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Most Downloaded Global Energy Interconnection Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Progress of renewable electricity replacing fossil fuels

January 2018
Tomas Kåberger

Dramatic fall in costs of renewable energy in the last 24 months has not only accelerated the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy in electricity generation. The low cost renewable electricity...

2. Scientific basis of climate change and its response

October 2018
Qingchen Chao | Aiqing Feng

The scientific understanding of climate change is based on a solid physical-theoretical foundation, and long-term observation and research. By analyzing the accelerated rise of the global climate and...

3. A review of key strategies in realizing power system resilience

January 2018
Yanling Lin | Zhaohong Bie | Aici Qiu

The world is witnessing increasing frequency of extreme events. The power system is the backbone critical infrastructure of our economy and is under treat of such events. The resilient power system...

4. Recent developments in HVDC transmission systems to support renewable energy integration

December 2018
Zhou Li | Ruopei Zhan | Yazhou Li | Yan He | Jinming Hou | Xiaoling Zhao | Xiao-Ping Zhang

The demands for massive renewable energy integration, passive network power supply, and global energy interconnection have all gradually increased, posing new challenges for high voltage direct current...

5. Autotransformer fed traction power supply system: analysis, modeling and simulation

April 2018
Getachew Biru Worku | Asegid Belay Kebede

For many decades, Ethiopia had been using a meter gauge railway from Addis Ababa to the red sea port of Djibouti. Currently, the century old railway is completely replaced by a brand new standard gauge...

6. Application research on large-scale battery energy storage system under Global Energy Interconnection framework

January 2018
Binqi Guo | Meng Niu | Xiaokang Lai | Liquan Chen

In the context of constructing Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), energy storage technology, as one of the important basic supporting technologies in power system, will play an important role in the...

7. Review of renewable energy-based hydrogen production processes for sustainable energy innovation

October 2019
Mengjiao Wang | Guizhou Wang | Zhenxin Sun | Yukui Zhang | Dong Xu

In this review, we primarily analyze the hydrogen production technologies based on water and biomass, including the economic, technological, and environmental impacts of different types of hydrogen...

8. Enabling Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) towards an emerging smart energy system

January 2018
Ding Zhang | Ching Chuen Chan | George You Zhou

The increasing penetration of renewable energy on the transmission and distribution power network is driving the adoption of two-way power flow control, data and communications needed to meet the dependency...

9. Modeling of fast charging station equipped with energy storage

April 2018
Yu Zhang | Yang He | Xudong Wang | Yufei Wang | Chen Fang | Hua Xue | Chaoming Fang

The popularization of EVs (electric vehicles) has brought an increasingly heavy burden to the development of charging facilities. To meet the demand of rapid energy supply during the driving period,...

10. Sustainably integrating desalination with solar power to overcome future freshwater scarcity in China

April 2019
Chao Chen | Yilin Jiang | Zhaoyong Ye | Yu Yang | Li’an Hou

Freshwater resources and energy are the two material foundations of human survival and the two challenges for human sustainable development. China’s huge population needs a large amount of freshwater...

11. Pumped hydro energy storage and 100 % renewable electricity for East Asia

October 2019
Cheng Cheng | Andrew Blakers | Matthew Stocks | Bin Lu

Rapid cost reductions have led to the widespread deployment of renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind globally. Additional storage is needed when the share of solar PV and...

12. Design and evaluation of PV-wind hybrid system with hydroelectric pumped storage on the National Power System of Egypt

August 2018
Hamdy M. Sultan | Ahmed A. Zaki Diab | N. Kuznetsov Oleg | S. Zubkova Irina

National and international policies encourage increased penetration of solar and wind energy into electrical networks in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Solar radiation and wind speed variations...

13. China’s new growth pattern and its effect on energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions

October 2018
Xiujian Peng | Philip D. Adams | Jin Liu

China’s economic transformation and new growth pattern have significant implications for energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Using an extended version of a large computable general equilibrium...

