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Recent Natural Gas Industry B Articles

Recently published articles from Natural Gas Industry B.

Innovation and practice of key technologies for the efficient development of the supergiant Anyue Gas Field

August 2020
Jun Xie

In recent years, the Sichuan Basin has been the most potential hydrocarbon-bearing basin in China thanks to the great exploration and development breakthroughs of deep large integral carbonate gas reservoirs...

Electro-flocculation pretreatment experiments of shale gas drilling wastewater

August 2020
Hua Zhang | Zhen Luo | Xiaofei Zhang | Yiyang Liu | Yingchun Chen

At present, standard discharge has been adopted in the treatment of shale gas drilling wastewater and the electro-flocculation pretreatment has a good application prospect due to its high efficiency,...

Connectivity of pores in shale reservoirs and its implications for the development of shale gas: A case study of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the southern Sichuan Basin

August 2020
Haijie Zhang | Yuqiang Jiang | Keming Zhou | Yonghong Fu | Zheng Zhong | Xuemei Zhang | Lin Qi | Zhanlei Wang | Zengzheng Jiang

The unconnected gas-bearing pores in shale gas reservoirs may be transformed into “potential recoverable pores” after large scale hydraulic fracturing. However, the mainstream pore classification methods...

A new multi-disciplinary integrated steering technology for horizontal wells in tight sandstone gas reservoirs: A case study of the Ordos Basin

August 2020
Shixiang Fei | Yubin Du | Yijun Wang | Nan Chen | Yang Gao | Shuhui Wang | Liu He

The sandstone layers of the Upper Paleozoic tight clastic gas reservoirs in the Ordos Basin are generally distributed in a pattern of nearly NS strip, and the channel branches and intersects frequently....

Lithofacies types and assemblage features of continental shale strata and their implications for shale gas exploration: A case study of the Middle and Lower Jurassic strata in the Sichuan Basin

August 2020
Zhongbao Liu | Guangxiang Liu | Zongquan Hu | Dongjun Feng | Tong Zhu | Ruikang Bian | Tao Jiang | Zhiguang Jin

Fine identification and division of lithofacies types of continental shale strata is an important basis for the evaluation of shale gas exploration and development potential. At present, however, there...

On the scientific exploitation of high-rank CBM resources

August 2020
Qingzhong Zhu | Yanhui Yang | Yinqing Zuo | Yang Song | Wei Guo | Feng Tang | Jie Ren | Gang Wang

After over 10 years' development of coalbed methane (CBM) industry in China, two industrial bases have been built, i.e., the Qinshui Basin and the Ordos Basin. However, the biggest problem that restricts...

A prediction model for the critical liquid-carrying velocity of gas–liquid stratified flow in micro-tilting line pipes with low liquid contents

August 2020
Jie Pan | Xuelei Pu | Wujie Wang | Minmin Yan | Liangliang Wang

Wet gas can form liquid loading at the lower line pipe sections, so the transportation efficiency will be impacted and the line pipes will be corroded and even blocked. Therefore, to accurately predict...

Applicable conditions of the binomial pressure method and pressure-squared method for gas well deliverability evaluation

August 2020
Hedong Sun | Guangren Meng | Wen Cao | Xiaobin Su | Zhidong Liang | Runjie Zhang | Songbai Zhu | Shengjun Wang

In order to quickly and accurately evaluate gas well deliverability, it is necessary to clarify the applicable conditions of the simplified laminar-inertial-turbulent gas well deliverability evaluation...

Numerical simulation on the migration and deposition of micron-sized sand particles in the helical tube section during hydrate production tests

August 2020
Yinao Su | Ye Chen | Xiaofeng Sun | Tie Yan | Jingyu Qu | Ruixi Duan

In the exploitation process of offshore natural gas hydrate (“hydrate” for short), it is necessary to take into consideration the wear of wellbore equipment caused by micron-sized sand particles after...

Stimulation experiment of horizontal wells filled with permeable and water-blocking gravel in deepsea bottom-water gas reservoirs

August 2020
Yikun Liu | Haidong Wang | Wenbo Meng | Chong Zhang | Jiqiang Zhi | Anqi Shen

In order to find an economic and effective water control method for horizontal wells in deep sea bottom-water gas reservoirs, we prepared modified coated gravel. Based on this, wear resistance, temperature...

Characteristics, genetic mechanism and oil & gas exploration significance of high-quality sandstone reservoirs deeper than 7000 m: A case study of the Bashijiqike Formation of Lower Cretaceous in the Kuqa Depression, NW China

August 2020
Qinglu Zeng | Tao Mo | Jilong Zhao | Yongliang Tang | Ronghu Zhang | Jiufeng Xia | Chunlei Hu | Lingling Shi

Ultra-deep clastic reservoirs generally have poor physical properties and low single-well productivity, but Well BZ9, which is newly drilled in the Kuqa Depression of Tarim Basin, NW China, encounters...

