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Most Downloaded Natural Gas Industry B Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. Energy revolution: From a fossil energy era to a new energy era

January 2016
Caineng Zou | Qun Zhao | Guosheng Zhang | Bo Xiong

This paper aims to predict the future situation of global energy development. In view of this, we reviewed the history of energy use and understood that new energy sources will usher in a new era following...

2. Joint exploration and development: A self-salvation road to sustainable development of unconventional oil and gas resources

November 2017
Lihui Zheng | Panfeng Wei | Zheng Zhang | Shuaishuai Nie | Xuanqing Lou | Kexin Cui | Yuwei Fu

Commercial production of unconventional oil and gas resources will not be easily achieved without large-scale engineering measures, let alone the additional operation cost, increasingly stricter requirement...

3. Principles of and tips for nitrogen displacement in gas pipeline commissioning

March–May 2015
Maolin Cui | Changchun Wu

Since the West-to-East Pipeline I was put into production, operators have made many attempts and accumulated valuable experiences in gas pipeline commissioning. However, there are still some problems....

4. Impacts of low oil price on China and the world natural gas industry chain

November 2016
Yijun Liu | Li Ma

Since the second half of 2014, the crude oil price has been in rapid decline, which poses profound impacts on the global natural gas industry chain. The issue started to surface in the oil and gas sector...

5. Formula calculation methods of water content in sweet natural gas and their adaptability analysis

December 2014
Zhu Lin | Fan Junming | Zhu Jia | Qin Li | Li Luling

Estimation of water content is the foundation of natural gas processing and designing, and a formula calculation method provides a solution simple and easy to be programmed by computers. In this regard,...

6. Floating storage and regasification units face specific LNG rollover challenges: Consideration of saturated vapor pressure provides insight and mitigation options

July 2018
Kulitsa Maksym | Wood David A.

Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) form a rapidly expanding sector of LNG business. In many cases, FSRU now provide a more cost-effective and very flexible way to deliver natural gas to...

7. Shale gas exploitation: Status, problems and prospect

February 2018
Shiqian Wang

Over the past five years, great progress has been made in shale gas exploitation, which has become the most driving force for global gas output growth. Hydrocarbon extraction from shale helps drive...

8. Technologies in deep and ultra-deep well drilling: Present status, challenges and future trend in the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016–2020)

September 2017
Haige Wang | Yunhua Ge | Lin Shi

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011–2015), CNPC independently developed a series of new drilling equipment, tools and chemical materials for deep and ultra-deep wells, including six packages...

9. Key elements for functioning gas hubs: A case study of East Asia

March 2018
Xunpeng Shi | Hari M.P. Variam

This paper clarifies various concepts relevant to gas trading hubs and presents an innovative framework with key elements to create gas hubs. The nine key elements in the framework are further divided...

10. Gas and LNG pricing and trading hub in East Asia: An introduction

October 2016
Xunpeng Shi

This paper summarizes the four papers in the special issues on ‘Gas and LNG pricing and trading hub in East Asia’. The papers examine lessons and experience from European hub development, other commodity,...

11. Natural gas in China: Development trend and strategic forecast

July 2018
Caineng Zou | Qun Zhao | Jianjun Chen | Jian Li | Zhi Yang | Qinping Sun | Jialiang Lu | Gangxiong Zhang

Based upon an analysis of global energy developing trend, a discussion was made on the natural gas developing trend in China with the following pre-estimating results from multiple perspectives. (1)...

12. Automatic welding technologies for long-distance pipelines by use of all-position self-shielded flux cored wires

October 2014
Zeng Huilin | Wang Changjiang | Yang Xuemei | Wang Xinsheng | Liu Ran

In order to realize the automatic welding of pipes in a complex operation environment, an automatic welding system has been developed by use of all-position self-shielded flux cored wires due to their...

13. A large LNG tank technology system “CGTank®” of CNOOC and its engineering application

December 2015
Chao Zhang | Tongwen Shan | Zihang Fu | Li Xiao

LNG tanks are complex in design and building process and high in costs, so LNG tank technology is one of the most advanced ones in the field of energy, which has been monopolized by foreign companies...

