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Global Transitions

Connecting. Forward-Thinking

Global Transitions is a freely accessible platform to share actionable knowledge and forward-thinking perspectives on transitions in the broader fields of health, energy and technology.

Home to scientific, technological and medical information, as well as field reports and policy briefs, Global Transitions connects disciplines and communities on global and local scales.

The integrity and quality of the published material are safeguarded by Editorial Boards dedicated to the three broader areas, each under the leadership of an Editor-in-Chief.

Global Transitions is a fully Open Access journal: published articles will be immediately and permanently available globally to read, download and share.

Global Transitions:

  • focuses on the science, applications and impact of transitions
  • brings together major themes that will shape our future
  • is free to read and affordable to publish in
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    Editor-in-Chief: Kristie Ebi, Luisa F. Cabeza, Jin Chen
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    Imprint: KeAi
    ISSN: 2589-7918
    Kristie EbiKristie Ebi
    Health Transitions
    Luisa F. CabezaLuisa F. Cabeza
    Energy Transitions
    Jin ChenJin Chen
    Technology Transitions
    Global Transitions 2019Global Transitions 2019
    Join leading experts at the Global Transitions Conference in Beijing
    Legitimacy and Accountability in the Governance of Sustainable Energy Transitions
    Global Transitions – Energy Transitions will publish the special Issue on Legitimacy and Accountability in the Governance of Sustainable Energy Transitions.
    Scenarios Forum 2019Scenarios Forum 2019
    Forum on Scenarios for Climate and Societal Futures
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