Natural gas measurement technology system and its prospect in China

August 2020
Honggang Chang | Jiqin Duan

Natural gas measurement is an important basic job in national, social and economic development, and accurate and reliable measurement is an important guarantee for promoting the rapid development of...

2-D electrical resistivity tomography assessment of hydrate formation in sandy sediments

June 2020
Yanlong Li | Hailiang Sun | Qingguo Meng | Changling Liu | Qiang Chen | Lanchang Xing

Laboratory hydrate formation process simulation provides a theoretical support for determining the dynamic revolution behaviors of actual hydrate reservoirs. In view of this, based on the ITS electrical...

Design and application of well cementing technology based on the precise managed pressure balancing method in narrow pressure window hole sections

June 2020
Jianhua Guo | Youcheng Zheng | Wei Li | Bin Li | Bin Yuan | Bihua Xu

In the Sichuan Basin, the drilling of complex deep and ultradeep wells is restricted by the casing sequence. Multiple pressure systems are usually encountered in the same open hole section, and narrow...

Analysis of tight oil and gas charging characteristics by the carbon isotope on-site detection technology: A case study of the northern slope of the Minfeng Subsag in the Bohai Bay Basin

June 2020
Xinghua Ci | Huanxu Zhang | Qiang Niu | Di Zhu | Shujuan Kang | Jian Hu | Lisheng Zhang | Jiazheng Zhang | Kun He

Studying hydrocarbon charging is quite important for searching exploration targets and confirming well locations. In this paper, the north slope of the Minfeng sub-sag in the Bohai Bay Basin was taken...

Thermodynamic characteristics of CH4 adsorption by continental shale: A case study of the Upper Triassic Yanchang shale in the Yanchang Gasfield, Ordos Basin

June 2020
Pei Xue | Lixia Zhang | Quansheng Liang | Xining Sun | Qianping Zhao | Panwen Qi

In order to improve the calculation method of the isosteric adsorption heat, clarify thermodynamic characteristics of CH4 adsorption by continental shale and reveal the adsorption mechanism, this paper...

An optimized calculation method of critical erosion flow rates of UGS injection/production wells

June 2020
Yun Wang | Jianjun Zhang

Critical erosion flow rate is the key factor restricting the injection/production capacity of an injection/production well. At present, it is commonly calculated according to API RP 14E standard and...

A new method for high resolution well-control processing of post-stack seismic data

June 2020
Dakui Wu | Zongwei Wu | Yijia Wu

Increasing the resolution of seismic data has long been a major topic in seismic exploration. Due to the effect of high-frequency noises, traditional methods could only improve the resolution limitedly....

A new fracturing technology of intensive stage + high-intensity proppant injection for shale gas reservoirs

June 2020
Youcheng Zheng | Yu Fan | Rui Yong | Xiaojin Zhou

So far, large-scale development of shale gas wells above 3500 m in the Changning Block of the Sichuan Basin has been realized by means of the large-scale hydraulic fracturing technology. As the main...

Geo-steering technology for horizontal wells in deep karst Dengying reservoirs of the Gaoshiti gas field, Central Sichuan Basin

June 2020
Shudong Zhang | Hua Hu | Yu Zhang | Ren Ji | Aanqiang Wang | Chunmei Li | Ping Wang

The Upper Sinian Dengying formation in the Gaoshiti gas field, Central Sichuan Basin, has always been the major payzone of natural gas exploration and development in this basin up till now. But due...

Development trend of marine shale gas reservoir evaluation and a suitable comprehensive evaluation system

June 2020
Yuqiang Jiang | Yonghong Fu | Jun Xie | Dazhong Dong | Keming Zhou | Xiaoyan Cheng | Lin Qi | Haijie Zhang | Chao Chen | Tinghu Ma | Yifan Gu

At present, shale gas exploration and development in China is faced with some problems, such as the imperfect evaluation system of reservoir effectiveness and the limitations of reservoir evaluation...

Evolution features of riverbeds near underwater crossing line pipes: An experimental study

June 2020
Qian Yang | Mingnan Sun | Mo He | Qinghua Yang

It is of important significance to study the evolution law of the riverbed near underwater crossing line pipes for ensuring the safe operation of oil and gas pipelines and reducing the risk of damage...

Effect of acidizing treatment on microstructures and mechanical properties of shale

June 2020
Cong Lu | Li Ma | Jianchun Guo | Senwen Xiao | Yunchuan Zheng | Congbin Yin

The development of shale gas is faced with low reservoir porosity, low reservoir permeability and high formation fracture pressure. In order to deal with these problems, this paper selected shale samples...

