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Supramolecular Materials

Supramolecular Materials is an international publication of peer-reviewed research. It covers all aspects of these materials, which are based on supramolecular interactions or self-assembly. The journal welcomes submissions of research articles/communications, perspectives/concepts, and reviews on both fundamental insight into supramolecular interactions, and demonstrations of functional supramolecular systems. The journal publishes research on design/fabrication/characterization of non-covalently interactive supramolecular systems, with diverse features such as being dynamic, reversible, self-adaptive, stimulus-responsive etc. Topics covered include, but not limited to:

  • Supramolecular polymer
  • Supramolecular hydrogel
  • Supra-amphiphiles
  • Bioactive supramolecular systems
  • Self-assembled monolayer/multilayer/structures
  • Programmable assembled materials
  • Macroscopic supramolecular assembly
  • Stimulus-responsive systems for drug delivery
  • Shape memory materials
  • Interfacial adhesion
  • Self-healing materials
  • Dynamic bio-interfaces
  • Self-adaptive materials
  • Synthesis of supramolecular materials
  • Characterization of supramolecular materials
  • Modeling and simulations of supramolecular materials
  • Emerging properties of supramolecular materials
  • Living materials

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Editor in Chief: Feng Shi
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Imprint: KeAi
ISSN: 2667-2405
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