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Recent Journal of Electronic Science and Technology Articles

Recently published articles from Journal of Electronic Science and Technology.

Technical investigation on V2G, S2V, and V2I for next generation smart city planning

Available online 31 March 2020
MD. Shahrukh Adnan Khan | Kazi Mahtab Kadir | Khandaker Sultan Mahmood | Md Ibrahim Ibne Alam | Ainun Kamal | Md Mamoon Al Bashir

The paper investigates a few of the major areas of the next generation technological advancement, “smart city planning concept”. The areas that the paper focuses are vehicle to grid (V2G), sun to vehicle...

Nonlinearity-Compensation-Free Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry Based on Electrically-Controlled Optical Frequency Sweep

Available online 26 March 2020
Fan Yang | Ling-Jie Zhang | Zhi-Yao Zhang | Xiao-Jun Zhou | Yong Liu

A nonlinearity-compensation-free optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) scheme is proposed and experimentally demonstrated based on the electrically-controlled optical frequency sweep. In the...

Blockchain energy: Blockchain in future energy systems

Available online 25 March 2020
Bernd Teufel | Anton Sentic | Mathias Barmet

The ongoing, in-depth transformation of the electricity sector towards increased use of alternative, renewable energy sources extends beyond a simple decentralisation drive in the electricity market....

BER Performance of Finite in Time Optimal FTN Signals for the Viterbi Algorithm

Available online 25 March 2020
Sergey B. Makarov | Ilya I. Lavrenyuk | Anna S. Ovsyannikova | Sergey V. Zavjalov

In this article, we consider the faster than Nyquist (FTN) technology in aspects of the application of the Viterbi algorithm (VA). Finite in time optimal FTN signals are used to provide a symbol rate...

Role of electromagnetic fluctuations in organic electronics

Available online 23 March 2020
Vladimir M. Mostepanenko | Elena N. Velichko | Maksim A. Baranov

Thin organic films find expanding applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices, biotechnology, food packing, and for many other purposes. Among other factors, the stability of films with a...

Casimir Effect in Optoelectronic Devices Using Ferrofluids

Available online 23 March 2020
Elena N. Velichko | Galina L. Klimchitskaya | Elina N. Nepomnyashchaya

Some of the modern electronic and optoelectronic devices exploit ferrofluids contained in narrow gaps between two material plates. When the width of the gap becomes below a micrometer, the boundary...

IoT-solar energy powered smart farm irrigation system

Available online 20 March 2020
A.R. Al-Ali | Ahmad Al Nabulsi | Shayok Mukhopadhyay | Mohammad Shihab Awal | Sheehan Fernandes | Khalil Ailabouni

As the Internet of things (IoT) technology is evolving, distributed solar energy resources can be operated, monitored, and controlled remotely. The design of an IoT based solar energy system for smart...

Future hybrid of photovoltaic and fuel cell for Langkawi SkyCab

Available online 19 March 2020
S.M. Hussin | Z. Salam | M.P. Abdullah | N. Rosmin | D.M. Said | M. Rasid

Langkawi SkyCab has the highest energy demand and it keeps increasing year by year. This study proposed alternatives energy of hybrid photovoltaic and fuel cell systems for the SkyCab’s operation. The...

Quasi-Z Source Inverter Control of PV Grid-connected Based on Fuzzy PCI

Available online 14 March 2020
Tao Hou | Chen-Yang Zhang | Hong-Xia Niu

Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is an important interface between photovoltaic power generation system and power grid. Its high-quality operation is directly related to the output power quality...

Rational design of colloidal core/shell quantum dots for optoelectronic applications

Available online 4 March 2020
Xianglong Huang | Xin Tong | Zhiming Wang

Colloidal core/shell quantum dots (QDs) are promising for solar technologies because of their excellent optoelectronic properties including tunable light absorption/emission spectra, high photoluminescence...

A green strategy to synthesize Ag/Ag3PO4/Chitosan composite photocatalyst and their photocatalytic degradation performance under visible light irradiation

Available online 4 March 2020
Pengcheng Wu | Huili Peng | Yuhan Wu | Lei Li | Xiaorui Hao | Banghua Peng | Guihua Meng | Jianning Wu | Zhiyong Liu

In this work, a plasmonic Ag/Ag3PO4/Chitosan composite photocatalyst was prepared by a low-temperature strategy. Environmentally friendly chitosan plays triple vital roles in this composite. First,...

Image restoration using hybrid features improvement on morphological component analysis

Available online 2 March 2020
Der-Chang Tseng | Ru-Yin Wei | Ching-Ta Lu | Ling-Ling Wang

Images are generally corrupted by impulse noise during acquisition and transmission. Noise deteriorates the quality of images. To remove corruption noise, we propose a hybrid approach to restoring a...

