician and founder of the Chinese Medical Association issued a "Chinese Medicine", from Chinese medical workers have their own group and plays a unique role in the development of medical science.

This year coincides with the Chinese Medical Association was founded a hundred years on the occasion, in order to better report and the latest developments transforming medicine chronic diseases, we founded the "Chronic Disease and Translational Medicine (English) magazine."

"Chronic Disease and Translational Medicine Week" is part of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medical Association magazine and KeAi

(Company set up jointly by Science Press and Elsevier) is responsible for publishing. The Journal is a quarterly, full open access, all articles were first published in the ScienceDirect platform, columns include: Review, monographs, review, outlook, communications and other fields.

Articles dedicated to the promotion of basic research into clinical research for basic medicine, translational medicine, clinical research and to provide all relevant professional engaged in the exchange platform. Key published new progress cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and other fields, new discoveries, is an important window of chronic disease and Translational Medicine communicate with the world.

Although just it is a new journal, but this magazine Jiangyong Mao personally managed by our president, and invited a number of experts at home and abroad to form the editorial team, and strive for chronic diseases, development of translational medicine-related fields contribute.

Articles website is now online, at: www.cdatm.org, online submission system uses Elsevier EES system (ees.elsevier.com/cdtm), all articles are available free to read and download the ScienceDirect platform, welcome Doctors contributions exchanges. We have been the first issue, in March 2015 URL: http: //www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/2095882X/1. Currently waive reading fee and publication fee, royalties favorably.

Thank you and your team for supporting us!

Articles Website: www.cdatm.org
Submission URL: http: //ees.elsevier.com/cdtm/
Contact: 01085158393 42 211,100710 Dongsi West Street.
Email: cdtm@cma.org.cn

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