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Recent Global Energy Interconnection Articles

Recently published articles from Global Energy Interconnection.

Global maximum power point tracking for solar power systems using the hybrid artificial fish swarm algorithm

August 2019
Jianpo Li | Pengwei Dong

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques are used to maintain photovoltaic modules operating points at the local maximum power points under non-uniform irradiance conditions (NUIC). For global...

Scheduling and control co-design for Networked Wind Energy Conversion Systems

August 2019
Zhihong Huo | Zhixue Zhang

Fieldbus, industrial Ethernet that is simple, reliable, economical, and practical, is widely used in Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECSs). These techniques belong to the field of networked control...

Economic feasibility of large-scale hydro-solar hybrid power including long distance transmission

August 2019
Zhenchen Deng | Jinyu Xiao | Shikun Zhang | Yuetao Xie | Yue Rong | Yuanbing Zhou

Solar PV is expected to become the most cost-competitive renewable energy owing to the rapidly decreasing cost of the system. On the other hand, hydropower is a high-quality and reliable regulating...

Coordinated control of coastal multi-source multi-load system with desalination load: a review

August 2019
Ming Zhong | Lu Jin | Jiyu Xia | Ling Cheng | Peiyu Chen | Rong Zeng

Traditional seawater desalination requires high amounts of energy, with correspondingly high costs and limited benefits, hindering wider applications of the process. To further improve the comprehensive...

Study on integrated development and hybrid operation mode of nuclear power plant and pumped-storage power station

August 2019
Haizheng Wang | Caide Peng

The nuclear power plant is suitable for base-load operation, while the pumped-storage unit mainly gives play to capacity benefit in the electric power system; hence, the integrated development and hybrid...

A unified model for diagnosing energy usage abnormalities in regional integrated energy service systems

August 2019
Di Wu | Hongwei Ma | Jianrong Mao | Kaiqi Ma | Hao Zheng | Zhiqian Bo

An integrated energy service company in an industrial park or commercial building is responsible for managing all energy sources in their local region, including electricity, water, gas, heating, and...

Optimal capacity planning of combined renewable energy source-pumped storage and seawater desalination systems

August 2019
Boyu Liu | Bowen Zhou | Dongsheng Yang | Zhile Yang | Mingjian Cui

As water scarcity is becoming a growing threat to human development, finding effective solutions has become an urgent need. To make better use of water resources, seawater desalination and storage systems...

Quantitative method for evaluating detailed volatility of wind power at multiple temporal-spatial scales

August 2019
Yongqian Liu | Han Wang | Shuang Han | Jie Yan | Li Li | Zixin Chen

With the increasing proportion of wind power integration, the volatility of wind power brings huge challenges to the safe and stable operation of the electric power system. At present, the indexes commonly...

Trans-regional transmission of large-scale hydropower: problems and solutions in receiving power grid

August 2019
Jianyu Lu | Jianjian Shen | Chengguo Su | Qianqian Shen

Large-capacity hydropower transmission from southwestern China to load centers via ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) or ultra-high voltage alternating current (UHVAC) transmission lines is an...

Non-dominated sorting culture differential evolution algorithm for multi-objective optimal operation of Wind- Solar-Hydro complementary power generation system

August 2019
Guanjun Liu | Hui Qin | Rui Tian | Lingyun Tang | Jie Li

Due to the intermittency and instability of Wind-Solar energy and easy compensation of hydropower, this study proposes a Wind-Solar-Hydro power optimal scheduling model. This model is aimed at maximizing...

Preparation of low-fouling reverse-osmosis membranes on an Al2O3 carrier for desalination exploratory research

June 2019
Meng Zheng | Jing Wang | Baorong Hou

The surface of an α-Al2O3 carrier for semi-permeable zeolite membranes was modified with copper via an electroless plating process. Following hydrothermal synthesis, dense and highly organized zeolite...

