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Recent Natural Gas Industry B Articles

Recently published articles from Natural Gas Industry B.

Novel mathematical correlation for accurate prediction of gas compressibility factor

December 2019
Gerald Kelechi Ekechukwu | Oyinkepreye David Orodu

Gas compressibility factor is a critical thermodynamic property that is a required input in the estimation of many reservoir fluid properties and reservoir engineering calculations. Experimentally derived...

A new type of automatic ball injector for multistage fracturing

December 2019
Hanxiang Wang | Jiaqi Che | Yanxin Liu | Wenjian Lan | Yanwen Zhang | Xiaoxiao Lü | Mingchao Du

Ball-drop fracturing is a kind of technology that is commonly used for multistage fracturing of shale gas horizontal wells. At present, the ball injector cannot satisfy the operation demands of large...

Mechanisms and prevention & control countermeasures of water breakthrough in horizontal wells in multi-layer unconsolidated sandstone gas reservoirs: A case study of the Tainan Gas Field in the Qaidam Basin

December 2019
Yun Yang | Duanyang Gu | Yunxiao Lian | Guoliang Liu | Shengmei Han | Lin Chang | Yuankun Ma | Yongnian Zhang

Water breakthrough in horizontal wells is now the main factor restricting the stable production of the Tainan Gas Field in the Qaidam Basin. In view of this problem, the distribution characteristics...

Mechanical properties of a coiled tubing blowout preventer ram in the shearing process

December 2019
Bing Liu | Tao Li | Yongjie Zhao | Jingang Chen | Tingting Zhou | Yaoguang Qi

A shear ram is of great significance to ensuring the safe operation of oil/gas well drilling and production, but the mechanical properties of the ram itself in the shearing process are rarely researched....

Theoretical insights, core technologies and practices concerning “volume development” of shale gas in China

December 2019
Fangzheng Jiao

In recent years, major exploration breakthroughs and subsequent booming development of marine shale gas in both Upper Ordovician Wufeng and Lower Silurian Longmaxi Fms in the Sichuan Basin and its periphery...

Recognitions on the flow mechanism of shale during the plug pulse decay measurement

December 2019
Yu Yang | Wei Zhou | Wen Zhou | Hao Zhang | Xiang Wu

When using the plug pulse decay method to measure shale permeability, a comprehensive analysis of various factors influencing the measurement and analysis precision is conducive to improving the accuracy...

A novel fitted thermodynamic model for the capture of CO2 from flue gas by the hydrate method

December 2019
Luling Li | Jinzhou Zhao | Haitao Li | Liehui Zhang | Shuanshi Fan | Qingping Li | Weixin Pang | Xin Lü | Lijun Zheng | Na Wei

The hydrate-based gas separation for capturing CO2 from flue gas has the characteristics of low energy consumption, simple operation and convenience for the subsequent CO2 storage and utilization. In...

A discussion on CBM development strategies in China: A case study of PetroChina Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd.

December 2019
Shengming Wen | Ke Zhou | Qian Lu

In recent years, the growth rate of coalbed methane (CBM) industry in China has slowed down. In order to promote its development, it is in urgent need to do the researches focusing on enhancing domestic...

Numerical simulation of rock breaking by PDC bit in hot dry rocks

December 2019
Xiaohua Zhu | Zhaowang Dan

Penetrating through hot dry rocks for geothermal resources with high geothermal gradients, high degrees of hardness and abrasivity will be extremely difficult, and a reasonable tooth distribution is...

Low-frequency sparse double-constrained broadband seismic impedance inversion

December 2019
Xiaotao Wen | Jixin Yang | Leihao Li | Jian He | Bo Li

The reflection coefficient solved by using the traditional impedance inversion method cannot reflect low-frequency information sufficiently and its continuity and resolution are limited, so the quality...

Reflections and suggestions on the development and engineering management of shale gas fracturing technology in China

December 2019
He Liu | Siwei Meng | Jian Su | Guangming Zhang | Lin Chen

Shale gas resource in China is greatly different from that in the North America in term of natural endowment, so North America's experience and practice of shale gas revolution shall not be copied blindly...

Hydrocarbon accumulation of composite-buried hill reservoirs in the western subsag of Bozhong sag, Bohai Bay Basin

December 2019
Yuhong Xie | Xiaoping Luo | Deying Wang | Chunqiang Xu | Yunlong Xu | Mingcai Hou | Anqing Chen

There are abundant hydrocarbon resources in the western subsag of Bozhong sag in the Bohai Bay Basin, where oil–gas discoveries have been made in those shallow Neogene and Paleogene reservoirs and deep...

