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Recent Global Energy Interconnection Articles

Recently published articles from Global Energy Interconnection.

Research and application of a power-flow-calculation method in multiterminal VSC-HVDC power grid

February 2019
Linlin Wu | Xiaowei Fan | Man Xu | Zhendong Li | Xiao Wang | Xiaofei Zhang | Haiwang Jin

For demonstrating a multiterminal voltage-source converter (VSC)-based high-voltage DC (HVDC) (VSC- HVDC) project, this study puts forward a technical route for calculating the power flow in a 500-kV...

Accurate querying of frequent subgraphs in power grid graph data

February 2019
Aihua Zhou | Lipeng Zhu | Xinxin Wu | Hongbin Qiu

With the development of information technology, the amount of power grid topology data has gradually increased. Therefore, accurate querying of this data has become particularly important. Several researchers...

PMU-WAMS research and application in Brazil

February 2019
Xugen Fan | Fei Xiong | Leihai Jiang

Wide area measurement system (WAMS), which is based on synchronization data from phasor measurement units (PMU) and EMS SCADA, is implemented to establish a system model that can handle certain functions...

Full electromagnetic transient simulation for large power systems

February 2019
Yong Tang | Lei Wan | Junxian Hou

For building Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), it is necessary to implement new breakthroughs on large- power system simulation. Key routes for implementing full electromagnetic transient simulation...

Probabilistic small signal stability analysis of power system with wind power and photovoltaic power based on probability collocation method

February 2019
Cai Yan | Linli Zhou | Wei Yao | Jinyu Wen | Shijie Cheng

Recently, with increasing improvements in the penetration of wind power and photovoltaic power in the world, probabilistic small signal stability analysis (PSSSA) of a power system consisting of multiple...

Development of electric power cooperation in Northeast Asia

February 2019
Nikolai Voropai | Sergei Podkovalnikov | Lyudmila Chudinova | Ksenia Letova

The development of interstate electric ties ISETs and grids (ISGs) is a global process; recently, countries of Northeast Asia (NEA) that were previously very poorly connected have started to study the...

Research on multi-time scale doubly-fed wind turbine test system based on FPGA+CPU heterogeneous calculation

February 2019
Qing Mu | Xing Zhang | Xiaoxin Zhou | Xiaowei Fan | Yingmei Liu | Dongbo Pan

As the proportion of renewable energy increases, the interaction between renewable energy devices and the grid continues to enhance. Therefore, the renewable energy dynamic test in a power system has...

Analysis of basic conditions of the power grid interconnection among Xinjiang, Pakistan, and five Central Asian countries

February 2019
Chunyi Huang | Chengmin Wang | Heng Li | Jing Luo | Weiqing Sun | Xizhou Du

Inter-regional and transnational grid interconnection is necessary for energy development. Xinjiang, which is rich in renewable energy resources, is adjacent to countries in Central Asia and has great...

Distance protection of EHV long transmission lines considering compensation degree of shunt reactor

February 2019
Wang Jiang | Jiping Lu | Hongji Xiang | Xing Ma | Hui Fang

This study investigated the feasibility of distance protection in extra-high voltage (EHV) networks. In long-distance transmission lines, the distributed parameter characteristic of the EHV network...

A probabilistic power flow calculation method considering the uncertainty of the static frequency characteristic

February 2019
Yi Wang | Xiufen Shen | Zemei Dai

In a power system, power generation and load have frequency response characteristics, which randomly fluctuate with changes in operating status. This study investigates a probabilistic power flow method...

Influence of spacer insulator material temperature characteristics on its electric properties

February 2019
Yuyi Wu | Chengyu Wang | Yun Chen | Boyuan Cui

Spacer insulators are important insulating component of gas insulated switchgear(GIS). In order to analyze the influence of spacer insulator materials temperature characteristics on the electric performance,...

Master-slave wave farm systems based on energy filter with smoothed power output

December 2018
Zuanhong Yan | Xiao-Ping Zhang

Wave energy is an important renewable energy source. Previous studies of wave energy conversion (WEC) have focused on the maximum power take-off (PTO) techniques of a single machine. However, there...

Tuning method for governor control parameters of hydropower generator in isolated grid considering primary frequency performance and small-signal stability

December 2018
Zhenhua Xu

This paper presents a method of tuning governor control parameters of an isolated hydropower generator considering the primary frequency performance and small-signal stability. First, generators that...

Quantitative analysis of distributed and centralized development of renewable energy

December 2018
Xiaolu Wang | Nana Li | Wei Sun | Shan Xu | Zedong Zhang

Global renewable energy has maintained a steady growth in recent years, mainly fostered by national policies and increasing demand. Analyzing the experience of renewable energy development in developed...