Alleviating freshwater shortages with combined desert-based large-scale renewable energy and coastal desalination plants supported by Global Energy Interconnection

June 2019
Hengxu Zhang | Yuzheng Xie

Under the background of sustainable energy transition and environmental protection, Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), which features an innovative combination of clean energy (e.g., solar power)...

Analysis on the relationship between water resources and environmental change in Northern Thailand

June 2019
Kensuke Yamaguchi | Manaskorn Rachakarakij | Prasert Reubroycharoen

How do people perceive environmental change when coping with scarcity? Previous studies on scarcity tend to overlook the aspect of perception. By analyzing repeated water conflicts in northern Thailand,...

Prospect of new pumped-storage power station

June 2019
Jingyan Li | Chuanbao Yi | Sujie Gao

In this paper, a new type of pumped-storage power station with faster response speed, wider regulation range, and better stability is proposed. The operational flexible of the traditional pumped-storage...

Leading-edge Technologies in Hydropower Development in China

June 2019
Zeyan Yang | Chao Liu | Mingxin Wu

After the implementation of the Reform and Opening-up Policy for a period of 40 years, the exploitation of China’s hydropower resources developed significantly. Through vast amounts of scientific and...

Research progress on integrated solar chimney system for freshwater production

June 2019
Lu Zuo | Ling Ding | Yue Yuan | Zihan Liu | Ning Qu | Pengzhan Dai

Under dual crisis of energy and freshwater, solar chimney technology has been widely applied in freshwater production in recent years. According to different access to freshwater, the research progress...

Real time thermal field analysis on Wudongde super high arch dam during construction

June 2019
Haoyang Peng | Peng Lin | Ning Yang | Ming Li | Yu Qiao

During concrete dam construction, concrete temperature monitoring and control is key to ensuring dam concrete quality and construction safety. In this study, a 2D thermal field restructuring method...

Planning and Design of a Micro energy network for seawater desalination and regional energy interconnection

June 2019
Jiancheng Yu | Dan Wang | Cheng Yao | Peiyu Chen | Bo Liu

With the rapid development of the economy, the continuously increasing population, and ongoing climate change, the shortage of freshwater resources has become an increasingly important global problem....

The Development of cross border interconnection and trading

June 2019
Barrie Murray Barrie

This paper discusses the benefits of developing cross border interconnection. It was written to promote the benefits of interconnection to facilitate renewable energy development and trading. It illustrates...

Analysis of Water Resource Benefits Due to Power Grid Interconnections Using the Virtual Water Method

June 2019
Xing Chen | Zhiyuan Ma | Xin Tan | Yang Zhao | Changyi Liu | Feng Tan | Fang Yang

The global water demand and supply situation is becoming increasingly severe due to water shortage and uneven distribution of water resources. The highest water demand in the energy sector is attributable...

Optimization modeling method for coal-to-electricity heating load considering differential decisions

April 2019
Qifang Chen | Mingchao Xia | Shan Wang | Hanyu Wang | Wenxia Liu | Zhiqiang Wang | Xianglong Li | Qinfei Sun | Xiangzhi Niu

Heating by electricity rather than coal is considered one effective way to reduce environmental problems. Thus, the electric heating load is growing rapidly, which may cause undesired problems in distribution...

Transient characteristics verification method for DC transformer used in flexible HVDC system

April 2019
Qi Nie | Haoliang Hu | Dengyun Li | Boyang Liu | He Li | Qianzhu Xiong

Previous studies have proposed higher requirements for the transient characteristics of a DC transformer used in a flexible high-voltage direct current (HVDC) system to achieve faster sampling speed...

Cost-profit analysis for Japan-Russia and Japan-South Korea interconnectors

April 2019
Seiichiro Kimura | Shota Ichimura

This paper describes the results of cost-profit analysis related to interconnectors for Japan-Russia and Japan- South Korea based on the Asia International Grid Connection Study Group 2nd report. The...