14. Experiment and evaluation on the in-situ rapid preparation of marine non-diagenetic natural gas hydrate

February 2020
Haitao Li | Jinzhou Zhao | Anqi Liu | Liehui Zhang | Na Wei | Kaisong Wu | Shouwei Zhou | Jun Pei | Wenyi Zhang | Luyue Yang | Hui Ji

In China, marine natural gas hydrate (NGH) resources are mainly distributed in the deepwater areas of 300–3000 m deep in the coastal continental shelf, and they are characterized by weak cementation...

15. Calculation and analysis of dynamic drag and torque of horizontal well strings

April 2019
Xiaohua Zhu | Ke Li | Jiawei An

In recent years, shale gas production horizontal well types mainly include conventional horizontal well, highly deviated well and scoop-shape horizontal well. For the sake of construction decision making,...

16. Key technologies for salt-cavern underground gas storage construction and evaluation and their application

December 2018
Qiqi Wanyan | Guosheng Ding | Yan Zhao | Kang Li | Jingen Deng | Yali Zheng

Salt-cavern underground gas storage is technically faced with non-uniform distribution of stratified salt rocks, complex solution mining mechanism, difficult control of solution mining process, less...

17. Automatic defect identification technology of digital image of pipeline weld

August 2019
Shaohua Dong | Xuan Sun | Shuyi Xie | Mingfeng Wang

Digital image of pipeline weld is an important basis for the reliability management of pipeline welds. However, the error rate of artificial discrimination is high. In order to increase the defect identification...

18. Development of Europe's gas hubs: Implications for East Asia

October 2016
Xunpeng Shi

Gas trading hubs have been initially developed in the US in 1980s, UK in 1990s, more recently in European in the 2000s and mulled in East Asia now. Due to its freshness and diversification in nationality,...

19. Calculation of thermodynamic properties of water by the CPA equation of state

July 2017
Ping Guo | Hanmin Tu | Zhouhua Wang | Qian Wang

An appreciable amount of formation water exists inevitably in the porous media of reservoirs, but the existence of water is often neglected in the usual calculation of phase equilibrium. The commonly...

20. Underground coal gasification (UCG): A new trend of supply-side economics of fossil fuels

October 2016
Fei Mao

China has a huge demand for energy. Under the present energy structure of rich coal, lean oil, less gas, limited and low-rising rate renewable energy, discussion focus is now on the high-efficient mining...

21. On natural gas pricing reform in China

October 2015
Aolin Hu | Qing Dong

Since April 1, 2015, for those non-residential gas users, the stock gas and incremental gas prices have been unified, and direct-supply gas prices have been released. This means that natural gas pricing...

22. Thermodynamic characteristics of CH4 adsorption by continental shale: A case study of the Upper Triassic Yanchang shale in the Yanchang Gasfield, Ordos Basin

June 2020
Pei Xue | Lixia Zhang | Quansheng Liang | Xining Sun | Qianping Zhao | Panwen Qi

In order to improve the calculation method of the isosteric adsorption heat, clarify thermodynamic characteristics of CH4 adsorption by continental shale and reveal the adsorption mechanism, this paper...

23. Reflections and suggestions on the development and engineering management of shale gas fracturing technology in China

December 2019
He Liu | Siwei Meng | Jian Su | Guangming Zhang | Lin Chen

Shale gas resource in China is greatly different from that in the North America in term of natural endowment, so North America's experience and practice of shale gas revolution shall not be copied blindly...

24. LNG bunkering pontoons on inland waters in China

March 2018
Hongjun Fan | Jianyong Xu | Shunping Wu | Guozheng Shi | Wenfeng Guan

LNG bunkering pontoons are presented to solve the fueling difficulty of LNG ships on inland waterways with a great variation of water height and channel width by seasonal change. First, the background...

25. Methodology for kick tolerance calculation and well killing in deepwater drilling

November 2016
Yequan Jin | Cheng Li | Qian Wu

Kick tolerance is a key parameter to indicate whether shut-in operation can be carried out safely and a proper well killing method should be chosen in well drilling. At present, however, the calculation...

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