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Most Downloaded Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research Articles

The most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days.

1. The development and challenges of poly (lactic acid) and poly (glycolic acid)

April 2020
K. Jim Jem | Bowen Tan

Bio-plastics have gained tremendous attention, due to the increasing environmental pressure on global warming and plastic pollution. Among them, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) is both bio-based and bio-degradable,...

2. Starch-based biodegradable materials: Challenges and opportunities

January 2020
Tianyu Jiang | Qingfei Duan | Jian Zhu | Hongsheng Liu | Long Yu

This paper reviews the recent development of starch-based materials, including both fundamental and application researches. In order to overcome the weakness of pure starch-based materials, such as...

3. An overview on synthesis, properties and applications of poly(butylene-adipate-co-terephthalate)–PBAT

January 2020
Jiao Jian | Zeng Xiangbin | Huang Xianbo

A significantly growing interest is to design new biodegradable polymers in order to solve fossil resources and environmental pollution problems associated with conventional plastics. A kind of new...

4. Biodegradable polymers and green-based antimicrobial packaging materials: A mini-review

January 2020
Yajie Zhong | Patrick Godwin | Yongcan Jin | Huining Xiao

Recently, the demands for biodegradable and renewable materials for packaging applications have increased tremendously. This rise in demand is connected to the growing environmental concerns over the...

5. Recycling of medical plastics

July 2021
Blessy Joseph | Jemy James | Nandakumar Kalarikkal | Sabu Thomas

A large amount of non-infected plastic wastes are being generated at the healthcare facilities all over the world. However, only a small fraction is recycled. Conventionally, the used plastics are either...

6. Recycling of bioplastic waste: A review

July 2021
Giulia Fredi | Andrea Dorigato

Replacing conventional plastics with bioplastics, i.e., plastics that are bioderived and/or biodegradable, does not necessarily solve the issues of resource depletion and plastic waste accumulation....

7. Chemical aspects of polymer recycling

July 2021
Manas Chanda

Since recycling of polymers is a preferred means of reducing unwanted wastes and land-filling activity, and recovering monomers or other materials of economic value, tertiary methods of recycling (chemical...

8. A brief discussion on advances in polyurethane applications

July 2020
Abhijit Das | Prakash Mahanwar

Polyurethane is a material that defines the word ‘versatile’. The structure property relationship of di-isocyanates and polyols is such that it provides ample variety and customization to the manufacturer....

9. Recycling of polymer blends

April 2021
Andrea Dorigato

The growing need of multifunctional materials with tailor made properties led in the last decades to the development of novel commercial polymer blends, possessing superior physical properties with...

10. Polymer composites for tribological applications

October 2018
K. Friedrich

Many different polymers and polymer composites are used for engineering applications in which friction and wear are critical issues. This article briefs (a) the importance of polymer tribology in general,...

11. Significant roles of 4D printing using smart materials in the field of manufacturing

Available online 31 May 2021
Abid Haleem | Mohd Javaid | Ravi Pratap Singh | Rajiv Suman

For many years, 3D Printing technologies have created significant advancements in the fields of engineering and healthcare. 4D printing is also introduced, which is the advanced version of 3D printing....

12. Plastic solid waste identification system based on near infrared spectroscopy in combination with support vector machine

April 2019
Shichao Zhu | Honghui Chen | Mengmeng Wang | Xuemei Guo | Yu Lei | Gang Jin

In this paper, identification system of plastic solid waste (PSW) based on near-infrared (NIR) reflectance spectroscopy in combination with Support Vector Machine (SVM) was presented. A device applied...

13. Recent studies on enzyme-catalysed recycling and biodegradation of synthetic polymers

July 2021
Lilia S. Lens-Pechakova

Post-consumer plastic waste has reached levels that are dangerous for the environment and for human health, and its management now represents a big challenge. Plastic biodegradation and biorecycling...