14. Design scheme for fast charging station for electric vehicles with distributed photovoltaic power generation

April 2019
Jing Zhang | Chang Liu | Ruiming Yuan | Taoyong Li | Kang Li | Bin Li | Jianxiang Li | Zhenyu Jiang

The demand for fast charging is increasing owing to the rapid expansion of the market for electric vehicles. In addition, the power generation technology for distributed photovoltaic has matured. This...

15. Mechanism of CO2 Emission Reduction by Global Energy Interconnection

October 2018
Yuanbing Zhou | Xing Chen | Xin Tan | Changyi Liu | Shining Zhang | Fang Yang | Wenji Zhou | Han Huang

The challenge of global warming has become a driving force for a global energy transition. The Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a modern energy system aimed at meeting the global power demand...

16. Progress and prospects of innovative coal-fired power plants within the energy internet

April 2019
Yongping Yang | Chengzhou Li | Ningling Wang | Zhiping Yang

The development of electrical engineering and electronic, communications, smart power grid, and ultra-high voltage transmission technologies have driven the energy system revolution to the next generation:...

17. Research on power electronic transformer applied in AC/DC hybrid distribution networks

August 2018
Yiqun Miao | Jieying Song | Haijun Liu | Zhengang Lu | Shufan Chen | Chun Ding | Tianzhi Cao | Linhai Cai | Yuzhong Gong

The AC/DC hybrid distribution network is one of the trends in distribution network development, which poses great challenges to the traditional distribution transformer. In this paper, a new topology...

18. Resilience enhancement strategy using microgrids in distribution network

December 2018
Jiaren Wang | Ning Xie | Wenxian Wu | Dong Han | Chengmin Wang | Binruo Zhu

We propose a restoration strategy using microgrids for restoring power supply to critical loads after an extreme event and thereby enhancing the resilience of the distribution power grid. The limited...

19. Natural gas consumption forecasting model based on coal-to-gas project in China

October 2019
Zhiqiang Wang | Yichen Li | Zhanjun Feng | Kai Wen

Natural gas is widely used because it is environmentally friendly, particularly in reducing carbon emission and improving the Air Quality Index(AQI) around densely populated cities. China has initiated...

20. Identification of system vulnerabilities in the Ethiopian electric power system

August 2018
Moges Alemu Tikuneh | Getachew Biru Worku

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has been operating and managing the national interconnected power system with dispersed and geographically isolated generators, a complex transmission system and loads....

21. Regional power connectivity in Southeast Asia: the role of regional cooperation

October 2019
Xunpeng Shi | Lixia Yao | Han Jiang

ASEAN is an interesting case study of regional power connectivity in Asia and the Pacific due to its geographic location and ongoing power connectivity within and beyond ASEAN. This paper reviews ASEAN’s...

22. Global Energy Interconnection: an innovative solution for implementing the Paris Agreement—the significance and pathway of integrating GEI into global climate governance

October 2018
Mou Wang | Wenmei Kang | Zi Chen | Ying Zhang | Changyi Liu | Fang Yang

There has been great concern in the international community as to whether the Paris Agreement will effectively maintain the average global temperature increase below 2 °C from pre-industrial levels....

23. Transition scenarios of power generation in China under global 2 °C and 1.5 °C targets

October 2018
Kejun Jiang | Chenmin He | Xiangyang Xu | Weiyi Jiang | Pianpian Xiang | Hong Li | Jia Liu

Under the Paris Agreement, targets implemented for 2100 specify temperature increases well below 2 °C, with an ambitious target of 1.5 °C. China signed this agreement and will support these global targets....

24. Tuning method for governor control parameters of hydropower generator in isolated grid considering primary frequency performance and small-signal stability

December 2018
Zhenhua Xu

This paper presents a method of tuning governor control parameters of an isolated hydropower generator considering the primary frequency performance and small-signal stability. First, generators that...

25. System security of hybrid AC-HVDC-systems challenges and new approaches for combined security assessment, preventive optimization and curative actions

December 2018
Florian Sass | Tom Sennewald | Franz Linke | Dirk Westermann

The intense application of Voltage Source Converter based HVDC interconnections and grids will result in a hybrid AC-HVDC-system. The operation of such a system becomes complex regarding system security...

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