Operation of offshore wind farms connected with DRU-HVDC transmission systems with special consideration of faults

December 2018
Rui Li | Lujie Yu | Lie Xu

The diode rectifier unit (DRU)-based high-voltage DC (DRU-HVDC) system is a promising solution for offshore wind energy transmission thanks to its compact design, high efficiency, and strong reliability....

Economic analysis of energy interconnection between Europe and China with 100% renewable energy generation

December 2018
Cong Wu | Xiao-Ping Zhang

The economic benefits of interconnecting the power grids of Europe (EU) and China (CN) were assessed considering 100% reliance on renewable energy (RE). Four different scenarios, energy storage without...

System security of hybrid AC-HVDC-systems challenges and new approaches for combined security assessment, preventive optimization and curative actions

December 2018
Florian Sass | Tom Sennewald | Franz Linke | Dirk Westermann

The intense application of Voltage Source Converter based HVDC interconnections and grids will result in a hybrid AC-HVDC-system. The operation of such a system becomes complex regarding system security...

A quantitative analysis model of grid cyber physical systems

December 2018
Li Huang | Yun Liang | Feng Huang | Dayang Wang

Conventional power systems are being developed into grid cyber physical systems (GCPS) with widespread application of communication, computer, and control technologies. In this article, we propose a...

Recent developments in HVDC transmission systems to support renewable energy integration

December 2018
Zhou Li | Ruopei Zhan | Yazhou Li | Yan He | Jinming Hou | Xiaoling Zhao | Xiao-Ping Zhang

The demands for massive renewable energy integration, passive network power supply, and global energy interconnection have all gradually increased, posing new challenges for high voltage direct current...

Technology and engineering application of cross area HVDC interconnection system high-precision simulation modeling based on ADPSS

December 2018
Weijie Zheng | Jianfeng Yan | Xujiang Chen | Shuwen Xu | Yalou Li

In recent years, a large number of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission projects have been connected to AC systems. This has started to have an impact on AC/DC hybrid power grids, particularly...

Resilience enhancement strategy using microgrids in distribution network

December 2018
Jiaren Wang | Ning Xie | Wenxian Wu | Dong Han | Chengmin Wang | Binruo Zhu

We propose a restoration strategy using microgrids for restoring power supply to critical loads after an extreme event and thereby enhancing the resilience of the distribution power grid. The limited...

Regulating cost for renewable energy integration in power grids

December 2018
Dong Zhang | Peiyu You | Fan Liu | Yuhong Zhang | Yantao Zhang | Chao Feng

To address the issue of climate change caused by the use of polluting, non-renewable energy sources, the use of renewable energy has gained momentum worldwide. Consequently, the increased integration...

Investigation of electrical performance of impregnation resin material for superconducting magnet

December 2018
Yanfang Yang | Hongjie Zhang | Song Li | Panpan Chen | Yongqing Zhao | Ming Qiu

With the development of superconducting technology, the electrical performance of insulating materials is drawing increasing concern. This paper is devoted to investigating resin materials and aims...

China’s new growth pattern and its effect on energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions

October 2018
Xiujian Peng | Philip D. Adams | Jin Liu

China’s economic transformation and new growth pattern have significant implications for energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Using an extended version of a large computable general equilibrium...

Mechanism of CO2 Emission Reduction by Global Energy Interconnection

October 2018
Yuanbing Zhou | Xing Chen | Xin Tan | Changyi Liu | Shining Zhang | Fang Yang | Wenji Zhou | Han Huang

The challenge of global warming has become a driving force for a global energy transition. The Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a modern energy system aimed at meeting the global power demand...

Impact of solar radiation variation on the optimal tilted angle for fixed grid-connected PV array—case study in Beijing

October 2018
Yanbo Shen | Jun Zhang | Peng Guo | Xinwen Wang

A key design parameter for fixed grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) arrays, the optimal tilt angle, does not only depend on the geographic location but is also directly affected by atmospheric conditions....

Transition scenarios of power generation in China under global 2 °C and 1.5 °C targets

October 2018
Kejun Jiang | Chenmin He | Xiangyang Xu | Weiyi Jiang | Pianpian Xiang | Hong Li | Jia Liu

Under the Paris Agreement, targets implemented for 2100 specify temperature increases well below 2 °C, with an ambitious target of 1.5 °C. China signed this agreement and will support these global targets....

Global Electricity Interconnection

October 2018
Martin Frick | Massamba Thioye

Recyclable insulation material for HVDC cables in Global Energy Interconnection

October 2018
Yao Zhou | Chao Yuan | Qi Li | Qing Wang | Jinliang He

With the development of modern power systems, especially that of the global energy internet, high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) cable power transmission will play an important role in the future. The...

Projection of global wind and solar resources over land in the 21st century

October 2018
Feimin Zhang | Chenghai Wang | Guohui Xie | Weizheng Kong | Shuanglong Jin | Ju Hu | Xi Chen

This study modelled projected spatiotemporal changes in global wind and solar resources over land in the 21st century under the RCP2.6 and RCP8.5 climate scenarios using an ensemble mean drawn from...

