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Most Downloaded Journal of Electronic Science and Technology Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Models Based on Bayesian Optimizationb

March 2019
Jia Wu | Xiu-Yun Chen | Hao Zhang | Li-Dong Xiong | Hang Lei | Si-Hao Deng

Hyperparameters are important for machine learning algorithms since they directly control the behaviors of training algorithms and have a significant effect on the performance of machine learning models....

2. IoT-solar energy powered smart farm irrigation system

December 2019
A.R. Al-Ali | Ahmad Al Nabulsi | Shayok Mukhopadhyay | Mohammad Shihab Awal | Sheehan Fernandes | Khalil Ailabouni

As the Internet of things (IoT) technology is evolving, distributed solar energy resources can be operated, monitored, and controlled remotely. The design of an IoT based solar energy system for smart...

3. Blockchain energy: Blockchain in future energy systems

December 2019
Bernd Teufel | Anton Sentic | Mathias Barmet

The ongoing, in-depth transformation of the electricity sector towards increased use of alternative, renewable energy sources extends beyond a simple decentralisation drive in the electricity market....

4. Quantum Cryptography for Internet of Things Securitya

September 2019
Alekha Parimal Bhatt | Anand Sharma

Internet of things (IoT) is a developing technology with a lot of scope in the future. It can ease various different tasks for us. On one hand, IoT is useful for us, on the other hand, it has many serious...

5. Image processing of biological liquids films for medical diagnostics

March 2020
Maksim Aleksandrovich Baranov

In this paper, the development of smart medical autonomous technology is considered. An example of a smart medical autonomous distributed system for diagnostics is also discussed. To develop this system...

6. No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Method Based on Visual Parameters

June 2019
Yu-Hong Liu | Kai-Fu Yang | Hong-Mei Yan

Recent studies on no-reference image quality assessment (NR-IQA) methods usually learn to evaluate the image quality by regressing from human subjective scores of the training samples. This study presented...

7. Machine learning application for prediction of sapphire crystals defects

March 2020
Yulia Vladimirovna Klunnikova | Maxim Vladimirovich Anikeev | Alexey Vladimirovich Filimonov | Ravi Kumar

We investigate the impact of different numbers of positive and negative examples on machine learning for sapphire crystals defects prediction. We obtain the models of crystal growth parameters influence...

8. Technical investigation on V2G, S2V, and V2I for next generation smart city planning

December 2019
MD. Shahrukh Adnan Khan | Kazi Mahtab Kadir | Khandaker Sultan Mahmood | Md Ibrahim Ibne Alam | Ainun Kamal | Md Mamoon Al Bashir

The paper investigates a few of the major areas of the next generation technological advancement, “smart city planning concept”. The areas that the paper focuses are vehicle to grid (V2G), sun to vehicle...

9. Components and Development in Big Data System: A Surveyb

March 2019
Jing-Huan Yu | Zi-Meng Zhou

With the growth of distributed computing systems, the modern Big Data analysis platform products often have diversified characteristics. It is hard for users to make decisions when they are in early...

10. Review on Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation of GPON and EPON

Available online 19 May 2020
Theresal Thangappan | Brintha Therese | Suvarnamma Adi | Sai Swapna Gadda

The passive optical network (PON) technology has been drastically improved in recent years. In spite of using the optical technology, the utilization of the entire bandwidth is a very challenging task....

11. Rational design of colloidal core/shell quantum dots for optoelectronic applications

Available online 4 March 2020
Xianglong Huang | Xin Tong | Zhiming Wang

Colloidal core/shell quantum dots (QDs) are promising for solar technologies because of their excellent optoelectronic properties including tunable light absorption/emission spectra, high photoluminescence...

12. Improvement Design for Distributed Real-Time Stream Processing Systemsb

March 2019
Wei Jiang | Liu-Gen Xu | Hai-Bo Hu | Yue Ma

In the era of Big Data, typical architecture of distributed real-time stream processing systems is the combination of Flume, Kafka, and Storm. As a kind of distributed message system, Kafka has the...

13. Recent advances of bismuth oxychloride photocatalytic material: Property, preparation and performance enhancement

Available online 11 April 2020
Wen-Wen Liu | Ren-Fu Peng

Due to its unique layered structure, bismuth oxychloride (BiOCl) has potential applications as a photocatalytic material in clean energy utilization and environmental purification. In recent years,...