Design scheme for fast charging station for electric vehicles with distributed photovoltaic power generation

April 2019
Jing Zhang | Chang Liu | Ruiming Yuan | Taoyong Li | Kang Li | Bin Li | Jianxiang Li | Zhenyu Jiang

The demand for fast charging is increasing owing to the rapid expansion of the market for electric vehicles. In addition, the power generation technology for distributed photovoltaic has matured. This...

A PV powered shunt active power filter for power quality improvement

April 2019
Ayoub Benzahia | Rabhi Boualaga | Ammar Moussi | Laeid Zellouma | Memich Meriem | Bouziane Chaima

This paper deals with power quality improvement using a three-phase active power filter (APF) connected to a PV power system. A direct power control (DPC) approach is proposed to eliminate harmonic...

Progress and prospects of innovative coal-fired power plants within the energy internet

April 2019
Yongping Yang | Chengzhou Li | Ningling Wang | Zhiping Yang

The development of electrical engineering and electronic, communications, smart power grid, and ultra-high voltage transmission technologies have driven the energy system revolution to the next generation:...

Route designs and cost estimation for Japan-Russia and Japan-South Korea interconnections

April 2019
Shota Ichimura | Ryo Omatsu

This paper describes route designs and cost estimation for possible interconnections between Japan-Russia and between Japan-South Korea based on the Asia International Grid Connection Study Group 2nd...

Sustainably integrating desalination with solar power to overcome future freshwater scarcity in China

April 2019
Chao Chen | Yilin Jiang | Zhaoyong Ye | Yu Yang | Li’an Hou

Freshwater resources and energy are the two material foundations of human survival and the two challenges for human sustainable development. China’s huge population needs a large amount of freshwater...

Operational concepts of HVDC in the context of security assessment in the German transmission grid

April 2019
Annika Klettke | Marius Sieberichs | Albert Moser

Because of the realization of HVDC connections parallel to the synchronous grid in Germany, operational concepts become more important in the context of system security aspects. In this article commonly...

Long-term cross-border electricity trading model under the background of Global Energy Interconnection

April 2019
Fu Chen | Kun Huang | Yunting Hou | Tao Ding

Environmental problems caused by traditional power production and the unbalanced distribution of energy resources and demand limit the development of sustainable societies. A feasible method to optimize...

Research and application of a power-flow-calculation method in multiterminal VSC-HVDC power grid

February 2019
Linlin Wu | Xiaowei Fan | Man Xu | Zhendong Li | Xiao Wang | Xiaofei Zhang | Haiwang Jin

For demonstrating a multiterminal voltage-source converter (VSC)-based high-voltage DC (HVDC) (VSC- HVDC) project, this study puts forward a technical route for calculating the power flow in a 500-kV...

Accurate querying of frequent subgraphs in power grid graph data

February 2019
Aihua Zhou | Lipeng Zhu | Xinxin Wu | Hongbin Qiu

With the development of information technology, the amount of power grid topology data has gradually increased. Therefore, accurate querying of this data has become particularly important. Several researchers...

PMU-WAMS research and application in Brazil

February 2019
Xugen Fan | Fei Xiong | Leihai Jiang

Wide area measurement system (WAMS), which is based on synchronization data from phasor measurement units (PMU) and EMS SCADA, is implemented to establish a system model that can handle certain functions...

Full electromagnetic transient simulation for large power systems

February 2019
Yong Tang | Lei Wan | Junxian Hou

For building Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), it is necessary to implement new breakthroughs on large- power system simulation. Key routes for implementing full electromagnetic transient simulation...

Probabilistic small signal stability analysis of power system with wind power and photovoltaic power based on probability collocation method

February 2019
Cai Yan | Linli Zhou | Wei Yao | Jinyu Wen | Shijie Cheng

Recently, with increasing improvements in the penetration of wind power and photovoltaic power in the world, probabilistic small signal stability analysis (PSSSA) of a power system consisting of multiple...