Electricity network planning targeting Low-Carbon energy transition

October 2018
Wei Shen | Jing Qiu | Zhaoyang Dong

Electricity sector, as one of the major emission sources of carbon dioxide (CO2), is responsible for reducing carbon emissions and is a major player that addresses global climate change. In the efforts...

Global Energy Interconnection: an innovative solution for implementing the Paris Agreement—the significance and pathway of integrating GEI into global climate governance

October 2018
Mou Wang | Wenmei Kang | Zi Chen | Ying Zhang | Changyi Liu | Fang Yang

There has been great concern in the international community as to whether the Paris Agreement will effectively maintain the average global temperature increase below 2 °C from pre-industrial levels....

Projections of future changes in solar radiation in China based on CMIP5 climate models

October 2018
Liwei Yang | Junxia Jiang | Tian Liu | Yujie Li | Ya Zhou | Xiaoqing Gao

Surface solar radiation research is important for understanding future climate change and the application of large-scale photovoltaic systems. We used the coupled model intercomparison project phase...

Carbon emission flow: from electricity network to multiple energy systems

October 2018
Yaohua Cheng | Ning Zhang | Chongqing Kang

Anthropogenic carbon emissions associated with energy consumption are rapidly increasing. Such carbon emissions are further directly related to global climate change. Thus, reducing carbon emissions...

Power system decarbonisation with Global Energy Interconnection – a case study on the economic viability of international transmission network in Australasia

October 2018
Changlong Wang | Roger Dargaville | Matthew Jeppesen

The electric energy system in Indonesia is undergoing with the challenges of fast-increasing electricity demand, carbon constraints, and rising costs. Using our model of the Australian and Indonesian...

Scientific basis of climate change and its response

October 2018
Qingchen Chao | Aiqing Feng

The scientific understanding of climate change is based on a solid physical-theoretical foundation, and long-term observation and research. By analyzing the accelerated rise of the global climate and...

Research on big data applications in Global Energy Interconnection

August 2018
Dongxia Zhang | Robert Caiming Qiu

Construction of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is regarded as an effective way to utilize clean energy and it has been a hot research topic in recent years. As one of the enabling technologies...

Simulation and analysis of UHV half wavelength and DC hybrid transmission system

August 2018
Qianyu Zhao | Shouxiang Wang | Xiaohui Qin | Seyedamirabbas Mousavian | Lei Wu

The scenarios of a half wavelength transmission line (HWTL) connected to the original DC asynchronous interconnection system are established based on the quasi-steady state model of HWTL, which include...

Design and evaluation of PV-wind hybrid system with hydroelectric pumped storage on the National Power System of Egypt

August 2018
Hamdy M. Sultan | Ahmed A. Zaki Diab | N. Kuznetsov Oleg | S. Zubkova Irina

National and international policies encourage increased penetration of solar and wind energy into electrical networks in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Solar radiation and wind speed variations...

Fiber Bragg grating monitors for thermal and stress of the composite insulators in transmission lines

August 2018
Heming Deng | Wei Cai | You Song | Jinsong Liu | Christopher Redman | Qiandong Zhuang

Running composite insulators are prone to failure due to their harsh surrounding work environment, which directly affects the safe operation of transmission lines. This paper puts forward the method...

An innovation idea for energy transition towards sustainable and resilient societies: Global energy interconnection

August 2018
Weerakorn Ongsakul | Kun Teng | Serge Marichez | Han Jiang

Global Energy Interconnection(hereafter GEI) is not only connectivity of power grid, but also a series of methodical innovations for energy transition towards sustainable and resilient societies,which...

Research on pre-synchronization control strategy of the micro-grid with multi-VSG

August 2018
Tao Yan | Cairan Wang | Zong Liu | Shaohua Xu | Yu Ba | Juntao Fei | Jerry Y.S. Lin

Seamless switching is an important guarantee for the inverter to work continuously without stopping when grid-connected power generation system is the transient process from grid-connected to isolated...

Compliance verification and probabilistic analysis of state-wide power quality monitoring data

August 2018
Liu Yang | Jiang Peng | Tongxun Wang | Yaqiong Li | Zhanfeng Deng | Yingying Liu | Meng Tan

This paper introduces the implementation and data analysis associated with a state-wide power quality monitoring and analysis system in China. Corporation specifications on power quality monitors as...

Developing a global interconnected power system model

August 2018
Maarten Brinkerink | Paul Deane | Seán Collins | Brian Ó. Gallachóir

Decarbonizing the power sector is a necessary step towards a low-carbon future. Interconnecting power systems on different continents could be a method to contribute to such a future, by utilizing highly...

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