Investigation on thermal property parameters characteristics of rocks and its influence factors

June 2020
Jian Xiong | Haiyu Lin | Huaishuo Ding | Haocheng Pei | Chenggan Rong | Wenhai Liao

In this paper, the thermal property parameters of rocks from different lithology were studied with the cores from the different formation in Sichuan Basin and Tarim Basin as the research objects. The...

Structural deformation characteristics and shale gas preservation conditions in the Zhaotong National Shale Gas Demonstration Area along the southern margin of the Sichuan Basin

June 2020
Zhengyu Xu | Xing Liang | Huili Lu | Jiehui Zhang | Honglin Shu | Yunjun Xu | Jinyun Wu | Gaocheng Wang | Wenzhong Lu | Xiehua Tang | Wenrui Shi

The Zhaotong National Shale Gas Demonstration Area along the southern margin of the Sichuan Basin is located in the complex marine tectonic area of South China, where shale deformation and reformation...

Reunderstanding and significance of high-quality reservoirs of the inner Dengying Formation in the Anyue Gas Field

April 2020
Xiaofeng Dai | Benqiang Du | Ming Zhang | Jun Li | Tingke Tang | Youping Xu | Lideng Gan | Xiping Sun

The overall development of the top of the gas reservoir of the Dengying Formation, Upper Sinian in the Anyue Gas Field of the Sichuan Basin, has been deployed, and the inner Dengying Formation is the...

A frequency-divided gas prediction technology based on resistivity constraint

April 2020
Jing Luo | Furong Wu | Dongjun Zhang | Min Xu | Hui Chen | Jun Fan | Liming Zhang | Zhenwei Zhao

The gas–water relationship in the Permian and Triassic biohermal beach reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin is complex, which results in a low drilling success rate and leads to sidetracking or even secondary...

Transformation analysis of key liquid phase products during lignite fermentation to produce biological hydrogen

April 2020
Daping Xia | Song Huang | Huaiwen Zhang

There was little research on the changes and interconversion of organic compounds in the intermediate liquid-phase productsin the hydrogen production by anaerobic fermentation of coal. The types and...

Kinetic mechanism of hydrophilic amino acid inhibiting the formation of tetrahydrofuran (THF) hydrate

April 2020
Ren Wang | Rui Li | Ling Zhang | Jinsheng Sun | Huicui Sun | Xiaomei Shi

Hydrophilic amino acid, as a new kind of hydrate inhibitor, is the hot spot of domestic and foreign relevant studies. At present, however, its intrinsic mechanism influencing the formation of hydrate...

Distribution laws and characteristics of mud films at casing–cement interfaces in horizontal wells

April 2020
Jun Gu | Shichao Li | Yafang Tian | Gang Li | Xinxin Zhao | Linwei Li | Yu Tang

The mud film thickness on the outer surface of casing and its distribution laws are important factors affecting the cementation quality at casing–cement interfaces. So far, however, the distribution...

Hydrocarbon accumulation patterns of salt crust covered biogenic gas reservoirs in the Sanhu Depression, Qaidam Basin

April 2020
Junfeng Shan | Juncheng Ju | Wenwei Zhang | Hongwei Han | Tiesuo Zhou | Yusi Wang | Shijie Yang | Yusen Cao

Quaternary biogenic gas reservoirs are extensively developed in the Sanhu Depression of the Qaidam Basin, where the largest domestic biogenic gas production base has been built up. In recent years,...

A new wellbore fluid load diagnosing model based on the energy conservation law

April 2020
Xinzhong Geng

Liquid load in the borehole would affect the rate stability of gas well adversely. However, the existing liquid load detection techniques are somewhat limited by practical application. For the purpose...

Wellbore cleaning technologies for shale-gas horizontal wells: Difficulties and countermeasures

April 2020
Huali Zhang | Sheng Yang | Dongming Liu | Yufei Li | Wei Luo | Junwu Li

The application of horizontal well drilling and large-scale sand fracturing can secure an increased production in shale gas reservoirs despite of frequent gas wellbore blockage. It is vital to remove...

Progress and development direction of technologies for deep marine carbonate gas reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin

April 2020
Yong Hu | Xian Peng | Qian Li | Longxin Li | Die Hu

In recent years, deep marine carbonate gas reservoirs have become an important field in increasing conventional gas reserves and production in the Sichuan Basin. Due to complex hydrocarbon accumulation...