14. Sustainable development of waste tires recycling technologies – recent advances, challenges and future trends

July 2021
Krzysztof Formela

Dynamic development of the automotive industry and the growing number of various vehicles generate demand for the global production of tires. Simultaneously, high performance of tires cause serious...

15. Progress of liquid crystal polyester (LCP) for 5G application

October 2020
Yao Ji | Yun Bai | Xiaobo Liu | Kun Jia

With the ever-growing demand for 5G networks and the promise of real-time, mission-critical applications, the advanced antennas with high-bandwidth and highly reliable connectivity are urgently needed....

16. Role of additive manufacturing applications towards environmental sustainability

Available online 10 August 2021
Mohd Javaid | Abid Haleem | Ravi Pratap Singh | Rajiv Suman | Shanay Rab

Additive manufacturing (AM) produces a complex shaped product from its data, layer by layer, with high precision and much less material wastage. As compared to the conventional manufacturing process,...

17. CO2 derived biodegradable polycarbonates: Synthesis, modification and applications

October 2019
Shuxian Ye | Shuanjin Wang | Limiao Lin | Min Xiao | Yuezhong Meng

Fixation carbon dioxide into polymer is a feasible proposal to construct high value-added biodegradable plastic. These polymers are environmentally friendly and energy-saving owing to that the raw material...

18. Peroxide curing systems applied for cross-linking of rubber compounds based on SBR

July 2020
Ján Kruželák | Andrea Kvasničáková | Ivan Hudec

The work was aimed at the investigation of influence of peroxide curing system on cross-linking and properties of rubber compounds based on SBR. First, the temperature of vulcanization and the amount...

19. Low dielectric constant polymers for high speed communication network

October 2020
Lingling Wang | Chenchen Liu | Shizhao Shen | Mingzhen Xu | Xiaobo Liu

High-performance polymer materials with low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss have been widely used in high-speed communication network. This review briefly introduces several common polymer...

20. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) toward cost competitiveness and functionality

January 2020
Guo-Qiang Chen | Xin-Yu Chen | Fu-Qing Wu | Jin-Chun Chen

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) have been produced by several bacteria as bioplastics in industrial scales. PHA commercialization has been challenging due to its complexity and the associated high cost...

21. Recycling of thermosetting composites for wind blade application

April 2021
Andrea Dorigato

It is well known that wind energy could represent a promising solution to the continuous increase of energy demand in the modern society. At the end of 2016 the European wind power amounted to 153.7 GW,...

22. Fundamental insight into anionic aqueous polyurethane dispersions

July 2020
Harsh Pandya | Prakash Mahanwar

Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersions (APUD) have been at the epicenter of the coating industry & research, devising greener solutions to modern coating problems. The formulation of APUDs involves many components...

23. Recycling concepts for short-fiber-reinforced and particle-filled thermoplastic composites: A review

April 2021
Alessandro Pegoretti

Short-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites (SFRTCs) and particle-filled thermoplastic composites (PFTCs) are widely used in various industrial sectors, from automotive to electronic appliances,...

24. Recycled PET foaming: Supercritical carbon dioxide assisted extrusion with real-time quality monitoring

July 2021
Katalin Bocz | Ferenc Ronkay | Béla Molnár | Dániel Vadas | Martin Gyürkés | Dániel Gere | György Marosi | Tibor Czigany

Foaming of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) (rPET) was performed by supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2) assisted extrusion. The intrinsic viscosity (IV) of rPET was increased from 0.62 dl/g to...

25. 3D printing of HA / PCL composite tissue engineering scaffolds

October 2019
Zhiwei Jiao | Bin Luo | Shengyi Xiang | Haopeng Ma | Yuan Yu | Weimin Yang

Here, the internal structure and mechanical properties of the hydroxyapatite/polycaprolactone scaffolds, prepared by fused deposition modeling (FDM) technique, were explored. Using hydroxyapatite (HA)...

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