14. A green strategy to synthesize Ag/Ag3PO4/Chitosan composite photocatalyst and their photocatalytic degradation performance under visible light irradiation

Available online 4 March 2020
Pengcheng Wu | Huili Peng | Yuhan Wu | Lei Li | Xiaorui Hao | Banghua Peng | Guihua Meng | Jianning Wu | Zhiyong Liu

In this work, a plasmonic Ag/Ag3PO4/Chitosan composite photocatalyst was prepared by a low-temperature strategy. Environmentally friendly chitosan plays triple vital roles in this composite. First,...

15. Smart Dynamic Resource Allocation Model for Patient-Driven Mobile Medical Information System Using C4.5 Algorithm

September 2019
Ching-Kan Lo | Hsing-Chung Chen | Pei-Yuan Lee | Ming-Chou Ku | Lidia Ogiela | Cheng-Hung Chuang

A mobile medical information system (MMIS) is an integrated application (app) of traditional hospital information systems (HIS) which comprise a picture archiving and communications system (PACS), laboratory...

16. Future hybrid of photovoltaic and fuel cell for Langkawi SkyCab

December 2019
S.M. Hussin | Z. Salam | M.P. Abdullah | N. Rosmin | D.M. Said | M. Rasid

Langkawi SkyCab has the highest energy demand and it keeps increasing year by year. This study proposed alternatives energy of hybrid photovoltaic and fuel cell systems for the SkyCab’s operation. The...

17. Broadband, High Gain, Narrow Width Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Air Gap

March 2019
Ankit Kumar Roy | Sukla Basu

The broadband, narrow width, rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) of aluminum nitride (εr=8.6) was designed and the effect of inclusion of air gap at the bottom of the dielectric resonator...

18. Quasi-Z Source Inverter Control of PV Grid-connected Based on Fuzzy PCI

Available online 14 March 2020
Tao Hou | Chen-Yang Zhang | Hong-Xia Niu

Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is an important interface between photovoltaic power generation system and power grid. Its high-quality operation is directly related to the output power quality...

19. Energy Harvesting—Technical Analysis of Evolution, Control Strategies, and Future Aspectsa

June 2019
MD. Shahrukh Adnan Khan | Md. Tanbhir Hoq | A.H.M. Zadidul Karim | Md. Khairul Alam | Masum Howlader | Rajprasad Kumar Rajkumar

This paper provides a technical analysis of energy harvesting (EH) in the field of power and energy sector, including different aspects of harvesting energy, individual case history, control strategies...

20. Signal Acquisition and Processing Method for Capacitive Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Available online 6 April 2020
Hong-Yu Yang | Yan Chen | Hui Zhao

A kind of signal acquisition circuit and the related signal processing method of the capacitance electromagnetic flowmeter were introduced. The circuit can eliminate the influence of distributed capacitance...

21. Neural network based adaptive tracking of nonlinear multi-agent system

Available online 7 May 2020
Bo-Xian Lin | Wei-Hao Li | Kai-Yu Qin | Xi Chen

In this paper, the problems of robust consensus tracking control for the second-order multi-agent system with uncertain model parameters and nonlinear disturbances are considered. An adaptive control...

22. Real-Time Streaming Relay Mechanism for P2P Conferences on Hierarchical Overlay Networksb

September 2019
Hui-Kai Su | Jian-Ting Pan | Kim-Joan Chen | Marek R. Ogiela | Hsing-Chung Chen

A peer-to-peer (P2P) multimedia conferencing service is operating that users share their resources to each other on the Internet. It can solve the problem in the centralized conferencing architecture,...

23. Direct Measurement of Non-Classical Photon Statistics with a Multi-Pixel Photon Counterb

September 2019
Cheng-Jie Ding | You-Ying Rong | Yu Chen | Xiu-Liang Chen | E Wu

Photon number resolving detectors with high accuracy bring broad applications in long-distance laser ranging, ultrafast spectroscopy, and quantum optics. In this paper, we observed the non-classical...

24. Receiver power allocation and transmitter power control analysis for multiple-receiver wireless power transfer systems

December 2019
Zhi-Hao Guo | Shi-Er Dong

As different power has its own receivers, this paper analyzes and designs a multiple-receiver wireless power transfer (WPT) system systematically. The equivalent circuit model of the system is established...

25. Query Acceleration of Graph Databases by ID Caching Technologyb

March 2019
Wei Jiang | Hai-Bo Hu | Liu-Gen Xu

In this paper, we approach the design of ID caching technology (IDCT) for graph databases, with the purpose of accelerating the queries on graph database data and avoiding redundant graph database query...

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