Development of electric power cooperation in Northeast Asia

February 2019
Nikolai Voropai | Sergei Podkovalnikov | Lyudmila Chudinova | Ksenia Letova

The development of interstate electric ties ISETs and grids (ISGs) is a global process; recently, countries of Northeast Asia (NEA) that were previously very poorly connected have started to study the...

Research on multi-time scale doubly-fed wind turbine test system based on FPGA+CPU heterogeneous calculation

February 2019
Qing Mu | Xing Zhang | Xiaoxin Zhou | Xiaowei Fan | Yingmei Liu | Dongbo Pan

As the proportion of renewable energy increases, the interaction between renewable energy devices and the grid continues to enhance. Therefore, the renewable energy dynamic test in a power system has...

Analysis of basic conditions of the power grid interconnection among Xinjiang, Pakistan, and five Central Asian countries

February 2019
Chunyi Huang | Chengmin Wang | Heng Li | Jing Luo | Weiqing Sun | Xizhou Du

Inter-regional and transnational grid interconnection is necessary for energy development. Xinjiang, which is rich in renewable energy resources, is adjacent to countries in Central Asia and has great...

Distance protection of EHV long transmission lines considering compensation degree of shunt reactor

February 2019
Wang Jiang | Jiping Lu | Hongji Xiang | Xing Ma | Hui Fang

This study investigated the feasibility of distance protection in extra-high voltage (EHV) networks. In long-distance transmission lines, the distributed parameter characteristic of the EHV network...

A probabilistic power flow calculation method considering the uncertainty of the static frequency characteristic

February 2019
Yi Wang | Xiufen Shen | Zemei Dai

In a power system, power generation and load have frequency response characteristics, which randomly fluctuate with changes in operating status. This study investigates a probabilistic power flow method...

Influence of spacer insulator material temperature characteristics on its electric properties

February 2019
Yuyi Wu | Chengyu Wang | Yun Chen | Boyuan Cui

Spacer insulators are important insulating component of gas insulated switchgear(GIS). In order to analyze the influence of spacer insulator materials temperature characteristics on the electric performance,...

System security of hybrid AC-HVDC-systems challenges and new approaches for combined security assessment, preventive optimization and curative actions

December 2018
Florian Sass | Tom Sennewald | Franz Linke | Dirk Westermann

The intense application of Voltage Source Converter based HVDC interconnections and grids will result in a hybrid AC-HVDC-system. The operation of such a system becomes complex regarding system security...

A quantitative analysis model of grid cyber physical systems

December 2018
Li Huang | Yun Liang | Feng Huang | Dayang Wang

Conventional power systems are being developed into grid cyber physical systems (GCPS) with widespread application of communication, computer, and control technologies. In this article, we propose a...

Recent developments in HVDC transmission systems to support renewable energy integration

December 2018
Zhou Li | Ruopei Zhan | Yazhou Li | Yan He | Jinming Hou | Xiaoling Zhao | Xiao-Ping Zhang

The demands for massive renewable energy integration, passive network power supply, and global energy interconnection have all gradually increased, posing new challenges for high voltage direct current...

Resilience enhancement strategy using microgrids in distribution network

December 2018
Jiaren Wang | Ning Xie | Wenxian Wu | Dong Han | Chengmin Wang | Binruo Zhu

We propose a restoration strategy using microgrids for restoring power supply to critical loads after an extreme event and thereby enhancing the resilience of the distribution power grid. The limited...

Regulating cost for renewable energy integration in power grids

December 2018
Dong Zhang | Peiyu You | Fan Liu | Yuhong Zhang | Yantao Zhang | Chao Feng

To address the issue of climate change caused by the use of polluting, non-renewable energy sources, the use of renewable energy has gained momentum worldwide. Consequently, the increased integration...

Investigation of electrical performance of impregnation resin material for superconducting magnet

December 2018
Yanfang Yang | Hongjie Zhang | Song Li | Panpan Chen | Yongqing Zhao | Ming Qiu

With the development of superconducting technology, the electrical performance of insulating materials is drawing increasing concern. This paper is devoted to investigating resin materials and aims...

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