Toward the energy efficiency of resource allocation algorithms for OFDMA downlink MIMO systems

Available online 28 February 2020
Wei-Chiang Wu

The problem of the simultaneous multi-user resource allocation algorithm in orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) based systems has recently attracted significant interest. However,...

Receiver power allocation and transmitter power control analysis for multiple-receiver wireless power transfer systems

Available online 28 February 2020
Zhi-Hao Guo | Shi-Er Dong

As different power has its own receivers, this paper analyzes and designs a multiple-receiver wireless power transfer (WPT) system systematically. The equivalent circuit model of the system is established...

Smart Dynamic Resource Allocation Model for Patient-Driven Mobile Medical Information System Using C4.5 Algorithm

September 2019
Ching-Kan Lo | Hsing-Chung Chen | Pei-Yuan Lee | Ming-Chou Ku | Lidia Ogiela | Cheng-Hung Chuang

A mobile medical information system (MMIS) is an integrated application (app) of traditional hospital information systems (HIS) which comprise a picture archiving and communications system (PACS), laboratory...

Quantum Cryptography for Internet of Things Securitya

September 2019
Alekha Parimal Bhatt | Anand Sharma

Internet of things (IoT) is a developing technology with a lot of scope in the future. It can ease various different tasks for us. On one hand, IoT is useful for us, on the other hand, it has many serious...

Processing Mechanism of Chinese Verbal Jokes: Evidence from ERP and Neural Oscillations

September 2019
Xue-Yan Li | Hui-Li Wang | Pertti Saariluoma | Guang-Hui Zhang | Yong-Jie Zhu | Chi Zhang | Feng-Yu Cong | Tapani Ristaniemi

The cognitive processing mechanism of humor refers to how the system of neural circuitry and pathways in the brain deals with the incongruity in a humorous manner. The past research has revealed different...

Elimination of Spatial Side-Channel Information for Compact Quantum Key Distribution Sendersb

September 2019
Wei-Shao Huang | Wei Zhang | Yi-Dong Huang

For a compact quantum key distribution (QKD) sender for the polarization encoding BB84 protocol, an eavesdropper could take a side-channel attack by measuring the spatial information of photons to infer...

Real-Time Streaming Relay Mechanism for P2P Conferences on Hierarchical Overlay Networksb

September 2019
Hui-Kai Su | Jian-Ting Pan | Kim-Joan Chen | Marek R. Ogiela | Hsing-Chung Chen

A peer-to-peer (P2P) multimedia conferencing service is operating that users share their resources to each other on the Internet. It can solve the problem in the centralized conferencing architecture,...

Joint Monitoring of Ground and Sky for Cereal Crops Based on Scatterometer Measurement and ASAR Imagesb

September 2019
Lei He | Feng-Jin Xiao

The joint monitoring of the ground and sky for cereal crops based on microwave data has become a popular method for researches on earth surface objects. Focused on the sensitivity of backscatter from...

Micropillar Cavity Design for 1.55-μm Quantum-Dot Single-Photon Sourcesb

September 2019
Hai-Zhi Song | Wei Zhang | Li-Bo Yu | Zhiming M. Wang

The 1.55-μm quantum-dot (QD) micropillar cavities are strongly required as single photon sources (SPSs) for silica-fiber-based quantum information processing. Theoretical analysis shows that the adiabatic...

Direct Measurement of Non-Classical Photon Statistics with a Multi-Pixel Photon Counterb

September 2019
Cheng-Jie Ding | You-Ying Rong | Yu Chen | Xiu-Liang Chen | E Wu

Photon number resolving detectors with high accuracy bring broad applications in long-distance laser ranging, ultrafast spectroscopy, and quantum optics. In this paper, we observed the non-classical...

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Bayesian Updating with Multiple Observationsa

September 2019
Yung-Fa Huang | Jyu-Wei Wang

We study cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio (CR) networks using the hidden Markov model (HMM) for opportunistic spectrum access (OSA). We assume that the primary channel operates in a time...

Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Networks with Cooperative Beamforming: Power Allocation and Stability Analysisb

June 2019
Jin-Xin Niu | Wei Guo

Energy harvesting (EH) is a promising technology to improve both energy efficiency and spectral efficiency in cognitive radio (CR) networks. However, due to the randomness of the harvested energy and...

Convergence of the Interior Penalty Integral Equation Domain Decomposition Methodb

June 2019
Bo Mi | Yu Hu | Zhang Liu | Ling Qin

To solve electrically large scattering problems with limited memory, a Gauss-Seidel iteration scheme is applied to solve the interior penalty integral equation domain decomposition method. Since the...

Oscillatory-Plus-Transient Signal Decomposition Using TQWT and MCA

June 2019
G. Ravi Shankar Reddy | Rameshwar Rao

This paper describes a method for decomposing a signal into the sum of an oscillatory component and a transient component. The process uses the tunable Q-factor wavelet transform (TQWT): The oscillatory...