Is the implementation of energy savings and EROI increasing policy really effective in Russian gas companies? The case of JSC “Gazprom”

December 2019
Steblyanskaya Alina | Zhen Wang | Denisov Artem | Rybachuk Maxim | Razmanova Svetlana

Natural gas resources production in Russia is profitable, both economically and in terms of the energy produced. In 2017, the Gazprom Return on Energy Investment (further- EROI) for the production,...

Establishment of an initial water production evaluation chart for the gas province in the East China Sea

December 2019
Kefeng Lu | Hua Cai | Li Wang | Meixue Shi | Xianke He | Hongjun Fan

In order to reveal the reasons for the differences in initial water production characteristics of gas wells in different regions of the East China Sea Basin and to screen favorable targets for low-permeability...

Laboratory analysis of liquid injection method on hydraulic fracturing initiation and propagation in deep shale formation

December 2019
Xin Chang

Compared with the middle-shallow shale gas reservoirs, deep shale formation often reveals lower fracture complexity, smaller effective stimulated volumes, lower conductivity, and faster declined when...

Higher-order Knudsen's permeability correction model for rarefied gas in micro-scale channels

October 2019
Yinbin Lu

Rarefaction effect appears when gas flows in micro/nano channels, so it is difficult to accurately predict real gas flow rate by using the classical theory. It is necessary to establish a more accurate...

Working mechanism of nano-SiO2 sol to alleviate the strength decline of oil well cement under high temperature

October 2019
Chengwen Wang | Xin Chen | Wei Zhou | Yonghong Wang | Yucheng Xue | Faqiang Luo

Strength retrogression of cement stone is one of the major challenges in oil well cementing under high temperatures. Nano-SiO2 exhibits the potential to mitigate this problem, but there is lack of reports...

Characteristics of Permian volcanism in the western Sichuan Basin and its natural gas exploration potential

October 2019
Jianlin Lu | Zongxin Zuo | Zheng Shi | Xia Dong | Qingjie Wu | Xiaobo Song

It was previously deemed that volcanic rocks in the western Sichuan Basin were not developed, which restricted the exploration of volcanic gas reservoirs in this area. Recently, however, Sinopec's wildcat...

Efficiency improvement, consumption reduction and optimization of high-sulfur natural gas sweetening units

October 2019
Jianfeng Shang | Min Qiu | Zhongli Ji

To increase purified gas production and reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of high-sulfur natural gas sweetening unit, a process simulation model was established by using ProMax based on the...

Lithofacies and reservoir characteristics of Permian volcanic rocks in the Sichuan Basin

October 2019
Long Wen | Ya Li | Haiyong Yi | Xin Liu | Benjian Zhang | Yuchao Qiu | Gang Zhou | Xihua Zhang

In order to provide basis for further exploration and deployment of volcanic gas reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin, we classified Permian volcanic rocks in this basin using drilling, mud logging, assay,...

Exploration and development potential of the low-maturity continental shale gas in the Fuxin Basin

October 2019
Yongshang Kang | Quan Rao | Qun Zhao | Hongyan Wang

In order to promote the exploration and development of continental shale gas reservoirs in China further, we systematically summarized the geological features of typical continental shale, such as the...

3D-VCCT based fracture analysis method for gas pipelines with multiple cracks

October 2019
Anlin Yao | Wenbo He | Taolong Xu | Hongye Jiang | Dongfang Gu

The current national criteria cannot accurately reflect the multi-crack interference effect of defective gas pipelines, and thus result in conservative assessment results. In order to improve the safety...

A calculation method for limit load of the gas pipelines with girth weld surface cracks

October 2019
Xu Wang | Jian Shuai

In this paper, a finite element model with girth weld defects considering crack tip singularity was established in order to facilitate the accurate and rapid safety assessment on girth weld defects...

Fine characterization and target window optimization of high-quality shale gas reservoirs in the Weiyuan area, Sichuan Basin

October 2019
Hengzhi Wu | Liang Xiong | Zhongwei Ge | Hongliang Shi | Tong Wang | Li Fan

Sinopec's Weiyuan Shale Gas Block is structurally located at the Baimazhen syncline held by the Weiyuan paleo-uplift and Ziliujing anticline in the Sichuan Basin. In this block, the Wufeng Fm of Upper...

