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Publishing Services

With almost two centuries of combined knowledge and experience of scientific publishing, we work with our partners to achieve their publication goals.

Leading-edge production tools and dissemination platforms, refined by thousands of international journals, ensure that we are able to improve efficiency and make our partners’ journals visible to millions of scientists.

Key benefits of publishing with KeAi

  • Customers retain full ownership and editorial control
  • Editorial and strategic guidance on journal development
  • A dedicated publisher assigned to your journal, personal attention and short lines of communication
  • Dedicated marketing for your journal
  • International prestige gained from publishing with two of the world’s most experienced STM publishers
  • Article hosting on ScienceDirect, home to over 12 million articles and used by over 11 million scientists and researchers worldwide
  • Established editorial platforms for manuscript submission and processing
  • Personalised editorial and production support
  • Access to extensively utilised production systems by many partner organizations, for seamless hosting of articles online
  • Market insight provided by access to Scopus.com
  • Enhanced visibility through ongoing marketing alongside other KeAi journals
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