A new method for well pattern density optimization and recovery efficiency evaluation of tight sandstone gas reservoirs

April 2020
Shusheng Gao | Huaxun Liu | Liyou Ye | Zhijie Wen | Wenqing Zhu | Chun Zhang

For the sake of improving the reliability of the method for well pattern density optimization of tight sandstone gas reservoir and effectively demonstrate the relationship between well pattern density...

Effect of pore throat structure on micro-scale seepage characteristics of tight gas reservoirs

April 2020
Liehui Zhang | Xiangyu Liu | Yulong Zhao | Yuan Zhou | Baochao Shan

At present, the effects of pore throat structure on micro-scale seepage characteristics of tight gas reservoirs are less researched, and traditional numerical simulation methods are faced with a great...

A characteristic analysis between acidolysis gas and absorbed gas and its application to gas source correlation in Mao 1 member, Fuling area, Sichuan Basin

February 2020
Wei Yao | Jin Xu | Wenqian Xia | Qiang Wang | Dan Rao | Qianglu Chen

The acidolysis gas in source rocks is the desorbed hydrocarbon gas in non-connected pores and carbonate crystal lattice, while the absorbed gas lies in the connected pores and is absorbed by surface....

Stress and deformation characteristics of completion and testing tubing string with expansion joints for ultra-deep HTHP gas wells

February 2020
Xiangtong Yang | Xinpu Shen | Xiaohu Cui | Kelin Wang | Guoyang Shen | Zhaobing Wang | Tao Qin

In Well MJ4, Tarim Basin, the testing tubing string is 6617 m long and the bottom-hole pressure during the testing is 101.63 MPa. During the completion job, plastic deformation occurs in the tubing...

Reservoir characteristics and main controlling factors of the Leikoupo gas pools in the western Sichuan Basin

February 2020
Kaihua Xiao | Hongtao Li | Yongming Duan | Yan Zhang | Liping Liu

Significant progress in natural gas exploration in the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Fm of the western Sichuan Basin have been achieved by Sinopec in recent years, and the western Sichuan gas field has become...

Physical simulation experiments on pore evolution in high-temperature and overpressure reservoirs

February 2020
Li You | Xiyu Qu | Jia Zhong | Cai Li | Shijiu Wu | Yuan Gao | Jinggang Cui

At present, simulation on reservoir evolution under normal pressure is common while that under abnormal pressure is rare. In this paper, the Miocene “high-temperature and overpressure” reservoir in...

An integrated experimental system for gas hydrate drilling and production and a preliminary experiment of the depressurization method

February 2020
Changling Liu | Yanlong Li | Lele Liu | Gaowei Hu | Qiang Chen | Nengyou Wu | Qingguo Meng

The current natural gas hydrate extraction experimental research has always been carried out in a small-scale simulation test device, and the resulted boundary effect is so obvious due to the small...

A dynamic prediction model of pressure-control production performance of shale gas fractured horizontal wells and its application

February 2020
Ailin Jia | Yunsheng Wei | Cheng Liu | Junlei Wang | Yadong Qi | Chengye Jia | Bo Li

For clarifying the inherent relation between relieving fracture closure and improving the EUR by adopting the pressure-control production system for shale gas fractured horizontal wells, and the significance...

Experiment and evaluation on the in-situ rapid preparation of marine non-diagenetic natural gas hydrate

February 2020
Haitao Li | Jinzhou Zhao | Anqi Liu | Liehui Zhang | Na Wei | Kaisong Wu | Shouwei Zhou | Jun Pei | Wenyi Zhang | Luyue Yang | Hui Ji

In China, marine natural gas hydrate (NGH) resources are mainly distributed in the deepwater areas of 300–3000 m deep in the coastal continental shelf, and they are characterized by weak cementation...

New technologies for site selection and evaluation of salt-cavern underground gas storages

February 2020
Yali Zheng | Qiqi Wanyan | Xiaosong Qiu | Yanxia Kou | Lina Ran | Xin Lai | Shuang Wu

In order to meet the demand of constructing salt-cavern underground gas storages (UGSs) in favorable salt mines for the regions that are neither major oil and gas production zones nor major natural...

Fracturing technologies of deep shale gas horizontal wells in the Weirong Block, southern Sichuan Basin

February 2020
Xuejun Cao | Minggui Wang | Jie Kang | Shaohong Wang | Ying Liang

Stimulation of hydraulic fracturing of horizontal shale gas wells in Weirong Block has always been facing many difficulties due to many factors such as complicated geological conditions, small differences...

Strain evolution characteristics of X80 line pipes with plain dents

February 2020
Lixia Zhu | Gang Wu | Lifeng Li | Jinheng Luo | Ye Tian | Chunyan Xu | Rui Lin

In the process of construction and service, high-grade line pipes will get defective, e.g. dents, which will change its stress and strain distribution characteristics and impact its service reliability....

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