Reserve evaluation of high pressure and ultra-high pressure reservoirs with power function material balance method

October 2019
Hedong Sun | Hongyu Wang | Songbai Zhu | Haifeng Nie | Yang Liu | Yuanjie Li | Songlin Li | Wen Cao | Baohua Chang

It is difficult to determine the effective reservoir rock compressibility, aquifer volume and water influx of high pressure and ultra-high pressure gas reservoirs, so when the traditional apparent reservoir...

Current interference of HVDC ground electrode to buried pipelines and its personal safety distance

October 2019
Guofei Cao | Qinglin Gu | Yongtao Jiang | Yongfa Li | Jian Mao | Linran Xiu | Xiuyun Wang | Zitao Jiang

When DC ground electrode of a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system is in the stage of early operation or in the case of failures and maintenance, an instantaneous large current will...

Horizontal well fracturing mode of "increasing net pressure, promoting network fracture and keeping conductivity" for the stimulation of deep shale gas reservoirs: A case study of the Dingshan area in SE Sichuan Basin

October 2019
Hua Duan | Heting Li | Junqing Dai | Yongjun Wang | Si'an Chen

The deep shale gas reservoirs of Upper Ordovician Wufeng–Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Dingshan area of the southeastern Sichuan Basin have a great burial depth and complicated geologic features,...

A major discovery in Permian volcanic rock gas reservoir exploration in the Sichuan Basin and its implications

August 2019
Xinhua Ma | Yu Yang | Jian Zhang | Jirong Xie

Recently, a high-yield gas flow of 22.5 × 104 m3/d was achieved in the wildcat well Yongtan 1, deployed by PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company, and an extrusive facies volcaniclastic gas reservoir...

A new high-precision timely monitoring and metering system for early kick and loss

August 2019
Huangang Zhu | Shujiang Wang | Zongqing Li | Xiuliang Yan | Zhongwen Song | Peibin Gong

Kick and loss are two complicated incidents that affect the construction safety in oil and gas well drilling. The commonly-used kick/loss monitoring methods are disadvantageous with monitoring lag and...

Automatic defect identification technology of digital image of pipeline weld

August 2019
Shaohua Dong | Xuan Sun | Shuyi Xie | Mingfeng Wang

Digital image of pipeline weld is an important basis for the reliability management of pipeline welds. However, the error rate of artificial discrimination is high. In order to increase the defect identification...

Numerical simulation on multi-stage fractured horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs based on the finite volume method

August 2019
Xiaofan Chen | Chao Tang | Zhimin Du | Liandong Tang | Jiabao Wei | Xu Ma

In order to simulate the flowing of shale gas in multi-scale media, we established a mathematical model for the unsteady seepage of multi-stage fractured horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs in...

Development and application of new technologies and equipment for in-line pipeline inspection

August 2019
Tiehua Hu | Jingbo Guo

In-line inspection is one of the most effective technical measures to ensure the safety of oil and gas pipelines. However, the extensive application of oil and gas pipelines of high-carbon steel, large...

Characteristics and controlling factors of deep buried-hill reservoirs in the BZ19-6 structural belt, Bohai sea area

August 2019
Mingcai Hou | Haiyang Cao | Huiyong Li | Anqing Chen | Ajuan Wei | Yang Chen | Yuechuan Wang | Xuewei Zhou | Tao Ye

The BZ19-6 deep buried-hill structural belt in the southwest of Bozhong Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, is a newly discovered super-giant oil and gas bearing area. The study on its reservoirs is still in the...

Mechanism of fracture damage induced by fracturing fluid flowback in shale gas reservoirs

August 2019
Lijun You | Benbin Xie | Jian Yang | Yili Kang | Huifen Han | Liang Wang | Bin Yang

In this paper, the Lower Silurian Longmaxi shale samples and the backflow fracturing fluid in the Changning Block of the Sichuan Basin were selected to investigate the damage mechanism of retained fracturing...

Chemical–microwave–ultrasonic compound conditioning treatment of highly-emulsified oily sludge in gas fields

August 2019
Biyun Su | Li Huang | Shanjian Li | Liqin Ding | Bo Liu | Ao Zhang

The highly-emulsified oily sludge in gas fields is complex in components and serious in emulsification, which makes effective reduction extremely difficult only by a single direct mechanical separation...