Infrared Radiance Simulation and Application under Cloudy Sky Conditions Based on HIRTM

June 2019
Jian-Hua Qu | Jun-Jie Yan | Mao-Nong Ran

An algorithm based on hyperspectral infrared cloudy radiative transfer model (HIRTM) is introduced and a simulation method for infrared image of the generation geostationary meteorological satellite...

Design of Computationally Efficient Sharp FIR Filter Utilizing Modified Multistage FRM Technique for Wireless Communications Systems

June 2019
Tirthadip Sinha | Jaydeb Bhaumik

Modern wireless communications gadgets demand multi-standard communications facilities with least overlap between different input radio channels. A sharp digital filter of extremely narrow transition-width...

Fabrication of Co2Fe(Al,Si) and Co2Fe(Al,Si)/MgO on Ge(111) Substrate and Its Magnetic Propertiesb

June 2019
Kohei Kataoka | Nobuki Tezuka | Masashi Matsuura | Satoshi Sugimoto

We investigated the interfacial effects on magnetic properties in Co2Fe(Al,Si)/Ge (CFAS/Ge) and CFAS/MgO/Ge systems to demonstrate the effects of the interface structure on magnetic properties. CFAS...

Characterization of Cd1-xZnx Te (0≤x≤1) Nanolayers Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition on GaSb and GaAs (001) Oriented Substrates*

June 2019
Joel Díaz-Reyes | Roberto Saúl Castillo-Ojeda | José Eladio Flores-Mena

ZnTe, CdTe, and the ternary alloy CdZnTe are important semiconductor materials used widely for the detection of an important range of electromagnetic radiation as gamma ray and X-ray. Although, recently...

Energy Harvesting—Technical Analysis of Evolution, Control Strategies, and Future Aspectsa

June 2019
MD. Shahrukh Adnan Khan | Md. Tanbhir Hoq | A.H.M. Zadidul Karim | Md. Khairul Alam | Masum Howlader | Rajprasad Kumar Rajkumar

This paper provides a technical analysis of energy harvesting (EH) in the field of power and energy sector, including different aspects of harvesting energy, individual case history, control strategies...

No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Method Based on Visual Parameters

June 2019
Yu-Hong Liu | Kai-Fu Yang | Hong-Mei Yan

Recent studies on no-reference image quality assessment (NR-IQA) methods usually learn to evaluate the image quality by regressing from human subjective scores of the training samples. This study presented...

Improvement Design for Distributed Real-Time Stream Processing Systemsb

March 2019
Wei Jiang | Liu-Gen Xu | Hai-Bo Hu | Yue Ma

In the era of Big Data, typical architecture of distributed real-time stream processing systems is the combination of Flume, Kafka, and Storm. As a kind of distributed message system, Kafka has the...

Efficient Resource Allocation with Improved Interference Mitigation in FFR-Aided OFDMA Heterogeneous Networksb

March 2019
Sani Umar Abdullahi | Jian Liu | Seyed Alireza Mohadeskasaei

Fractional frequency reuse (FFR) has recently emerged as an efficient inter-cell interference coordination technique for orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) based multi-tier cellular...

Automatic Construction of Floor Plan with Smartphone Sensorsb

March 2019
Rui Zhou | Xiang Lu | Hao-Sen Zhao | Yang Fu | Ming-Jie Tang

Indoor floor plans are of vital importance for a wide range of indoor social applications, however, they are often unavailable due to various reasons. This paper proposes a method to automatically construct...

Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Models Based on Bayesian Optimizationb

March 2019
Jia Wu | Xiu-Yun Chen | Hao Zhang | Li-Dong Xiong | Hang Lei | Si-Hao Deng

Hyperparameters are important for machine learning algorithms since they directly control the behaviors of training algorithms and have a significant effect on the performance of machine learning models....

Broadband, High Gain, Narrow Width Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Air Gap

March 2019
Ankit Kumar Roy | Sukla Basu

The broadband, narrow width, rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) of aluminum nitride (εr=8.6) was designed and the effect of inclusion of air gap at the bottom of the dielectric resonator...

Query Acceleration of Graph Databases by ID Caching Technologyb

March 2019
Wei Jiang | Hai-Bo Hu | Liu-Gen Xu

In this paper, we approach the design of ID caching technology (IDCT) for graph databases, with the purpose of accelerating the queries on graph database data and avoiding redundant graph database query...

Components and Development in Big Data System: A Surveyb

March 2019
Jing-Huan Yu | Zi-Meng Zhou

With the growth of distributed computing systems, the modern Big Data analysis platform products often have diversified characteristics. It is hard for users to make decisions when they are in early...

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