A magnetic torque optimization method for a hydraulic – magnetic coupling-drive cuttings cleaning tool

August 2019
Xiaofeng Sun | Qiaobo Hu | Lipeng Yan | Ye Chen | Kebo Zhang | Jingyu Qu

During the drilling process, cuttings carrying in the horizontal well section is relatively difficult, and cuttings beds form easily. A new type of hydraulic – magnetic coupling transmission cuttings...

Geological characteristics and enrichment laws of normal-pressure shale gas in the basin-margin transition zone of SE Chongqing

August 2019
Xipeng He | Guisong He | Yuqiao Gao | Peixian Zhang | Shuangfang Lu | Jingya Wan

The southeastern Sichuan Basin and its basin-margin transition zone (hereinafter referred to as “the basin-margin transition zone of SE Chongqing”) is the focus of normal-pressure shale gas exploration...

Characteristics of multi-scale pore structure of coal and its influence on permeability

August 2019
Jienan Pan | Zhaozhao Zhang | Meng Li | Yawen Wu | Kai Wang

Due to the uneven distribution of pore size in coal and its wide distribution range, it is difficult to effectively characterize the multi-scale pore structure of coal by a single method. In this paper,...

A calculation method for the allowable fracturing injection pressure of preventing casing deformation

August 2019
Xinpu Shen | Ping Zhang

Injection pressure is one of the key parameters used in the design of shale gas reservoir stimulation. Higher injection pressure helps to initiate fractures, inject fracturing fluid and proppant smoothly...

An experimental analysis on the elastic mechanical parameters of weakly-consolidated non-diagenetic gas hydrate sediments

August 2019
Jun Zhao | Xinran Xiang | Jinzhou Zhao | Haitao Li | Ping Guo | Liehui Zhang | Shouwei Zhou | Na Wei | Qingping Li | Weixin Pang

Gas hydrate (hereinafter, "hydrate" for short) in the marine environment mostly lies in weakly consolidated sediments, so its undisturbed coring is difficult and costly. In view of this, it is necessary...

Pore characteristics and evolution of Wufeng–Longmaxi Fms shale gas reservoirs in the basin-margin transition zone of SE Chongqing

August 2019
Yuqiao Gao | Xiao Cai | Peixian Zhang | Guisong He | Quanfang Gao | Jingya Wan

At present, researches on the pore evolution of shale reservoir and its evolution mechanism are still at such a groping stage that a consensus has not yet reached. Based on core analysis and thermal...

An optimal design of crushing parameters of marine gas hydrate reservoirs in solid fluidization exploitation

June 2019
Guorong Wang | Rong Huang | Lin Zhong | Leizhen Wang | Shouwei Zhou | Qingyou Liu

To select reasonable excavating and crushing process parameters and nozzle structure parameters is one of the key factors to realize commercial excavation of marine natural gas hydrate (hereinafter...

Laws of multi-fracture coupling initiation during blasting induced hydraulic fracturing

June 2019
Feipeng Wu | Ersi Xu | Xuemei Wei | Hengchao Liu | De Li | Qianshen Ding

For figuring out the stress interference of multiphase fracture combinations and its effect on the fracture initiation pressure of subsequent hydraulic fracturing, a calculation model for the coupled...

Design and implementation of the overall architecture of the Puguang intelligent gas-field project

June 2019
Shouping Wang | Xinling Peng | Qinglin Lü | Fei Long | Yiwei Jiang | Yuping Meng

During the development and construction of the Puguang Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, an advanced automatic control system and a fully covered industrial Internet of Things were built. In order to further...

Technologies for the benefit development of low-permeability tight sandstone gas reservoirs in the Yan'an Gas Field, Ordos Basin

June 2019
Xiangzeng Wang | Xiangyang Qiao | Naizhe Mi | Ruogu Wang

The Yan'an Gas Field is located in the southeastern part of the Ordos Basin, and its low-permeability tight sandstone gas reservoirs are characterized by thin reservoirs, poor physical properties and...

Development characteristics and exploration potential of the Lower Carboniferous black shale in the Guizhong Depression

June 2019
Dongfeng Hu | Zhihong Wei | Ruobing Liu | Zhiwei Fan | Jing Han

The Carboniferous shale in the Guizhong Depression of central Guangxi presents good exploration potential of shale gas, but its exploration effectiveness is restricted by the unclear distribution, quality...

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